Jim Acosta: From CNN To Fox News, No Journalist Is The Enemy

  • Published on Aug 9, 2018
  • CNN's Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta says that none of his colleagues, from CNN to Fox News, from anchors to journalists who report from warzones, are the enemy of the people.
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Comments • 8 280

  • Pre Diff
    Pre Diff 6 hours ago

    "Journalists aren't the enemy of the people" LOL does anyone with half a brain actually believe that? Pretending to stand for and represent the whole truth knowing that's BS is the pure hypocrisy this country is going through. Absolute delusion and deception.

  • Hupa Sdasai
    Hupa Sdasai 12 hours ago

    Wake up guys still supporting fake news? CNN(Clinton News Network)

  • truerealityscott
    truerealityscott 3 days ago

    As long as you aren't calling Hannity and his ilk journalists. I agree Jim

  • omnidentalstudio
    omnidentalstudio 4 days ago

    Pussy Acosta!

  • David Lyle
    David Lyle 5 days ago

    This man (Jim Acosta) needs a pacifier shoved in his mouth during each press conference and then all the problems would be solved! He didn't follow the protocol for the conference which is to ask one question and maybe a follow up question. Instead he just shouted out his own opinions and tied to derail presidents Trumps authority. Its no wonder that CNN has lower views on TV than re-runs of the animated cartoon series "YOGI BEAR"!!

  • Labek Storm
    Labek Storm 5 days ago

    jim acosta is so full of himself...he so unprofessional and so Pathetic. Use to love watch CNN new, now I don't....all full of fake new

  • MrXxsesshomaruxX
    MrXxsesshomaruxX 5 days ago

    Trump just wants people to kiss his ass, “fake news” actually means “news I don’t like” it’s so sad how people just want to believe what trump tells them 🤦🏼‍♂️ I have a good friend who’s a mindless trump supporter

  • Jacquesle Lee
    Jacquesle Lee 5 days ago

    CNN = Fake News

  • Chris Ingram
    Chris Ingram 5 days ago

    A real journalist reports the story and factually, not give a speech or comment, not make themselves the story. So many idiots dont understand that .

  • Terry S
    Terry S 6 days ago

    Jim Acosta is the most dispicable media figure, I refuse to call him a reporter, I have ever seen. He is a class A liar and pushing the left wing agenda. Shame on you Acosta. Shame.

  • Terry S
    Terry S 6 days ago

    Wow. Stephen Colbert must be really struggling if he's bring this assclown on his show.

  • AwkwrdPrtMskrt
    AwkwrdPrtMskrt 7 days ago

    Those people heckling at Jim are just misled. They are shepherded by lies and must be freed by truth.

  • varnak singh
    varnak singh 7 days ago

    I disliked this video

  • goodtalker
    goodtalker 8 days ago

    Just report the news...

  • Romelo Delacruz
    Romelo Delacruz 8 days ago

    Fake news

  • Tio Nino
    Tio Nino 8 days ago

    Jim Acosta is the Peter Strok or news.

  • Blessed One
    Blessed One 10 days ago

    Trump supporters are generally poorly educated, ignorant, deeply racists, and cult worshippers. They don’t even know what they believe in, and as long as Trump lies to them, they will fall in line because deep within them they’re liars too. If any of them ever chastise or rebuke their children and grandchildren for telling lies, then big shame on them. If it’s wrong for their kids and grandkids to lie, then why is it tolerable for them when Trump lies repeatedly? Bunch of hypocrites!

  • Blessed One
    Blessed One 10 days ago

    Donald Trump is a pathological and sinful liar.

  • Jason Rameka
    Jason Rameka 10 days ago

    So Coldbert explains Little Jimmy's actions with a karate chop sound... And Acosta says he didn't touch her. He must be stupid if he thinks he can make a sane person believe that.
    And Trump is right... Acosta is rude. From that exchange... To yelling out questions across the garden when Trump was walking with Kim Jong Un... To standing at the back of a crowded room yelling out questions over everyone's heads to the point of people turning and giving him the "shut-up-look". What an embarrassment to the lamestream media... And his family.

  • Michael Lu
    Michael Lu 10 days ago

    Provoking specialist

  • McR L
    McR L 11 days ago +1

    Irritating reporter. ..very fake news..no matter how these late night shows are trolling trump,.he's still President

  • Dean Faris
    Dean Faris 11 days ago

    This late night show is shocking 2 idiots talking crap grow up babies grow a set and get on with working together crazy ✊😁✌️✌️🤙🖖🖖

  • Dean Faris
    Dean Faris 11 days ago

    Jim Acosta is the Titanic sinking fast and no way back just leave mate your not a reporter your a big baby Jim propaganda man 😂😂👍👍✊✊

  • Studley DeCrone
    Studley DeCrone 11 days ago

    Even fools become popular for no good reason... CNN THE COMMUNIST NATION NETWORK UNLEASHED... THE ULTIMATE FAKE NEWS MEDIA OUTLET...

  • Rodney Christensen
    Rodney Christensen 12 days ago

    He gets what he gives, all fairness he is doing his job, awkwardly but that’s his job. #MAGA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Shawn Guinup
    Shawn Guinup 12 days ago

    Licks Barry's aka Obamas balls CNN is fake never have proof of what there say. They report hearsay like its the truth.. CNN polls are fake. Only leftist vote on ur website. Open ur eyes.I left the leftist after researching the party's past.. Money is there goal.. They don't care who they hurt kill or slander to keep u in check.

  • Sidhant Bhagat
    Sidhant Bhagat 12 days ago


  • b t
    b t 12 days ago

    This guys a turd

  • mdcisneros1
    mdcisneros1 12 days ago

    Acosta is the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.

  • Daniel J Pollack
    Daniel J Pollack 12 days ago


  • J Robe
    J Robe 13 days ago

    I pray that that Jim Acosta and CNN go down close shop and news reporters and agencies that will tell the truth prevail. In Jesus name

  • Words Worth
    Words Worth 13 days ago

    Abilio Acost is defniitely the enemy of the people. Ditto CNN. Ditto Colbert.

  • M Swart
    M Swart 13 days ago

    people across the world is watching? uhm i dont think so. americans and the white house are not interesting at all.

  • John Gordon
    John Gordon 13 days ago

    Jim Acosta the most disgusting actor

  • wattsup1004
    wattsup1004 13 days ago +1

    Acosta wears his red white and blue Americana socks but all he does is stink them up with each step he takes.

  • wattsup1004
    wattsup1004 13 days ago +1

    The Media is not the Enemy. It is The Voice of The Enemy. Like that very obedient lap dog named Victor.

  • Mi Ri
    Mi Ri 14 days ago

    Lying reportes are the enemy of the people. CNN has got its share of them. I do not even watch the news media whatsoever as they are mostly fake.

  • MrCantstandliberals
    MrCantstandliberals 14 days ago +1

    Two of the biggest Anti American queefboys . Chief enemy propagandist for the white house. His press pass should be revoked forever

  • Just Facts
    Just Facts 14 days ago

    Acosta is constantly creating a problem.

  • Steven L
    Steven L 15 days ago


  • Rodney Grinnell
    Rodney Grinnell 15 days ago


  • Nathan Thomas
    Nathan Thomas 15 days ago

    When journalist refuse to set bias aside and report the news they are limiting the democratic process. People rely on the news to report the news accurately in order to inform the people, but the way this reporter chooses to abuse his power as a journalist make him an enemy. I believe in using the press to act as a form of check, but this has gone too far. Obama was a hero according to the press, and Trump is the enemy. Set bias aside and do your job. Report the news, not you liberal agenda. Everyone has a job to do. I do mine. You do yours!

  • martexmsi
    martexmsi 16 days ago

    Acosta fake news

  • Herbert yim
    Herbert yim 16 days ago +1

    ‘We need a sNational Organization to protect our 1st amendment(freedom of speech) of the constitution, as the NRA protects the 2nd amendment. The Trump administration is doing everything they can to silence journalists (except those on FOX) who continue to search for the truth and fact check the daily “lies” that flow from POTUS.....

  • Derek Tait
    Derek Tait 16 days ago

    CNN wouldn’t know the truth or facts if it slap them O wait the president slaps them with truth & fact & they hate it , don’t let the clown Acosta ask dumb questions just ignore him

  • Christine Still
    Christine Still 16 days ago +1

    Trump's favorite 'new word' is "conflicted", Watch, he'll call every one who challenges him. I think it is Trump is crazy.... Speak of "conflicted"?

  • mikeboat
    mikeboat 17 days ago

    Your right Jim, Your not the enemy of the people. You just have no class in the WH.
    IMO CNN is.

  • Alpax Dis
    Alpax Dis 17 days ago

    Fake news is the enemy of the people

  • Nancy Smith
    Nancy Smith 17 days ago +1

    Thank you Mr. Acosta. It was the silence of good people that allowed Hitler to take control.

  • PragueImport
    PragueImport 17 days ago

    About a month ago, there were 900,000 views. Now, it's over 3 M!

  • firemedic14
    firemedic14 17 days ago

    Jim Acosta is providing free come as you please housing for "peaceful immigrants", he will pay to feed them and cloth them as well. TRUE HUMANITARIAN!

  • Tarun Aggarwal
    Tarun Aggarwal 17 days ago

    We need such people in our country,INDIA.

  • Robert Enyart
    Robert Enyart 17 days ago +1

    The GOP Is the enemy of the people. Mrs. Sanders is feeling the stress of being forced to lie for Trump and continually cover his ass. She needs to quit before she has a heart attack in the middle of a press conference.

  • Antonio Gomez Ulloa
    Antonio Gomez Ulloa 18 days ago

    CNN = Clinton News Network = fake news

  • M C
    M C 18 days ago

    Cnn is the devils mouth piece spewing the lies he loves!

  • M C
    M C 18 days ago

    The most fame this idiot man child will ever get!

  • 颜远方
    颜远方 18 days ago


  • Rick Patmore
    Rick Patmore 18 days ago

    Are you kidding me...... he brings his opinions and CNN’s forward, not asking questions. It’s not a debate, ask question, get an answer and move on jerk. This is fake and their popularity with the viewers proves it,! Now 12th in line for ratings,,,,,proves people are moving on from his BS

  • Randon Ceccoli
    Randon Ceccoli 18 days ago

    This guy seriously refers to a dossier that was actually proven to be 100% made up and false?
    If CNN had done their job they would have known this and Jim wouldn't have been asking Trump if the first place.
    This guy would be WAY better with an opinion show.
    PS passionate clowns like this tool made Trump president. They've ensured him 24 hour attention and their transparent sniveling intentions make them even less trustworthy than they were before.
    If they just acted like cold hard fact newspeople and let the ppl decide, Trump would have been /dead in the water.
    Report the news dickhead, "Why do you consider it an invasion" would be more of a journalist, "it's not an invasion" is different and ppl who dont see that dont get journalism.

  • drno
    drno 18 days ago


  • Hector Minching
    Hector Minching 18 days ago

    Yes you are!

  • Valerie Texan
    Valerie Texan 18 days ago +1

    He is saying what we want to know. Thats it he is the voice of the people one of the very few avenues we have. He dislikes us a lot more. Conald wint b.v even acknowledge we even exist. Like there is one democrat and that person just keeps changing cloths and voting. Hell no we actually exist and hate him.

  • Aqsa Maqdas
    Aqsa Maqdas 18 days ago +1

    JIM ACOSTA! Need more people like you. Thank you

  • GetoverYourself
    GetoverYourself 18 days ago

    Acosta should be pushed onto a subway track. What a worthless pedophile-like most liberals

  • Rory Gibbons
    Rory Gibbons 18 days ago

    Acosta is Fake News.........................and the enemy of the people

  • Carlos Mejia
    Carlos Mejia 18 days ago

    Trumptards with the dislikes.... well not some of them

  • Nancy Lizarraga
    Nancy Lizarraga 18 days ago

    He’s a jerk!!!

  • commentor12
    commentor12 18 days ago

    But Acosta is not a journalist but a propagandist ., so what is the problem ? Nobody said Journalists are the enemy except for Acosta the propagandist himself

  • Edward Finch
    Edward Finch 18 days ago

    Enemy of the people. I would define any reporter who dose not report TRUTH is the enemy of the people.
    The first amendment guarantees free speech.
    Journalism is not the enemy of the people, but distorting or slanting the truth makes journalist's fake news.
    Acosta is the epitome of rude misbehavior for personal gain, not of truth.

  • Rigoberto Hernandez
    Rigoberto Hernandez 18 days ago +1

    Trump the real enemy of the people

  • Veronica Anthony
    Veronica Anthony 18 days ago +2

    Facts matter. America

  • Jan Michael Andersen
    Jan Michael Andersen 18 days ago +4

    Seems like a sympathetic level-headed man this Acosta

  • Lloyd Cisco
    Lloyd Cisco 18 days ago

    Another useless cuban

  • Lloyd Cisco
    Lloyd Cisco 18 days ago

    They just finished building the worlds. Biggest caster in canton Ohio for that steel mill google it take a look that's fact not fake news that Cuban asscosta needs to go back to Cuba a. Ass hole with ears and take colbrt with you. Those two jerks don't have a clue ways happening with the mills . they never set foot in one

  • Bereket Desta
    Bereket Desta 18 days ago +1

    ACOSTA keep going!!

  • Atul Agrahari
    Atul Agrahari 19 days ago +1

    This is called the true journalism...

  • Traci Sims
    Traci Sims 19 days ago +1

    Trump recently admitted that he enjoys calling on Acosta from time to time--he knows Acosta won't lie down and it keeps him from being bored. Which is sad, sad, sad.

  • Basir
    Basir 19 days ago

    Steven Sucks Really ???? Sucks are ugly

  • Dada Olayemi Tolulope
    Dada Olayemi Tolulope 19 days ago

    I hope Trump won't destroy everything America stands for soon.....I care less though, I have Africa to worry about.

  • Niraula Tube
    Niraula Tube 19 days ago

    CNN a big Fake News which got chance playing as victim. Yes,Trump is evil person on Earth but CNN is no less than Trump broadcasting Fake News.

    IRODA ELMURODOVA 19 days ago +1

    I like Acosta , respect

  • Rob Gibson
    Rob Gibson 19 days ago

    Ankles waving, Stephen? I know you didn't mean it this way but the only time ankles would be waving is if the person was being hung.

  • Paul Brown
    Paul Brown 19 days ago

    Acosta is pathetic and so is lying CNN

  • Tiago Dagostin
    Tiago Dagostin 19 days ago

    Acosta is just a cretine.

  • Greg Fischer
    Greg Fischer 19 days ago

    Journalism has nothing to do with an agenda. Acosta knows that but doesn't care. He is a jerk.

  • RoMschay
    RoMschay 19 days ago

    He just wants to be a martyr. I don't buy a word he's saying.

  • Grumor Town
    Grumor Town 19 days ago

    Death to trump

  • MsBamafanatic
    MsBamafanatic 19 days ago

    Jim Acosta and other journalists are just butt hurt because they didn't get picked for the kickball team.

  • Asmat jaan
    Asmat jaan 19 days ago +1

    Acosta is fantastic reporter .im a big fan of him from Kashmir

  • Chuck W
    Chuck W 19 days ago

    I do like the socks though.

  • Chuck W
    Chuck W 19 days ago

    You press folks ought to spend more time on Putin.

  • Chuck W
    Chuck W 19 days ago

    Why don’t you just apologize Jim and move on?

  • Flying Cloud
    Flying Cloud 19 days ago +1

    The Republican Party seems to condone Trumps lies, what does this mean for our future as Americans? Lies are in, truth is out? Do 35 percent of Americans no longer view honesty as an essential value? Or as long as it's a Republican it's okay? Trump doesn't like heroes of truth and justice...it gets in the way of profits... Go figure?

  • Arshad Malik
    Arshad Malik 19 days ago +1

    I am from Pakistan and I am stand with CNN.

  • M CAT
    M CAT 19 days ago

    Shut up Acosta, your a baby attention wh...e, your fellow colleagues despise you. Your job is to ask one question and sit down, you didn't do that, you attempt to debate and that is beyond the scope of a reporter and your small brain /IQ. You belong on a no talent show such as this one, your right at home here...

  • David Aames
    David Aames 19 days ago


  • Claus Von Bülow II
    Claus Von Bülow II 19 days ago

    Acosta the biggest pos commie red in America !

  • Joe Bien
    Joe Bien 19 days ago

    Acosta needs to be smashed in the head. And it will happen. When the POS least expects it.

  • Carl W
    Carl W 19 days ago

    Trump should know. You can’t fix stupid nor can you fix COmmunist News Network! #MAGA.

  • Werebilby J
    Werebilby J 19 days ago +1

    I'm so glad that CNN came to bat for Acosta he's such a good reporter and he stands up for what he's reporting on etc. AND I was surprised that Fox also supported him as well. Good to see.