Characters In Deadpool 2 With More Meaning Than You Realized


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  • Looper
    Looper  Month ago +120

    What other Deadpool features should we do next?

    • Speedy Quick
      Speedy Quick 13 days ago

      33amra33 actually he was originally asexual
      He was meant to have a genetic mate in the Mojo universe but he never met her and she’s dead now
      His only relationship has been with Rictor and he seemed to fancy Iceman
      Who seemed to fancy him (before he came out)
      So yeah he’s gay

    • Speedy Quick
      Speedy Quick 13 days ago

      It was kinda enjoyable
      But yeah it was shite

    • Queeze Brown
      Queeze Brown 14 days ago

      You did sit down threw the whole movie 🎥 Dead 💀 pool used Cables time machine to go back and save the X-Force every single one of them so all of them are still presumed alive

    • MrJokeonu
      MrJokeonu 18 days ago +2

      What is the background song everyone wants to know

    • Piotr Cholodowski
      Piotr Cholodowski 22 days ago


  • FireCloud42
    FireCloud42 14 hours ago

    wow, just butcher Hopes need to clarify that Hope is Cables adopted daughter. She was the first Mutant born after the Mutant gene went stagnant, so Cyclops asked his son Cable to take her to the future and protect her where he also trained her. She also doesn't absorb the Phoenix Force to just stop the Phoenix Five but to stop the fighting period and in the process spark the growth of the Mutant gene that was stagnant creating new Mutants (which is what Cyclops was planning in the first place but Iron-man Screwed that up by interrupting Hope absorbing the Phoenix force the first time which then created the Phoenix Five)(Cyclops was Right, Cap and Iron-man were assholes)

  • FireCloud42
    FireCloud42 15 hours ago

    you guys missed that Black Tom Cassidy is Banshee's Cousin and he raises Siryn (Banshee's daughter) who later becomes a love interest to DP

  • Gabeboss Entertainment / Sealtube and more

    What about Peters
    Why didnt you mention him he is a great role model to never give up.

  • Delisceum
    Delisceum 2 days ago

    What about peter

  • Delta Spider
    Delta Spider 4 days ago

    Lets not forget Peter aka peter Wisdom.

  • mattisregularjoe
    mattisregularjoe 4 days ago

    If you think Cable is Hope’s father... I’d question what other mistakes are in this clip.

  • pennywise
    pennywise 4 days ago

    why am I a guy who spits acid I'm a clown but I guess that's over

  • Garrett Rasmussen
    Garrett Rasmussen 5 days ago

    I loved when russel was running in the prison and he hit is head and fell or when Deadpools arm was broke or when Deadpool fell and almost broke his back

  • Ascendant hi I’m David FF

    RIP Peter

  • ChiChie
    ChiChie 5 days ago

    Bills Skarzgard, zeistgesit, played pennywise in the revamped IT film

  • Jeremiah Seman
    Jeremiah Seman 5 days ago

    How many F**** do we have to give about the sexual preferences of characters. Taika Waititi was going to make Valkerie an lgbtxxxxxx character but decided not to. Why? Because he didn't think it was a good idea to stop am entire movie just to flaunt someone's sexual preference. He was exactly right. People are people, only the lgbtxxxxx community *demands* recognition. Why do we need to celebrate someone else's beliefs? I'm Christian, you don't see the "Christian community" demanding representation. Or Muslims, or, or, or.
    Where is the Christian representation in Deadpool? I'm offended.

  • IanTheSecond
    IanTheSecond 5 days ago

    Is it just me or Domino looks like Lina Navaro from NFS Payback

  • JLo™
    JLo™ 5 days ago

    Don King Domino and HBO Cable!

  • The Beyonder
    The Beyonder 5 days ago +1

    HE IS NOT....... BLAAACK ! 😤

  • A non
    A non 6 days ago

    Holy Shit! Domino needs her own movie! Origins anyone?

  • Nose Goblin
    Nose Goblin 7 days ago +1

    Fuck LGBTQRSTUV+1234567 bullshit.

  • Midgard Land
    Midgard Land 7 days ago

    hopefully no more deadpool movies

  • Anomander1
    Anomander1 7 days ago

    Why the hell did they screen a black person for Domino. that is so damn stupid. She is super white in the comics with a Black patch on her eye, not a black person with an F-ing white patch.....

  • Xavi V
    Xavi V 7 days ago

    I didn't like deadpool 2.

  • Wally Castagnir
    Wally Castagnir 7 days ago

    Wait people complaimed avout lgbt charakters
    in a movie about deadpool
    Who is an pansexual comic charakter

  • ghouljoe x
    ghouljoe x 8 days ago

    Black tom is also the banshees cousin

  • Konasama
    Konasama 8 days ago


  • Doug Barnett
    Doug Barnett 9 days ago

    What's the soundtrack used in this video

  • therandomdot
    therandomdot 9 days ago

    Domino is basically the character that a "rules lawyer + munchkin" table-top junkie would make.
    Friends and I were playing a home-brew table-top game of my creation, and I added a "luck" stat. Basically, it was a "get out of jail free" stat that let the players either use it as a replacer for another skill or as an addition to a skill. EG: You're going to fire a gun. You have no skill with guns, but a luck of 5. You decide to use your luck instead of gun skill, and "got lucky" by making the shot.Or, you have a decent gun skill, but need to really make a hard shot, so you use gun skill + luck to make the shot.
    The catch is that every time you use your luck, it drops by 1. So, if you keep using it as a replacement / enhancement.. eventually you "run out of luck".
    So, we start a super-hero campaign, and add in powers.
    The rules-jockey of our group creates a character with no skills, but maxed out luck, and the power that if whatever he uses his luck for works, then his luck replenishes by 1. I immediatley told him that I wouldn't allow the character, because it meant the character had max levels in all skills, because he would just use his luck as a replacement, and since his luck was max, he wuold auto-succeed at pretty much everything, which meant his luck would replenish and never go down. It was a game-breaking character.
    Domino is basically that character, except in this case the writers get to control when she uses her luck to the benefit of the plot. She could literally break the movie and make it "mary sue replaces deadpool" if they wanted to, though.

  • Void Vortex
    Void Vortex 9 days ago

    controling plants is black tom cassady's more normal power. His other power, shooting energy rays out of anything made of wood, is even stranger.

  • mad thumbs
    mad thumbs 10 days ago

    Domino's power is actually subconscious telekinesis as demonstrated when she say's 'lady luck take the wheel', and when a mirror just turns on it's own.

  • Arys_rm
    Arys_rm 10 days ago

    What about Peter?

  • Kar Hang Law
    Kar Hang Law 10 days ago

    Zetgeist dead same as comic

  • Based Joe
    Based Joe 10 days ago

    i'm tired of fox not knowing anything about marvel comics. can everybody just stop making comic book movies ffs?

  • Angie Rivera
    Angie Rivera 10 days ago

    I hate that feeling when you watch a movie where the character is a big part in it so your used to them NOT dying but when you watch things like DP2 you feel sad for some unknown when they die quickly

  • Williams awesome
    Williams awesome 10 days ago

    I loved shaterstar in 80s and dead pool be for he was cool and fyi I still have not seen dead pool one and four person barier well uh sorry guys cartoons had that first so many times to list

  • CharlieMurphy010
    CharlieMurphy010 10 days ago

    i thought they made throse mutants in Deadpool's team up in the movie, except Domino.

  • emiliano ram
    emiliano ram 11 days ago

    Mamá coco :v

  • Richard Dawes
    Richard Dawes 11 days ago

    "like Dave Matthews" .

  • raginfcktard
    raginfcktard 11 days ago

    Gay from the trauma of being his own grandfather

    STPFY 11 days ago

    So Pennywise was Zeitgeist at one point ...

  • Adrian Clorley
    Adrian Clorley 11 days ago

    good to see juggernauts size..was comic book perfect,unlike the dire xmen last stand 1. ...dp2 great film.

  • magic101
    magic101 11 days ago

    You forgot the most important character: Peter

  • ogami 06
    ogami 06 11 days ago

    I recently watched a video like this one but in Spanish Obviously looper in Spanish

  • IanWasabi
    IanWasabi 11 days ago

    Man balls + baby legs = Deadpool

  • Gaby George
    Gaby George 11 days ago

    Wasn't it the case where Hope Summers may or may not have been the reincarnation of Jean Grey?

  • Santiago Rodriguez Guillen

    People is very sad. People just can't enjoy a movie without trying to find deeper meaning....or in this case, show their "knowledge" about a movie.... Like I said, very sad

  • ThricetheFun
    ThricetheFun 12 days ago

    Marvel is so fucking brilliant

  • Jorden Woodley
    Jorden Woodley 12 days ago

    The black girls dead :l

  • Joshua Joseph
    Joshua Joseph 12 days ago

    Look it was a funny scene how they all died because of the wind but I really hope they bring them back because I really like those characters

  • TheExplodingChipmunk
    TheExplodingChipmunk 12 days ago

    Even if not mentioned they all had their actual origins. While not stated because of rights reasons, the Juggernaut is NOT a mutant in this movie. He is the Campion of Cytorak and such his powers are magical in nature.

  • Zekrom 9846 Zekrom
    Zekrom 9846 Zekrom 12 days ago

    TERRY CREWS NINE NINE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nikolai Manning
    Nikolai Manning 12 days ago

    Shatterstar isn't gay. He's pansexual. Growing up in mojo world sex wasn't even a thing. He doesn't know that being with a man is any different than being with a woman. Ricter on the otherhand, is gay and has had issues with Shatterstar because he also doesn't know what monogamy is....

  • Jakobthedoglord Vids and gameplay

    It’s a shame they wasted all these characters

  • Kiki Gaming
    Kiki Gaming 12 days ago

    Deadpool brought them back :(

  • Gurtington
    Gurtington 13 days ago

    Don't really like what they did with dominos look. I mean I fall for a character becuase of their looks Cuase I'm shallow like that. And then abilities are a plus. The changes to her appearance were lame as fuck.

  • Vincent Phang
    Vincent Phang 13 days ago

    so shatterstar power is... being gay?

  • Gabriel De La Rosa
    Gabriel De La Rosa 13 days ago

    How is shatterstar a mutant if he is an alien

  • AlanRi0s352
    AlanRi0s352 13 days ago

    Pennywise stopped being a rapist and he become a X-force hero...

  • ChthonicRemains
    ChthonicRemains 13 days ago

    The only X-Force member from Deadpool 2 I want back is Shatterstar. His backstory alone is enough to fill a trilogy and his double bladed swords are some of the most badass looking weapons I've ever seen.

  • The Box of Magic
    The Box of Magic 13 days ago

    Shatterstar isn’t gay, he’s pansexual. Sorry it’s a dumb detail that bugged me since Shatterstar is one of my fav marvel characters and since I’m also pan. 🤷🏻‍♀️but I digress. Nice video

  • Sam Geuvenen
    Sam Geuvenen 14 days ago

    Killing the X-Force was not much of a shame. most of the ones they killed were utter shit. Most notably Shatterstar, it was very cathartic watching him get chopped up in the helicopter

  • Logan Laurell
    Logan Laurell 14 days ago

    they all died how important could they be


    Looks like i am the only one that do not like the lesbian-gay staff in my superhero movies...

  • Marcus Casagrande
    Marcus Casagrande 14 days ago

    I came here becaue I thought Peter also had more meaning too... Guess I was wrong.

  • imagoodgirl18
    imagoodgirl18 14 days ago

    Where is Peter in the list????!

  • CRAG
    CRAG 14 days ago +1

    Best movie ever but I feel that it could have been another 30 minuets to another 1 hour long because the x force characters could have got killed slower. And the truck fight was rushed but still an awesome scene.

  • Murky
    Murky 14 days ago

    I will give Deadpool 2 this, it was more Suicide Squad then Suicide Squad with character deaths.

  • David Levesque
    David Levesque 14 days ago

    Why do the Cartoon artists emphasise gals crotch and not guys crotch. Since the body suits are form fit, why not just show them all as just painted genes but other than that, naked. I think cartoon artists are gender biased or told to be.
    New Greco-Roman wrestler-man. Only fights in Greek tradition fighting attire(- naked). Good luck Purple fart gas man from beyond Martian Manhunters butt.
    Good luck.

  • Grant - Saturn
    Grant - Saturn 14 days ago +1

    at the end of the movie after the little credits bit doesn't he go back in time and save everyone? might be remembering wrong

    • burrito bros
      burrito bros 12 days ago +1

      Grant - Saturn only Peter and his gf

  • Wandering Oryx
    Wandering Oryx 14 days ago

    Domino is white

  • me0on0utube
    me0on0utube 15 days ago

    Ya'll missed Omega Red in the prison

  • akakiryuushin
    akakiryuushin 15 days ago

    i like yukio. "Hi Wade!"

  • White Rhino
    White Rhino 15 days ago

    please. PLEASE, OH PLEASE! someone tell me I am not the only person to pause the scene when DP was on the couch crossing his little legs flashing a teeny weenie ding dong!
    Bonus points for making it your desktop wallpaper and so far no one has noticed.

  • MrsCitty
    MrsCitty 15 days ago

    I just saw „Deadpool 2 characters with more meaning than you“ and honestly.... true

  • Matthew Huang
    Matthew Huang 15 days ago

    That moment you realize that those characters don't actually mean anything except Peter...

  • Jacob Weston
    Jacob Weston 15 days ago

    I'm now even more glad shatterstar blended

  • jose villalobos
    jose villalobos 15 days ago

    whar about PETER!!!

  • No-L Mndz
    No-L Mndz 15 days ago +1

    Is nobody even gonna talk about the fact that Terry Crews actually told the story that he thought he had electric powers when he was a kid? This actually made me chuckle when they casted Terry Crews as an electric manipulating mutant.

  • Julie Mattison
    Julie Mattison 16 days ago

    Deadpool 2 kinda sucked tbh

  • van gelsing
    van gelsing 16 days ago

    Bedlam comic book look looks like killmonger from mcu

  • vampiricus
    vampiricus 16 days ago

    Love the "This is Spinal Tap" reference.

  • dub2459
    dub2459 16 days ago +3

    It was kind of stupid to kill Shatterstar like that since his powers are basically the same as Domino,what a cuckfest of a movie.

  • WatersTasty
    WatersTasty 16 days ago +2

    I hope the rest of X Force turn out okay. Especially Zeitgeist.

  • Cani Sports 2.0
    Cani Sports 2.0 16 days ago

    Vanisher was the one who drove the truck when domino went to fight

  • mcsuchnsuch
    mcsuchnsuch 16 days ago

    I learned two things in watching Deadpool 2.
    Nervous Boners and Prison Wallets... heyyyoooo!!

  • Eugene InLaw
    Eugene InLaw 17 days ago +1

    i'm only sad that movie Domino is NOWHERE NEAR as hot as the comic one
    but, well, i don't even have an actress in mind that could stand up to the task, tbh
    and btw, Bedlam could have easily survived that meeting with a bus, you know

  • I F C O
    I F C O 17 days ago

    If this was just called "characters with more meaning than you" I would have finished it.

  • RJ RQ
    RJ RQ 17 days ago

    you do realize that some of us read comics.... yes?

  • Rob Lit
    Rob Lit 17 days ago

    this would be way better without the choppy speech and the awful repeat background music

  • Will Bolinger
    Will Bolinger 17 days ago

    Oh I thought that was Longshot. Whoops. God forbid they would put HIM in a movie.

  • moneku Music
    moneku Music 17 days ago

    zeitgeist seems to have the same tattoo around his eye as shatterstar

    • moneku Music
      moneku Music 17 days ago

      waiwai no i mean the dude with red hair

  • its just a max
    its just a max 17 days ago

    When all of the heroes came in this movie I had a fangasm, but domino fucking pissed me off, she isn’t meant to be black

  • Illustrathor
    Illustrathor 17 days ago

    Who cares about the sexuality or race of a character if it isn't story or plot relevant? This is as important as the color of the shit Pool had after he ate the chinese food.

  • Ruby Gaming
    Ruby Gaming 17 days ago

    Boys R Us

  • FanaticalDrummer
    FanaticalDrummer 17 days ago

    Russel is so much funnier when you know his previous movie “Search For The Wilder People” in 2016.

  • Tracor3k99
    Tracor3k99 17 days ago

    You missed explaining Peter! Racist!...peterist?

  • Barbara Colebrook
    Barbara Colebrook 17 days ago +2

    i liked how when negasonicteenagewarhead gave deadpool the timetravel thing yukio was like i think that was a bad idea

  • mrhopadopalus
    mrhopadopalus 17 days ago

    I wish domino was blue

  • juntakyle
    juntakyle 18 days ago

    In Marvel comics everyone is gay now.

  • Hilmi
    Hilmi 18 days ago

    why domino *BLACK* ?? Thats sucks.. and thx btw make dp2 ruined because of her

  • Marius Kopp Armangué
    Marius Kopp Armangué 18 days ago

    Enough talking! Give me my Peter stand-alone movie

  • Azrael666Azazel
    Azrael666Azazel 18 days ago

    I know they couldn't have had two superheroes whose powers involve being lucky, but would have been cool to have Longshot instead of shatterstar. Both are from mojo world.

  • Jl Cuak
    Jl Cuak 18 days ago

    Well, forgot to mention Shatterstar is one of the few that has managed to cut open Juggernaut's helmet.