BITE, LICK OR NOTHING FOOD CHALLENGE || Halloween ‘Trick or Treat’ Taste Test by 123 GO! CHALLENGE

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • When it comes to your favourite treats, would you rather bite them, lick them, or do nothing?
    Let’s put your decision making skills to the test with this super fun 123GO Challenge!! Bite, Lick or Nothing!
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  • Nissan patrol
    Nissan patrol 30 minutes ago

    🎃Happy Halloween🎃

  • Ilma Durak
    Ilma Durak 49 minutes ago


  • lchung501
    lchung501 Hour ago

    I feel bad for sophia

  • Menal Fatima
    Menal Fatima Hour ago

    Hi there you like the best thing for me and I have to do a bit on a day in my house but it will take me to be honest I

  • Daisy Febin
    Daisy Febin 2 hours ago

    Octopus is gross

  • AMY J
    AMY J 3 hours ago

    did you know that the seeds are the spicy part of the pepper, not the skin, not being rude, i like you guys

  • Amanda Halm
    Amanda Halm 4 hours ago +1

    I think it's dangerous to eat slime

    ELISABETH QUEEN 5 hours ago

    Omggg ate those real chicken foots

  • Ghulam Abbas
    Ghulam Abbas 5 hours ago

    Lol super kevin has a ugly face now xD

  • simrik gurung
    simrik gurung 6 hours ago

    that cake looks yummy

  • Mohamad Amir Zain
    Mohamad Amir Zain 6 hours ago +1

    I love chicken feet it’s super yum

  • Masood Khan
    Masood Khan 7 hours ago

    Hey the place where the girl licked thats where the boy tasted it

  • Panda pan
    Panda pan 9 hours ago

    This is bad these are not edable you could die

  • Panda pan
    Panda pan 9 hours ago

    It is a pattern

  • Panda pan
    Panda pan 9 hours ago

    Is it just me but in nothing is is going in order Keven Sophie the other one

  • Mr Taaha
    Mr Taaha 11 hours ago

    🤮🤢 legs of hen , the soap🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮💀☠soapmaking

  • Mr Taaha
    Mr Taaha 11 hours ago

    octopus 😖😨🤯😩

  • Mr Taaha
    Mr Taaha 11 hours ago


  • Madeleine Mendoza
    Madeleine Mendoza 11 hours ago

    Now I'm craving cake or cupcakes 😋 yummy 😋😋 yummy and yummy and yummy food and I have a new number 1

  • Madeleine Mendoza
    Madeleine Mendoza 11 hours ago

    What does a the cake taste like 👀

  • Fritz Alcaraz
    Fritz Alcaraz 11 hours ago

    Who else know that the card is just a pattern

  • ravin valencia
    ravin valencia 12 hours ago


  • Because Liberty
    Because Liberty 16 hours ago

    I can taste t

  • Cristy Salinas
    Cristy Salinas 16 hours ago +1

    One like to save Sofie after the dog food 😁I feel sad for Sofie

  • Brandon Pinheiro
    Brandon Pinheiro 16 hours ago

    Is Sophia really crying

  • Panda Girl
    Panda Girl 18 hours ago +11

    This is me watching them lick and bite the dog food

  • Candice Drescher
    Candice Drescher 18 hours ago

    Zz bad. X.

  • Dan Suria Rosado
    Dan Suria Rosado 18 hours ago

    Amiyah Negron and the new

  • Hannah Nelson
    Hannah Nelson 18 hours ago

    Bad example eating slime the littles ones are gonna do that

  • Sento_fox_ Senpai_kitsune
    Sento_fox_ Senpai_kitsune 18 hours ago +1


  • Oscar Vieyra
    Oscar Vieyra 19 hours ago


  • Sm Phone
    Sm Phone 19 hours ago

    Nothing 0% lick 50% bite 100% disgusting

  • Rita Alawabdeh
    Rita Alawabdeh 19 hours ago

    Are you crazy or anything

  • Touta Bano
    Touta Bano 19 hours ago +1

    No it is actually the seeds that gives you the that fiery reaction

  • Sherry Dark
    Sherry Dark 20 hours ago

    U are sick

  • GamerEmma
    GamerEmma 20 hours ago

    Please tell me the slime is fake

  • Leenora YouTube
    Leenora YouTube 20 hours ago

    T Pr. R. R. R.

  • Sandra Dejesus
    Sandra Dejesus 22 hours ago +1

    This is funny and super gross

  • Simon Dorottya
    Simon Dorottya Day ago

    But the slime is toxic .

  • Sparkle Plumley
    Sparkle Plumley Day ago

    Poor slime but great video

    BS SA DM AN Day ago


  • Apac Clans
    Apac Clans Day ago

    So yuck the other one neend to lick and the other need to bite so yuck 123 go😖😖😷

  • izza gul
    izza gul Day ago

    ❤️❤️❤️ love always

  • Dan Albert Capuno

    maybe the slime is edible you never know

  • Lauris Berzins
    Lauris Berzins Day ago

    wow god video how you eat the hot thing my man how you get milk

  • batool akhtar
    batool akhtar Day ago

    The last part is really funny 🤣😂😂

  • Regina Wensen
    Regina Wensen Day ago


  • cantervi
    cantervi Day ago

    Can you make a teemwork vs no teemwork video

  • Sushila Chaudhari

    I hate does three

  • Fatima Nawaz
    Fatima Nawaz Day ago

    Very disgusting

  • JM Locahin
    JM Locahin Day ago

    That 2 girls? They are from 5 minutes craft right?

  • Ajwant Singh
    Ajwant Singh Day ago

    We$ ccxsddde I put it in

  • wildatul inayah
    wildatul inayah Day ago

    l l
    l lo
    l lov
    l love
    ay like you

  • Marlyn Espada
    Marlyn Espada Day ago

    W. D kemf is not the only way to get the chance to

  • Mary Bennett
    Mary Bennett Day ago +1

    Oh yea not to hate but what they said they never said in the movies 🎥 or 📚 of Harry Potter ⚡️do it’s not a real spell in the movies not trying to hate

  • Kenneth Comrie
    Kenneth Comrie Day ago

    Soooo discostin

  • April Cawley
    April Cawley Day ago

    Hi my name is leah

  • Littlelilith
    Littlelilith Day ago

    I think fish swims in water not milk

    JAIME ACOSTA Day ago +1

    Ewww i perver nothing

  • Emma Rose Serina

    Can you do magic tricks if you can on videos?