Fortnite Item Shop *NEW* TSUKI AND COPPER WASP SKINS! [July 20th, 2019] (Fortnite Battle Royale)

  • Fortnite Item Shop right now on July 20th, 2019 or 7/20/19.
    Let's see what's in the Item Shop today! Featured Items include the NEW Copper Wasp skin, the NEW Tsuki skin, the Mecha Team Leader outfit, the Combo Cleaver harvesting tool, the Mecha Team wrap, and the No Sweat emote. Daily Items include the Rapscallion skin, the True Heart emote, the Whiplash outfit, the Daydream emote, the Dream Feet emote, and the NEW Stinger wrap.
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Comments • 80

  • XxCurvnxX-Kun ,
    XxCurvnxX-Kun , 2 months ago

    He said TIT SUKI XD

  • 120 subscribers with no video challenge

    Superhotmom4 creator code is used by itf

  • Greg Heffley
    Greg Heffley 5 months ago

    I’m so mad I didn’t get tsuki

  • Puppet the Plush
    Puppet the Plush 6 months ago

    ITF: It’s giving me sailor moon vibes.
    me: It’s giving me Yandere Simulator vibes!

  • Puppet the Plush
    Puppet the Plush 6 months ago

    The good old days.

  • danbennyy
    danbennyy 7 months ago

    I have 2.7k v bucks should I buy Tsuki?

    • V M
      V M 7 months ago

      Sure. I bought it and now K have 1200 vbuc

  • Arran
    Arran 7 months ago +1

    I Talk Fortnite, it is not pronounced "tit suki" its pronounced yANderE cHaN

  • Uncharted 8907
    Uncharted 8907 7 months ago

    When is she coming back

  • ItzShard _
    ItzShard _ 7 months ago

    Tit sookie

  • Arran
    Arran 8 months ago

    It looks like a low sanity yandere chan and the description is unpredictable and unforgiving

  • CryDreamZzz
    CryDreamZzz 8 months ago +1

    I'm late to this shop but my weeb vibes can't help but watch this video for his reaction

  • Super Red 64
    Super Red 64 8 months ago

    YAN CHAN!?

  • Abdulm4j
    Abdulm4j 8 months ago

    I'm sorta late but copper wasp looks like a robot Akuma from street fighter

  • Addicted Nerd
    Addicted Nerd 8 months ago

    In Japanese tsuki means moon

  • Jay X
    Jay X 8 months ago

    Love that tsuki skin

  • larzival
    larzival 8 months ago

    Japanese: Tsuki
    English: Moon

  • The_851
    The_851 8 months ago

    Tsuki yeah looks like ayano aishi (yandere chan)
    Yandere chan stars in yandere simulater game takes place in Academy high
    Plot of game is to either kill or get rid of your rival in many different ways
    Age rating 18+ game includes blood and weapons but no guns
    I recommend the game for any of you people its free but the size is one gigabyte of storge hope you find this helpful

  • haxing.
    haxing. 8 months ago +1

    “T suki”. Its pronounced “suukiii”

  • Mayte Melendez
    Mayte Melendez 8 months ago

    same school uniform

  • Shinobu Kocho
    Shinobu Kocho 8 months ago

    Tsuki (su key) moon in Japanese

    KILOMETRIK ! 8 months ago

    That's the Grudge Skin noobs Duhh not the Tsuki

  • The BlackCat
    The BlackCat 8 months ago

    Tsuki is gonna go on a Genocide because her senpai isn't here

  • light k
    light k 8 months ago

    Can anyone gift me the tsuki skin?

  • Epsilon the Baka
    Epsilon the Baka 8 months ago

    I saw something so I needed to see this but now I am scared.

  • Charles Savage
    Charles Savage 8 months ago

    My guy it’s pronounced suki, similar to how the T isn’t pronounced in tsunami

    • Charles Savage
      Charles Savage 8 months ago

      @Da Duh Dingus my bad, I just looked it up and I am right about the silent T but it sounds more like ski, thank you for pointing this out.

    • Da Duh Dingus
      Da Duh Dingus 8 months ago

      The T isn't silent and it's not pronounced "Sue-ki".

  • You Wont Sub
    You Wont Sub 8 months ago

    If someone's nice enough to gift me tsuki skin add me my epic is TTV Fear Scuba

  • Maddix Rojo
    Maddix Rojo 8 months ago +1

    Stinger looks like a nerf wrap

  • Madara 2.0 Uchiha
    Madara 2.0 Uchiha 8 months ago

    Omfg I need that skin but Im broke asss fucckkk

  • Jason 4 President
    Jason 4 President 8 months ago

    Weeb virgin bullshit

  • FuzeMuteSiege
    FuzeMuteSiege 8 months ago

    Copper wasp reminds me of genji

  • Fahme
    Fahme 8 months ago

    U American

  • Drewbert
    Drewbert 8 months ago

    ITF is a weeb lol

  • vRaxxs !
    vRaxxs ! 8 months ago

    Btw It’s Suki The T Is Silent Btw

  • pilot 4403
    pilot 4403 8 months ago

    The tsuki skin loocks like alita

  • FreakyTheGoat123
    FreakyTheGoat123 8 months ago

    Who else looked at his support a creator

  • LiTfax
    LiTfax 8 months ago

    If you could magically get two Fortnite dances right now which two would you pick?
    Personally I think I would get Orange Justice and Scenario because I really like those emotes and I wish I had them

  • faze owo
    faze owo 8 months ago

    My uncle was listening to kpop when I was watching this coincidence I think not.

  • Basket ball adigonzalez

    You forgot whiplash

  • Antonio Saia
    Antonio Saia 8 months ago


  • Script Yt
    Script Yt 8 months ago

    Floosss in item shop

  • God Edits
    God Edits 8 months ago

    Can I have v bucks

  • Farismad Shift
    Farismad Shift 8 months ago

    I really want the tsuki skin if you to gift it to me my epic is (faris_mad_shift) please help

  • Zy The Wolverine
    Zy The Wolverine 8 months ago

    SuperhotMom4 LOL

  • Bliz Boi
    Bliz Boi 8 months ago


  • Nonster The Monster
    Nonster The Monster 8 months ago +1

    Is it just me or does he sound like Formula?

  • Ei
    Ei 8 months ago

    Why is everyone talking about some shitty game nobody yalks about the Copper Skin he looks kinda like Heihachi from Tekken

  • Alex Ogden
    Alex Ogden 8 months ago


  • Quikzy BTW
    Quikzy BTW 8 months ago


  • Quikzy BTW
    Quikzy BTW 8 months ago +1

    can sombody gift me the Tsukie please epic:TTVYTTTVYTTTVYT

  • Evan & Ian Ryan
    Evan & Ian Ryan 8 months ago

    The stinger wrap just looks like something for nerf x fortnite

  • Not Tobi
    Not Tobi 8 months ago

    That skin looks like an yandere tsuki like senpai

  • -MGP- Triz
    -MGP- Triz 8 months ago

    Holy crap its orange piccalo

  • Zakria Israr
    Zakria Israr 8 months ago

    lol he called Tsuki Titsuki

  • Something IGuess
    Something IGuess 8 months ago

    Her name is pronounced (SUE KEY) T is silent

  • Kid Buu
    Kid Buu 8 months ago +1


  • Mento Mentos
    Mento Mentos 8 months ago


  • VUK Ninja
    VUK Ninja 8 months ago

    Man i would do anything for that Tsuki skin i wish i could have it.

  • Zain Khalid
    Zain Khalid 8 months ago


  • Mason 4Life
    Mason 4Life 8 months ago

    She looks way too much like Yandere Chan

  • Twist Ghost
    Twist Ghost 8 months ago

    Stinger wrap looks like a nerf gun

  • Foot Licker
    Foot Licker 8 months ago

    What kind of family friendly item shop code is he using

  • Assqssn On twitter
    Assqssn On twitter 8 months ago

    Why do u use code SuperHotMom4?

  • ZerøMobile
    ZerøMobile 8 months ago

    Can somebody pls gift me Tsuki skin pls

  • Vzxed
    Vzxed 8 months ago +1

    I need that sword

  • Evo Designs
    Evo Designs 8 months ago +1

    Not the Tana back bling ffs

  • Rocky mocky
    Rocky mocky 8 months ago

    Yandere chan fucked Detroit becomes human

  • Merlinn
    Merlinn 8 months ago

    NOO I have no v bucks I will neverget tsuki :(

  • WG2
    WG2 8 months ago

    Who else has been playing fortnite for over a year now ???

  • Tae With Suga Kookie
    Tae With Suga Kookie 8 months ago +1

    Tsuki is probably looking for her Senpai

  • BonnieThe Pro
    BonnieThe Pro 8 months ago


  • BlizzPlayz
    BlizzPlayz 8 months ago

    Notice 2 of the emotes have dream in the name, what if the event was just all a dream

  • Badrunnahar Chowdhury
    Badrunnahar Chowdhury 8 months ago

    If I get a like I'll cry

    FAST TRAVEL TIMMY 8 months ago

    You should make a video about the skill gap

  • rwmanos K
    rwmanos K 8 months ago

    The new wrap looks like a nerf gun

  • Thibow UWU
    Thibow UWU 8 months ago

    Have you seen my tits uki?

  • iihopeツ
    iihopeツ 8 months ago

    Can someone...maybe..just maybe gift me something..?

    JOKER 8 months ago +1

    Italk fortnite

  • Scythe
    Scythe 8 months ago

    ur doing so good watch all your vidz
    keep going

  • McChicken Tenders
    McChicken Tenders 8 months ago

    Tsuki looks Is Yandere

  • Jayden Jovex
    Jayden Jovex 8 months ago

    Can you gift me the nosweet
    my epic is Ifarted3xaday