Avengers: Infinity War Trailer (Godzilla: King of the Monsters Style)


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  • CarpenterSound
    CarpenterSound  6 months ago +196

    You can find my analysis along with additional notes for this trailer here on my website: www.carpentersound.com/#/avengers-infinity-war-godzilla-king-of-the-monsters-style/

    • Bob Bobby
      Bob Bobby 22 days ago


      FRESHY STEVE 29 days ago

      Can we get a watchmen trailer remake or fusion?

    • Morgan Hahn
      Morgan Hahn 2 months ago

      Please tell us you stopped making videos because you got hired? I miss watching your stuff but you’re also too good for TheXvid

    • five star Jackson
      five star Jackson 2 months ago

      CarpenterSound do marvel v dc

    • Fleiki
      Fleiki 4 months ago +1

      Black Panther: Get dis man some subs.

  • Slimer44 Producciones

    A better title for avengers 4:
    Avengers *Final War*

  • ThAnOsThEsNaPgOd 420

    Still my favorite fan made

  • Henry Palmer
    Henry Palmer Day ago


  • Rumbly Biscuit
    Rumbly Biscuit 2 days ago

    Watching this on the shitter brings a whole new prespective

  • Joshua Edmondson
    Joshua Edmondson 2 days ago


  • Monkeyman0490
    Monkeyman0490 2 days ago

    I liked the use of Cleir de lune in it

  • SevPool
    SevPool 2 days ago

    I’m so sorry to say but I like this better than the actual trailer
    It has to be Clair

  • sebastian
    sebastian 2 days ago +1

    imagine the amount of theories that would’ve come from this

  • Thuan Nguyen
    Thuan Nguyen 2 days ago

    Thanos : King of the Titans

  • Frank Slavik
    Frank Slavik 3 days ago

    Wow this was amazing

  • Aitor Karanka
    Aitor Karanka 4 days ago

    Thanos did nothing wrong

  • Chilkz
    Chilkz 4 days ago

    Vaya, que bien echo.👍

  • Caio CNS
    Caio CNS 7 days ago


  • Ross Walker Smith
    Ross Walker Smith 7 days ago

    Frozen 2 PLS

  • Johnathan Holmes
    Johnathan Holmes 7 days ago

    Carpenter is probably swimming in money for his business. Can't wait to see what you will do next.

  • flower love
    flower love 8 days ago

    This is fucking bomb👌👌👌👌

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson 8 days ago

    Stark making a final stand against thanos alone on a desolate alien planet is gut wrenching but so inspiring, the man just wouldn’t quit.

  • Josh Draws
    Josh Draws 9 days ago

    So everyone is gonna say this is so good and wouldve beem better than the original but not talk about godzilla king of the monsters? Smh.

  • Samuel Jackson
    Samuel Jackson 9 days ago

    Wow... great job

  • Xavier Weaver
    Xavier Weaver 9 days ago +1

    Okay but why is this better than the actual trailer?

  • Chris Taggart
    Chris Taggart 10 days ago

    There is some deeper truth to what thanos says.

  • I Deadlock
    I Deadlock 10 days ago +1

    this was insane great job man

  • Café Stifflered
    Café Stifflered 10 days ago

    Wow. That was a great edit.

  • Emio Tomeoni
    Emio Tomeoni 10 days ago

    Now I rest, and watch the sunrise on a grateful comment section

  • Black Dynamike
    Black Dynamike 10 days ago

    If this was the actual trailer released, this would’ve broken the internet. Well done 👍🏽

  • aj stockstill
    aj stockstill 10 days ago

    I always thought the mcu thanos had that Godzilla vibe to him..........this video make me think that even more......good job

  • murrowboy
    murrowboy 11 days ago

    This trailer is better then what was made but your trailer will never be accepted due to the fact that it pretty much shows all the action scenes in the entire movie and too much of Thanos.
    DC messed up by showing doomsday in the trailer. Whoever made that decision should have been fired.

  • Stefan Ostojic
    Stefan Ostojic 11 days ago +1

    💗 Love this FM trailer

  • Christopher Buckley
    Christopher Buckley 11 days ago

    Dude i'm an editor too and I need to know how do you get such clear audio.

  • 리토리
    리토리 11 days ago

    Soooooooooooo goooooood

  • XXKamelotYtXX
    XXKamelotYtXX 12 days ago

    This fits so good

  • TheRealFlyingMonkey
    TheRealFlyingMonkey 12 days ago

    That was a very good edit. A little spoiler filled for a trailer but as just a fan edit great job

  • Angelo Sabud
    Angelo Sabud 13 days ago

    Damn timed perfectly and the music suits each scene. Subscribed

  • Master Max 2004
    Master Max 2004 13 days ago

    This is amazing. This reminds me just of the Godzilla trailer and it fits so well and it could just be as well as the actual trailer.

  • Juli - A23
    Juli - A23 13 days ago

    Más que trailer, tributo

  • Faith Sands
    Faith Sands 14 days ago

    This is epic

  • - Jayden -
    - Jayden - 14 days ago

    I found your Gangsta's Paradise Infinity War trailer first and was completely blown away by how good it was. I saw this, and wasn't sure if I was going to watch it until I saw you had made it, and knew it had to be good... Wow I was wrong. It was incredible. I'm blown away by how great of a trailer you have made here, a trailer that could be presented to a general audience before the movie came out, as it doesn't really spoil anything. But this was amazing..
    Now I'm just eagerly awaiting Endgame to come out to see what you're able to do with that footage. I know it'll be amazing

  • S&M Gaming
    S&M Gaming 15 days ago +1

    I love the emotional vibes this trailer gave off.

  • rigz
    rigz 15 days ago

    1:52 that gave me chills

  • rigz
    rigz 15 days ago

    this without a doubt the best fanmade trailer ive ever watched

  • Luis Alberto Chacoma
    Luis Alberto Chacoma 15 days ago


  • AWW_ YEA81
    AWW_ YEA81 17 days ago

    Wow that matched perfectly

  • Video Clips
    Video Clips 18 days ago

    Watch my first video in my new channel!

  • HellBoy Glover -
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  • wadafefe
    wadafefe 19 days ago

    Damn this was great it actually made me feel bad for thanos

  • Jesus Campos
    Jesus Campos 19 days ago

    I just love how one who understands film can put together a trailer better than a studio who invested millions

  • Travis Hinton
    Travis Hinton 19 days ago


  • Kokamzy
    Kokamzy 20 days ago

    this does feels so good

  • El astronauta
    El astronauta 20 days ago

    Woooowwww hasta se piensa que es un trailer de verdad :0 hermoso

  • Jamie Forshaw
    Jamie Forshaw 21 day ago

    That was so fucking good

  • Ryan Floysand
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  • PaulBeen
    PaulBeen 22 days ago

    This is incredible, jesus

  • Manny P
    Manny P 22 days ago


  • TheManWithCandy YT
    TheManWithCandy YT 23 days ago

    Why was this better than the actual trailer

  • Legendary Ghidorah
    Legendary Ghidorah 23 days ago

    Why does this make sense

  • Joshua Gilmore
    Joshua Gilmore 23 days ago

    You, sir just gave me the chills. That deserves a sub

  • Danii G.
    Danii G. 24 days ago

    Long live the Gauntlet

  • random shits channel
    random shits channel 24 days ago +1

    This just brung back half of the population on the universe

  • Richo-senpai
    Richo-senpai 24 days ago +1

    you should've put "bring me Thanos" scream at the end

  • Sytrickel
    Sytrickel 26 days ago +1

    Um why couldn’t this have been the trailer instead

    • Ron
      Ron 25 days ago

      Because this music is to capture the greatness and divine judgement of the king of the monster's. From Mike Dougherty in quote he said the music in the trailer is to make the monsters like gods that were forgotten so long ago by humanity and are now awakened and sent to punish humans for destroying the earth and forgetting the Titans.
      This music for thanos is meaningless for a marvel movie so there's your answer

      ......#LongLivetheKing 2019

  • Clyde Skywalker
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  • Agent 47
    Agent 47 26 days ago

    Do this for Godzilla3 the planet eater

  • Gaby Garcia
    Gaby Garcia 27 days ago +1

    Where is Godzilla

  • Mega Aleksa
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  • Johann Dsouza
    Johann Dsouza 28 days ago +1

    Holy shit balls. That was awesome

  • Paleo
    Paleo 29 days ago

    Pretty good i do say chap

  • Ariyon Reuben
    Ariyon Reuben Month ago +2

    This is better than the actual infinity war trailer😂

  • Sad Ghosth
    Sad Ghosth Month ago +1

    I imagined the cap screaming like eleven hahaha

  • Zuleydi daileth Garcia flores

    Nadie habla español

  • kanzai zodiak
    kanzai zodiak Month ago

    This is the best!!! Totally masterpiece

  • Matt The Activist
    Matt The Activist Month ago

    This deserves ALL the views

  • I am Durnzy
    I am Durnzy Month ago

    amazing, should have been the real trailer for the movie

    • Ron
      Ron 25 days ago

      No Godzilla did it first it's meaningless for a marvel movie

  • Ruben Garcia
    Ruben Garcia Month ago

    I avoided the trailers for Godzilla. Now I have an idea what will happen lol

  • Scraskin
    Scraskin Month ago +1

    There are so many poorly edited "tributes to 'X' MCU character" that everyone praises, but holy shit was this actually really good and deserves every bit of praise it gets

  • Pazeth Sulthana
    Pazeth Sulthana Month ago +1

    *MARVEL :

  • robbie tingson
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  • Abe Wan
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  • Kellen Brennan
    Kellen Brennan Month ago

    I hate it when trailers show the entire movie

    • Nicholas
      Nicholas 29 days ago

      Yeah, me too
      but this isn't an actual trailer.

  • Alex Najar
    Alex Najar Month ago

    Holy shit this was fantastic man!!

  • Sean Thomas
    Sean Thomas Month ago


  • Roxy the starfox
    Roxy the starfox Month ago +2

    It was an amazing trailer but I still think when Thor shoved his hammer into Thanos's chest, Thanos should've roared like Godzilla

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  • Mahatane Malcom
    Mahatane Malcom Month ago

    Plz do endgame Godzilla style

    • Zakai 621
      Zakai 621 Month ago

      We have to wait for another trailer or the movie to come out

  • Deb Roy
    Deb Roy Month ago

    Wow...it was Epic ♥️ excellent work 😍😍😍😍 Much better than the actual one.. what an editing 👏👏👏

  • Jonah Marshall
    Jonah Marshall Month ago


    DHAFIN RH Month ago

    01:48 i'm glad Cap didn't Scream like Medison does

  • Zakai 621
    Zakai 621 Month ago +1

    It's... Beautiful..

  • Andriyan Martasuta
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  • Isaac Mora Gonzalez

    The perfect avengers trailer doesn’t exi...

  • JP Quintana
    JP Quintana Month ago +1

    As a trailer, imo it revealed too much, as just a regular video, it was pretty badass

  • Cal
    Cal Month ago

    Was inspired by this video to make a Godzilla style trailer for Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith.
    If you could give it a watch and let me know what you think I would really appreciate it!

  • Zero zone
    Zero zone Month ago

    Gojira, i dont feel so good...

  • Jack Tato
    Jack Tato Month ago +1

    Wtf.... this ls so good it pisses me off. This would of made the hype so much better

  • Josie Rodriguez
    Josie Rodriguez Month ago


  • Quang Hạ Tăng Trần

    Good but spoil a lot.

  • Nicholas Mazza
    Nicholas Mazza Month ago

    I would have considered this an especially impressive trailer even if it was produced by the Studio -- the fact that this is fan made is all the more impressive. Bravo!

  • Logan Powdrill
    Logan Powdrill Month ago

    That was one of the best one of these I’ve ever seen

  • Joachim Jupiter
    Joachim Jupiter Month ago

    So fucking dope!