Floyd Mayweather Shows Off Multi-Million Dollar Car Collection

  • Published on Feb 3, 2019
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Comments • 819

  • Reese Ross
    Reese Ross 6 days ago

    Getting it that's all there is to it either get it or quit it.

  • Faisal Khan
    Faisal Khan 8 days ago

    I have traveled back in time to let you guys know hes claimed bankruptcy, lost a comeback fight and girl collection is out of business. They took his houses too. K gotta get back to Nunavut 2029, one of the last inhabitable places on earth. Oh yeah, and still no women president.

  • Hath Eternal Life [Keyson]

    I wonder when he’s driving a he comes to a sign that’s saids “Turn Left” he turns right🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Oriel Mutepfa
    Oriel Mutepfa 9 days ago

    Don't be fooled, This is a car dealership, cant be buying the same car unless you stupid.

  • Prince R
    Prince R 12 days ago +1

    Wakanda forever !

  • DavT 86
    DavT 86 13 days ago

    Haha Mayweather is pure player pussy on tap!!

  • Love Laugh
    Love Laugh 13 days ago

    Bruh he got so much money but he still manages to appear insecure and look like a clown. If you play the money card all day it really looks stupid after a time. I think if he had no money he would kill himself

  • Curtis Lewis
    Curtis Lewis 15 days ago

    I don’t hate mayweather for his achievements and what he got but I think we as black men who have influence make a difference...Tyler Perry made his own Hollywood no black man on this planet have a chain of hotels nor cruise liners with all that money mayweather has I think he could make a more positive impact in society, just my thoughts but he can do what ever makes him happy

  • Aaron Soto
    Aaron Soto 16 days ago

    Any one else just feel financially poor as shit when he show off the watches 😭😂. Here I am like "damn I hope I make about enough to pay my bills this month 🙄" some people have it all.

    THE PHENOMENAL 17 days ago +5


  • Vexse
    Vexse 17 days ago +7


    Bill Gates: Am i joke to you?

  • Vehid Garanovic
    Vehid Garanovic 18 days ago +3

    Yo bro Who even hates mayweather this is yust hardwork and notin else

  • Scuffed Paul Denino
    Scuffed Paul Denino 19 days ago +1

    50 Cent is rich too. So what. Driving a rolls in LA is not a big deal. Every twitch nerd can buy such cars now

    • Pretty Ricky
      Pretty Ricky 16 days ago

      Don't hate bro lol you sound like 50's flunky

  • I AM KAI
    I AM KAI 20 days ago +1

    I searched for a used boxing bag after this

  • DON
    DON 21 day ago +15

    This lifestyle is like a drug lord 😂😂 yet LEGAL

  • PhunPikachu
    PhunPikachu 21 day ago +1

    Yall stop saying hes going broke, this man can made a video of him saying hes going broke and still make money.

    • Boondocks
      Boondocks 19 days ago

      PhunPikachu which retards are saying his going broke he made $700 million to $1 billion last year he defo didn’t spend it all

  • evj808
    evj808 24 days ago

    Man, please give some of that to people starving! Not me, but there are kids $100 from not being hungry for a month! That 50k on the bed!🙏🏼

  • manito amado
    manito amado 24 days ago +2

    God Bless you man. Is really hard to achieve this greatness if God does not bless. Keep moving on
    and up...

  • Dream Big
    Dream Big 24 days ago

    Fuck strip club invest in something ealse

  • Kevin Official
    Kevin Official 28 days ago

    This dude be livin like he in gta

  • THE Offical Page Of Joey Savage SERVE N OBEY

    I love this way of presentation

  • Zack Smith
    Zack Smith 29 days ago +1

    This is sad

  • Marc Green
    Marc Green 29 days ago

    GOD Daaaaaaaaaamn those whips

  • AMJ
    AMJ Month ago +11

    His life is like a gta cheatcode *cars popping* left n right

  • kenneth conner
    kenneth conner Month ago

    50 dollars then pay 5x what the same drink costs versus at a place i might actually see girls

  • Kris Janot
    Kris Janot Month ago +1

    stupid american mentality...

  • chris bates
    chris bates Month ago

    He seems lonely tbh

  • Reaper Death
    Reaper Death Month ago

    Floyd is literally a walking bank period.

  • YSL Josho
    YSL Josho Month ago

    It’s all about your Mindset 😉

  • German Rojas
    German Rojas Month ago

    Higky want my roice too pimp but eyyy rather spend some 50k atleast.. or a mini couper aaahhhh..🤣

  • German Rojas
    German Rojas Month ago

    Fresh bro...

  • swalthful
    swalthful Month ago

    Money man needs new shoes. Noisy as hell

  • Enrique Borja
    Enrique Borja Month ago

    Love you floyd

  • Sameer Hinduja
    Sameer Hinduja Month ago +1

    Indian Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan has the exact same net worth as him. But he would dare not to splurge like Floyd. Maybe cause he has a family and shiz. Idk

  • Tariq Mahmood
    Tariq Mahmood Month ago +1

    Take the money to the grave.

  • Dr Kobe
    Dr Kobe Month ago

    Can’t take that shit with you when you go. Materialistic Douchebag. You could feed a village with $ from one of those cars.

  • Julian Rodrigues
    Julian Rodrigues Month ago

    This man is so lost - he's sold his soul to money

  • Prince Vlogs
    Prince Vlogs Month ago

    What a showoff How small really is his penis ?

  • J k
    J k Month ago +2

    Lets have a fight.
    Winner will have these xars😎

  • Gerson Norms Gerson Norms

    Fear of failing to win, a mental psychological personality disorder.

  • Yannick Mupompa
    Yannick Mupompa Month ago

    I wonder what he would do, once dead, with all this stuff.
    It's cool to have it, but when it's top much, what do you do with it?

  • Gareth Parker
    Gareth Parker Month ago

    He must be so unhappy to keep posting videos of himself. Trying to act like hes the king of the world

  • 100% 100
    100% 100 Month ago

    Get it bra😎

  • Chris Holt
    Chris Holt Month ago

    Like.... How do you not idolize this... BLESSED LIFE. MONEY MAY ALL DAY EVERY FUCKIN DAY!

  • Exoticar Auto
    Exoticar Auto Month ago +1

    And inside hes hollow AF, constantly showing his shit to feel better. See how he shook the guys hand at the bball court? He thinks hes a gift to all. I would of left his ass hangin and that shit would affect him for weeks. Fuck Floyd

  • Rodger Lewis
    Rodger Lewis Month ago +2

    All is well but the sad thing is Jesus Christ is not interested with no one riches on judgement day period

    • Kemet Knight Hotep
      Kemet Knight Hotep Month ago

      Oh stop it. I don't see ya'll complaining when white conservatives, white elites gain their large amounts of money. Also Jesus isn't even real, he was just a metaphor for the literal sun. hence, Psalm 84, "The Lord is a SUN". theres even a sun disc behind his head in just about all of the Christ paintings. Its all about the cosmos, astronomy, stars, and winter solstice, etc, three kings are just the three stars on orion belt in night sky etc. even days of the week are named after fake norse & roman mythology gods e.g Tiw, (Tuesday), Frigg (friday) Thor (thursday) etc. Also king James was a slave trader who worked with William shakesphere to write bible. hence slave verses in bible Leviticus 25:44-46 "Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves", Colossians 3:22 "slaves obey your masters" & Ephesians 6:5-9 "Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear", your religion is bullshit. Time to wake up children. you're welcome.

  • Aaron Jones
    Aaron Jones Month ago +2

    This man is damn near a billionaire he is the highest paid athlete the way he spends it he deserves it.

  • Hamlet Gadimyan
    Hamlet Gadimyan Month ago

    I feel sorry this guy nothing but money this homie thinks about. yes he’s living with a high life style but remember we’re not going to take all of riches in this world with us. N don’t think I’m jealous cuz I drive a nice car n live in a nice house n I don’t even give shit if I had privet jets rolls Bentley n Ferrari’s . Just remember this the wages of sin is death n we’re going to go one day.

  • Blackopsplayer321
    Blackopsplayer321 Month ago +4

    This guy garage looks like mine in gta

  • alaury13
    alaury13 Month ago +4

    Am I the only one that noticed that he didn’t have lenses in his glasses 😂😂😂

  • Isaac M
    Isaac M Month ago +2

    Theres something he cant buy with all his money. GOOD TASTE!

    • Isaac M
      Isaac M Month ago

      Ragnar Really, you think so?? Wealthy people really don’t show the have money nor, talk about money... when you have it its evident.....The chains he wears are tacky. Simple is nice, in every aspect, take for example when you through the process of Ferrari Atelier, some people want every option in interior trim, this only achieves that it looks over loaded....Same goes for clothes, jewels and art pieces....

    • Ragnar
      Ragnar Month ago

      He got pretty good taste

  • Ali hiji iddi
    Ali hiji iddi Month ago

    🇺🇸👹🇺🇸👹🇺🇸👹💒👹🇺🇸💒👹🇺🇸💒👹🇺🇸💒👹🇺🇸💒👹🇺🇸💒👹🇺🇸💒👹🇺🇸💒👹🇺🇸💒👹🇺🇸💒👹🇺🇸💒👹🇺🇸💒👹 FREE MASON DAJJAL SATANIC FOOD ALL THESE DEVIL 👿 HAVE NAFSI PLAYING WITH ITS

  • Ed Lew
    Ed Lew Month ago +1

    Say what you want about him but he's right you don't find him worrying about what the next man is doing ,has, or don't have.

  • Pancho Villa
    Pancho Villa Month ago

    When ever he starts showing off, means he going broke.. Hammer time 🤣🤣🤣

    • Pancho Villa
      Pancho Villa 25 days ago

      Brad Warfe entourage, kids legal fees Sources say he loosing he big boy mansion. Just like Hammer 🤣🤣🤣

    • Brad Warfe
      Brad Warfe 25 days ago +1

      Pancho Villa it’s hard to believe he is going broke. He made 500 million fighting Mcgregor and Tenshin combined. If he is broke there is something seriously wrong. Now maybe when he gets down to his last 300 million dollars he might start getting nervous and find a way to make easy money. Hell he can always find ways to make easy money. But he also has other sources of income other than boxing.


    Man if I had he’s money .... I rather spend it on classic cars !!! But that’s me !

  • Ravs S
    Ravs S Month ago +4

    why does he go to the Abu Dhabi theme park by himself and not with his kids lol

  • Freddy 2828
    Freddy 2828 Month ago +2

    Bill gates is sustancially richer than Floyd does he acted like Floyd? How much good has Bill gate done? How much good has Floyd done?

    • Ezrael Reynolds
      Ezrael Reynolds 29 days ago

      @Kay Kay how?

    • Kay Kay
      Kay Kay Month ago +1

      Bill Gates has definitely killed more people than Floyd, look it up.

  • Freddy 2828
    Freddy 2828 Month ago +1

    Question is he taking any of all that he has with him when he die?
    Stop all the SHOWOFFNESS! do some good in the world.

    • Dunisani Tlakula
      Dunisani Tlakula Month ago

      That's the reason, he won't take any of those things when he die that's why he is enjoying his life before he dies. Stop being so jealousy

  • davae brown
    davae brown Month ago +2

    My bock ??

  • BEREAL2020
    BEREAL2020 Month ago

    Buddhism teaches that all human beings should display compassion to each other as part of a global community. This involves helping the poor whenever possible.
    Owning wealth is not seen as an issue for Buddhists, but they do believe that it can cause dukkha, if it is the focus of greed, and gained through exploitation. However, wealth is also seen as a great opportunity for generosity, which benefits the recipient, and also the giver since it is a good action. Buddhist believe in karma or 'intentional action'.
    Most Buddhists see the possession of wealth as the outcome of good actions in the past. Wealth, therefore, can bring happiness