Weird Health Chips Taste Test

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
  • We've tried chips that are trying to be healthy, but how good are healthy food that are trying to be chips? GMMore #1457
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Comments • 846

  • amyhre44
    amyhre44 13 days ago

    Please do a best veggie chips brand taste test. Love your shows

  • Man Guy
    Man Guy 3 months ago

    Kale yes.

  • Shiratorikuu
    Shiratorikuu 3 months ago

    I can totally relate to Rhett ‘s comment about tasting dirt when he had beetroot crisp 😂

  • xxspamixx
    xxspamixx 4 months ago +1

    Preach it Jen. Quinoa is over hyped.

  • Reese Armstrong
    Reese Armstrong 4 months ago

    we have kale chips in Austin and they are awesome!

  • Jaime Marston
    Jaime Marston 5 months ago

    Kale is disgusting. I don’t understand why people like it so much.

  • Kai Li - Consume Less. Extract More.

    "Goosle-cramp" huh? Haha. Link.

    • Baby Boto
      Baby Boto 4 months ago

      😂 The “goozle” is the Adam’s Apple.

  • pyroclown
    pyroclown 6 months ago

    Rhett: *almost dies*
    also Rhett: "try it"

  • Ret Gnu
    Ret Gnu 6 months ago

    ~and mail day meeeeans... Jen :)

  • antiisocial
    antiisocial 6 months ago


  • yesir75
    yesir75 7 months ago +1


  • Morgan Fletcher
    Morgan Fletcher 7 months ago

    Kale chips are gross. Kudos to people who actually like them...

  • Izzy C
    Izzy C 7 months ago

    Goozle Cramp

  • Radthad Extras
    Radthad Extras 7 months ago

    "oh yeah ur on this show I forgot"😂😂

  • Linda Johansson
    Linda Johansson 7 months ago

    Shania Twain. He’s thinking of Shania Twain.

  • renewedx25
    renewedx25 7 months ago

    I'm from a more LA-ish area of the south and we have all of those chips. The kale chips are my favorites.

  • Breanna Kittle
    Breanna Kittle 7 months ago

    *WILL IT SALAD???*

  • Hannah/Jude Vicious Lopez

    Today was a really stressful day. I went to TheXvid to wind down. As I scrolled down nothing seemed interesting enough to hold my interest so I refreshed my home page and up popped a gmm video. I said to myself "dude perfect!" And I proceeded to watch an episode. Needless to say the stress is gone. Thank you guys for just being you.

  • Sky Dragon
    Sky Dragon 7 months ago

    Tweed: a rough-surfaced woolen cloth, typically of mixed flecked colors, originally produced in Scotland.

  • dramaticpirate
    dramaticpirate 7 months ago

    Could he be thinking of Conway Twitty?

  • Drake Alexander
    Drake Alexander 7 months ago

    GMM fanfic writers are having a field day with this.

  • Maizy
    Maizy 7 months ago

    I guess you could say that "this beet go hard" ;);););;)

  • DarkquestDeathhunter
    DarkquestDeathhunter 7 months ago

    Why does everyone appear to be German on this episode especially? Like they are really speaking German but the producers programmed the most convincing voice over work tonmathematiclal their mouths 👄

  • Dylan Armstrongg
    Dylan Armstrongg 7 months ago

    conway tweedy

  • Jay M
    Jay M 7 months ago

    bro kale chips are amazing my mama makes them at home all the time!

  • PackSquad 45
    PackSquad 45 8 months ago

    Jenn's smile is freaking beautiful!

  • Keiyato
    Keiyato 8 months ago

    Kale chips are not for everyone but personally, I love them like crazy.

  • Madison Cooley
    Madison Cooley 8 months ago

    Conway Twitty?

  • Nico Hart
    Nico Hart 8 months ago

    Those nails are gorgeous! That girl has some serious talent. I'd wear those and I HATE manicures

  • MrJtin69
    MrJtin69 8 months ago

    Should be " And Mail day Means Jennn time " as we don't get to see Jenn enough ! Or some other mythical crew members as well

  • Austin is god
    Austin is god 8 months ago

    How are y’all so cute am confused😂👀

  • Barbara Docherty
    Barbara Docherty 8 months ago

    Gene Simmons’s wife is Shannon Tweed

  • GertyVlogs
    GertyVlogs 8 months ago

    ok the first bit was painfulll!! hahahaha good thing we love you guys

  • Barbara Danley
    Barbara Danley 8 months ago

    Quinoa DOES have protein. People refer to it as a grain, but really it's a seed.
    And it's delicious.

  • Aisha Mitchell
    Aisha Mitchell 8 months ago

    This episode just made me feel so very warm and fuzzy! Mail! And Jen! Love it.

  • Miamaya 990
    Miamaya 990 8 months ago

    Link’s ASMR?

  • shortcuts573
    shortcuts573 8 months ago

    more cute girls please

  • Gabriel Babbitt
    Gabriel Babbitt 8 months ago

    Why don't you do a mail thing anymore? Like the boulder, room or key chain?

  • MissNimmieAmee
    MissNimmieAmee 8 months ago

    6:55 Link sniffling over the letter is the sweetest thing I've seen all day

  • Janee' Harris
    Janee' Harris 8 months ago

    Please change it to Mail Day Means Jen!!!!

  • Chris Hansen
    Chris Hansen 8 months ago

    red hat is a cute gal is she single?

  • Joy B
    Joy B 8 months ago

    I’m not gonna lie I’ve tasted fish flakes before when I was a kid 😂

  • khirasier
    khirasier 8 months ago

    those kale chips look like bud

  • Jessica Blackwell
    Jessica Blackwell 8 months ago

    Link is just concerned about salads 😂

  • Annalisa Franceschini
    Annalisa Franceschini 8 months ago

    Why does Link look so sad after eating the Kale chips and then sadly eats the jalapeño sticks

  • james friel
    james friel 8 months ago

    Need more Jen on the show, she's adorable.

  • TeddyLee **
    TeddyLee ** 8 months ago

    At 4:14 😂"can i have one"😂

  • Chris Yeazel
    Chris Yeazel 8 months ago

    The Sweet Onion Skinny Sticks are HIGHLY addictive...omg it's crazy.

  • Royal Emerald Builder
    Royal Emerald Builder 8 months ago

    I absolutely LOVE sing your username! Seriously never take it off the wheel

  • Paco Barbo
    Paco Barbo 8 months ago

    Jen looks skinny but still attractive :)

  • Norah Saad
    Norah Saad 8 months ago


  • Lauren Whitaker
    Lauren Whitaker 8 months ago

    1:27 Tweed is a rough material originally from Scotland

  • Ozan Akyıldız
    Ozan Akyıldız 8 months ago

    Will we see 4:14 in a supercut of family moments?

  • AwesomeCat2012
    AwesomeCat2012 8 months ago

    Those nails are SUPER COOL! Great job!!

  • Alexis Stewart
    Alexis Stewart 8 months ago

    I just found those Kale chips, have been looking for some for awhile. I'm in West Virginia, but moved here from California. We dont have lots of stuff I thought was normal, haha.

  • Miledith
    Miledith 8 months ago

    I just figured ehy I love Link in that hoodie. It perfectly matches his hair and actually makes him look really youthful.

  • nothing but embarrassment

    Tweed is a pot plat in Smith's falls Canada

  • Lauren Morris
    Lauren Morris 8 months ago

    Rhett I WANT YOUR SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ivy Yang
    Ivy Yang 8 months ago

    those beet chips are my life

  • Forgan Mreeman
    Forgan Mreeman 8 months ago

    does anyone know what brand shirt Rhett is wearing? I love it