Ethan Finally Becomes a MAN

  • Mark teaches Ethan the ways of becoming a man... through hard MANual labor. Little does Ethan know the painful surprise that also comes with growing up...
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Comments • 80

  • Guest 404
    Guest 404 5 hours ago

    Does anyone have a feel. That mark and ethan are like father and son?

  • Josi Sanchez
    Josi Sanchez 5 hours ago

    Someone explain why there’s like a countdown thing

  • Nicolas Valadez
    Nicolas Valadez 5 hours ago

    Alternate title: Ethan makes weird faces while cutting wood

  • Taylor Andreas
    Taylor Andreas 5 hours ago

    Mark: you eyeball it and you trust yourself
    Me a tech theater student who had experience building things: o shit this is not gonna end well

  • Basic Whitegirl
    Basic Whitegirl 5 hours ago

    You know I feel bad for Ethan cause he was so embarrassed but I couldn’t do most of this either

  • Karissa Nornhold
    Karissa Nornhold 5 hours ago

    No one, Mark brings out the wrestling headgear

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown 6 hours ago

    Mark is top

  • Fluffy Cat
    Fluffy Cat 6 hours ago

    if mark was not there we would be seeing eathan sawing for 7 hours

  • Kiwi Flavored Roadkill

    I have anxiety and watching unus annus/crankgameplays/markiplier helps me be less anxious

  • Monster Vault
    Monster Vault 6 hours ago +1

    You should of put finally in all cap like this (Ethan FINALLY becomes a MAN)

  • honey bee
    honey bee 6 hours ago +1

    alternate title: Mark being disappointed in his 9 year old son Ethan while ethan makes weird sounds for 26 minutes

  • hyper idkgaming
    hyper idkgaming 7 hours ago

    Mark: get on your knees
    Me: wtf i thought this was youtube....
    Also me: mmmmmmmmm yesss.
    Me after a few secs: oh, its about the paintball gun. Aww man.

  • Raquel Caldeira
    Raquel Caldeira 7 hours ago

    In this video mark looks likes a very very professional worker with the shirt and pants and stuff with his 35 looking a** (Inhales) While Ethan looks like he's 17

  • Eli Rousseau
    Eli Rousseau 7 hours ago

    mark genuinely trying to teach ethan how to woodwork 🥺

  • Denki Kaminari
    Denki Kaminari 7 hours ago

    0:04 Chica's homeless
    (WiFi cuts out so I get the circle and they both look so dam confused with the intro)
    She don't have a roof over her head

  • Team Yamaha 97
    Team Yamaha 97 7 hours ago +1

    Mark the tool man aplier

  • chared lime
    chared lime 7 hours ago

    Mark looks so pro and Ethan looks like fix it felix CHANGE MY MIND

  • Grace Dodd
    Grace Dodd 8 hours ago

    Ethan *Excited so sand a lot because it’s the only thing he’s good at* 😂😂💛💛xx

  • Stephan Czapla
    Stephan Czapla 8 hours ago

    Thats what my dad says he works in construction 😂5:21

  • Sydney Chavez
    Sydney Chavez 8 hours ago

    Watching mark cringe at Ethan as he continues to use the square while trying to mark the wood is the best thing ever😂

  • ridhdvd djdjdje
    ridhdvd djdjdje 8 hours ago

    why is ethan so dumb like i’m 12 and i am already marking projects by my self + i like how it says we’re going to build a dog house 26 minutes later that’s a waste cuz it’s a 2 by 4 base with a blanket

  • Nexa7578
    Nexa7578 8 hours ago

    not even 10 mins in and I already almost peed my pants

  • Buttermen
    Buttermen 8 hours ago

    The absolute hardest Ive laughed in a while and this is the 3rd time ive watch it. You guys are very funny (especially ethan struggling) keep up the great work

  • CHEM
    CHEM 8 hours ago

    I built a dog house before with my grandpa and it was pretty chill, I literally know how to build so much because him so this is fun to watch😁

  • Isaac Kicklighter
    Isaac Kicklighter 8 hours ago

    Marks main message: “You accidentally kill yourself. We’ll kill you.

  • Bacon Hair
    Bacon Hair 9 hours ago


  • Nang Gang
    Nang Gang 9 hours ago +1

    Dutch and Arthur look different here..

  • Blank GD
    Blank GD 9 hours ago


  • Lord Alzorn
    Lord Alzorn 9 hours ago

    Holy Crap! I just noticed a Lixian error!
    Mark says: "Just cut three and a quarter (3 1/4) off of both of them"
    Lixian writes: "Just cut 3/4 off of them"

  • eepmew
    eepmew 9 hours ago

    Is it just me or is mark hot in that just me ok

  • damage 2836
    damage 2836 9 hours ago

    The senior technical director showing the freshmen how to build set

  • Grant Redacted
    Grant Redacted 10 hours ago

    Favorite video.

  • Ricky Dingle
    Ricky Dingle 10 hours ago

    I once nearly cut off my finger after I sawed it to the bone without realising because I was talking to my crush...

  • Jessica Gamez
    Jessica Gamez 10 hours ago

    ethan be looking like fix it felix

  • Cody Rasmussen
    Cody Rasmussen 10 hours ago

    This is hard to watch hahahaha

  • RGB Roffer
    RGB Roffer 10 hours ago

    Mark “if you misuse tools I’ll kill you”

  • Granny
    Granny 10 hours ago +1

    This is actually the only shit I've been doing during the quarantine, it's nice to see how other people do it.

  • Ashton Anderson
    Ashton Anderson 11 hours ago

    Do or do not there is no try!!

  • Limeade
    Limeade 11 hours ago


  • Robert Hawkins
    Robert Hawkins 11 hours ago

    We bought some of those paintball guns and they fucking suck😂

  • Autumn Tundratop Horses

    When either hit the nail and knocked it out of the wood 24:15-24:22 I was laughing for like 5 mins at LEAST

  • I_am _chosen_one_
    I_am _chosen_one_ 12 hours ago

    Mark deserves to be called daddy because of this video. I mean my God are you looking at him

  • Jared Henriku
    Jared Henriku 12 hours ago

    This is literally me and my dad when him and i had to make a chicken coop. I had such a hard time doing it, so i know how Ethan feels building something by hand for the first time.
    Not even 5 minutes in I already feel like my dad and Mark in this.

  • MixedCardnial
    MixedCardnial 12 hours ago

    You can tell Mark has lost a bit of respect for Ethan. Ethan is a manlett.

  • AheadYayman 13
    AheadYayman 13 12 hours ago

    I’ve rewatched this like 8 times just for Ethan being shot.......that came out wrong.

  • ___ 3malia ___
    ___ 3malia ___ 12 hours ago

    Mark: This is a square
    Me: No that's a triangle

  • Samsonite
    Samsonite 12 hours ago

    I work at Lowe’s. I’ve grown up around projects like this. I love seeing mark able to do this kind of thing. Most people are more like Ethan. However. I’m wondering why a Miter saw wasn’t used. To avoid all the hand sawing. However again, some of the saw stuff in this video was some of the funniest bits 😂🤣😂

  • Knitwit
    Knitwit 12 hours ago

    Ok so I have a metronome on because I'm practicing while this is in the background (I know I know, bad habit but oh well) and I had the met on 120 bpm so it matched up perfectly with the clock at the end of the video and it freaked me out for a few seconds because I didn't know why my met was suddenly making a different noise -_-

  • Woof _
    Woof _ 13 hours ago

    This should be called Mark being a dad to Ethan for 26 minute's 😂

  • VenomousGaming Josh
    VenomousGaming Josh 13 hours ago

    This is funny I’m 15 and I know how to use a saw 😂

  • Anu Jayabandu
    Anu Jayabandu 13 hours ago

    At 5:03 - 5:04 ... tf is that hand

  • Thurmichael
    Thurmichael 13 hours ago

    Mark: Just cut 3 1/4 off of both of them
    Subtitles: Just cut 3/4 off of both of them
    aaahhhh gotcha!

  • XtremeGames
    XtremeGames 13 hours ago

    2:24 Mark says I have a square! go back to kindergarten and learn your shapes bud, it's a triangle bro

  • Corbyn Limelights
    Corbyn Limelights 13 hours ago

    4:46 not before i kill myself!!!!!

  • Monster DewGirl
    Monster DewGirl 14 hours ago

    I can't be the only one asking are mark and Amy dating 😂

  • Alex Guerrero
    Alex Guerrero 14 hours ago

    Bro I'm 17 and I've been working with my dad in construction for a couple years. But to see this 🤦‍♂️

  • Sabrina W
    Sabrina W 14 hours ago

    Ok can I just say this for a fact that Ethan looks exactly like Fix-it Felix Jr from Wreck-It Ralph, I mean I can’t be the only person that thinks that when he took off the hat

  • Marta B
    Marta B 14 hours ago

    “Hey Mark...”
    “Yeah what’s up man?”
    “How you saw?”

  • Natalie Carstens
    Natalie Carstens 14 hours ago

    I'm twelve and I know more than Ethan. I live on a farm. I'm building a tree house right now. By my self. TRY ME ETHAN!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashley Santos
    Ashley Santos 14 hours ago

    When Ethan saidn woahhh lol

  • MermaidGirl234
    MermaidGirl234 15 hours ago

    I don’t know why, but it’s like Tony Stark teaching Peter Parker to build😂❤️

  • Michael Kraken
    Michael Kraken 15 hours ago

    Mark looks like a dad teaching his son to be a man

  • Danielle Fluharty
    Danielle Fluharty 15 hours ago

    Mark looks like the bounty papertowel guy,

  • Angelica Sanchez
    Angelica Sanchez 15 hours ago

    "I know my way around wood , different kind of wood 👀"

  • uh
    uh 15 hours ago

    Now I need Ethan to teach Mark gymnastics so that he can be condescending with him instead

  • Benethica
    Benethica 16 hours ago

    Love that they impersonate Chica with a deeper voice than theirs!

  • Holly Clifford
    Holly Clifford 16 hours ago

    Ethan looks like fix it felix

  • ThatRandom Genderfluid
    ThatRandom Genderfluid 16 hours ago

    I feel like this should be re named to "Mark cringing at Ethan using tools wrong"

  • Cecebear34
    Cecebear34 16 hours ago

    Ethan is preparing mark for a son 😂

  • ninjas son
    ninjas son 16 hours ago


  • Cordelia Barton
    Cordelia Barton 16 hours ago

    I used a drill to build a chicken coop and it slipped and it almost drilled through my finger and im only 9 but I am safe

  • Miles Prower
    Miles Prower 17 hours ago

    Damn, I’m not gay, but Mark is really fucking hot when he’s dressed out in some woodworking gear~

  • Sarah Jane
    Sarah Jane 17 hours ago

    Pov: your me watching from my bedroom window when my dad was teaching my brother how to build the fort/deck/shed/greenhouse and or everything else in our backyard

  • Shelby Montague
    Shelby Montague 17 hours ago

    ill im thinking is of tim allen home improvement

  • Pupabell
    Pupabell 17 hours ago

    Everyone talking about the actor in the escape room but nobody talks about the camera people who managed to not make a noise or laugh the entire video

  • apocalypsemio
    apocalypsemio 17 hours ago

    Ethan is adorable tho

  • Danikka Bicart
    Danikka Bicart 17 hours ago +1

    Ethan: "She's ready"
    Mark: "For what"
    Ethan: *coughs aggressively* "Wouldn't you like to know"
    Mark: "... Yes I wood"

  • killzone 2378
    killzone 2378 17 hours ago

    Can I just say watching Ethan and Mark build this dog house I felt a little cringed out by Ethan because I took a class learning how to build stuff like this and it's just funny s***

  • Jumping Donuts
    Jumping Donuts 17 hours ago +1

    This entire video looks like the start of a gay porno.
    That makes it better imo.

  • apocalypsemio
    apocalypsemio 17 hours ago

    when they talked about being carefull i got a flashback from when i was a kid and played around with a saw and ended up sawing open my little finger