[FNAF SFM] Original Springtrap Interview

  • Published on Dec 9, 2017
  • We can all agree that the new Springtrap model is not very well liked so I made one with a better version. I might do a few more of these if you guys want to see them.
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  • Lauren Garrison
    Lauren Garrison Month ago

    I know I'm a little late to watch this amazing interview, but you did a fantastic job here! I really wish that Scott would've kept Springtrap's OG design from FNAF 3. And this proves exactly why! Thank you, sincerely

  • Spring Trap
    Spring Trap 8 months ago

    Yes! You made me SCARY... 😈

  • Blade as a cat :3

    Holy crap that scared me!!! But it was awesome

  • Lefty Is Here
    Lefty Is Here Year ago +4

    I wouldn't say "better Spring trap", just "Classic Spring trap" or "Unsalvaged Spring trap".

  • Fyru Hawk
    Fyru Hawk Year ago

    what model is this?

    • Fyru Hawk
      Fyru Hawk Year ago


    • GoldenDiamond
      GoldenDiamond  Year ago +1

      It's by RealFailz steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1120809459

  • TDLBallistic
    TDLBallistic Year ago


  • Offline
    Offline Year ago

    Okay this is scary

  • CutiePony17
    CutiePony17 Year ago

    Geeeeee tnx for the jumpScare did not expect that🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • andrevioi
    andrevioi Year ago +2

    i LOVED the FNaF 6 Springtrap

  • Roblox biggie gunner

    my theory is the fnaf 6 springtrap is william afton with a broken hand
    and the fnaf 3 springtrap is micheal afton

    I don't think the fnaf 6 springtrap is michael

  • Frisk The Human
    Frisk The Human Year ago

    Jumpscare: 2:11

  • Lord Irratikor
    Lord Irratikor Year ago +1

    Where does one obtain the buttons like the taser and pause.

    Btw this should’ve been in the game, it’s so amazing!

    • GoldenDiamond
      GoldenDiamond  Year ago +1

      Lord Irratikor I got them from the dumped game files.

  • Ebaiz01
    Ebaiz01 Year ago +1

    What do you mean I like the new springtrap

  • John Eskidjian
    John Eskidjian Year ago +3

    Nah..I liked the new model because it's supposed to be disgusting, however you did do a great job with this model :)

  • Elixir Skull
    Elixir Skull Year ago

    Plz do more these are amazing!

  • Hector Springtrap

    Ja ja ja ja ja ja I always back

  • Classy Freeza
    Classy Freeza Year ago +1

    Bless you.

  • nitroexsplosion
    nitroexsplosion Year ago

    I would like to do one of these but how do you come about putting your videos together?

    • GoldenDiamond
      GoldenDiamond  Year ago +1

      nitroexsplosion Your welcome and thank you :)

    • nitroexsplosion
      nitroexsplosion Year ago

      Alright cool thanks! I was expecting like some over the top stuff but that's all doable. And I love these btw. Very inspirational.

    • GoldenDiamond
      GoldenDiamond  Year ago

      nitroexsplosion Ok, obviously SFM was used for the animation, I used the dumped files from the game for the icons and sound, and I used Vegas Pro 13 to put it all together.

  • Ei kukaan
    Ei kukaan Year ago +1

    Stop scaring meh!!!

    • GoldenDiamond
      GoldenDiamond  Year ago +1

      Hemppu XD thexvid.com/video/PgpTv32px4g/video.html

  • KingWarlord The GodKiller

    now that look a lot more cool good job

  • R̸̯̓edFoxツ DC2
    R̸̯̓edFoxツ DC2 Year ago +12

    *Stylized Springtrap cloud be EVEN better!*
    *tough this was the actual game ._.*

    • GoldenDiamond
      GoldenDiamond  Year ago

      RedFox [GMD] I considered using him here but thought the original springtrap would be better because that’s what we all wish it was in game.

  • trigger shot21
    trigger shot21 Year ago

    Is that android

  • яємєτяαρ !
    яємєτяαρ ! Year ago +2

    Oh my god 😱💖

  • KGArts
    KGArts Year ago +6

    yes this is what it should of been-

  • Gaff
    Gaff Year ago

    second comment ;)

  • SoringRabbitSFM
    SoringRabbitSFM Year ago +8

    That jumpscare scared me 😱 and amazing tho

  • Skull Crusher69
    Skull Crusher69 Year ago +1

    I'm excited for it

  • specter of torment
    specter of torment Year ago +8

    do one with shadow bonnie .

  • GoldenDiamond
    GoldenDiamond  Year ago +10

    Next upload will be something other than an interview remake :)

  • Sk1llz Heeler
    Sk1llz Heeler Year ago +1

    My comments wont show for me D:

  • Sk1llz Heeler
    Sk1llz Heeler Year ago

    I shall say first many times now!

  • specter of torment
    specter of torment Year ago +17

    if only fnaf 6 had this model ....

  • specter of torment
    specter of torment Year ago +1

    nice ! :)

  • Sk1llz Heeler
    Sk1llz Heeler Year ago

    I like this!

  • Sk1llz Heeler
    Sk1llz Heeler Year ago


  • Battle Hound
    Battle Hound Year ago


  • Wubbā
    Wubbā Year ago


  • Uilt
    Uilt Year ago

    You forgot the salvage value again