I Wanna Marry Harry Season 1 Episode 1

  • Published on May 30, 2014

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  • Dany Dants
    Dany Dants 16 hours ago

    This is so ridiculous! WHO dont know je is Not the Prince?????!!!

  • aliciabeme
    aliciabeme 5 days ago

    "The goal is for them to like me for who I am" except that I can't tell them anything about who I actually am. Ah...bless garbage reality TV.

  • gymnast_lilly13
    gymnast_lilly13 6 days ago

    what is the preschool teacher's student's parents were watching this show and see her oop😂😬

    • gymnast_lilly13
      gymnast_lilly13 6 days ago

      no i be talkin about them undies haha

    • sailorsister211
      sailorsister211 6 days ago

      Well, I would be happy if she was my child teacher because she was 2 of the 11 girls who were actually smart enough to not believe that he was Prince Harry.

  • gofedile Fairdeal
    gofedile Fairdeal 6 days ago

    He's 23 oh gosh😢😢

  • Marisa Rodrigues
    Marisa Rodrigues 13 days ago

    American girls don't have inside voice 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Marisa Rodrigues
    Marisa Rodrigues 13 days ago

    Lol Chelsea is more Prince Harry type. The real Harry. The rest all never lol

  • antpaste
    antpaste 15 days ago

    These girls are retarded

  • Chancey Porter
    Chancey Porter 15 days ago

    I've never seen so many thots in my life

  • hermain nasir
    hermain nasir 17 days ago

    this is so entertaining to watch tbh

  • Olivia Hurst
    Olivia Hurst 23 days ago

    bruh if your job is cleaning up oil spills and you look like this I'll marry you any day

  • Jasmine Bowles
    Jasmine Bowles 24 days ago +2

    Did Prince Harry even agree to this bs?

  • Ana Selenator Díaz
    Ana Selenator Díaz 24 days ago

    You have to be kidding. I can't💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • Vika S
    Vika S 26 days ago +2

    But guys....what if they break up and all this entire season is done for nothing lmaoooo 😂😂😂

  • EdgyMonster
    EdgyMonster 26 days ago

    lol whaat the fuck

  • VennyVenn
    VennyVenn 26 days ago

    "I want a genuine relationship"
    But the whole time pretends to be someone else and is shocked when people get upset when they are lied to
    *Pikachu face*

  • Lazer Wolf
    Lazer Wolf 26 days ago +3


  • Just sub to me for no Reason

    The only thing this proves is that females are jealous bitches

  • Rockin
    Rockin 26 days ago +1

    This show is the worst but when it came out I watched the entire thing with my family and it was hilarious

  • Axcel does gaming
    Axcel does gaming 27 days ago +4

    Who's here from critical?

  • Hektors.Cigārs.Vilkt?
    Hektors.Cigārs.Vilkt? 28 days ago +4

    Cr1tikal sent me here. Don`t know why tho.

  • Jake Ω
    Jake Ω 28 days ago +10

    I watched penguinz0 but watched this to watch them change

  • MyDuud TheThird
    MyDuud TheThird 28 days ago +3

    Who’s here from critikals video?

  • Rip Lemmy
    Rip Lemmy 28 days ago +2

    Cr1tikal anyone?

  • Zephyr
    Zephyr 28 days ago +6

    Who is here because of moist and wanted to see the ass ( 19:30 btw). Not much to see unfortunately.

  • alex derpy racc
    alex derpy racc 29 days ago

    True love isn't true love when you only care about someones social status and cry if you find out they aren't rich that's not love that's greed for money and wealth true love is when you would love someone despite being on minimum wage

  • kzinti
    kzinti 29 days ago

    jesus fuck american tv brings out the worse out of people...

  • Pododododo Ehoh
    Pododododo Ehoh 29 days ago

    God this is ruined by how awkward he is, like that’s fine I’m a bit awkward most people are but when your watching a show all about some guy taking the piss out a bunch a slags he needs to have better energy.

  • jo baco
    jo baco 29 days ago

    Its really hard to believe how stupid these women are

  • Space Ghost
    Space Ghost 29 days ago

    "Women are not shallow or materialistic"

  • IamALeaf
    IamALeaf 29 days ago +5

    keanu reeves sent me here

  • Mr. Catz
    Mr. Catz 29 days ago

    I don’t know what was more fake. Rose coming into the room or the girl mocking rose for coming into the room

  • Simple Fly
    Simple Fly 29 days ago +1

    Ok, first.. what the hell am I doing watching this at 1am. All the girls are.. ..like really? Bringin' out the inner gold digger, ladies.. He also sent home the only girl I would have kept.

  • Norville Rogers
    Norville Rogers 29 days ago

    Handsome, rich. Funny... rich.

  • Ethan Silva
    Ethan Silva 29 days ago +11

    I came here to see what penguinz0 wouldn't show us

  • Kysen Blair
    Kysen Blair 29 days ago +1

    Who’s here from penguin0?

  • Cheet0_9
    Cheet0_9 29 days ago +1

    39:46 wait a minute I know that cab...

  • coolkid1118200 roblox
    coolkid1118200 roblox 29 days ago

    18:43 I can see why “hairy“ chose this one among the rest of the girls

  • Wet Mustard
    Wet Mustard 29 days ago +2

    For those that came to fap after Charlie denied us....19:27

  • fisy
    fisy 29 days ago

    “Just a few feet away...”
    *pans 100 feet*

  • Phoenix zReaper
    Phoenix zReaper 29 days ago +3

    I came here from penguin0 channel

  • Jactor
    Jactor 29 days ago +4

    Fuck you Charlie, I can't stop watching this dumb shit.

  • Valorene
    Valorene 29 days ago +1

    "... just a couple feet away from us."
    *Security guard is 20 feet away.*

  • Jack McMorrow
    Jack McMorrow 29 days ago

    3:10 yooooo danny phantom made this?

  • ItsMariner
    ItsMariner 29 days ago +9

    Penguinz0 anyone?

  • ubiquity
    ubiquity 29 days ago

    Watching this makes you almost forget there is a reality, then you see 41:36 and you snap back to reality. Jealousy is a b**ch

  • TicTac
    TicTac 29 days ago

    Oh Donkey

  • ubiquity
    ubiquity 29 days ago

    Mr. Prince is sweating through this cotton whites. Poor guy

  • Snarfa !
    Snarfa ! 29 days ago +5

    I’m only here to see the stuff that Charlie couldn’t put on his stream. 😎

    • Cake
      Cake 29 days ago +2

      Same here lmao

  • Shimiko K
    Shimiko K Month ago

    that isnt. prince harry ._.

  • Serena
    Serena Month ago

    Do they really think this is prince harry-

  • pato
    pato Month ago


  • iloveducks
    iloveducks Month ago +1

    he seems such a good kid I wish him all the best and really hope he finds someone that loves him for who he his :)

  • Greek Freak
    Greek Freak Month ago

    4:40 I legit thought he died 😂

  • Līva Štāle-Potaičuka

    "I want to find a girl, who'll love me for me"
    *lies about being rich, famous and royal*

    Totally makes sense.

  • Delylah Alcantar
    Delylah Alcantar Month ago

    ...Isn't that identity theft?

  • the vicious attack on auspicious utopia

    Americans r so dumb wtf

  • Melissa Ivy
    Melissa Ivy Month ago

    The blak girl megan is gorgeous i hope she found her rich prince!! 😎

  • Anna Christine
    Anna Christine Month ago

    Chelsea and Leah are the only ones who didn't piss me off

  • Reees Graber
    Reees Graber 2 months ago

    Ok 1 y’all Going to end up with some type of STD because he’s kissing 12 women and I would at 12 there’s gonna be at least two of them to get STDs including him sooooo 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

  • Emoneyalb
    Emoneyalb 2 months ago

    Gold digger test to the extreme