Cheika and Pocock speak after Australia book place in quarter-final

  • Published on Oct 11, 2019
  • Cheika and Pocock speak after Australia book place in quarter-final at Rugby World Cup 2019
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  • Sean
    Sean Month ago

    Well Pocock being there was a waste of time

  • seth8282
    seth8282 Month ago

    I hate this notion that we like to play with the ball in hand. Use the tactics that will win you the game, adapting to your opponent and conditions.

  • yakkattack
    yakkattack Month ago +1

    At least the Wallabies got to play all their pool games and congrats by the way as an AB ‘s supporter kinda sucks we didn’t get to see them play Italy anyhooo hope you guys blow England off the park next week 👍

  • Dave Jordan
    Dave Jordan Month ago

    Fiji deserved to be in the QF than this fluke team, sad to see the wallabies not at its peek as it use to.

  • Simon Pouwhare
    Simon Pouwhare Month ago

    Hahahaaaaaaa u fucken LOSERZ

  • Lisa Chaney
    Lisa Chaney Month ago

    AB's will win it again anyway...

  • Chris Taia
    Chris Taia Month ago

    Give pocock a pillow maaate”

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith Month ago

    Time for a coach change. How could any coach be happy with that performance. The forwards weren’t great at all. Maybe he was watching another game on TheXvid perhaps

  • Tshegofatso Mangole

    A well rested Australian team is dangerous. Good luck against England 👍

  • researcher 55
    researcher 55 Month ago +1

    good luck australia for next week

  • I hunt idiots and kill them with logic

    Cheika looks shaken. Maybe someone gave him a heart to heart about his attitude (professionally) and he is trying to not be "hard"

  • Dale Barwick
    Dale Barwick Month ago

    Not so salty now are you Cheika are you?

  • Hakatime Rugby
    Hakatime Rugby Month ago

    Much better in that one Cheika 👍

  • Erbie Owens
    Erbie Owens Month ago

    Happy with the ref today you prick?

  • TheLewisLegend
    TheLewisLegend Month ago +2

    Cheika been hitting the Saki hard by the looks of it

  • Francis Myers
    Francis Myers Month ago +16

    Pocock seems absolutely thrilled

  • Ar Pharazon
    Ar Pharazon Month ago +8

    Nobody wanted to hear Pocock?

  • Richard Willmott
    Richard Willmott Month ago +1

    Cheikas already flustered by Eddie lol ..I think the game will depend a lot on weather Farrell turns up with his kicking game or not .

    • Mike Birks
      Mike Birks Month ago

      Most games depend on if Farrell wants to kick it or not lol

  • Siôn Meredith
    Siôn Meredith Month ago +5

    Eddie Jones vs Michael Cheika battle of the Aussie coaches

  • Stay_ illin
    Stay_ illin Month ago +3


  • Violet Kumarina
    Violet Kumarina Month ago +27

    OMG Cheika, sort yaself out mate, you look and sound like a noxious weed. LOL

    • Yuche Jacobs
      Yuche Jacobs Month ago +1

      Imagine Cheika smash you LOL...i agree with you..

  • qwerty
    qwerty Month ago +14

    They're gonna get steamrolled by England.

    • Dean Beck
      Dean Beck Month ago

      @Jack Smith yeah if the all blacks play good thy should win sa and England good but all blacks are insain if thy play good,, one thing I dont like about them is the kicking bodie and richie are unpredictable
      dan Carter was the man
      . in wcr quarters semis and final every point counts

    • Jack Smith
      Jack Smith Month ago +1

      Dean Beck yeah not sure,only teams that really impressed me so far are the all blacks,South Africa and maybe England. The others look like they aren’t even in the same category as those other 3

    • Dean Beck
      Dean Beck Month ago +1

      Yeah all blacks opening game was a good one could of gone anyway from there thy had a ezzy parth but it's going to get harder in the quarters for all teams tht make it there

    • Jack Smith
      Jack Smith Month ago +1

      Maori Boy same could be said by the all blacks. Heaps of time off now to play the next round

    • Maori Boy
      Maori Boy Month ago

      I don't know about that, the Wallabies will test them which is something the French would have done had their match against England not been cancelled. The poms have had a pretty easy run thus far despite playing a tier 1 nation in their last match.

  • Osama Bin Wheelie
    Osama Bin Wheelie Month ago +9

    No one asks Pocock anything the whole time in case anyone else was wondering.

    • mvubu1234
      mvubu1234 Month ago +3

      Thanks. Saved me 8 minutes

  • Darth Nihilus Tony machavelli

    Going to need to be way better then that against England thats for sure! They wont be fading like Georgia did second half.
    Edit- looks like Eddie is already under cheikas skin by the reaction at the end.

  • WolfTickets
    WolfTickets Month ago +12