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    Tati beauty textured neutrals palette
    Wet n wild photo focus loose setting powder
    Makeup forever matte velvet skin blurring powder foundation
    Makeup revolution concealal and define foundation
    Becca ultimate coverage foundation
    Charlotte tilbury airbrush flawless foundation
    Tarte face tape foundation
    Too faced born this way concealer
    Briogeo don’t despair repair honey moisture mask
    Jo malone red roses and peony & blush diffuser
    Cinema secrets brush cleaner
    Urban decay beached bronzer
    Makeup obsession give me some sun bronzer palette
    Tula advance neck cream
    Tula overnight repair treatment
    Tan luxe self tan face drops
    Nuface prep n glow cloth
    Jaclyn cosmetics the flash palette
    Jaclyn cosmetics mood light highlighter
    Jaclyn cosmetics J02 and J03
    Jaclyn cosmetics beaming light loose highlight
    Benefit cookie highlighter
    Benefit hoola bronzer powder in caramel
    Patrick ta monochrome moment velvet blush in she’s sincere
    Makeup revolution good vibes high brow gel
    Revlon vinyl lip polish in act natural and birthday suit

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Comments • 80

  • Susana Calzadias
    Susana Calzadias 3 hours ago

    You should definitely keep doing monthly favorites! Love seeing them and trying out products you recommend!

  • Vicki Noble
    Vicki Noble 3 days ago

    I am 48 and can say that it is SO IMPORTANT to moisturize your face, neck, chest, hands, elbows, and KNEES.

  • Janvier Balser
    Janvier Balser 26 days ago

    pretty lip color

  • Makeup_ Mamaxo
    Makeup_ Mamaxo 29 days ago

    Just here to look at your beautiful hair 🥰🥰

  • Girl Trucker
    Girl Trucker Month ago

    You always look so beautiful! Love you girl!

  • Haseena Khan
    Haseena Khan 2 months ago

    Envious babe - "I've just turned 28..." Seriously??? Still sooooo young!!!

  • Michelle Erba
    Michelle Erba 2 months ago

    I believe the instructions on theTan Luxe Body drops is to mix a few drops in with your moisturizer and apply it that way!

  • Abby Stouffer
    Abby Stouffer 2 months ago

    I’d love if you reviewed the Belive beauty foundation exclusive to Dollar General♥️

  • EllieJade96
    EllieJade96 2 months ago

    Missing the music favourites that you always use to do at the end of these videos

  • Caitlin Navarre
    Caitlin Navarre 2 months ago

    Favorites Videos are still My Favorite!

  • Tiffany M
    Tiffany M 3 months ago

    i love that makeup forever foundation so goooddd! :)

  • Jourdan Frigard
    Jourdan Frigard 3 months ago +1

    Definitely my favorite type of video! When you get busy with life, it’s so nice to hop on and see what looks good, what shouldn’t be bothered buying, and of course check ins with you :) happy for you and family! Love you 💕

  • Sami Enck
    Sami Enck 3 months ago

    Do you still like the Estée Lauder foundation? 🤗☺️

  • Linda James
    Linda James 3 months ago

    Merry Christmas to you and Family and a Wonderful New Year🎄😃
    Texas Lady🤗

  • BrianaLorynn Valenzuela

    I love watching favorites videos so I know what I should buy or try out they are soo helpful!!!!!🌸🌸🌸🌸

  • jenrnmom
    jenrnmom 3 months ago

    I like watching your videos because you have brown eyes and so do I so when you apply make up to them it's nice to see what works best. But I don't have your wide, ( kind of frog-like) set eyes, so that is different and I do apply my make up a little bit different because of that. I also have hair like yours and your hairline is very similar to yours so it shows me kind of what my hairline would look like if it was parted down the middle. I prefer my part on side. Also, 28 and getting old?? It's kind of insulting the way you said it. LOL I remember being 28 and I don't remember feeling old at the time certainly didn't have any wrinkles. You just wait honey.

  • jenrnmom
    jenrnmom 3 months ago

    You sound so stuffed up, and , wow since you moved back to GA you are getting a southern accent

  • Deanna Sagedy
    Deanna Sagedy 3 months ago

    Love your favorites videos Casey. Once request, can we bring back the music favorites too???? Lol

  • Heather Terry
    Heather Terry 3 months ago

    Casey, do you remember that Sonia Kashuk soft matte foundation from a few years ago that you loved? I adored that one as well even though I’m super dry skinned, I just used up my last backup of it and I was wondering if you know of another one that’s super similar?

  • Lexi Rhodes
    Lexi Rhodes 3 months ago


  • Ali Fannin
    Ali Fannin 3 months ago

    I love these videos but I really miss the monthly song favorites 😌

  • Claire Fisher
    Claire Fisher 3 months ago

    Same with me for the smash box!!! I was sad

  • t
    t 3 months ago

    I haven’t watched her in a while-did she have her baby?

  • Falah Khan
    Falah Khan 3 months ago

    Hey Casey you look gorgeous girl, just posted to request you to do a review on Kat Von D Lock it foundation, i also have an oily skin and large pores, i tried it in Sephora but still not very confident to buy, just let me know what’s your take on it? Thanks bbye

  • Shelia
    Shelia 3 months ago

    I love these videos because I have been looking to update some products and since we have similar skin I always find these so helpful. I cant wait to try that wet n wild powder because I have been so curious about it but didn't like the reviews.

  • Vivian Pham
    Vivian Pham 3 months ago

    Thank you for your hard work please do more videos like this

  • Debbie C
    Debbie C 3 months ago


  • Cassandra Stockert
    Cassandra Stockert 3 months ago

    Can you do a separate video on all things drugstore products you love and then one for higher end?

  • Jessica Faith
    Jessica Faith 3 months ago

    Believe beauty foundation! I love it!

  • Tanya Moses
    Tanya Moses 3 months ago

    I love good ole favorite vids appreciate them thank u

  • Meaghan Stuski
    Meaghan Stuski 3 months ago

    Please do a tutorial on this look!!

  • Skylar Summer
    Skylar Summer 3 months ago

    Milk makeup foundation! It’s my GO TO

  • Skylar Summer
    Skylar Summer 3 months ago


  • Shayna Wacker
    Shayna Wacker 3 months ago

    Literally had the SAME reaction to the new smash box foundation. I got a sample from Sephora when it first came out and brought it to Europe with me, tried it out before going to dinner one night and I was like holy hell after maybe 30 minutes of wearing it I could see every poor and was already shiny n it felt like cake on my face. No bueno. I just got the dermablend drop foundation, I know you did a trial video on it, wanted to see how you liked it after wearing it for a day? Xx

  • Christina Monsue
    Christina Monsue 3 months ago

    going darker!!! Fr I love your hair!!! Just wish I didn't have curly hair!!!

  • Andrea Peppers
    Andrea Peppers 3 months ago

    Would you try the Hailey's makeup line? They get amazing reviews and are at target. But so nervous to try them

  • Nadine H
    Nadine H 3 months ago

    Casey you always look beautiful in every video but you look extra stunning in this one!!! your hair looks bomb 😍😍😍❤️💕

  • darian erickson
    darian erickson 3 months ago

    I miss these so much

  • emrae17
    emrae17 3 months ago

    What colors from the Tati beauty pallette are you wearing?!

  • Amanda Wright
    Amanda Wright 3 months ago

    The Tula pressed serum is bomb

  • Melanie Salazar
    Melanie Salazar 3 months ago

    Try the nikkia joy setting powder it will change ur life girl plz

  • Jackie Sanchez
    Jackie Sanchez 3 months ago

    Hair and make up always on point! Love it!

  • Felicia Salazar
    Felicia Salazar 3 months ago

    I will trying all that very soon

  • Maddie Biehl
    Maddie Biehl 3 months ago

    I love your videos! little man is so adorable and I love seeing your product reviews. I just recently started a channel, I know it needs some work but I am willing to take any advice I receive! I am just posting to hopefully live my dream and become just like you! here's the link to my vlog!!

  • Dana Voyles
    Dana Voyles 3 months ago

    Your hair this color is AMAZINGGGGG

  • Leanne Gonsalves
    Leanne Gonsalves 3 months ago

    I love your makeup look today!! I am dying to get the TATI palette!! I keep checking the website for when it is back in stock!!

  • Amanda Otto
    Amanda Otto 3 months ago

    LOVE these videos!

  • L K
    L K 3 months ago +4

    “I’m getting older. I just turned 28.” 🙄 Than makes me ANCIENT, being that I’m 38. 😂🤣😂🤣 Girl, I don’t think I ever looked as good as you do even as a baby. 😂😂😂

  • Kaitlin Fawns
    Kaitlin Fawns 3 months ago

    You need to do this eye look tutorial 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Laura Sayres
    Laura Sayres 3 months ago

    Been watching her for years, but most recently stopped because she seems to only do highend makeup anymore. Even the drugstore ones she shares are still at ulta. I need covergirl, wet n wild, rimmel, Neutrogena, true Walmart, walgreens, target and cvs makeups

  • Trina Hughes
    Trina Hughes 3 months ago +2

    I want a tutorial on this look!!!😍

  • Audrey Clearwater
    Audrey Clearwater 3 months ago +1

    The most unproblematic TheXvidr our there. Still my favorite! Love how you’re always supportive of your colleagues and leave the drama out. I’ve honestly stopped watching beauty content because it was my escape from a stressful career and mom-life but it took such a negative turn that I couldn’t put anymore time into it. You’re one of the few I always keep up with. Thank you.

  • Samanthajm
    Samanthajm 3 months ago

    I have really bad neck lines. They drive me nuts. I swear it's from being on my phone and computer for work. Cause our heads are constantly pulled down. I even think there is research out there about it now.
    Hell you can get filler put into neck lines to make them appear less noticeable. (I didnt believe it until I saw a video about it and yes it scared the shit out of me) I'm all for filler, but idk about filler in my neck lmao

  • mchotsie
    mchotsie 3 months ago

    28? Old???????
    Wait til you wake up one day and you’re suddenly 45 😒

  • S Douglas
    S Douglas 3 months ago

    That lip gloss looks really good on you.

  • Audrey Barr
    Audrey Barr 3 months ago

    I just got my first loopy case in and omg I loveee it!

  • lel gg
    lel gg 3 months ago +1

    I would love to watch a video on self confidence !

  • Melissa Hardy
    Melissa Hardy 3 months ago

    Yes still love ❤️

  • Haley Saunders
    Haley Saunders 3 months ago +1

    I loved this, but where are your music favorites? 😭 that’s my favorite part. Lol. You’re so fabulous and I absolutely loove your videos

  • nicolelynn117
    nicolelynn117 3 months ago

    bring the throwback throwdowns back!!!! loved them!!

  • Paige Sword
    Paige Sword 3 months ago

    I love your favorites!!!! I take your advice and 98% of the time I am glad that I did! I rarely ever regret any of your suggestions!

  • Emily Elizabeth
    Emily Elizabeth 3 months ago


  • Leah Finlayson
    Leah Finlayson 3 months ago

    Can you do a drugstore lip liner video??? I’ve been thinking about getting some but the last couple I tried were not good! I’d like to know what your favorites are.

  • melissa nabejas
    melissa nabejas 3 months ago +4

    I love when you incorporate drug store products

  • StaceyLs11
    StaceyLs11 3 months ago

    Whats that nail colour????

  • Jasmine Larios
    Jasmine Larios 3 months ago

    I love all of your videos but definitely enjoyed watching this one :)

  • Ronda Harmon
    Ronda Harmon 3 months ago

    Which of the 2 shades in the Urban Decay beach bronzer do you use?

  • patricia mealer
    patricia mealer 3 months ago

    Tutorial on this eyeshadow look please!

  • Tracey Lynn
    Tracey Lynn 3 months ago

    That eye look 🔥

  • Deanna's World
    Deanna's World 3 months ago

    Your hair is so pretty in this video.

  • April Monique
    April Monique 3 months ago


  • Morgan Baker
    Morgan Baker 3 months ago

    I miss music favorites 😢

  • Lauren Brennan
    Lauren Brennan 3 months ago

    What is the color on your lips ?? 💄

  • Nelly Gephart
    Nelly Gephart 3 months ago

    Video about Christmas decoration

  • Taylor Franklin
    Taylor Franklin 3 months ago

    LOVE THESE VIDEOS!!! please keep doing these!!!

  • Kara Corey Fit Life
    Kara Corey Fit Life 3 months ago

    Keep the favorites coming!!! I have similar skin to you so really appreciate these videos!

  • Aj Videography
    Aj Videography 3 months ago

    Favorite haul for baby, momma, and family

  • Daniela Cortes
    Daniela Cortes 3 months ago

    I noticed the neck lines with my pregnancy 🤰. Before being pregnant I didn’t even think about that but the last months they were so noticeable I used to put a ton of creams and oils lol but now they’re back to normal. I would say it took me about 6 months for the lines to fade 😊

  • Danielle Badie
    Danielle Badie 3 months ago

    Is there a tutorial on this makeup look???

  • Briana Moss
    Briana Moss 3 months ago

    Got myself the TF better not pout but if you do keep it glossy with Ulta points. Still going to wrap it up though 😄 I'm asking for the TF Christmas cookie house party set & some Kathleen lights x Colourpop items as well I think 😊 probably just the so jaded palette.