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Michael Jackson (Soul Train's 25th Anniversary Hall of Fame Show) 1995

  • Published on Jun 12, 2014
  • Michael Jackson sings "Dangerous" and "Smooth Criminal". "Dangerous" is an R&B-pop song by American recording artist Michael Jackson. The song appeared as the fourteenth and final track on Jackson's solo studio album of the same name, released in November 1991. Written and composed by Jackson, Bill Bottrell and Teddy Riley, the song was planned as the tenth single from the album, set for a January 1994 release. However, these plans were canceled due to allegations of child sexual abuse which were made against Jackson in August 1993, Jackson's health concerns, and the failure of previous single, "Gone Too Soon".

    Prior to the planned release of the song, "Dangerous" received a positive reaction from contemporary critics in reviews of the track's parent album. Although the song has not been released as a single, "Dangerous" entered music charts in mid-2009 after Jackson's death in June. Jackson also performed the song live. In 1994, songwriter Crystal Cartier alleged that Jackson, Bottrell and Riley had plagiarized "Dangerous". At the subsequent court hearing the judge ruled in favor of Jackson, Bottrell and Riley, due to lack of evidence; Cartier was refused the right to appeal her case.
    "Dangerous" was developed from another song titled "Streetwalker", which Jackson wrote for his 1987 Bad album.[2] During recording sessions in September 1990 for Dangerous, Jackson recorded a 6:40 minute demo of "Dangerous", which he wrote with Bill Bottrell. Teddy Riley later added writing and produced it with Jackson in early 1991. According to music commentator Nelson George the demo is "very different to the final version. Here the keyboards are spacey, in strong contrast to the taunt, mechanical rhythm track. Throughout the song, Jackson keeps up a spoken word rap about the dangerous woman who is this song's subject. Overall it is much moodier".
    "Smooth Criminal" is the seventh single from Michael Jackson's 1987 Bad album. The song contains a fast-paced beat intertwined with Jackson's lyrics about a woman named Annie, who has been attacked in her apartment by a "smooth" assailant. "Smooth Criminal" was the original title for the album, but Quincy Jones did not like it. It was released as a single on October 24, 1988, and peaked at number seven on the Billboard Hot 100.[1] It was re-released on April 10, 2006, as a part of the Visionary: The Video Singles box set. The re-released Visionary single charted at number 19 in the UK. The piece is one of Jackson's signature songs, and has appeared on numerous greatest hits albums, including Number Ones, The Essential Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson: The Ultimate Collection, King of Pop, This Is It, and Immortal.

    The song also serves as the theme song to Jackson's 1988 film Moonwalker. The single has sold over 7.5 million copies.
    "Smooth Criminal" is a song written by Michael Jackson and co-produced with Quincy Jones. Two early versions of the song were written by Jackson in 1985 and the original demo was recorded in 1986. The first song was called "Chicago 1945" which evolved into "Al Capone" (which was later released on the Bad 25th anniversary edition of the album). This version didn't make the album and was re-worked and re-written as "Smooth Criminal". This song is played in the key of A minor. Jackson's vocal spans from G3 to E5. It has a moderate tempo of 118 beats per minute.
    Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 -- June 25, 2009) was an American recording artist, actor, producer, dancer, businessman, and philanthropist. Often referred to by the honorific nickname "The King of Pop", his contributions to music, dance, and fashion, along with his publicized personal life, made him a global figure in popular culture for over four decades.
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    Amazing 😍😜

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    Donald Flowers 11 hours ago +1

    No one still cant touch michael still to this day

  • truth hurts
    truth hurts 22 hours ago

    I loved Mike and his dancing. However he is not to be worshipped!

  • Dee Britz
    Dee Britz Day ago

    The king of rock poppy cock shit elvis only could wish that he was even close to Michael to Michael Jackson!

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    Damn I miss Michael😢😢

  • Occam's Razor
    Occam's Razor 2 days ago

    Back before cellphones - when lighters were the norm in concerts ... Before internet and TheXvid, when MTV was music God, Michael Jackson was king! And all the white girls like me dreamed of dating MJ!

  • Altruistic Egalitarian

    The World greatest entertainer MJ rip.

  • Ward No 3 II Churu city

    The king of pop

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    Sherita Jones 4 days ago

    The Greatest entertainer of all TIME! Rip MJ.🙏🏽

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    #ThereWillNeverBeAnotherMichaelJosephJacksonLegendaryIconKingOfPop🌻🌻🌻💕💕💕🎤🎶🎵#Moonwalker4Lyfe #Shamone🌷

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  • Paul Bostic
    Paul Bostic 7 days ago

    Maybe I wasn't there to witness the exonerated accusations of the greatest, magical and most talented entertainer the world has ever seen, but it's easy for haters to run with the false claims this iconic figure had to suffer from after the unlimited joy, smiles and happiness which Michael Jackson blessed all who were lucky enough to witness his magical powers on the dance floor.
    I'm hardcore; I believe in traditional marriage between a male and female; I despise queers; I agree with Iran with their punishment of gays > cock lickers; If I were a female, I would probably be a lesbian. But any man who would be curious enough to put a penis in his mouth, ass, etc. needs to be judged by God and punished accordingly.
    If we have sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants, we should also have a sanctuary for the sick L,G,B,T $ Q.
    I have met a few very good people who are gay, and I guess I can call them friends. I'm talking about the gays and lesbians who try to adopt children. These children are victims of being denied the right to choose, and they must be confused and influenced by what they see as a child.
    I've been barred from places, and lots many opportunities for expressing the morals and values of the Bible and my Father's teachings and perspectives of being who you were born to be. I guess I can be a little understandable to the few who feel they were created in the wrong body, as I guess there are exceptions to every rule.
    I am only asking people who come in contact with me to tell me upfront about their sexual prerogatives, as I love to laugh and love to be comical.
    If I'm unaware that you are gay, I may accidentally tell a gay joke which is solely to laugh and laughter makes me happy.
    I told a driver assigned to me a joke about two guys playing a game called 'Hide the wiener and bumping hachi > dick.' I had no idea that this driver was a regular participate in bumping sweet peter, as they refer to their relished, flathead 9" and the notorious Saucerhead 12" wieners.
    I've been barred from the company that employs this gay individual, who I felt was a very nice person. I had nothing against him, but I was not informed of his wiener bumping credentials.
    I'm learning to be more careful with my 'Hide the Wienie' humor. Gays are so sensitive nowadays. I guess they have feelings too, and if they would only be forthcoming and get out of the closet, then I will be able to joke about issues that won't hurt them. I'm a extremely astute individual with big empathetic heart and I have no choice but to be more careful with my humor.
    God bless America and let's "Keep making America Great", as President Donald Trump has already fulfilled his campaign promises to Make this country better than ever in the history of America.

    • Paul Bostic
      Paul Bostic 7 days ago

      be sure to read the entire article which I started with MJ, press the 'read more ' prompt above and I hope you enjoy the remainder of my story.

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    The master of himself engagement

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    MokaMartini 9 days ago

    arsenio introduced mj the same way as once said "RAN-DY WAT-SON"

  • Rosemary Williams
    Rosemary Williams 10 days ago +1

    Any human who can make other humans pass out like that won't live long. Just saying! Even presidents who were loved like that did not make it to old age.😔

  • B Noble
    B Noble 10 days ago

    To say Michael Jackson took his craft serious is an understatement.

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    Who is trying to mute him 😂😂😂😂 Time's up, liars. You won't be getting a pretty buck.

  • Layla Reeves
    Layla Reeves 11 days ago

    Can we just bring back MJ and save the world of music please?

  • дар-ья алексеевна

    Неповторимый,любимый наш Майкл!Очень скучаем!!!

  • Vickie Fleming
    Vickie Fleming 11 days ago

    Every culture loved this man remember that....

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  • Fatema Vohra
    Fatema Vohra 12 days ago

    He was, still is, and will always remain THE KING ❤️

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    O melhor...amo

  • Debbie Bhatoa
    Debbie Bhatoa 13 days ago

    Mo one will come close to mjs talent. No one.

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    Mj is very dangerous

  • Asma Khan
    Asma Khan 16 days ago

    Oh my GOD his presence... He was just awesome.

  • King Ojahla
    King Ojahla 16 days ago +1

    Watch this with my hat down, Mick Jazz y'all! I love that man. I don't care what anybody says about him, I will always love him.

  • Kaemousa Gina
    Kaemousa Gina 16 days ago

    This is by far my fav performance of his at an award show!!

  • Vani Sree
    Vani Sree 16 days ago +1

    Honestly. Uuuuuuhhhhhh. Speechlesssssss. If i am his mother. I named him michael killer. He have special power that can kill everybody. Oh my god. Im indian from malaysia. Very far between my country and his country. But i cry a lot when i see his songs and dance. How about u guys?. Really i tell all of u im dying here thinking this kind of human being. God is great.

  • Tanisha Gardner
    Tanisha Gardner 17 days ago

    I miss Michael Jackson exponentially. He was & still is my favorite entertainer. I remember begging my mother to purchase his “Off The Wall” album for me! My first Michael Jackson vinyl! I would sit and listen to each song over & over reading the words until I knew every lyric to every song! Such an inspiration he was and truly an icon! 💘💖💘💖💘💖💘💖💘💖💖💘💖

  • Lupita Tecontero
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    El mejor y único Michael Jackson!!!!!

  • Irma Knight
    Irma Knight 18 days ago

    Michal Jackson never let fame go into his head, even when he became a megastar. He was respectful and humble all the time. RIP Michael.

  • Larena Villa
    Larena Villa 18 days ago

    Still the best! Michael Jackson!!!
    MJ is forever! 💖💖💖

  • Sharon Amondi Hingott
    Sharon Amondi Hingott 19 days ago

    The Intro though 😲 unheard of. Period

  • miaubella
    miaubella 19 days ago

    for those that say he was a child molester, kiss my ass! there's no way this guy wasn't getting some. especially having millions of women out there dying to be with him!

  • dtdonni donii
    dtdonni donii 20 days ago

    Look how much people love him

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  • Michael Davenport
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    Просто красавчик! 😊Всё на высшем уровне! Он неподражаем! 👍💓💓💓

  • 7th Estate
    7th Estate 21 day ago

    Why destroy such soul

  • HellonHeels
    HellonHeels 22 days ago

    And this was why he became King of Pop! Just like Elvis but he became the King of Rock n Roll

  • Bandar H
    Bandar H 22 days ago

    Dangerous choreography is not from this world reminds me of ghosts dance

  • Erma Wallace
    Erma Wallace 22 days ago

    I forever Love Micheal Jackson!

  • Jerome Jacobs
    Jerome Jacobs 22 days ago

    What a being

  • Mohamed Tarek
    Mohamed Tarek 22 days ago

    I can't believe how he was talented and brilliant

  • jacqueline walker
    jacqueline walker 22 days ago

    you think Jesus had to do what michael did = to turn there skin bleach to have the world follow them. So sad. OR could Jesus be in him? It about those spirits, and if you had to call on a spirit which one of the Gods beside the almighty?

  • Blake still in the game
    Blake still in the game 23 days ago +1

    Michael Jackson the greatest entertainer of all times. Michael Jackson the greatest celebrity to ever lived. Name me one person that's bigger than MJ dead or alive
    Michael Jackson King of Pop 🔥

  • Raymond Ramos
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  • Raymond Ramos
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  • Jag Kaur
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    The greatest entertainer of all time xxxx❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ 💋❤💋❤💋❤❤❤❤❤

  • Mary Joyce
    Mary Joyce 23 days ago

    There will never be another king with a innocent heart n lov for children n helpless people.u made the whole world cry by ur loss..happy by ur voice.cruel world took u away..but never can take away our lov for u .still heartach
    For u ..dear bro..belive u r hpy with Jesus .Sri lankan

  • cindy bunner
    cindy bunner 23 days ago +1

    2019 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ MJ FOREVER ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • paloma
    paloma 23 days ago +1

    Micheal Humble and Sweet Rest In Peace ...Luv To The Fam

  • Natty Bear
    Natty Bear 26 days ago +1

    Love watching him dance!!!!

  • Concession Concessions

    Ok. Let's all close our eyes and try and imagine a musical world without Michael Jackson. Let's try and erase the miraculous contribution he's made to mankind. Let's see if we are great enough to erase the massive catalog of songs etched in the hearts, minds and souls of every living being on the planet. Let's see if we can replace the great achievements by this one human being with another one of the greats! If you're able to achieve any of the following requests no.need to open your eyes because you're more than likely not living on the same planet as the rest of us anyway. To the two misfit, misguided, undesirable, evils trying to destroy the king while he is resting that to me is like trying to stop the world from spinning. You will reap what you sow! To his twisted backstabbing colleagues trying to gain off of this evil. This world is round and you will get day of judgement as well!
    These actions affects everyone's life because he was apart of us all without walls.

  • carlos da gisele aparecida

    Michael eterno p mim

  • Breezy B
    Breezy B 27 days ago +2

    Mike was like “who dat runnin’ cross my stage?”

  • Tiona Linda Nguyen
    Tiona Linda Nguyen 28 days ago

    The action across-panied by a squealing noises that set my teether on edges, ythe sounds of Nailers down Lundist's chalkboards.
    "The doors...said Norv."
    I resisted the temptation to beat him around the head.
    Fck...lame xoi noisy design lampshade dc.cai gi...SHUTTLE-UP

  • penny Red
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    👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍!!! ...❤

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    Hell yeah...

  • ElPocho DelMundo
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    3:40 "You know I'm not introducing Ike Turner, right?" Good one Arsenio!!

  • Donnette Pink
    Donnette Pink 29 days ago

    Michael is the best greatest of all nobody in the world can take his place even he die nobody he is the best they kill Michael but they can't kill his talent it's for lifetime

  • Robert Manning
    Robert Manning 29 days ago

    He will always be no artist out there could ever outdo him they don't have the talent period!

  • Jenny Gionni
    Jenny Gionni 29 days ago +1

    Nobody will ever be like you Michael number one 🔝❤😘 Michael thank you!

  • gospelevans
    gospelevans 29 days ago

    Mike went back to us AFTER the allegations. Smh

  • Kaayoka Bai
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    He was a music genius

  • Manuel Balderas
    Manuel Balderas 29 days ago

    You know all this is back words !

  • Toneo Tone
    Toneo Tone 29 days ago

    The more his music is played the more the torment is administered....

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  • Jerry Flynn Dale
    Jerry Flynn Dale Month ago +1

    Beyoncé who?

  • Jan Kiper
    Jan Kiper Month ago

    I wonder what he would have been if his Dad didn’t start the original Jackson Five? Sure he was a jerk and a child abuser ( his Dad)

  • Dim shoot
    Dim shoot Month ago

    the one

  • Shu Ivy
    Shu Ivy Month ago

    What can you say to this? Watched it for over 20 years and I am still Speechless❤️♥️💯💯#@When music was Relevant and Had a Message

  • QueenIsis TreatMeGood

    perfection personified through dance.

  • brenda cox
    brenda cox Month ago +3

    No entertainer greater on the planet! We love you Michael. I am obsessed, I watch this @ least 4 times a day, the impact he had on the human race, that speaks volume.

  • Lolita Lawrence
    Lolita Lawrence Month ago +1

    God gave Michael Jackson his Legacy and no one can take it away ,may God bless his family always

  • Lolita Lawrence
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    Michael Jackson is bless he touches our soul with his music

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    I love him so much

  • Grant Daniell - Solo Performer

    No one else can move like that but the King of Pop

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    The KING 👑

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    Michael was and is still the number 1 famous person in the world beside Jesus. Everyone, every country, the world knew jesus came into this world so is Michael Jackson! To this day, no artist came close to have broken this man's record yet. The king of all music, Michael Jackson!

  • Melvina Wesley
    Melvina Wesley Month ago

    Micheal u bad R. I. P I Miss u 😇

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    Empress Carter Month ago

    Love you baby miss you

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    I mean this guy had military from countries behind him. damn what more can I say?

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  • Hatice Oztoprak
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  • Hatice Oztoprak
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  • Hatice Oztoprak
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  • Hatice Oztoprak
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    MSV ACID Month ago

    2019 anyone??

  • 9 car Cottrell
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    This is dah only man who can bring me To tears and I’m 6’5” 294 pounds