Characters In Deadpool 2 With More Meaning Than You Realized


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  • Looper
    Looper  2 months ago +153

    What other Deadpool features should we do next?

    • Jaycee
      Jaycee 4 days ago

      Looper Peter

    • Sunnys here
      Sunnys here 5 days ago

      Looper my names Russell

    • Speedy Quick
      Speedy Quick 2 months ago

      33amra33 actually he was originally asexual
      He was meant to have a genetic mate in the Mojo universe but he never met her and she’s dead now
      His only relationship has been with Rictor and he seemed to fancy Iceman
      Who seemed to fancy him (before he came out)
      So yeah he’s gay

    • Speedy Quick
      Speedy Quick 2 months ago

      It was kinda enjoyable
      But yeah it was shite

    • Queeze Brown
      Queeze Brown 2 months ago

      You did sit down threw the whole movie 🎥 Dead 💀 pool used Cables time machine to go back and save the X-Force every single one of them so all of them are still presumed alive

  • Sohail Khan
    Sohail Khan 11 hours ago

    Doesnt B stand for bisexual in LGBTQ? that means there are only two genders :(

  • Marty Hughes
    Marty Hughes 13 hours ago

    the guy in the thubmnail looks like the 2nd hokage

  • Kyle Kimber
    Kyle Kimber 14 hours ago

    Uhhhhm... What about Peter? That's the entire reason I watched this.

  • Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee 20 hours ago


  • Dan Francisco
    Dan Francisco Day ago

    Totally did not expect that most of the x force were just gonna die just like that, but it was so funny.

  • anuj jain
    anuj jain Day ago

    i know only one fire fist that is portugas d ace.

  • John Dope
    John Dope Day ago

    stupid movie

  • jeries mee
    jeries mee Day ago

    They dont mean anything considered 90% of them are dead now.

  • D-N- JAE
    D-N- JAE Day ago

    I know they were trying to be funny but Im not amused by killing the X Force. Cable and Shatter Star were my favorite characters growing up and I was happy that we finally would get them in a movie. For them to just kill the X force for a cheap prank was lame as hell. Glad theydidnt kill Cable and Domino.

  • Barr Thurman
    Barr Thurman Day ago

    Deadpool is NOT everyone's favorite .....only immature dbags thinks a cursing "marvel character" should be a real thing ..... Yup children love him

  • drumcorps0junkie
    drumcorps0junkie 2 days ago

    😂😣Cable wasn't down with that sack face ride😣😂

  • Zikimura
    Zikimura 2 days ago

    They should have cast James Roday as Shatterstar and kept him for Deadpool 3/X-Force. Would have been awesome.

  • MrZrazies
    MrZrazies 2 days ago

    none of you guys saw end credits? he got the time traveler device and went way way back in the time and changed few timeline even fucked it up so technically deadpool 2 movie didn’t happened. so basically those characters didn’t actually died. could still be alive. and welcome to comic books world. deadpool did exactly like that in end of credit. and time for u guys to read deadpool comic books and learn what he is and his ability of what he can do. i see lot of confusion so obviously u don’t know who deadpool is but only saw 2 of the movies.
    don’t have white guy kill black guy or people will immediately pull racist card like people in the comme......... oh wait

  • Light
    Light 2 days ago

    Yukio is so cute 😍

  • Charlie Edwards
    Charlie Edwards 2 days ago

    Look like I'll be picking up some x-force comics.😂😂

  • Missed Que
    Missed Que 3 days ago

    Since when did Shatterstar and Bedlam have fight scenes in this? They briefly show them fighting but where was that in the movie?

  • My 777stars
    My 777stars 4 days ago

    deadpool 2 was a good movie...but the gay chicks are ewwww

  • Ben Radelczyk
    Ben Radelczyk 4 days ago

    4:58 he said X factor instead of x force

  • Mik Miker
    Mik Miker 4 days ago

    And then they just died in the movie

  • Antix
    Antix 4 days ago

    what makes shatterstar important is that hes from MOJOWORLD and now we know mojoworld exists in the MCU and could see more characters from mojoworld or even mojoworld itself.

  • Krishnan Unni
    Krishnan Unni 4 days ago

    Everyone's favorite regenerating degenerate

  • Avengers Despacito War

    Fuck russel

  • The Legendary Pootis Man


  • MountainGoaat
    MountainGoaat 4 days ago

    Nobody is going to talk about all the references to Angel in the movie? I feel like that has some importance.

  • Abdurr Pat
    Abdurr Pat 4 days ago

    Dominos makeup should be inverted

  • Vincent Gonzalez
    Vincent Gonzalez 5 days ago

    They retconned the deaths guys!

  • Dead pool
    Dead pool 5 days ago

    1. Bedlam actually first appeared in the Age of Apocalypse title Factor X. 2. "Firefist" was known as Rusty in the comics. Not Firefist. 3. Rachel Summers is Cable's adopted daughter in the comics.

  • Shawn Weaver
    Shawn Weaver 5 days ago

    Fire fist is a terrible name

  • T
    T 5 days ago

    I remember some dummy stating he was apocalypse

  • RocketRacoon316
    RocketRacoon316 5 days ago

    Just gotta say, the X-Force completely wasted Twice, if you've seen the film like seriously it's like Slipknot from suicide squad all over again, possible potential to then get f***ed

  • Omar Beno
    Omar Beno 5 days ago

    00:34 / 00:35 Weird how when he said "Came out", this picture was put there..
    Pun was probably intended

  • Candi Soda
    Candi Soda 5 days ago +2

    Maybe they're pulling a Family Guy where people die all the time but they're in the next episode anyways lol..

  • Pinoy Avenger
    Pinoy Avenger 5 days ago

    I'm happy they got Juggernaut and Colossus on this, unlike in X-Men movies though I really find Cable too small on this one. Could have been better if they also did some CGI on him.

  • amirave 69
    amirave 69 5 days ago

    OMG their character looks like a beast.. but sorry.. they die just like that 😂

  • keo keo
    keo keo 6 days ago

    Love Domino

  • Batta Senpai
    Batta Senpai 6 days ago

    Rip Black Tom 2018-2018 Smile So Big And Die

  • Rugby Monkey
    Rugby Monkey 8 days ago

    Deadpool prevented them all from dying at the end didn't he?

  • Garbage Can Can Can
    Garbage Can Can Can 8 days ago

    Domino is such a queen.

  • Milan sharma
    Milan sharma 12 days ago

    I just came back to laugh on this video hahahahaha

  • His Honer, Special Council Covfefe Chocker

    They had to make the gays female, its the only way the American market will tolerat them. America is not ready for actual homosexuality, just oversexed lesbian manic pixie dream girl types. Typical.

  • Colton Larsen
    Colton Larsen 17 days ago

    After reading all the hype over the characters, I laughed as hard as I have ever laughed thinking about how salty all the comic fanboys prolly got

  • Israel Diaz
    Israel Diaz 19 days ago

    I was so hyped for x force just to find out they were a group easter egg killed by Deadpool’s lack of good luck

  • William Morey-Baker
    William Morey-Baker 19 days ago

    nope. none of this had more meaning than i was aware. i would actually argue it had none of its original meaning as they chose to ignore those elements of their characters and effectively wrote them out of the future of the MCU...

  • Epic Epic
    Epic Epic 20 days ago

    Black Panther out did everyone. Black Panther is the king of superheroes.

  • LordBaneThePlayer
    LordBaneThePlayer 22 days ago +1


  • Kbitch Kal
    Kbitch Kal 29 days ago

    Am I only one who wanted peter to be on the list

  • lXlElevatorlXl
    lXlElevatorlXl Month ago

    I think they are more than that , i see them as a critic of the new super hero movies there is always this person that is not so powerful , but always is so lucky that they can survive like Black widow

    THE ANENSON FAM Month ago

    Dp2 is my favorite marvel movie

  • NintendoMan640
    NintendoMan640 Month ago

    XForce is the real Suicide Squad

  • dani brooks
    dani brooks Month ago

    DO NOT watch this channel, they like to skew the facts to fit their own political narrative.

  • Galaxy Diamond
    Galaxy Diamond Month ago

    Peter is the strongest
    (the fat guy not parker)

  • Sobuka
    Sobuka Month ago

    The kids leg scene was weird. That should have been left out.

  • meme machine
    meme machine Month ago

    Deadpool goes back in time and saved Peter w

  • meme machine
    meme machine Month ago

    All of them die except domino she lives

  • Rob Dugas
    Rob Dugas Month ago

    The narrator got a few bits wrong on Zeitgeist. He was aware much of his team would die in the Boyz-r-Us massacre but Coach (The Arm) probably set the events in motion. He was unaware he'd not survive. Further, X-Force is a shared name in this run. Domino and crew actually show up to challenge the X-Force team in the comic about the name. The comic's X-Force eventually changes their name to X-Statics (Statix?). The series is available in a popular edition and is one of my favorite runs of any series ever. I highly recommend it.

  • goonzsquad1
    goonzsquad1 Month ago

    What song is this ?

  • iHasBadWifi
    iHasBadWifi Month ago

    Negasonic is lesbian?

  • John Wayland
    John Wayland Month ago

    gaylord comic movies...society dose not need that, thank you..

  • Benjamin George
    Benjamin George Month ago

    Am I crazy or did the quick shot of Russell in the future look exactly like the guy that killed Vanessa ? I feel alone on this and I swear it was the same dude.

  • Ultimate D
    Ultimate D Month ago

    Hah it’s funny because they all diad

  • Water Snappy
    Water Snappy Month ago

    U forgot Peter

  • Andy McCarthy
    Andy McCarthy Month ago +1

    "X-Factor shows up to fight him." Wow, didn't know a singing competition would show up.😂

  • Chris Reid
    Chris Reid Month ago


  • oshomroni
    oshomroni Month ago

    You didn't actually tell anything about Yukio. Who is she? Is she just a ninja with an electrified chain, or does she have any power?

  • Country Middleton
    Country Middleton Month ago

    X-Force sucks and so does Dork Pool, worse comics that ever came from Marvel.!

  • bananaboy369
    bananaboy369 Month ago

    Isn't there a sortinghead or something?

  • Joshua Bryant
    Joshua Bryant Month ago

    The most important things about black Tom in the comics was siryn.

  • Mr. Musashito
    Mr. Musashito Month ago

    movie sucked. Too much leftist social engineering for my taste.

  • Matt Hall
    Matt Hall Month ago

    Lol Armageddon man..... comics

  • Green Raven
    Green Raven Month ago

    who has watched the Movie?

  • FireCloud42
    FireCloud42 Month ago

    wow, just butcher Hopes need to clarify that Hope is Cables adopted daughter. She was the first Mutant born after the Mutant gene went stagnant, so Cyclops asked his son Cable to take her to the future and protect her where he also trained her. She also doesn't absorb the Phoenix Force to just stop the Phoenix Five but to stop the fighting period and in the process spark the growth of the Mutant gene that was stagnant creating new Mutants (which is what Cyclops was planning in the first place but Iron-man Screwed that up by interrupting Hope absorbing the Phoenix force the first time which then created the Phoenix Five)(Cyclops was Right, Cap and Iron-man were assholes)

  • FireCloud42
    FireCloud42 Month ago

    you guys missed that Black Tom Cassidy is Banshee's Cousin and he raises Siryn (Banshee's daughter) who later becomes a love interest to DP

  • Gabeboss Entertainment / Sealtube and more

    What about Peters
    Why didnt you mention him he is a great role model to never give up.

  • Delisceum
    Delisceum Month ago

    What about peter

  • Delta Spider
    Delta Spider Month ago

    Lets not forget Peter aka peter Wisdom.

  • mattisregularjoe
    mattisregularjoe Month ago

    If you think Cable is Hope’s father... I’d question what other mistakes are in this clip.

  • pennywise
    pennywise Month ago

    why am I a guy who spits acid I'm a clown but I guess that's over

  • Garrett Rasmussen
    Garrett Rasmussen Month ago

    I loved when russel was running in the prison and he hit is head and fell or when Deadpools arm was broke or when Deadpool fell and almost broke his back

  • Neø Brø
    Neø Brø Month ago

    RIP Peter

  • Flush
    Flush Month ago

    Bills Skarzgard, zeistgesit, played pennywise in the revamped IT film

  • Jeremiah Seman
    Jeremiah Seman Month ago

    How many F**** do we have to give about the sexual preferences of characters. Taika Waititi was going to make Valkerie an lgbtxxxxxx character but decided not to. Why? Because he didn't think it was a good idea to stop am entire movie just to flaunt someone's sexual preference. He was exactly right. People are people, only the lgbtxxxxx community *demands* recognition. Why do we need to celebrate someone else's beliefs? I'm Christian, you don't see the "Christian community" demanding representation. Or Muslims, or, or, or.
    Where is the Christian representation in Deadpool? I'm offended.

  • IanTheSecond
    IanTheSecond Month ago

    Is it just me or Domino looks like Lina Navaro from NFS Payback

  • JLo™
    JLo™ Month ago

    Don King Domino and HBO Cable!

  • The Beyonder
    The Beyonder Month ago +1

    HE IS NOT....... BLAAACK ! 😤

  • A non
    A non Month ago

    Holy Shit! Domino needs her own movie! Origins anyone?

  • Midgard Land
    Midgard Land 2 months ago

    hopefully no more deadpool movies

  • Anomander1
    Anomander1 2 months ago

    Why the hell did they screen a black person for Domino. that is so damn stupid. She is super white in the comics with a Black patch on her eye, not a black person with an F-ing white patch.....

  • Xavi V
    Xavi V 2 months ago

    I didn't like deadpool 2.

  • Wally Castagnir
    Wally Castagnir 2 months ago

    Wait people complaimed avout lgbt charakters
    in a movie about deadpool
    Who is an pansexual comic charakter

  • ghouljoe x
    ghouljoe x 2 months ago

    Black tom is also the banshees cousin

  • Konasama
    Konasama 2 months ago +1


  • Doug Barnett
    Doug Barnett 2 months ago

    What's the soundtrack used in this video

  • therandomdot
    therandomdot 2 months ago

    Domino is basically the character that a "rules lawyer + munchkin" table-top junkie would make.
    Friends and I were playing a home-brew table-top game of my creation, and I added a "luck" stat. Basically, it was a "get out of jail free" stat that let the players either use it as a replacer for another skill or as an addition to a skill. EG: You're going to fire a gun. You have no skill with guns, but a luck of 5. You decide to use your luck instead of gun skill, and "got lucky" by making the shot.Or, you have a decent gun skill, but need to really make a hard shot, so you use gun skill + luck to make the shot.
    The catch is that every time you use your luck, it drops by 1. So, if you keep using it as a replacement / enhancement.. eventually you "run out of luck".
    So, we start a super-hero campaign, and add in powers.
    The rules-jockey of our group creates a character with no skills, but maxed out luck, and the power that if whatever he uses his luck for works, then his luck replenishes by 1. I immediatley told him that I wouldn't allow the character, because it meant the character had max levels in all skills, because he would just use his luck as a replacement, and since his luck was max, he wuold auto-succeed at pretty much everything, which meant his luck would replenish and never go down. It was a game-breaking character.
    Domino is basically that character, except in this case the writers get to control when she uses her luck to the benefit of the plot. She could literally break the movie and make it "mary sue replaces deadpool" if they wanted to, though.

  • Void Vortex
    Void Vortex 2 months ago

    controling plants is black tom cassady's more normal power. His other power, shooting energy rays out of anything made of wood, is even stranger.

  • mad thumbs
    mad thumbs 2 months ago

    Domino's power is actually subconscious telekinesis as demonstrated when she say's 'lady luck take the wheel', and when a mirror just turns on it's own.

  • Arys_rm
    Arys_rm 2 months ago

    What about Peter?

  • Kar Hang Law
    Kar Hang Law 2 months ago

    Zetgeist dead same as comic

  • Based Joe
    Based Joe 2 months ago

    i'm tired of fox not knowing anything about marvel comics. can everybody just stop making comic book movies ffs?

  • Angie Rivera
    Angie Rivera 2 months ago

    I hate that feeling when you watch a movie where the character is a big part in it so your used to them NOT dying but when you watch things like DP2 you feel sad for some unknown when they die quickly