Avengers: Infinity War Trailer (Godzilla: King of the Monsters Style)


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  • К Я
    К Я 3 hours ago


  • Sounak Mitra
    Sounak Mitra 3 hours ago

    Loved your video... awesome thanks for it

  • Temiking
    Temiking 3 hours ago

    That was beautiful 😭

  • Braden Drake
    Braden Drake 4 hours ago

    Earned my subscription!

  • Captain Alexx
    Captain Alexx 4 hours ago

    Someone should show this to Marvel

  • sebastian michaelis
    sebastian michaelis 5 hours ago

    this was better than the movie

  • Twigryph
    Twigryph 5 hours ago

    A very soulful promo for Thanos the Movie

  • Stormblade
    Stormblade 5 hours ago

    The most amazing thing I’ve ever seen

  • Jay Cruz
    Jay Cruz 6 hours ago

    Great Fucken Trailer bro 👍👍

  • glue
    glue 6 hours ago

    this is one of my favorites

  • laavanya ramakanth
    laavanya ramakanth 6 hours ago

    Thanos infinity war finally has a trailer !!

  • DotDotDot
    DotDotDot 7 hours ago

    Basicly the same plot as Godzilla.

  • W3N 2H3
    W3N 2H3 7 hours ago

    1:36 I cried

  • BlackCat Productions
    BlackCat Productions 8 hours ago

    Imagine Thanos actually roaring like Godzilla at the end

  • Lord Wukong
    Lord Wukong 8 hours ago

    Could I ask you to make a trailer for my channel plz!!!

  • itzPenn y
    itzPenn y 9 hours ago

    I just watched infinity war for a third time and came back to this trailer such a great piece dude ur going places

  • Sambayi Mushiyi
    Sambayi Mushiyi 9 hours ago


  • Noxiosus
    Noxiosus 9 hours ago

    This is absolutely incredible! This will forever be the trailer I watch or show anyone when I think back on Infinity War.

  • LavaSpeedRacer
    LavaSpeedRacer 10 hours ago

    Thanos: Infinity War

  • Frankie Echavarria III
    Frankie Echavarria III 12 hours ago

    Awesome edit!!!

  • ghostface40
    ghostface40 12 hours ago +1

    Holy shit this trailer gave me goosebumps

  • AJ Shadow
    AJ Shadow 13 hours ago

    Now that’s dope

  • Grohl Kins
    Grohl Kins 13 hours ago

    god if this had been the first official trailer showed back in december 2017 i would have been in a coma

  • EdanZy
    EdanZy 13 hours ago

    this trailer is insane.

  • Nostalgia Guy
    Nostalgia Guy 13 hours ago

    That was fucking amazing *manly tear*

  • TurtleLover 28
    TurtleLover 28 13 hours ago

    I can’t explain how well done this is, if this was the real trailer I feel like I would have been more exited for the movie. I’m so hyped for Godzilla too.

  • Pedro Alejandro Mir
    Pedro Alejandro Mir 13 hours ago

    this is a better movie.

  • Mort Da Jew
    Mort Da Jew 13 hours ago

    This was very good like movie production whality

  • Brown pillows
    Brown pillows 13 hours ago

    Rarely do I comment on videos, but this was absolutely majestic. This felt like an official trailer. Music and dialogue blended perfectly. Well done.

  • Artic
    Artic 14 hours ago

    Do Star Wars rogue one trailer(godzilla king of monsters style)

  • hezekiah nunez
    hezekiah nunez 14 hours ago

    King of monsters style? You just played the same music

  • Artic
    Artic 14 hours ago

    Yo that is in sync it gave me the chills

  • Estevan Rodriguez
    Estevan Rodriguez 14 hours ago

    King of the monsters music form the trailer is beautiful and attaching it to this imma watch it again

  • Andrew Geary
    Andrew Geary 15 hours ago

    Okay that is crazy good with this music. It makes it feel so much more like a gut wrenching movie

  • Rhys Wallace
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  • Yntsy
    Yntsy 15 hours ago

    why is this not the main trailer?

  • Shashwat Mishra
    Shashwat Mishra 15 hours ago

    I got goosebumps.

  • Pedro Benites
    Pedro Benites 15 hours ago

    Emocionante. E obrigado pelas legendas!

  • phillybigbully
    phillybigbully 15 hours ago

    All three judges score the bout 120-109 for the winner..........

    ......AND NEW!!!!

  • Bogdan Shevchenko
    Bogdan Shevchenko 15 hours ago

    Debussy was absolutely perfect for this sequence. Well done.

  • [A2] Army
    [A2] Army 16 hours ago

    This is what everything looked like from Thanos perspective. He seems very heroic here

  • 火災秘密
    火災秘密 16 hours ago

    WHY IS GAMORA???!!!!

  • FR1Kk0Z
    FR1Kk0Z 16 hours ago +1

    If one Day im making a movie im hireing you asap

  • Dubura Kiba
    Dubura Kiba 16 hours ago

    knights of badassdom (evil dead style)

  • john desario
    john desario 17 hours ago

    You are doing God's work my friend. This is beautiful. Might enjoy watching this trailer more than the actual movie! Keep up the great work.

  • Fennekin
    Fennekin 17 hours ago

    a trailer from the point of view of Thanos... fucking brilliant

  • Crindela PlayZzTM
    Crindela PlayZzTM 17 hours ago

    Did anyone else get goosebumps??!

  • Zarik
    Zarik 18 hours ago

    This was amazing! Love that the focus is on Thanos.

  • francis davis
    francis davis 18 hours ago

    It's so sad but so good at the same. Time

  • Josh Hogg
    Josh Hogg 18 hours ago

    Omg this trailer really makes you feel thanos's pain 😢

  • Savon Lofton
    Savon Lofton 19 hours ago +1

    This trailer is beautiful man. The music fits so well to the feeling of Infinity War. I also LOVE how you made Thanos the main focus, like he's the main character, which he is. Gonna rewatch it in a few

  • Jahleel
    Jahleel 20 hours ago

    Not better than the regular one

  • Counterculture Trash
    Counterculture Trash 20 hours ago +1

    This is probably the best thing I’ve ever seen

  • Fleyk1707
    Fleyk1707 20 hours ago

    This trailer would bring Disney an extra 100 million dollars in box office easily

  • Marcus Worsham
    Marcus Worsham 20 hours ago


  • unkown
    unkown 21 hour ago

    epic well done man

  • Sayali Birje
    Sayali Birje 22 hours ago

    This is your best trailer yet!

  • FL0ze
    FL0ze 22 hours ago

    This guy STOLE YOUR TRAILER thexvid.com/video/rCVvKznUl_E/video.html

  • Liam White
    Liam White 22 hours ago

    This is so well done nice job

  • Maurice Barnes
    Maurice Barnes 23 hours ago

    Omfg please do more like this

  • 翔葉滑
    翔葉滑 23 hours ago


  • AsgerTheChristian
    AsgerTheChristian 23 hours ago

    Its better than the original trailer

  • bock bel
    bock bel 23 hours ago


  • Butter Clan
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  • Simon Corcoran
    Simon Corcoran Day ago +1

    2 of my favourite franchises in one trailer

    I love it

  • nando Eren
    nando Eren Day ago

    This trailer is fucking amazing

  • Scott Barrett
    Scott Barrett Day ago

    chills man fucking CHILLS

  • Kelpster
    Kelpster Day ago

    Ok so, can you please just make the future trailers for Star Wars, Godzilla, Jurassic World, and Avengers please? All they have to do is give you the music and you can somehow just form some masterpiece.

  • Brain Stem Soup
    Brain Stem Soup Day ago

    who else cried a little?

  • Ceol
    Ceol Day ago

    Trailers this good and somehow you only have 22k subs /: Also you've been featured on several websites, including screen rant! Keep up the great work man and I hope one day you'll be the one editing trailers for our favorite movies :D

  • Mad Titan
    Mad Titan Day ago

    I don’t know why but the music made me want to cry

  • Lee Lanzini
    Lee Lanzini Day ago +6

    This is one of my favorite fan made trailers for Infinity War! So good!👌

  • mitrooper
    mitrooper Day ago +3

    The use of imagery, motion and music is just perfect, just look and listen at this when the ship crashes... 1:38
    That's attention to detail, Incredible job!
    Dare I say it...Yeah, the best movie trailer I have seen in years.

  • Isaac Flamenco
    Isaac Flamenco Day ago

    This is fucking awesome

  • Jason Crosbie
    Jason Crosbie Day ago

    I'm sorry little one... 😢

  • paitien smare
    paitien smare Day ago

    CarpenterSound can you please do an Avengers: Infinity War Trailer (Transformers 3: Dark of the moon Style)

  • Max Powers
    Max Powers Day ago

    This brought me to actual tears. Oh God, I can't stop watching this...

  • Muyang Cheng
    Muyang Cheng Day ago


  • Gerryl dionisio
    Gerryl dionisio Day ago

    You should be proud of yourself, this is so good

  • dom21
    dom21 Day ago

    Do you think that if this trailer was official do you think legendary would be mad at marvel well it’s a good song I have to admit even the original I’m trying to play it right because it’s such a beautiful song no joke


    This is so epic !!

  • CAPO 21
    CAPO 21 Day ago

    Bien hecho!

  • 3DaiYo4Kai56
    3DaiYo4Kai56 Day ago

    Pretty good edit. Well done

  • Michael Spears
    Michael Spears Day ago

    I loved how this trailer almost felt centralized around Thanos. This was honestly a masterpiece and if this was played in a theater I wouldn't haved guessed it wasn't an official one by Marvel. Incredible work.

  • DeathStreak007
    DeathStreak007 Day ago

    This was really grt bruh..loved it

  • Paul Koffi
    Paul Koffi Day ago

    King Kong (gozilla style )

  • yoyogo504
    yoyogo504 Day ago +51

    This is my thirty fifth time watching this trailer and I wish this was the trailer Marvel would have used. This is single handily the best trailer for a movie I have ever seen. From the music, the specific dialogue chosen and scenes displayed. Spark such an epic to be embarked on and explored. The trailer gives off such an emotional vibe from the respected view of the Mad titan himself. You've manage to make me question the title given to him in this short of time. Seriously CarpenterSound you are amazing and I thank you for such a masterpiece of a cut.

    • Benjamin Stampe
      Benjamin Stampe Day ago

      i agree that its very well put together and a fun watch when you have seen the movie. but it reveals way to much to be used as a original trailer.

  • LittlePancake53
    LittlePancake53 Day ago

    The part where Thor is saying "i know it feels like all hope is lost,but together,we can kill Thanos." Is the best,especially when peter falls into Tony's arms

  • Cory Harger
    Cory Harger Day ago

    It's so good but I keep waiting for the roar at the end

  • I don’t Feel so good

    Was I supposed to cry...

  • KillMyself Worthless

    You managed to make a trailer better then the actual trailers

  • operator 117
    operator 117 Day ago

    These are the best

  • geckogaming Strikes

    This is amazing

  • Garrararar HUHUHU

    Marvel should use this trailer T T

  • Benalski241
    Benalski241 Day ago

    Wow... Amazing

  • probably not real ooo

    This made the movie 1000 times better than what it already is

  • Lui_ Gaming
    Lui_ Gaming Day ago

    Why isn’t this the real trailer

  • Niko_Rokku 117
    Niko_Rokku 117 Day ago

    Marvel and Disney Should watch This Trailer..... No it's not a trailer. IT'S A MASTERPIECE

  • Darien James
    Darien James Day ago