Species Profile : Tyrannosaurus Rex | Jurassic World Evolution

  • Published on May 15, 2018
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex is this week's...random Tuesday profile!? Watch the T.rex go into battle with the Spinosaurus including an incredibly awesomely awesome kill animation!
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    Species Profile : Tyrannosaurus Rex | Jurassic World Evolution
    A brand new Jurassic World video game - Jurassic World: Evolution has been announced. Coming in Summer 2018 this park builder for PC, Xbox One and PS4 is going to let us finally build our very own Jurassic World. A sort of sequel to Jurassic Park Operation Genesis and the Jurassic World film, Jurassic World Evolution will contain a bunch of dinosaurs including the Tyrannosaurus Rex Rexy, Velociraptor, Triceratops, Indominus Rex, Indoraptor (okay probably) and more. Jurassic World Evolution will release alongside Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom in 2018 and is the top upcoming dinosaur game for 2018.
    No swearing, family friendly commentary.
    For Adventure!
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Comments • 724

  • BestInSlot
    BestInSlot  10 months ago +140

    For what it's worth I do not take a 'side' in this whole Rex v Spino thing and think it's daft that people think it's important enough to argue about. Being a fanboy/girl for something very much dead is so...weird to me, but heyho.

    • oMegA PhOeNIX
      oMegA PhOeNIX 10 months ago

      BestInSlot I kinda would liked to see the death from Jurassic Park Operation Genesis when the Rex took down the Spino in my opinion that was epic and I really enjoyed watching your videos

    • Stefanie Hoffmann
      Stefanie Hoffmann 10 months ago

      You can make the Spino better than the rex

    • Ninoii Dampiganon
      Ninoii Dampiganon 10 months ago

      In scientific terms, rexy would've won in a fair fight. Just sayin. No bias.

    • The GamingSpino
      The GamingSpino 10 months ago

      T.rex has a really muscular body build but it doesn't mean that Spinosaurus can be defeated so easily. Spino can use its claws which can do pretty serious damage. And can use its claws on the rex's face and blind it by hitting its eyes

    • F.TI. Bug
      F.TI. Bug 10 months ago

      Ice Bear My compy shall have the strength of 10 lions. 💪

  • andi richards
    andi richards 9 months ago

    Ya know what Im gonna do something different, Here before the Rex fans who gloat over spinosaurus getting beaten.

  • Zacimus the master Shooter

    It even killed a spinosaurus holy shit!!!

  • The Vlogging Ghidorah
    The Vlogging Ghidorah 9 months ago

    I'm I the only one that noticed it say "Happy dinosaur day"?

  • Edward Kenway
    Edward Kenway 9 months ago

    Finally the Tyrannosaurus Rex 🦖 got his revenge

  • BleJd09
    BleJd09 9 months ago

    This spino is smaler than jp3 one

  • Scarlett Symetria
    Scarlett Symetria 9 months ago

    On Genesis I placed both Rexy and Spino in a carnivore safari with brachiosaurus. They're like couples arguing at times. Somehow they never kill the brachiosaurus at all. I feed them with hadrosaurid or gallimimus because it satisfy their need to chase prey. Goat wouldn't suffice.

  • Ralph Buckingham Jr
    Ralph Buckingham Jr 9 months ago

    So how are they gonna depict the Spinosaurus profile completely different than the Trex? Spinosaurs profile wasn't fully focused on the two of them fighting but when the Trex profile comes that's all it's concerned about. Some biased people behind the game. Should've shown them both fuckin each other up in both of there viewings.

  • My_nan_is_dead_banter_cx Uwu

    I'm kind of a spino fan myself and I literally can't wait to see the death duels between trex and the spino. It will be jaw-ripplingly awesome.

  • Brace Land
    Brace Land 9 months ago

    Do people really pick sides over a fucking dinosaur? T rex or Spinosaurus I love them both and am gonna enjoy using them both and making them fight. Operation genesis had random chance to win with spino or rex so hopefully they don't cater to fanboy losers who jack off over a t rex

  • Josh Ababon
    Josh Ababon 9 months ago

    If you look at it more closely, the rex here is larger than the one in jp3 which confirms that it was a juvenile in the territory of a mad spino. Which is why he died

  • steven wolfe
    steven wolfe 9 months ago

    I'm a rex fanboy, but still give mad respect to the JP3 hybrid spino.

  • Zestful Maple
    Zestful Maple 9 months ago

    Why can’t we be both Spino and T-Rex fans?

  • Carnage
    Carnage 10 months ago +1

    i like how the T-Rex is more bulky like in Jurassic Park

  • Raptor Queen
    Raptor Queen 10 months ago


  • BillLeftKneeCap
    BillLeftKneeCap 10 months ago

    The spino keeps getting undersized why??

  • Joaquinaz
    Joaquinaz 10 months ago

    Is Indominus going to be in this game?

  • Gaming 24-7
    Gaming 24-7 10 months ago

    finally t-rex wins

  • Darjaboo
    Darjaboo 10 months ago +1

    Good to see Jurassic park fixing their mistakes they made in JP3 even Jack Horner admits he was wrong. Mr Horner who has openly hated and attacked the T-rex for years with the entire scientific community standing against his views on the T-rex. Mr Horner said his favourite carnivorous dinosaur was the spinosaurus, which he said he convinced the filmmakers to put in Jurassic Park III. "I was getting tired of the T rex so I had them put a spinosaurus in there," he said."We put it in ... to fight the T rex because it's a lot bigger than the T rex," he said. Spinosaurus won the battle in the film, but in real life the fish-eating carnivore would have been soundly beaten. "T rex has a 12,000-pound (5,440kg) bite force - he doesn't eat fish, he crushes bones," Mr Horner said.

  • Error 404
    Error 404 10 months ago


  • Jorge Sanchez
    Jorge Sanchez 10 months ago

    This is gonna be for ps4 ???

  • Jonas Chew
    Jonas Chew 10 months ago

    FINALLY FINALLY FINAAAALLLLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Metatron94
    Metatron94 10 months ago

    Can never get enough of trex killing spino 😎

  • Alex DuRain
    Alex DuRain 10 months ago

    Bestinslot: Trex is perhaps the most important dinosaur
    Background: the Jurassic park series only logo.
    The Trex

    HAK-DOS 10 months ago

    The funny part, is that they showed the Spinosaurus losing, just to make sure the fandom doesn't cry again

  • Patiko Balavadze
    Patiko Balavadze 10 months ago

    that should have happened in JP 3. easy win for t-rex with its massive bite force and muscular head. no offence to the spino tho i love that animal but scientifically tyrannosaurus is much stronger

  • Sash Carter
    Sash Carter 10 months ago

    When the t-Rex kills the spinosaurus the spinosaurus makes like a elk noise

  • Myra Jahangeer
    Myra Jahangeer 10 months ago

    in the end raptor last one written bestinslot sucks

  • Trey Wadsworth
    Trey Wadsworth 10 months ago

    the spino is smaller than the rex in the game?

  • oMegA PhOeNIX
    oMegA PhOeNIX 10 months ago

    Honesty i really don't like the T-rex because well it's not that big for one and two it's only got bio weapons located in the mouth, and most ironic that the Rex can be killed by a plant eater and a raptor more specific the Utah raptor which I hope is in this game

  • SiF 101
    SiF 101 10 months ago

    wy give spinosaures so much hate dont hate on spinosaures hate on the people that made it to were the spinosaures kills the trex its not spinosaures fault and in reality im sure they would avoid eachother if they exist in same time period

    • Error 404
      Error 404 10 months ago

      People fail to also realize that it's fiction, in fiction the spino could be strong af.

  • Supreme Leader Nugget
    Supreme Leader Nugget 10 months ago

    When the Tyrannosaurus drives the Spinosaurus into the dirt, i have to say the detail is tremendous. The Spinosaurus kicks it’s leg and curls it’s toes, clearly an instinctive reaction. The animations are making me want this game right now

  • Supreme Leader Nugget
    Supreme Leader Nugget 10 months ago

    Frontier is amazing
    Also, rip Spinosaurus

  • Cakelefore
    Cakelefore 10 months ago

    I see so many hate comments over Spinosaurus. First thing that comes to mind honestly? Little kids with grudges towards an animal and NOT the people behind that scene from so long ago. At least this gave them their fan service though. Maybe they'll change? Doubt it... (Yes spino is my favorite but I'm sick of hearing people or I think might be little kids calling me an idiot for liking an animal)

  • Shadow Rayquaza
    Shadow Rayquaza 10 months ago

    The spino appears to be... unfinished, with this. When the rex bites it on the head during the first scene, her sail, the sail mind you, is essentially part of her spine, flops around like paper, the sail also moves in an odd manner when the rex throws her down, moving in ways similar to crumbling paper. Perhaps the lack of damage is due to a unfinished animal? They could still be fine tuning the rigging and behavior of the models. If everything is a dynamic as they claim, that is indeed a LOT of intricacies to fine tune for every animal, add into that the fact that the different hybridization options could affect how an animal is damaged or its ability to heal from wounds. There's a massive amount of things to complete for the current confirmed amount of... what is it? 42 animals not including the Indominus?

  • Kirk Arkin
    Kirk Arkin 10 months ago


    AUSTIN MILHAM 10 months ago

    I guess revenge 3:02

  • Chewbaccafruit
    Chewbaccafruit 10 months ago

    0:24 I've never heard "coelurosaur" pronounced with a hard C before so I just spent like ten minutes trying to figure out what word they used.

  • Mug 'o Hot Cocoa
    Mug 'o Hot Cocoa 10 months ago

    I don’t know if anyone will read this but I’d like to address something. People often say that Spino couldn’t have possibly beaten T-Rex, it’s bite force was weaker because it ate fis- SINCE WHEN DOSE JURASSIC PARK GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT SCIENTIFIC ACCURACY. No one complained that the raptors were way to intelligent, no one complained that the Rex purposely roared at every prey item it saw, no one complained about dilophosaurs venom, no one complained about the spikes and triceratops frill, no one complained about the fact that pteranodon could lift up a person like a fucking plastic shop rite bag, no one complained about the mosasaurs inaccurate crocodilian scales and no one should have and especially shouldn’t still be complaining that in a Sci-Fi action flick Spinosaurus killed a Trex. Using real life paleontological evidence has no effect on the movies universe because like Ian Malcom said, these are not dinosaurs but genetically modified monsters. I can understand people’s complaints about Spinosaurus for its purpose in the movie but to say you disliked it because it wasn’t scientifically accurate is disingenuous and moronic.

    Now this part of the comment is a bit more biased so take it with a good sized bit of salt but it seems to me, in my own opinion, that Rex fans are way more harsh on Spino fans than the other way around, stating that they “Feel like they felt” in the comments of the species profile and saying anyone who liked Spino was a “Fan Boy”. I think it’s a little amusing that the side that aren’t fanboys are worshiping the Rex like a god. I understand much of this is also just sport like pride but many “Rex Supporters” or “Original Fans” have taken this old rivalry, which should already have died, a notch or three to far.

  • TheFoxSpirit Gaming
    TheFoxSpirit Gaming 10 months ago

    Best I love your vids and I wish you had more subscribers

  • Blazeisafire
    Blazeisafire 10 months ago

    Spino VS Rexy yesssss!!!!

    CJ BROSKIN 10 months ago +1

    Look closely at the Spinosaur's snout can you see it. 1:58 THERE'S SCARING ON THE SNOUT!!!

  • FL L1ch R34prr
    FL L1ch R34prr 10 months ago

    You’re gonna hit 500k soon. Very soon actually

  • Minh Duc Nguyen
    Minh Duc Nguyen 10 months ago

    I am really, really annoyed by the fact that Tyrannosaurus Rex is literally the only species of dinosaur we ever hear of, everywhere. Why literally? Because all other dinosaurs are referred to by their genus (Spinosaurus, Triceratops, etc), never by the species name (Tyrannosaurus Rex in this case). I hate inconsistency and this really annoys me. u_u It's not like there were tons of other Tyrannosaurus species that made the "Rex" necessary to distinguish it.

    • Minh Duc Nguyen
      Minh Duc Nguyen 10 months ago

      Maybe read the full comment before replying.

    • Minh Duc Nguyen
      Minh Duc Nguyen 10 months ago

      Junone King You don't seem to understand the point of the comment.
      Tyrannosaurus is the only species we saw in these videos. The others are not species. Spinosaurus is a genus. Why do we never say Spinosaurus Aegyptaicus or Carcharodontosaurus Carolinii?

    • Junone King
      Junone King 10 months ago

      I don't know man I think its maybe because they have found *A TON OF FOSSIL REMAINS* probably more than any other dinosaur. No shit that T-Rex is popular, paleontologists don't give a shit about popularity, they just want to know what prehistoric animals like these looked like, they will surely start by the ones who have the most remains.

  • Flint McFreely
    Flint McFreely 10 months ago

    Eat it, Spino!
    Finally. Vindication for JP3.

  • Andrew Maliberan
    Andrew Maliberan 10 months ago

    Okay I just noticed a funny detail, why does the Spino sound like Amanda Kirby when it was killed? lol 😂😂😂

  • Blue65Tank
    Blue65Tank 10 months ago +1

    Has nobody noticed that the Rex is actually the size of the Spino and not smaller, which does now confirm that the JP3 rex was shrunk down by Jack Horner's T-rex hate boner

    • BleJd09
      BleJd09 9 months ago

      Blue Tank Engine Pictures no, the spino was just big

  • Michael
    Michael 10 months ago

    I just realized something. This is the final pre JWE month and then all our lives will change forever. When this month is up many of us will play or watch this game daily for the rest of our lives. The final month.

  • NPC #1690
    NPC #1690 10 months ago

    A 25 second video into a 5 minute video

  • J. Robert R
    J. Robert R 10 months ago

    another braggart credit for T. Rex ¬¬

  • Deviljho Dan
    Deviljho Dan 10 months ago

    Most likely to sate all fans they will make it a 50 50 for each of the two carnivores to win. My hope is they make indominus beat rex 80 20

  • Zoe
    Zoe 10 months ago

    XD I love how many people are like 'Spino would win!'. Well there was already a thing done on this. By looking at fossiles palentoligists concluded that if a spino were to fight a T-Rex on land it would loose as it would have the disadvantage. Spinosaurus wasn't bipedal as Jurassic Park makes it out to be. Being bipedal would make it much slower in water as the hind legs would create too much drag, why they believe it was a quadruped not a biped. It would swim like a crocodile or alligator would. Now this brings us to the sail. The sail is debated to have had blood vessels in it to force colour to the spine to intimidate other spinos or to use it for attracting a mate. Due to this it is a very frail part of the body. If it were to get broken there is a high possibility that it could bleed out because of it. The other thing is that it's mouth was not built for things like a T-Rex. Their mouths were built to catch and hold slippery fish, why their teeth do not have any ridges on them. Their jaws are long and thin and would not be able to hold a muscular T-Rex down due to it's muscle. So while the spino may be larger than the T-Rex on land the spinosaurus' would still loose to the T-Rex in a fight. However if it were to be in the water, it's element then it would have most likely won't against T-Rex as it would be able to manuver faster than the T-Rex and would most likely be able to just wait it out until the T-Rex drowned.

  • Kai Hristov
    Kai Hristov 10 months ago

    Yesterday was #NationalDinoDay so that probably explains the drop!!! So excited😍😍

  • Austin Hoaglin
    Austin Hoaglin 10 months ago


    4:37 in the clip shows 2 trex, but the one in front has jp skin and the back one has i think lw:jp skin.

  • theclerksays
    theclerksays 10 months ago

    Why no blood?

  • Pablo Herasme
    Pablo Herasme 10 months ago

    So they fucked up Spinos roar, and made rex demolish it in its own species profile... I guess the developers are not fans of Spino lol

  • Dylan Guerrero
    Dylan Guerrero 10 months ago

    hope this doesn't mean that spino will always lose in game.

  • Rey MV
    Rey MV 10 months ago

    When this game release?

  • Terry Zillasaurus
    Terry Zillasaurus 10 months ago +1


  • AgentXA564
    AgentXA564 10 months ago

    The funny thing is that I heard a paleontologist's opinion on who would win and he said a T-Rex would defeat a Spinosaurus because their mouth is better designed for fighting other dinosaurs.

  • Daniel Keller
    Daniel Keller 10 months ago

    Well not saying that I'm that I'm not a Spinosaurus fan, with some respect to the Rex fans it did kill the juvenile. Also stating that in a real showdown with an adult would be a different outcome.

  • Cry chael
    Cry chael 10 months ago

    They should have 2 animation
    Rexy win
    Spinosaurus win
    In JPOG is the great animtion like spinosaurus vs t-rex
    Rex win or spinosaaurus win no matter with that because in real life we don't know who win because spinosaurus live africa
    112 MYA to 97 MYA
    65 MYA

  • Bandit
    Bandit 10 months ago +8

    Is it just me or is the Tyrannosaur vs Spinosaur debate the most toxic thing Iv ever seen. People it is fact a rex could very easily overpower a Spino, same way a Lion can overpower a cheetah because the cheetah is built specifically for one thing and its not fighting other large predators. That doesnt mean cheetahs arent cool. Same way for Spino. Let me put it this way who would win Baryonx or Allosaurus? Yeah thought so. I like both and im probably not gonna let them fight each other when I get the game. I prefer to have them as equals rather then favour one over the other.

    • Bandit
      Bandit 10 months ago +2

      Andrew Maliberan Crocodile has a bigger bite force then a lion...Tho?

    • Andrew Maliberan
      Andrew Maliberan 10 months ago

      Bandit I don't think the lion and cheetah comparison is right, a lion and a crocodile is a better comparison imo

    • bissan0909
      bissan0909 10 months ago +2

      Spino is a genetic hybrid in the movies. It is suposed to be super strong.

  • Florian Ryan
    Florian Ryan 10 months ago +1

    He kill the Spinosaurus ! That's the best thing i have seen so far :D

  • Cyanide
    Cyanide 10 months ago

    "perhaps" the most important dino in-- pghfdjsafdjsk!!!! She IS the most important, shes the fricken FACE (or, skeletal head, rather) of the fricken franchise! "perhaps" my ass!
    Also how did you not notice and mention how weird the Spinos sail looked in the first clip? seriously, watch it. As soon as she gets bit, her sail wobbles around like a plate of jello being shaken about lol

    DOOMSLAYER PRIME 10 months ago

    Love everything I saw

  • Jack Burton
    Jack Burton 10 months ago

    Its because today is national dinosaur day that they released this species profile. It says it at the end of it: ‘Happy Dinosaur Day’ flashes up for a second

  • Gian Tirado
    Gian Tirado 10 months ago

    I think a baby dinosaur DLC is definitely a necessity I think it’d be pretty cool to see your Dino grow ya know?

  • Dodoraptor and other animals
    Dodoraptor and other animals 10 months ago +13

    It’s pretty obvious that T. rex would win against a spinosaurus in real life, but it surprises me that it won in a game based on the the movies...

    • Dodoraptor and other animals
      Dodoraptor and other animals 10 months ago +2

      Acid what do you mean in “real life is fake”?

    • Acid
      Acid 10 months ago

      Dodoraptor and other animals but the trex is modifid to to live longer the longest trex life span was 29 years and rexy in the movie is now 30 so I think it’s ethier real life is fake and the movie is right or they modified the trex to make it better

    • Dodoraptor and other animals
      Dodoraptor and other animals 10 months ago +4

      Acid don’t you understand that I was surprised that the highly genetically modified spino lost?

    • Acid
      Acid 10 months ago +3

      Dodoraptor and other animals the only reson the spino one is because it snapped the tree neck it was a gentic modfided dino agenst a trew but the spino is sways modifid because it actually don’t walk on all 4rs the way a spino sands is on all 4 and caches fish and the trex whould win no debut

  • Yaniek van Schravendijk
    Yaniek van Schravendijk 10 months ago

    If you looked closly to the spinosaurus snout you could see blood textures

  • your dreaming
    your dreaming 10 months ago

    oh boy

  • Corpsehatch
    Corpsehatch 10 months ago

    The Spino appeared to have had blood on her snout. Look closely at the first clip of them fighting.

  • Walter Szukalski
    Walter Szukalski 10 months ago

    Scientifically I say spino would win but good to see that it’s not set and stone

  • dj ortiz
    dj ortiz 10 months ago

    it’d be cool if they add juvenile dinosaurs ,male dinosaurs, other dinosaurs of the same species but different skins like the TLW JPIII raptors, the T-Rex Buck and Doe.

  • dracoknight !
    dracoknight ! 10 months ago

    I hope that in the full game spino and t rexes fight can have different animations and endings.

  • digunder14
    digunder14 10 months ago

    dino fanservice having a rex kill a spino

  • Bobby Kuntz
    Bobby Kuntz 10 months ago

    Oh god here come arguments

  • Ace Ventura
    Ace Ventura 10 months ago

    Dear bestinslot, you suck! 🔥😁

  • MrDeadWilson
    MrDeadWilson 10 months ago

    2:47 check the end of the snout for small scratches of battle damage. Compared with the Spino Species Profile, and that's not texture, those are bloody scars.

  • Nicholas Lienandjaja
    Nicholas Lienandjaja 10 months ago +1

    All hail the king (or in this case, queen) of the dinosaurs!

  • Reapper
    Reapper 10 months ago

    If we don't get a Sandbox map with full day/night cycle then they missed the whole point, same with unkillable rangers.

  • Weiss Des
    Weiss Des 10 months ago

    Ha.. Take that Spino fanboys

  • Fortyrannorex 1125
    Fortyrannorex 1125 10 months ago

    Tears of joy, for more than one reason. 😒

    No hate on spino, just those people who use the movie which must not be named.

  • Guilherme Almeida Fonseca

    Too bad that the fingers of T.rex's hands are the wrong size, unlike the movies, in the game they are not of the same size as in the movies. Apart from that detail that most people do not realize, T.rex of this game is incredible !! I got enough of this T.rex !!

  • Ian solis
    Ian solis 10 months ago +1


  • Ghost Rider
    Ghost Rider 10 months ago


  • Hugo jimenez
    Hugo jimenez 10 months ago

    ill laugh the day i make a gallimimus kill both of them

  • the17kyd
    the17kyd 10 months ago

    Really cool species profile!
    Although the battle was really bland, Spinosaurus didn't fight back at all. I would've enjoyed the first clip, and then another one with raptors, or Tyrannosaurus roaring on a hill like in JW.
    It was mostly fan service, and i hate fan service. Literally no reason except to butter up some fans.
    I did like when the Spinosaurus got bit, the sail moved, which in JPOG the sail was real stiff. Love the small details.
    JP3 was in my opinion, not that bad. Wasn't the worst, that has to go to JW. (Which isn't bad either, no JP movie in my opinion is bad.)
    Excited for this game!!

  • Sourgy
    Sourgy 10 months ago

    I don't know if this is its skin or the scar aspect of the game

  • Sourgy
    Sourgy 10 months ago

    in the first fight scene the spinos nose area has scraps and cuts on it

    WAR DADDY 10 months ago +1

    Fuck that spino up

  • colombia exccelente
    colombia exccelente 10 months ago +1

    spknosaurus died? :'(😞😞😭😭

  • Revan
    Revan 10 months ago

    Will there be a physical copy of the game on pc ?

  • PredatorkillzAlien
    PredatorkillzAlien 10 months ago

    Any word on if there will be pack/herd leaders like in operation genesis? Are we going to have a limited number of dig sites?

  • Brian Ford
    Brian Ford 10 months ago

    Best I like you videos and I honestly want you to get more subscribers.keep up the good work😀🦖🦕

  • Tyrannt Games
    Tyrannt Games 10 months ago

    Time for mass spino genocide!

  • Josh Wilder
    Josh Wilder 10 months ago

    Is it just me or is the Spino's sail way too flexible?

  • Michael Bader
    Michael Bader 10 months ago

    Happy Dinosaur Day everybody!!

  • Nanubi
    Nanubi 10 months ago

    Can we transport Dinosaur from different island to another island? (E.g Transport dino from isla nublar to isla sorna)

  • Elmar A. Hannah
    Elmar A. Hannah 10 months ago

    That fight seems like the more plausible result of the JPIII fight. Even as a kid I thought it was weird that the Spino stood up after the T-Rex got it into a very similar grip as the Species Profile shows. I think the Spino definitely could have won if it just avoided that bite. That is sort of Rex's finishing move, sort of like a crocodile's death roll. It's basically game over after that.