• Published on Dec 15, 2018
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    My name is Alec Steele and I am a 20 year old blacksmith from Norfolk in the United Kingdom, now living in Montana in the USA! I upload a vlog from my day at the workshop almost every single day. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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    Alec Steele Blacksmith 2018
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Comments • 3 087

  • Curt Doty
    Curt Doty 4 days ago

    Any othere welders here?

  • GogogoFollowMe
    GogogoFollowMe 5 days ago

    Why this H-beam is called W-beam ?

    • Alias KaSiin
      Alias KaSiin 2 days ago

      I think its double-U 😄 so two u-s back to back. I was wondering the same, i dont know if im right though

  • Micah Hull
    Micah Hull 5 days ago

    It's a I beam

  • Bernard Miller Jr.
    Bernard Miller Jr. 11 days ago

    Shin chivalry! Gosh people we all have that problem with our beds.

  • Berdarien Brown
    Berdarien Brown 12 days ago +1

    Nobody will help Alec move ever.

  • Cristobal Sepulveda
    Cristobal Sepulveda 20 days ago

    Stubbing your toe on this must be the equivalent of shooting it off with a gun.

  • The Crude Lab
    The Crude Lab 21 day ago

    bumps into corner of steel bed frame. *REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Ruth de Vries
    Ruth de Vries 22 days ago

    That bed is so big, a tent manufacturer would classify it as 4-person.

  • greg vasquez
    greg vasquez 28 days ago

    Get drunk and fall from bed and land on a sharp corner. Next day you'll be Without nuts

  • Cruzer_7436
    Cruzer_7436 Month ago

    Oof if u hit ur shin off the corner thoooo

  • Adam Jeppson
    Adam Jeppson Month ago

    I see broken toes and shins. Good luck.

  • Paul Purpura
    Paul Purpura Month ago

    Alec, you built a beautiful bachelor pad bed. If you partner up with a woman, and she lives with you, guess what, that beautiful bachelor pad bed is going to the scrap heap. Sorry, but that’s the way it works. Take it from one who is old enough to be your dad. Stay young, and stay single.

  • Mark O'Connell
    Mark O'Connell Month ago

    Still needs LED lighting under it.

  • Mark O'Connell
    Mark O'Connell Month ago

    “Looks” ridiculously over built. It is ridiculously over built.

  • MrThorp1
    MrThorp1 Month ago +1

    holy overkill!! you planning on mating with bison? if so, that bed will support it!

  • Erikgasm
    Erikgasm Month ago

    Wait when did he get back the truck!?

  • Ian Alderson
    Ian Alderson Month ago

    Rip shins and toes 😂😂

  • Alex_ Ruiz_5
    Alex_ Ruiz_5 2 months ago +2

    Anyone else notice Alec is always thicker than a bowl of oatmeal

  • Rohan Antony
    Rohan Antony 2 months ago

    I beam?

  • Kevin Morris
    Kevin Morris 2 months ago

    W Beam? What the heck is a W Beam? Don't you mean I Beam? Or some might call it H Beam. Depends how you look at it I guess. But having been in the sheet metal business for a good while, where I come from it was always called I Beams.

  • Decide
    Decide 2 months ago

    the only question is why you need such a heavy duty bed frame ;)

  • Levi Ward
    Levi Ward 2 months ago

    I thought it was called an i-beam

  • farmer host
    farmer host 2 months ago

    keep counting how many times you bump your legs with those side beams around the bed .

  • Primusaur
    Primusaur 2 months ago

    I was told to come here for a bargain instead I found a Steele.

  • Kenton
    Kenton 2 months ago +1

    Rip your shins

  • antonio rodrigues
    antonio rodrigues 2 months ago

    mim passa esse projeto com medidas e desenho 😁😁😁

  • SKY King
    SKY King 3 months ago

    How did u move it

  • Schmit GaMeS
    Schmit GaMeS 3 months ago +2

    Not to sound like a smart ass or whatever coz I am genuinely curious... but the Double U beams, aren't they called i beams? or is that just here in Aust that we call it that

    • Steven Stewart Jr
      Steven Stewart Jr 2 months ago +1

      W beam is more commonly called wide flang beam. The flanges are much wider. An I beam has shorter flanges and a thicker web.

  • jared51773
    jared51773 3 months ago

    Hey Everyone! I'm Alex Steele, and today on Over-Engineering..." XD no, but seriously, you guys are awesome! keep up the awesome work.

  • The Impatient Biker
    The Impatient Biker 3 months ago

    Why do they call them w beams when they don't remotely resemble w's also it's cute how Alec thinks the beam is heavy 😂

  • Marek Haluszczak
    Marek Haluszczak 3 months ago

    Why do they call it an w beam, it's an I beam.

  • Cha Leowin
    Cha Leowin 3 months ago

    Wow, that is fantastic looking. Much better than my $700 frame. I have a Purple mattress...hate it...wife likes it so it stays.

  • Glenn West
    Glenn West 3 months ago

    Do tou have a set of prints? i would like to build one myself

  • xdazamx
    xdazamx 3 months ago

    No headboard...

  • Anthony Rye
    Anthony Rye 3 months ago

    Hello Alec, Will, and Jason. Loved the episode , I also appreciate the help information about spray arc welding using a might welder. I'm unable to find anyone information about setup or pressure settings to do the argon co2 o2. I asked at my local welding store but they didn't know what I was talking about. Is there any chance at making a video or giving me a link where I can try the setup.

  • Z. Voorhees
    Z. Voorhees 3 months ago +2

    RIP your back in 2 years... speaking from experience. =(

  • Douglas Brenner
    Douglas Brenner 3 months ago +1

    wait till you bust your shins

  • Douglas Stoddard
    Douglas Stoddard 3 months ago +2

    How has this bed been treating you... really how are those shins

  • Lee McGann
    Lee McGann 3 months ago

    What is the gas mix?

  • Geffrei Maudeleyne
    Geffrei Maudeleyne 3 months ago

    All of your gas canisters MUST be fastened to a sturdy place, usually a stud in your wall. You need an OSHA consultant. Fines get expensive.

  • Geffrei Maudeleyne
    Geffrei Maudeleyne 3 months ago

    I am pleased to see you consulting with Will, even with him being an employee.

  • DeMarcus Hagan
    DeMarcus Hagan 3 months ago

    Please put sum shin guards on the bed man u get no off days for leg injuries lol

  • Brad Turner
    Brad Turner 3 months ago

    That will hurt as much as a tow hitch ball. Only difference is that you can fall onto your mattress while you cus blind and hold whats left of your shin. I also predict that this will occur in the middle of the night on the groggy way back from the toilet. Enjoy the shin divots.

  • nlh719
    nlh719 3 months ago

    Goodluck if you ever decide on moving again.

  • Jim Nixon
    Jim Nixon 3 months ago

    It's alright. I'm going to grind it and heat it up with a torch. ~Alec Steele 2018

  • c armentrout
    c armentrout 3 months ago

    You need an industrial strength bed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Jaunii Wolf
    Jaunii Wolf 3 months ago

    Isn’t that an I beam ..

  • einstein9073
    einstein9073 3 months ago

    I wanted to see you parkerize the entire frame.

  • brandon melgarejo
    brandon melgarejo 3 months ago

    I know its just for a bed but if you were to cope the ends of the beam like that for a building you would round the edges where the flange n web meet. Because having a sharp corner is a weak spot for it to potentially start tearing. - its what i do for a living.

  • Crusnik80
    Crusnik80 4 months ago

    Kept thinking while watching "how are you getting this into your bedroom"

  • C2
    C2 4 months ago +1

    I see what u did there steele

  • James Buchanan
    James Buchanan 4 months ago +2

    Where’s the iconic Steele outro music used in almost every one of your other videos? Still making great videos though, keep up the good work Alec

  • Gary and judi Boyd
    Gary and judi Boyd 4 months ago

    Invest in some tennis balls for the corners of the bed

  • Xsidon
    Xsidon 4 months ago

    are these not H beams? educate me please

  • Jonathan Clark
    Jonathan Clark 4 months ago

    Isn’t that I beam

  • An DrewLarkin
    An DrewLarkin 4 months ago

    How many times have you cracked your legs on this yet Alec?

  • Andres Nyssen
    Andres Nyssen 4 months ago

    That design is unbelievable, and safe for your toes...

  • TheSlassor
    TheSlassor 4 months ago

    Bed is shocking. In a bad way

  • Black Lazard
    Black Lazard 4 months ago

    Building a giant Bed out of hard Steel... just how many Woman you want to invite? XD

  • Blakcoyote 6
    Blakcoyote 6 4 months ago


  • James Cleary
    James Cleary 4 months ago

    I worry for you man, you could stub a toe and end up with a broken leg!

  • randomusernumber1
    randomusernumber1 4 months ago


  • Nate Pastian
    Nate Pastian 4 months ago

    I can tell he's in Bozeman without seeing the outside his shop.

  • Noah Lathrop
    Noah Lathrop 4 months ago

    if you find the mattress is lumpy over time, replace those slats with just flat plywood. you dont need a boxspring with casper, but the flat surface under makes a huge difference

  • stef van oijen
    stef van oijen 4 months ago

    you can make matching bedside tables

  • BlindTruths
    BlindTruths 4 months ago

    Wait, does he live here or the UK now? I am so confused.. XD Also, rip I miss the UK shop.

  • john cantrell
    john cantrell 4 months ago

    Shin buster 6000

  • Camino John
    Camino John 4 months ago

    Play this a 2X speed for more enjoyment.

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous 4 months ago

    I see a shin making contact with the corner of that beam during a 2am bathroom stop

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous 4 months ago

    I-beam, or if it has no taper on the flange, an H-beam

  • Dragos Daniel
    Dragos Daniel 4 months ago

    you were looking like dose mackup brushes

  • caverun fishing
    caverun fishing 4 months ago

    You could make a really cool head board to go with your bed.

  • Wojciech Migda
    Wojciech Migda 4 months ago

    Really love every episode, but you should consider a little mechanics in things like this bed (moment of inertia or section modulus etc.), It would improve your designs even more. I highly recommend that you have a look at R.C. Hibbeler: Statics and dynamics - great book!
    Can't wait to see the next episode :-)!

  • Wojciech Migda
    Wojciech Migda 4 months ago

    Nice, heavy bed ;-). One thing I don't understand, why didn't you make the knife plat a little longer, so you could weld it on both ends to the flanges? Would make the connection a whole lot sturdier....

  • Alessandro Filippi
    Alessandro Filippi 4 months ago

    Is too big and must weight a ton... also, I am sure you are going to painfully hit the outside frame with your feet all the time. Really not a very smart design. And all this is for selling a few shitty casper mattresses... just avoid the lie of saying you are actually going to use this piece of junk for real

  • Haxorouse
    Haxorouse 4 months ago

    not going to lie... this music makes for the most badass breakfast ever

  • FinalFantasyFan66666
    FinalFantasyFan66666 4 months ago

    Weird click bait but ok.

  • K S
    K S 4 months ago

    That bed is build to bang on. For real.

  • BList
    BList 4 months ago

    Aka when u get a sponsor you dont know how to make a video foe

  • TADionysus
    TADionysus 4 months ago

    you need to put some soft rubber bumpers on the corner of the frame

  • Canuck
    Canuck 4 months ago

    id like to know what the ratio is on his mixed gas? what % Ar/cO2/O2 mix

  • Ano Nym
    Ano Nym 4 months ago

    4:10 a good penetration is exactly what you want when building a new bed

  • Canuck
    Canuck 4 months ago

    casper? shouldve bought a purple.

  • 200lb_ Gorilla
    200lb_ Gorilla 4 months ago

    You can go raw dog with your lover and not break that bed hahahaha afterword can rebuild that Cat simi engine

  • Jacob Herron
    Jacob Herron 4 months ago

    don't they call that an I beam

  • THICC11 Cha Cha Slide
    THICC11 Cha Cha Slide 4 months ago

    Shin killer

  • THICC11 Cha Cha Slide
    THICC11 Cha Cha Slide 4 months ago

    Talks about getting good nights sleep me at 3 a.m.

    RENATOW 4 months ago

    you talk too much

  • ashton
    ashton 4 months ago

    You might do something about those corner.. and avoid jumping onto bed...
    It's surprising how easily humans can damage themselves with a bed...

  • Will Spencer
    Will Spencer 4 months ago

    copper damascus side tables bolted on to the frame would look awesome

  • TheAgentKoala
    TheAgentKoala 4 months ago

    What chop saw is that ? Does the blade last ?

  • Trey Ingle
    Trey Ingle 4 months ago

    If I was you man I would live in my shop lol

  • J W Dickinson
    J W Dickinson 4 months ago

    better invest in some Damascus shin guards....

  • manu de hanoi
    manu de hanoi 4 months ago

    15:34 the corners just got magically round off, wise indeed

  • Steve Vaughn
    Steve Vaughn 4 months ago

    Why ? With all that skill you have you make a bed I could make 🤷‍♂️

  • MrTingles
    MrTingles 4 months ago

    someone's gonna splinter a shin, running into one of those corners on their way to the bog...

  • Michael L.
    Michael L. 4 months ago

    “W-beams”? AKA “I-beams” though, correct?

  • Andrei VATAVU
    Andrei VATAVU 4 months ago

    I absolutely love an overengineered bed.. The whole point is to look nice... You should have shown the connections more.. But that's just a matter of preference... Overall a good video

  • Robert Owen
    Robert Owen 4 months ago

    Endlich mal ein Bett, in dem man sich traut sich umzudrehen.