I'm An Idiot For This... | '89 CR500 is FINALLY Here!

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
  • New build is ready to go.. time to start cleaning parts! Comment below your ideas of parts and companies that we should partner with for this cr500 build. Thanks for watching!!
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Comments • 667

  • Fooligan
    Fooligan  Month ago +115

    Ayooo! Another day in the life of this guy. It looks like the KTM pump is out again... and I just assumed it was gas 😂😭 Also got the cr500 in my garage ready to be rebuilt!! Let’s goooo 🤘🏼 -> motoantics.com for all ya swagg 🔥

    • Allen Crespo
      Allen Crespo 17 days ago

      What kind of bike do u have is it in the title sorry im new to bikes starting to like bikes now

    • Hagan Crumpton
      Hagan Crumpton 25 days ago

      supermoto the cr500!

    • Cody Orr
      Cody Orr 27 days ago

      You could always run crf450 front suspension and the swing arm with rear shock as well

  • FortniteGamer 10!
    FortniteGamer 10! 19 hours ago

    Nice vid

  • Dennis Ashmeade
    Dennis Ashmeade 3 days ago

    Woah hold on I haven’t watched your videos in like a month but did he say the grim squad is no more?

  • Snarelover6969
    Snarelover6969 3 days ago

    Noooo! Not Phil!!! Btw, before I commented, there was 666 comments. I’m usually the 666 like on comments/ vids and my ram part numbers for my laptop are 666. Am I cursed?

  • Raven Claw
    Raven Claw 3 days ago

    Who are the people hating like 1.dont watch if you don't like it
    2.Why don't u like it?!
    3.Haters suck
    4.Fooligan rocks

  • WIlliam Fitzallen
    WIlliam Fitzallen 5 days ago

    Found the problem. It’s a ktm

  • Kaleb Klaus
    Kaleb Klaus 5 days ago

    Can I buy it

  • Thomas Andrews
    Thomas Andrews 6 days ago

    Get a quad bruh it’s so fun ripping up dirt and grass it’s like the best and also drifting quads are good it’s even better

  • Anthony Weisse
    Anthony Weisse 7 days ago

    My uncle has a Honda 500 dirt bike

  • tyler larson
    tyler larson 7 days ago

    puts 89 into the grom heres a quick lesson kids please for the love of god put 91-93 octane fuel in your bikes! both bikes ive torn apart that were run on 87 and 89 oct had severe detonation pitting on the pistons and in the combution chamber both were run on shit gas by the previous owners. if you care about your shit it is only a couple cents more run 91 or 93 in it unless your really that much of a fucking cheap ass...

    • tyler larson
      tyler larson 7 days ago

      especially if you have a pipe or pod filter on em it doesnt hurt... mixing up a batch of 101 right now with Torco Accelerator to run in my piranha 190-4v ign map 3 rev limiter set to 13k

  • J Lorenzo
    J Lorenzo 9 days ago

    Dude.. I don’t understand how some people jus don’t take care of shit and expect it to jus always work smh lol
    Million plus subs makin plenty of dough and can’t even do routine maintenance..? I’m broke and still make sure my shits straight before I go ride haha

  • Jackson Rust
    Jackson Rust 10 days ago

    “I noticed the KTM” I am actually convinced anyone rocking Ktm parts or gear they are most likely famous because of how expensive it is.

  • John Lewis
    John Lewis 12 days ago

    FMF gnarly pipe and core ii silencer, torquey as hell!!!

  • RunLax
    RunLax 13 days ago

    K.T.M Keep Taking Money

  • Bob Thynob
    Bob Thynob 13 days ago

    Your boyfriend Jake thinks your a idiot .I can ride a wheelie better on my moped.stop fooling yourself you suck.shave the 80’s porn mustache and go suck cock that's all your good at.

  • Wheelies with Jacob
    Wheelies with Jacob 15 days ago

    Does the bike get super torquey when runs out of gas

  • hedghog party
    hedghog party 16 days ago

    Where's sherco

  • louis48ful
    louis48ful 16 days ago

    Why is gromsquad no more?

  • Harambe still Legend
    Harambe still Legend 17 days ago

    All that walking lol and you realized you had gas

    BISH DISH 18 days ago

    I pushed my bike with flat tires for 14 kms once

  • Bike madness
    Bike madness 19 days ago

    What's the intro song name ?

  • Mike Teets
    Mike Teets 19 days ago

    theres a expansion tank that goes on the front of your bike where your number plate is....have it for my 89 cr250 and its AMAZING it's for cross country riding but will work for what you need Acerbis makes it

  • Craig Fraser
    Craig Fraser 20 days ago

    what a total dick

  • Caiden Mcvay
    Caiden Mcvay 20 days ago

    Y not just get a reserve tank 😂😂

  • Jay 0711
    Jay 0711 20 days ago

    If you need ideas for companies that can help you, call Didion-Orf Recycling and drop that KTM off at one of their scrap yards.

  • Lukáš hrobar Majerčík

    Why does your bike has a slovakei emblem on it ?

  • 4runner 87
    4runner 87 21 day ago

    It's easy too do before you get on your bike always check the fuel

  • QenderR
    QenderR 21 day ago

    What is the 6days Slovakia, because i am from Slovakia and idont know what is it because i saw next like 4 TheXvidrs with this same KTM 6days Slovakia, thx man :D

    MASTER SHARP 21 day ago

    I love your vids you are the best Moto vlogger on TheXvid I think you are the best

    MASTER SHARP 21 day ago

    You should do a video on passing how to do your motorcycle test

    MASTER SHARP 21 day ago

    You have the dream you have as many dirt bikes as you can dream I wish I had that many bikes

  • 10k subs without any videos

    Next video runs out of diesel wait

  • Nick Desreuisseau
    Nick Desreuisseau 22 days ago

    As soon as I seen the title this video popped in my head

  • Jayden Pacheco
    Jayden Pacheco 22 days ago

    i love your videos and i got a dirt bike for my birthday yesterday

  • Tristan Domergue
    Tristan Domergue 22 days ago

    We’ve all been there bro😂

  • Nick Miles
    Nick Miles 22 days ago

    na that dude didn't blow a tire, his strut snapped and his wheel was pushed up in the wheel well lmfao

  • Cole Whatmough
    Cole Whatmough 22 days ago

    U ain’t no bike life

  • Riley Arunakul
    Riley Arunakul 22 days ago

    *Owns a KTM with a see-through tank* *Runs out of gas*

  • grace all around Grace

    you ride the bike then the bike rides you

  • Sofia Andersin
    Sofia Andersin 23 days ago

    Bike: when is my lunch
    Fooligan: at the gas station
    5min later
    Bike:where the hell is my lunch!!!
    Fooligan: you don't need gas you have a half tank
    Bike:well get on let's go partyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! 🤯🤯🤯🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  • Bruce Burke
    Bruce Burke 23 days ago

    Get a Yamaha

  • Gxxdlife Gamezz
    Gxxdlife Gamezz 23 days ago

    Reserve tank?

  • Ricky bossman
    Ricky bossman 23 days ago

    Most bikes have a reserve fuel tank just for situations like this

  • anthony armstrong
    anthony armstrong 24 days ago

    Fooligan why don't u buy a lil gas bottle that u can always carry in ur bag or bike for emergency situations I know ur fuel pump is out of order but just in case...🙋

  • 87Fox5. Slow
    87Fox5. Slow 24 days ago

    Lectron carb, boyesen reeds, Eric gorr port and polish job, and definitely get in contact with phathead racing for a high compression head. Just picked one up for my 99 kx250 and they even sent me a spare dome for race gas. Looking forward to the build!

  • Maddox Bishop
    Maddox Bishop 24 days ago

    Put a recullus clutch on 450

  • rjsmom84
    rjsmom84 24 days ago

    I hate walking my bike to the gas station

  • rjsmom84
    rjsmom84 24 days ago

    Carl No

  • Ex Unbelivevable
    Ex Unbelivevable 24 days ago

    hey derick I live about 28 miles from ur area I’ve worked on all bikes mainly kawis and suzuki’s if you want you can come by and check out my projects and stuff... I could help you with ur cr500 build for free when you get all the parts you want... love the videos man keep it up

  • Cloutcollecter 112
    Cloutcollecter 112 24 days ago

    Turn on reserve

  • Xgc3_quail
    Xgc3_quail 24 days ago

    Hey put it on reserve lol

  • still chill gaming
    still chill gaming 24 days ago


  • still chill gaming
    still chill gaming 24 days ago


  • Jason Khaled
    Jason Khaled 24 days ago

    Build the 1989 CR500

  • Česká Krabice
    Česká Krabice 24 days ago

    Old intro Is better

  • SwertyFlerty
    SwertyFlerty 24 days ago

    I’ll be that kid that buys ur 110 crf

  • SwertyFlerty
    SwertyFlerty 24 days ago

    I’ll be that kid that buys ur 110 crf

  • Levi L
    Levi L 25 days ago

    With that bike if you lean it to the side and shake it it will give you a little bit of more gas to ride

  • Fountains Aquariums
    Fountains Aquariums 25 days ago

    bro your gas tank is clear cmmon broooo

  • francisco macias
    francisco macias 25 days ago

    what state you live in

  • Rcdirtbikebro 1234
    Rcdirtbikebro 1234 25 days ago

    and you wonder why your grom runs like shit you are not yousing premeom gas

  • Marcus Burckhard
    Marcus Burckhard 25 days ago


  • Adrian M
    Adrian M 25 days ago

    Are u from Slovakia? Because you got our flag sticker on your bike

    • Mallf0yy
      Mallf0yy 24 days ago

      No, think it was a race in slovakia or something so KTM uses the flag on the 2019 plastics

  • Shann Kropp
    Shann Kropp 25 days ago


  • payton Cash
    payton Cash 25 days ago

    Everybody hates a carb until they get stranded🤔

  • Makye Mcgee
    Makye Mcgee 25 days ago

    Can I have it for150

    SAWYER STEWART 25 days ago +1

    Fooligan got a clear tank but somehow runs out of gas all the time

  • TechConsumer
    TechConsumer 25 days ago

    Do you have a reserve tank?

  • Scott Moore
    Scott Moore 25 days ago

    To bad you can’t just LOOK in the tank to. See how much you have left 🤪🤪🤪

  • Moto FPV
    Moto FPV 26 days ago

    I would love to have a cr500 but that 125 needs to go lol I don't like to mess with the power valve in the new cr's. Thats why all my cr250s are 90's era