SiR - That's Why I Love You (Audio) ft. Sabrina Claudio

  • Published on Aug 30, 2019
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  • swright4twenty
    swright4twenty 5 days ago

    Oooooooh yaaaaas...right there.

  • Deon'Tay Perkins
    Deon'Tay Perkins 10 days ago

    Story of my life

  • James Golden
    James Golden 11 days ago +13

    “Sabrina’s a talented little racist” lol

    • swright4twenty
      swright4twenty 5 days ago

      Someone told me that she was racist but I never bothered to really look into it. Let me just say this, if she did say some racist things I'd need to know where they were coming from? Was she raised that way or did she suffer some trauma at the hands of someone Black or whomever she dislikes? Is she over it? Her music certainly does not suggest someone who does not like black people seeing as how her music is so BLACK. Being racist isn't illegal and depending who's the wont even matter. Lastly...I hope you went on R Kelly's music page and talked about how he is a rapist and a pedophile. We must keep the same energy for the men who make millions who actually physically and mentally hurt people.

    • James Golden
      James Golden 7 days ago

      ​@Khairi Khan You're clearly an idiot.. Clear as day.. And frankly I don't have much to say beyond recognition of the facts. I choose to act with INTEGRITY and I only support such individuals..... We're not talking about mistakes (which all humans make). And you're a fool if you think creating a fake twitter account for the sake of racism is a mistake.. it was youthful ignorance and narcissism. it was a dumb decision and she shouldn't have done that.... but it's far from not a mistake. ..It was very intentional in fact.

      Best of luck to you with your moronic reasoning and false parallels. Good luck to you.

    • James Golden
      James Golden 7 days ago

      @K D It was from Joe Budden's podcast - the guy parks made that joke. But yeah she said a buncha foul shit about black women in the past. Had a twitter account just to be racist with no one knowing..... That real shit... I honestly don't think she was necessary to make this song great and it's spineless to seek her out then say you stand for black women..... this song makes me questions Sir's integrity 100% as a person..

    • K D
      K D 8 days ago

      @Khairi Khan Oh and do yourself a favour and remember the demographic that are responsible for the #metoo movement and the #cancel movement. It isn't blacks, ill say that.
      And as for cancelling non blacks due to their blatant disrespect and disregard for black lives, I'd say we're well in our rights in hating them, wanting their shitty attempts at recreating that black essence that your race can't seem to replicate in OUR MUSIC GENRES no matter how hard you try to be cancelled.

    • K D
      K D 8 days ago +1

      @Khairi Khan Not sure why you wrote all of this since the OPs comment and mine didn't get into any details nor suggested action to be taken against anyone. I will say this however...
      The examples you gave of perversion and commonly offensive attitudes are no where near close to what racism does and are completely different things.
      My entire race was robbed, some of us were enslaved and for the last 600 years, we have been and still are being subjected to verbal and physical abuse, biased behaviour and even murder due to our genetics. Our communities are sabotaged on a daily basis both on a large scale and individually in order to prevent the growth of wealth and class. That has nothing to do with perverted artists, politically incorrect artists etc etc.
      THE ENTIRE WORLD KNOWS WHAT EUROPEANS DID TO AFRICANS. So before you attempt to make more excuses for racism and try to make it seem as thought it is part of human nature, let me remind you that Europe would never in a million years agree to swap places and have Africa mass rape, mass pillage, setup corruption governments to allow further extraction of European wealth as poison the entire world against Europeans in order to keep them helpless to the theft and exploitation of their lands, resources and culture.
      All the above is factual. Not because I said it is...but because basic research can be done to find many sources that provide the information I just mentioned.
      It's also relevant since you went into a whole script on why black people should excuse lowlifes that cannot get over the fact that the very same music they partake in originated within black communities across the AMERICAS BY and FOR black people.
      So NO. We will not separate the artist from the art since the art is a direct and perfect mirror of who the artist is.
      Let me remind you of this though. You're still caucasian and have no business attempting to lecture any black person about their own Ppp, Rock, Jazz, Salsa, Samba, Blues, Hip Hop, R&B, Techno, Drum and Bass, Garage, House or Grime music genres and artists.
      Know your place and stay there. Oh that's right, you didn't. Now look at the world all because you weirdly enough feel entitled to play the role of leader when all you wish to do is be biased and take advantage of others.
      I noticed how you chose not to mention the paedophile Elvis and many other white rock artists who preyed on vulnerable people. Just a bunch of black artists for using explicit words.
      Tell me this at least. Why is it that if you were correct, rappers aren't allowed to use stereotypical derogatory labels for non blacks? Why is it that black artists can only use the world "nigga" and would be told to remove anything they say about whites...if what you said were even true?
      You can die now. Or respond with your vile toxicity, again showcasing your very nature.

  • Rocky Mill
    Rocky Mill 13 days ago

    This shit get in your head!

  • Sam Daniels
    Sam Daniels 14 days ago

    An eloquent perspective of a situationship...SiR and Sabrina def brought that to life in the song

  • tears 涙
    tears 涙 15 days ago


  • Uptown Will
    Uptown Will 16 days ago +3

    Who ever thumbs down this ..still looking for love 😮

  • Beautiful Life
    Beautiful Life 19 days ago

    chasing summer

  • EverGreen Boulevard
    EverGreen Boulevard 20 days ago

    Good Music 🎶

  • phyl harley
    phyl harley 20 days ago +1

    Damn 💛💛

  • Kyra Gaunt Ph.D.
    Kyra Gaunt Ph.D. 21 day ago

    Video director: Daniel Russell

    • Kyra Gaunt Ph.D.
      Kyra Gaunt Ph.D. 20 days ago

    • Kyra Gaunt Ph.D.
      Kyra Gaunt Ph.D. 21 day ago

    • Kyra Gaunt Ph.D.
      Kyra Gaunt Ph.D. 21 day ago

  • Ken Moe
    Ken Moe 21 day ago

    Everyone grown can relate. Awesome music

  • Nija Ononiwu
    Nija Ononiwu 24 days ago +5

    Thinking about my future husband coming home from a long flight.

  • LGBT Lionness
    LGBT Lionness 25 days ago

    LGBT catch me on ins lionnesstud32

  • Jenna Stack
    Jenna Stack 25 days ago +3

    My pupils were extremely dilated after listening to this

  • Riffs with Larry
    Riffs with Larry 26 days ago +3

    Who else got this on repeat? This song is 🔥!

  • keeya wamuri
    keeya wamuri 27 days ago


  • Ni'Elli Douglas
    Ni'Elli Douglas 27 days ago +1

    Some fire shit but I can't be supporting Sabrina 🙅

  • Carolina Aristizabal
    Carolina Aristizabal 27 days ago +1

    Songs always seem to pop up and describe my situations perfectly. I love this 🙌💚

  • Aaliyah Kendrex
    Aaliyah Kendrex 29 days ago +125

    This song makes me want to make bad sexual decisions even tho I shouldn’t man..

  • banks Jackson
    banks Jackson 29 days ago +1

    Only Bumping SiR and Ari Lennox for the RnB old soul vibes in this new era...

    • Mrs. KDJ
      Mrs. KDJ 29 days ago

      banks Jackson 👍🏾

    • banks Jackson
      banks Jackson 29 days ago

      @Mrs. KDJ "painted" 😁 got it. Thank you 💪🏽

    • banks Jackson
      banks Jackson 29 days ago

      @Mrs. KDJ lol ok cool I will do, what's the name of the album? I started with one song but you said start from beginning to end.

    • Mrs. KDJ
      Mrs. KDJ 29 days ago

      banks Jackson Just start from the beginning of the album to the end......then do it again lol

    • banks Jackson
      banks Jackson 29 days ago

      About to listen right now, I'm not hip yet, let's see what your vibing too👂🏼👂🏼 🎵🎵

  • Jahna Wilson
    Jahna Wilson Month ago +1

    Fucking legends 🙌🏽

  • J S
    J S Month ago +1

    song and album is perfection

  • Terrence. Jr
    Terrence. Jr Month ago

    shut , where did my dundits go ?

  • Nan Kahalehili
    Nan Kahalehili Month ago

    Pretty much

  • Lauren Keys
    Lauren Keys Month ago


  • Sage Brooks
    Sage Brooks Month ago

    Grovingbicely2this rt

  • Shain Niemeyer
    Shain Niemeyer Month ago

    This is bad..

  • Elisha Jewel
    Elisha Jewel Month ago +1

    I love this track.

  • Monica Barrett
    Monica Barrett Month ago +2

    I literally got chills from this song! It's like that old school R&B. You can feel the words.

  • XieYali
    XieYali Month ago +2

    I'm so glad this is in my life now.

  • cyrusbob1
    cyrusbob1 Month ago +2

    What ass wipe is thump thumbing this down.

  • 김우건
    김우건 Month ago +1

    the best song of september

  • bruh moment
    bruh moment Month ago +1

    best song since The Canvas

  • Brandon Broomé
    Brandon Broomé Month ago +5

    The vocals 🔥 The snare 🔥 The kick 🔥 The Melody 🔥

  • ItzAlayah
    ItzAlayah Month ago +1

    I love listening to music like this. I vibe with it so much it leaves me in tears.

  • Ciara Nelson
    Ciara Nelson Month ago

    first album ive wanted to buy in a grip

  • mastersson22
    mastersson22 Month ago +4

    Can't wait to hear what version you come up with for this track on NPR Tiny Desk ; ) !

  • Aggy Choules
    Aggy Choules Month ago


  • Tanesha Parson
    Tanesha Parson Month ago

    😜😍😍😍 I sit on it then leave 🤷🏽‍♀️😉🥴🥴

  • christian henry
    christian henry Month ago

    This is real music. Albums like this I enjoy!

  • Thanks N Please.!
    Thanks N Please.! Month ago +4

    🎙 For the GROAN UPs

  • Myna B
    Myna B Month ago

    My fav song on the album. 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Almond Coffee 40
    Almond Coffee 40 Month ago +15

    This is very sexy elegant and true R and B I give them 5 mics

  • marie2020 0920
    marie2020 0920 Month ago +4

    I'm getting '98 end of summer sitting by the window feeling the breeze smoking 🍃 and relaxing vibez 😏😏❤

  • Rodolfo Hollanda
    Rodolfo Hollanda Month ago +5

    brazil is here, 2019. fucking bolsonaro!!!!!!!!!!! valeu galera

  • Richnurse1
    Richnurse1 Month ago +7

    The vocals are so sweet while the lyrics make me feel guilty for loving this song! Like 🥵 and 🥶 and 😍 all in 1!

  • That guy over there
    That guy over there Month ago +1

    Sabrina is why I'm here and now I'm here for both.

  • Lady Pegasus
    Lady Pegasus Month ago +1

    I love this❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️⌛️

  • Xabe Skill
    Xabe Skill Month ago +3

    I don't support colorist Sabrina. Disgusting woman.

  • Nirvana Duex
    Nirvana Duex Month ago +1

    That dropped so hard my soul shook 🙏🏽👑✨

  • Im Me
    Im Me Month ago +5

    So I hear Sabrina says things about blacks. I won't be supporting this song and brothers shouldn't either. I rather here SZA on here! Ijs🤷

  • Chris Agbaje
    Chris Agbaje Month ago

    Smooth delivery.... Yes SiR!

  • Jon Jb
    Jon Jb Month ago

    “I sit on it & leave” 🤭

  • Sleepy Sagittari
    Sleepy Sagittari Month ago

    You never wanted nothing from me, I just f *** you and leave. We don't ever come to agree . 🖤💔

  • Wisdom4Life LoveIsTheWay

    I could never support Sabrina because of her terrible comments about Blacks. However, her voice is beautiful on this joint. Sir does it again!

    • Kamar McNeil
      Kamar McNeil Month ago

      Wisdom4Life LoveIsTheWay yea sadly 💀

  • Tasha C
    Tasha C Month ago

    Omgeee I just stumbled across this from listening to doja cat... but this here is a dope ass it!!!!

  • Chantelle Heredia
    Chantelle Heredia Month ago +1

    I saw this video at 5:35, can't help but feel like the universe is sending me a message...that moment when a song explains your exact situation with someone else. Got to love that humor🤣... humor me universe, I'm all for it. Love this song.🤗

  • A. T
    A. T Month ago

    Ay animal kalami aning kantaha bwiset