Lin-Manuel Miranda, Donald Glover, Issa Rae & Damien Chazelle: Epic Conversation on Creativity | THR

  • Published on Dec 19, 2016
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    Four creative talents , Lin-Manuel Miranda, Donald Glover, Issa Rae, and Damien Chazelle, flaunting the conventions of formula, go back and forth with director Jon Favreau (a onetime wunderkind himself) on success, struggling and staying sane: "The bullshit meter is very attuned right now."
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Comments • 1 534

  • WhateverItTakesMotivation

    Discovering this in 2019. One of the best, most thoughtful, and most insightful conversations or I've seen on creativity! And everyone at that table is a fucking legend. Loved this. Thank you

  • Christian Rincon
    Christian Rincon 14 days ago

    I mainline this video once a month. Highly recommend.

  • Hannibal Lecter
    Hannibal Lecter Month ago

    Rich kid asshole

  • Ray Padao
    Ray Padao 2 months ago

    This is how a round-table discussion should go.
    The moderator kicks off the conversation with a question and listens so everyone can work their way into different topics and facets of the main topic.

    Stephen "the Interrupter" Galloway could learn a thing or two from how Jon Favreau handles this round-table.

  • ConsciousThought
    ConsciousThought 2 months ago


  • Francois Rioux-Veilleux

    the best could be overrated as an artist. the truth behind your art or performance is the most important

  • Francois Rioux-Veilleux

    the alley oop reference i think is a great reference to the modern world and ideology

  • Jonathon
    Jonathon 4 months ago

    I reaallllyyyy want to know what's in the mugs

  • TheMozzaok
    TheMozzaok 4 months ago

    WEll??? That was sad, I had no idea who the black girl was, and they showed that clip talking stupidly to a mirror and I immediately knew I could never unsee that, hence never respect the person/people, that failed to recognise that was utter crap, sorry, utterly self indulgent, mindlessly stupid, crap.

  • Fizzy Milkshake Productions

    Donald Glover is so different from the way he acts on the Community behind the scenes,

  • wisterV
    wisterV 4 months ago

    Not so epic...

  • Kaia Carter
    Kaia Carter 4 months ago

    So I tried that name generator and I got Ruler Philosophic with is DOPE

  • Brad Barnett
    Brad Barnett 4 months ago

    i think jon favreau called lim-manuel miranda a modern day shakespear.

  • Sam Burgess
    Sam Burgess 4 months ago

    The best. Need more.

  • acfromspace
    acfromspace 4 months ago

    so I looked up their Wu-Tang names ✨

    Jon Favreau = Bittah Prophet
    Issa Rae = Bittah Prophet
    Damien Chazelle = X-pert Hunter
    Lin-Manuel Miranda = Mad Dreamer
    & of course Donald Glover = Childish Gambino

  • scampoli25
    scampoli25 4 months ago

    THR should have booked John for like 10 of these, great moderator

  • Syntax
    Syntax 4 months ago

    Jon Favreau FUCKING SUCKS.

  • GeorgiaDCA
    GeorgiaDCA 4 months ago

    All these super creative people and then we have the guy who got lauded for pilfering wholesale from Jacques Demy. Not to mention, his film cast a white guy as the man who is going to save jazz. The Oscars mix-up with "Moonlight" was just a weird finale to the La La story. I'm sure he is an amazing creator etc., but that whole thing left a bad taste. I apologize - it shouldn't irk me as much as it does.
    Still, it's amazing to see Lin-Manuel Miranda, Donald Glover, Issa Rae and Favreau together. And I have to say I agree - Jon Favreau did an amazing job.

  • Kylee M
    Kylee M 4 months ago

    I am never using the word *like* again

  • Lawrence Cummings
    Lawrence Cummings 4 months ago

    What Black Mirror episode was Donald referencing?

  • F4R207
    F4R207 4 months ago

    ARG, or rather just AR, alternative reality (games). Creating an immersive reality of myth and lore to consume and interact with. Incorporating LARP (live action role-playing) and table top Role-Playing elements (removing the came and keeping the world building and interaction, role-play). See NordicRoleplaying and NordicLARPing for more examples of the experimentation and blurring of the lines between the media (even seen a online twitch media LARP being done).

  • K Parker
    K Parker 4 months ago

    Unfortunately my opinion going into this is that 3 out of these 5 people are HIGHLY overrated. But I haven't watched this yet, and I want my opinion to be changed. (To be as open as possible, those people are #1. Donald Glover, #2. Issa Rae, and 3. Lin-Manuel Miranda. But Lin's only on that list because I've heard he's very difficult to work with and not the nicest person, so that makes me sad. Also, I do LOVE some Childish Gambino music, and every once in a while his acting seems on point like on 'The Martian' and 'Spiderman' but he doesn't seem to be that great of an actor, and sometimes his message just feels more like a preachy, drug-filled, not the most educated way to look at the world. Also, I highly respect Issa Rae and think she seems like a smart, talented lady, I guess my main qualm with her is I just want EVEN MORE from her than what she's put out in Insecure. For example, Yvonne Orji seems to be flourishing in her role on 'Insecure' and is able to flex what she is great at and push herself everyday, while Isaa seems like maybe she's not challenging herself as much as she could. Like, I want you to break through that niche, I'm not saying you have too, I just can feel that you can and could.) Okay, now on to watch the video

  • Jose P. Iyer
    Jose P. Iyer 4 months ago

    A minute in, i hope they don’t twist and overcomplicate creativity too much. Meaning making it so disagreeable. It’s a hope of mine.

  • Christian Rincon
    Christian Rincon 4 months ago

    5th time watching this. Sheesh.

  • stormy stark
    stormy stark 4 months ago +1

    jon about donald glover: everywhere i go i see his face

    JAVIER PAULINO 4 months ago

    few years later Jon Favreau and donald glover remade the LION KING

  • tumi molekane
    tumi molekane 4 months ago

    Is it just me or did that moment at 5:54 feel like a scene from Insecure. Sexual tension much?

  • squallerrleon
    squallerrleon 4 months ago

    tfw Jon Favreau is the least famous person in the room

  • Ilovemusic19582
    Ilovemusic19582 4 months ago

    I love seeing that Donald and Jon have now worked together 😭

  • Some Guy From The Internet

    Wizard Powerful.

  • gumby greens
    gumby greens 5 months ago

    thumb nail look like a cover of law n order... could do a mash up improve musical law n order ep, that be real awkward

  • quiet man
    quiet man 5 months ago

    How can you not look at Jon Favreu and think giant nerd? Dude literally started the Marvel Cinematic Universe..

  • cogito
    cogito 5 months ago

    7:54 Donald like k so y'all not gonna answer my question? k...

  • Josh Gator
    Josh Gator 5 months ago

    is it just me counting the number of "like" words used by Glover? a lot of " likes "in one statement lol

  • 13strong
    13strong 5 months ago

    Why is Lin Manuel Miranda dressed as a carnival Navy captain?

  • Jonathan Bogue
    Jonathan Bogue 6 months ago

    I'll always see this as the Interview that helped put Jon Faverau and Donald Glover in the same room, to first talk about The Lion King

  • John Andrew O'Rourke
    John Andrew O'Rourke 7 months ago +1

    3:54 thumbs up for Wish You Were Here album cover 🤝🔥

  • Three Jewels
    Three Jewels 7 months ago

    Everyone is just acting so chill. Like that isn't one of the coolest, most creative groupings of people. I'd be stoked to be around that energy. But... maybe that's because they're equals. They can handle the power that is them.

  • Christian Baumgartner
    Christian Baumgartner 7 months ago

    Good lord Jon Favreau does an amazing job as the conversation moderator in this. Please bring him back whenever he's available!

  • Jamie Hermiston
    Jamie Hermiston 7 months ago

    I like how you can see John in the background smiling really interested in what everyone has to say, letting the guests talk!!

  • Bojan RONDRAS
    Bojan RONDRAS 7 months ago

    Let me guess. Favreau mentions Swingers at least 5 times. (HE ONLY MENTIONS IT ONCE!)

    (Also, bring back diner for five)

  • Calvin Tielman
    Calvin Tielman 7 months ago

    donald used the word like as many times as the first comment u see

  • 62442islife
    62442islife 7 months ago

    Jon Favreau stop interrupting everyone challenge

  • Ele G
    Ele G 7 months ago

    i just fast forwarded to when the host guy finally shut up

  • I T
    I T 7 months ago

    who would've thought jon and donald would go on to make lion king!!!

  • Craig Johnson
    Craig Johnson 7 months ago

    When I clicked on this I thought Jon favrau would be the guest not the interviewer, I’d say he’s more creative than most of the guests

  • Kloudchild TV
    Kloudchild TV 7 months ago

    Finally took the time to watch this. Enjoyed it as much as I thought I would. Very inspired right now. On vacation creating an anthology series that I want to give to the world one day. Great roundtable!

  • King Kables
    King Kables 7 months ago

    It'd be so dope if "Atlanta and Insecure" mashed up their shows.
    I know we got a while for both shows....I guess.
    Apparently, Insecure isn't coming back until next year.
    Would be dope.

  • Jakel Bullock
    Jakel Bullock 7 months ago

    21:40 relevant asf

  • Bignerdoncampus
    Bignerdoncampus 7 months ago

    Bring back Dinner for 5

  • Shiive
    Shiive 7 months ago

    drop the album

  • Midnight Rambler
    Midnight Rambler 7 months ago

    tedious bs

  • sky guy!
    sky guy! 7 months ago

    This is a really good table🙄the vibe was so chill I felt like I could interrupt and ask a question of my own😏but I didn't cause I was worried they would just look at me like where tf did this dude come from😞... I'm high on my couch drinking tea!😅

  • Michelle F
    Michelle F 7 months ago

    the sheer power at this table

  • Baron O'Connor
    Baron O'Connor 7 months ago

    Holy shit, that Damien dude never shuts up. I think I counted him interrupting the others at least 10 times, what the fuck is his problem?

  • scarletspide
    scarletspide 7 months ago

    I thought Glover's mustache was a geurilla marketing ploy from some offshoot of an Atari brand. Thr33 yrs later I'm still wrong. Still looks like the Atari logo to me. (Explains a joke at the end; so you know it's a bad joke)

  • scarletspide
    scarletspide 7 months ago

    I hate Favreu's jew-fro, and Issa's mohawk fro and Chazelle's jazz semi-fro and Lin's Puerto Rican perm fro. Donald is aight but his I'm-bored-in-class-so-imma-twist-my- fro is kinda disheartening. Where are the Jackson 5 blowouts? #bringblowoutsback #stayawaykylieandkendall #LoseYourBeardGrowAnAfroJasonMamoa #hashtagsonhashtags #AfroRi-Ri #afrotheGOTdragons #afroiPhone #subjectchange #doyalluseyourbeardlikefloss? ... #metoo #afroSkipBayless #afroLeBro.... Nvm . #lacefrontLeBronJames

  • Vous Willis
    Vous Willis 7 months ago

    Nice to see creatives *in Liz Lemon voice* "NERDS" talk. Would rather be a fly on the wall when they actually express themselves minus cameras *feverously works on treatment involving L.A., Atlanta, Alexander Hamilton, Iron-Man and Jazz *. Y'all ain't ready

    • Vous Willis
      Vous Willis 7 months ago

      Lead character is the great thespian Charles Barkley. Gimme my monies

  • Vous Willis
    Vous Willis 7 months ago

    This was cool, but I'd like to see an updated one with Daveed Diggs , Donald, Issa & Jordan Peele with either Favreau still heading the table or Kenya Barris at that spot or as an additional guest.

  • A. Villares
    A. Villares 7 months ago +1

    My boy Donald Glover is lit af 🔥💨