Asking Girls Awkward Questions ft. Sommerray, Alissa Violet

  • Published on Jun 3, 2020
  • Asking Hot Girls Awkward Questions w/ @Sommer Ray @Alissa Violet
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    SDT NGUYENDebt 2 years ago +18591

    Those girls are very awesome.

  • Just Raul
    Just Raul Year ago +1901

    Jarvis is litterally living the teenager life every teen boy wants

  • Johana Gurrusquieta
    Johana Gurrusquieta Year ago +67

    Can we take a moment of appreciation for Hannah for keeping it PG

  • Jose 408
    Jose 408 Year ago +10

    4:39 gets me all the time 😂

  • Charlie
    Charlie Year ago +56

    Hannah is to innocent and calm for Alissa and Simmer😂

  • Denz Basketball
    Denz Basketball Year ago +125

    We all know what he meant when he said “is 8 long enough” 😂🥵

    • Peter Daou
      Peter Daou 8 months ago +1

      @TheComeback Kid 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • HatedSuhny
    HatedSuhny 2 years ago +11428

    You should do a video trying to kiss Sommer every hour for one day 😂

  • Jay
    Jay Year ago +41

    5:06 look at his face😂😂😂😂

  • LeHunter
    LeHunter Year ago +46

    FaZe Jarvis is just having a wonderful time lol.

  • WinstonRandom
    WinstonRandom Year ago +11

    The reason I love these type of videos is bc the endings are so unexpected

  • Team Zyro
    Team Zyro 11 months ago +165

    I feel like Hannah gets left out

  • es
    es 2 years ago +4865

    This was when lil Jarvis knew he didn’t want to play Fortnite anymore.

  • Abraham Figueroa
    Abraham Figueroa Year ago +273

    Why is no one talking about how there was only one person asking the questions

    • Bonox Gamer
      Bonox Gamer Year ago


    • cquick 3
      cquick 3 Year ago +1

      Jesus Saves Love God

    • Dragonmaster24
      Dragonmaster24 Year ago

      True lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Imdatdude
      Imdatdude Year ago

      My mans wanted all the info lol

    • CloneFN
      CloneFN Year ago +7

      They’re hiding the names of the people who asked the questions idk why but they are

  • Suren Nerus
    Suren Nerus Year ago +51

    What Jarvis does when he sees hot girls: Sweat

  • LilBoat6699-_-
    LilBoat6699-_- Year ago +1

    I never know how freaky girls can get😂

  • Vanilla ツ
    Vanilla ツ Year ago +31

    0:35 look at Hannah’s face😂😂

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy 2 years ago +1415

    Jarvis should have asked do girls like guys with busted heads 😂

  • Patherine Lim
    Patherine Lim Month ago

    I was dying in my parents room it’s so funny

  • rcket_Ducky
    rcket_Ducky 11 months ago

    How has this video not been age restricted 🤣🤣🤣

  • Dunken Ghul
    Dunken Ghul 11 months ago +1

    The age old question still remains unanswered

  • Swift brothers
    Swift brothers Year ago +8

    The Jarvis banned memes get me every time 😂

  • Shushhhhh
    Shushhhhh Year ago +1150

    When jarvis is crying and saying SO HARD gets me everytime😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • James
    James Year ago +21

    This has to be the weirdest human interaction I've seen.

  • Hussain08Mahmood
    Hussain08Mahmood Year ago +94

    Title: asking girls awkward questions ft summer ray and Alisa violet
    Hannah: am I a joke to u

    • Hussain08Mahmood
      Hussain08Mahmood Year ago

      @Springful TFM u haven’t understood ur English lesson clearly so before u talk to me learn to talk

    • Yes Sir
      Yes Sir Year ago +1


    • Parisa Ali
      Parisa Ali Year ago +1

      Ik and it's quite sad he didn't even put her in the thumbnail

    • Springful TFM
      Springful TFM Year ago

      u havent understand anything i see

  • NeonHoopz Elite
    NeonHoopz Elite 4 months ago

    Dude, I seriously swear there is some hard core witch craft going on in that house right than and there.

  • Aedan Guinn
    Aedan Guinn 10 months ago

    I really wanted to hear that last question 😂😂

  • Brandon B
    Brandon B 2 years ago +2491

    5 minutes of girls making Jarvis uncomfortable

    • Jray James
      Jray James Year ago

      @Ethan Masini 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Villy Fn
      Villy Fn Year ago

      1.9k likes 4 subs ????

    • Araceli Partida
      Araceli Partida Year ago

      Fire Lord hahah 9 year old don’t get it lmao

    • Fire Lord
      Fire Lord Year ago +1

      @Assassin do you English

    • Seansbullys2020
      Seansbullys2020 Year ago +1

      What about faze banks no respect

  • Fortnite Guns
    Fortnite Guns Year ago

    Jarvis face at the end 🤣

    CRIMSON_ETERNAL Year ago +1

    I’m here cause of sommer but also for laughs

  • Metchop
    Metchop Year ago +5

    I can tell by jarvis’s face he is lovin it 😍

  • Hi
    Hi Year ago

    I feel sad Jarvis 😂

  • Barryxallxn
    Barryxallxn Year ago +811

    I feel bad for Jarvis he was so embarrassed for the entire 5 minutes of his life 😂😂

    • Fear Unknown
      Fear Unknown Year ago +1

      That's why it was cut short, normally they extnd to 10 mins lmfao

    • Barryxallxn
      Barryxallxn Year ago +1

      Joe S 😂 lol

    • Robloxian Bacon
      Robloxian Bacon Year ago +7

      It weird because the video didn't feel 5 minutes

    • Barryxallxn
      Barryxallxn Year ago +4

      danusha yea that’s better 😂

    • DW
      DW Year ago +17

      nah he was flustered

  • Emanuel Ole Karl Kielsen

    Those girls are awesome 😁 and they have a nice smile 😊

  • RecklessNinja18
    RecklessNinja18 Year ago +1

    I think sommer is drunk in this video 😂😂 and alissa but hannah is chill 😂

  • Erick
    Erick Year ago

    Keep up the good work bro your the best

  • RodzVibin
    RodzVibin Year ago +4

    Lmao the way all the questions came from one person 😂😂

  • Angel Bruh
    Angel Bruh 2 years ago +784

    My boy Jarvis is slagging he’s getting all the tings he gets infinite bodies ♾👑

  • ItzRezZ
    ItzRezZ Year ago +5

    We know Jarvis enjoys this xD

  • Transamfan9357 Epic
    Transamfan9357 Epic Year ago +1

    That ending 😂

  • YoungJuulz69
    YoungJuulz69 Year ago +1

    It’s Obvious That It Does Matter To Them Becuase They Took It Hard.

  • MozyM
    MozyM Year ago +11

    "I like it dripping down my leg" 😂😂😂💀

  • liteF1
    liteF1 2 years ago +133

    Jarvis has adapted to not feeling awkward for the whole video

    • Matthew
      Matthew 2 years ago +2

      I seriously need his wisdom

    • Jeffrey -
      Jeffrey - 2 years ago +3

      For real, he use to be so awkward

  • Tik Tok Complation
    Tik Tok Complation Year ago +11

    Summer is making my jaw hurt from laughing and smiling I’m latterly crying this is the funniest thing everrrrrr 😂😂😂

  • N1ght
    N1ght Year ago +1

    jarvis was so happy when she said that he turns sommer on lol

  • Jack Fedell
    Jack Fedell Year ago +6

    Idk but I feel like sommer is gonna have one of those crazy grandma laughs

  • David
    David 11 months ago

    pretty good time to say “all girls are the same”

    ELVIS HANGCAN 2 years ago +691

    The Girls: I want a chubby man or big
    Jarvis: Casually being silentt

    • FN BaSsy
      FN BaSsy Year ago +3

      do u think that kid alexheadshapebusted69 is weird he asked all thoes questions

    • Eth Eth
      Eth Eth Year ago +5

      If Addison Rae said that Kay would be like : my time has come

  • FaZe LEG3ND
    FaZe LEG3ND 10 months ago +1

    Jarvis is a legend

  • Ayia Ferizis
    Ayia Ferizis Year ago +4

    Sommer is one of those people who say I love this song when nothing is playing

  • Candice Ricker
    Candice Ricker Year ago +6

    I like how Hannah’s the farthest away! 😂

  • ace
    ace Year ago

    Sommer was mad outta pocket😭

  • AG
    AG 2 years ago +466

    I’ve just realized how much Jarvis’ accent has changed in the past year

  • Barron Walker
    Barron Walker Year ago +4

    When they said do girls poop 💩 I started laughing so hard

  • Mohammed Ahmed
    Mohammed Ahmed Year ago +3

    Why does Sommer look like she’s angry at Jarvis half way through the vid then happy 😂😂😂 well I mean that’s how my face is like 24/7 as normal lol

  • Umar Vanker
    Umar Vanker Year ago +9

    I like how all the questions were from the same person. And the girl with the pink hair was so left out

  • mrhyperttv
    mrhyperttv Year ago +11

    Fun fact: Every questions is from one person

  • 7wervin
    7wervin Year ago +1412

    *Faze Jarvis gassing himself for 5 minutes straight*

    • Shadxw
      Shadxw Year ago +2


    • Unfusxd
      Unfusxd Year ago +7

      Xx-anmarias-xX YT LMFAO why is this soo trueee 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kory
    Kory Year ago +5

    I promise sommer always be on that stuff ON GOD NO CAP

  • Ara Kd
    Ara Kd Year ago

    I loved the video🤣🤣

  • Mildred William
    Mildred William Year ago

    Jarvis is nervous 😟 😂

  • Edwin Ellis
    Edwin Ellis Year ago +1

    Should ask if it smells like a fish market down there jarvis hahaha

    TRAXX 2 years ago +2286

    Jarvis: God I need views Title: With sommer ray

  • Jsmie G
    Jsmie G Year ago

    Jarvis face at the end of the video priceless😮

  • _evan rogers
    _evan rogers Year ago +1

    Now this is content 👌

  • Az. Dbn
    Az. Dbn Year ago +7

    4:30 sommer looked at Alissa and felt guilty cuz she knew banks likes his girls in twos

  • Drew
    Drew Year ago +12

    Alissa is the most naturally beautiful girl I've ever seen

    • not sophie
      not sophie Year ago

      @Parisa Ali alissa is wayyy prettier

    • Parisa Ali
      Parisa Ali Year ago +1

      She's prettier than sommer just me ok

  • Джошуа Джинголд

    So this is what Faze Jarvis turned into after Fortnite. Interesting.

    • Virge Redux
      Virge Redux Year ago

      @SZN Xander lol I don't even remember commenting that

    • SZN Xander
      SZN Xander Year ago

      @Virge Redux U be speaking facts

    • fatneek
      fatneek Year ago

      @™Ꭰᥲʀκ͢❥Ӄᴎ͟͞ɪ͟͞ԍ͟͞ʜ͟͞ᴛ you sad?

    • fatneek
      fatneek Year ago

      Fortnite is a kids game 🗑

  • 7moodTS
    7moodTS Year ago +1076

    I’m here bc of Alissa honestly

  • It's Justin
    It's Justin Year ago +3

    sommer ray is weird af😂

  • AllhaildinosaursGRR
    AllhaildinosaursGRR Year ago +1

    They are HILARIOUS

  • InvxrtClipz Ψ
    InvxrtClipz Ψ Year ago +1

    the last question caught me off guard

  • MuggedMug
    MuggedMug  Year ago +1067

    **Kay enters room without knowing there are 3 girls in the same room with Jarvis**
    Kay: HOLY!

    • Fbi Agent
      Fbi Agent Year ago

      @jasnoor dhaliwal yep he will

    • Rxndxm
      Rxndxm Year ago

      Your absolutely insane Jarvis 😂

    • Soul in Body
      Soul in Body Year ago +2

      shit really got me in tears just thinking bout that is mad funny 😭

    • Waseem Sadat
      Waseem Sadat Year ago

      😂 holy jarvis ur insane

    • covey
      covey Year ago +2

      @jasnoor dhaliwal insance

  • Rayz_Gaming
    Rayz_Gaming Year ago

    Can I just say a side of sommer came out that I never knew about

  • Stickman productions
    Stickman productions 10 months ago

    Bro @hanridge is so family friendly and the others are just- 😂

  • Lil ewo
    Lil ewo Year ago +21

    When faze Jarvis sees a hot girl: it’s so harrd

  • Whatever I said was hella cap

    Damn I forgot Jarvis never misses🤫🤫🤫🤫

  • Elijah Abood
    Elijah Abood 2 years ago +132

    jarvis is dropping bangers left, right and center.

    SWAGY THE GOAT Year ago

    Jarvis is loving the laddies Especially Sommer

  • ParaDox Duel Links

    having a ting like sommer ray i wouldn’t even play the game no more😂

  • RedDeath Dream
    RedDeath Dream 10 months ago +1

    What do girls do in the bathroom?
    Summer: .... each other

  • tinfoilhat
    tinfoilhat Year ago +5

    This is way too funny look at 2:58 and when he laughs his forhead bro😂

  • Andrew
    Andrew Year ago +213

    Sommer checking out Jarvis was too funny 😂

  • Gabe Dominguez
    Gabe Dominguez Year ago +1

    I’m dead sommer said I like it dripping down my leg🤣

  • The Big Synth
    The Big Synth Year ago

    hahahaha your so funny jarvis

  • Vanish
    Vanish Year ago

    I like smiles!
    Also Jarvis 😀

  • XoRz_LuisxX
    XoRz_LuisxX Year ago

    I’ll take Hannah 😌

  • C19 bougie -
    C19 bougie - 2 years ago +630

    JAvis: hope other Faze members don’t see this.
    Faze members: boys we got him

    • Dwhale44 4
      Dwhale44 4 2 years ago

      @Drink_Bleach_07 hahahaha that's so funny

    • Matthew
      Matthew 2 years ago +5


  • Quack_Sushi
    Quack_Sushi Year ago

    2:57 Is the funniest part ever

  • UZ Fire
    UZ Fire Year ago

    The end though 🤣

  • Denny
    Denny Year ago

    I just notices Sommer laugh.... man that is so genuine

  • TSF Gmrs
    TSF Gmrs Year ago

    Jarvis: does Size matter?
    All the girls: GONE!!!

  • Heather Candrian
    Heather Candrian 2 years ago +437

    I feel like sommer is a Harley Quinn kinda girl

    • Dickinson
      Dickinson Year ago

      Not even close Harley Quinn in fortnite looks like my teacher

    • Yousef Farag
      Yousef Farag 2 years ago +1

      No Harley quinn in fortnite looks like alissa violet

    • rema
      rema 2 years ago

      Yeah dude, nice personality

    • e gang
      e gang 2 years ago

      Felix MJ 100% you think that because of her laugh

    • Felix
      Felix 2 years ago

      I feel like sommer is just a little bit kind of psycho pathic

  • Nate Arreloa
    Nate Arreloa Year ago

    Javiers face at 3:00 killed me

  • xAttachZ Xz
    xAttachZ Xz Year ago +2

    Many people would pay for watching what did the girls answered regarding to the last question

  • Sober Yoda
    Sober Yoda Year ago

    90% of girl’s humour is eye roll worthy

  • PatrickyHH
    PatrickyHH Year ago +1

    Was sommer drunk in this video?😂

  • sad
    sad 2 years ago +303

    Damn jarvis and sommer are getting together slowly

  • Ben
    Ben Year ago

    I’ve never cringed so hard in my life

  • Christer
    Christer Year ago +8

    " I want a guy kinda chubby" *looks down* today is the day

    WERISTD Year ago +2

    Jarvis:what do girls do in the bathroom
    Jarvis girlfriend: peeing in the shower