Avengers: Infinity War Trailer (Godzilla: King of the Monsters Style)


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  • CarpenterSound
    CarpenterSound  3 months ago +130

    You can find my analysis along with additional notes for this trailer here on my website: www.carpentersound.com/#/avengers-infinity-war-godzilla-king-of-the-monsters-style/

    • five star Jackson
      five star Jackson 9 days ago

      CarpenterSound do marvel v dc

    • Fleiki
      Fleiki 2 months ago +1

      Black Panther: Get dis man some subs.

    • billy fraiser
      billy fraiser 2 months ago

      1:20 part with the music i felt was wasted.... could have had a much more epic scene. Also, what does this have to do with Godzilla? because this song was used in the trailer? There's nothing Godzilla style about this.This is Debussy's Clair de Lune and that's it.

    • Andrew Musillo
      Andrew Musillo 2 months ago +1

      Hey can you bring back the 2016 oscar montage, I think that was one of your best edits, and it's a shame that it's no longer up

    • booked gaming
      booked gaming 2 months ago

      Usually im not of these kind of traliers but this was so well but together i just have to give you a thumbs for it, hily shit

  • Rainbow Gangsta
    Rainbow Gangsta 2 hours ago

    Wow this was really good

  • Canal Do Licoln
    Canal Do Licoln 7 hours ago

    Plseaaase, Avengers 4 trailer! Where are You man? WE need You Noooow!

  • GamerzRule
    GamerzRule 23 hours ago

    This is a Masterpiece!

  • busywl69
    busywl69 Day ago

    damn. fury road quality.

  • Mick Kenny
    Mick Kenny Day ago


  • hoaf traanf
    hoaf traanf Day ago

    the epic music

  • ViperWolf
    ViperWolf Day ago

    Amazing video!👏
    As you know, the Avengers Endgame trailer is out.
    You gonna act on it?
    By the way, you should contact marvel studios and tell them to hire you to create trailers of this quality that we see in this trailer!

  • Luke Macarthur
    Luke Macarthur Day ago

    1:13 to 1:27 is my favorite part

  • Matthew Moran
    Matthew Moran 2 days ago

    Now do the "Infinity War" trailer in the style of "Halloween(2018)"!!

  • Ágoston Bárány
    Ágoston Bárány 2 days ago +2

    How much less this would be without debussy

  • Andrew Meyer
    Andrew Meyer 3 days ago

    Researching Avengers: Endgame's trailer brought me & I must say, THIS UTTER PERFECTION. Subbed

  • FideL AlejandrO GonzaleZ AscenciO

    Thanos:king of the titan's

  • Theraxinner47 YT
    Theraxinner47 YT 3 days ago

    That was pretty good

  • LaCoy Cooks
    LaCoy Cooks 4 days ago

    What’s that score name. I just heard it played on a piano in twilight and it sounds beautiful

  • Kanexi
    Kanexi 4 days ago

    Simply Beautifull

  • NoSaints WithoutSinners

    Stan Lee would of been so proud of this.

  • Connor Ward
    Connor Ward 6 days ago

    This is it chief

  • Christopher Rempel
    Christopher Rempel 6 days ago


  • F Ok
    F Ok 8 days ago

    My proudest fap

  • Mazinger z six souls

    Any survivors who survived no nut November it's time to avenge our brothers and sisters :(

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 8 days ago

    This is actually so much better than the official trailer

  • DeepShadedGlassesGuy


  • Mikael Patel
    Mikael Patel 9 days ago

    This is really well made

  • nosajasonM
    nosajasonM 9 days ago

    Such a great trailer. I just uploaded a KOTM Style I made, but instead of Infinity War, it's Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory :) Check it out :) thexvid.com/video/elMoO-rYBTE/video.html

  • Nick Shaffer
    Nick Shaffer 9 days ago

    One of my fav things about the lead up to Infinity War’s release was the alterations to the trailers that limited spoilers
    Similarly, i suspect with minimal alteration to this trailer (VFX removal of Infinity Stone like in the OG trailers, touch ups to Spider-Man so he’s not disintegrating) we would have something comparable **If not better** than what we got

    (pity that my other fav thing was the focus on the Alan Silvestri’s “Avengers motif” in the trailers to prime audiences for when it can in the score)

  • 1 17
    1 17 10 days ago

    Why did it cost?


    That was incredible.

  • Guobei Zhang
    Guobei Zhang 10 days ago

    I just found the best youtube channel ever!

  • rex arnett
    rex arnett 10 days ago

    This is better than the normal trailer

  • Riceyy
    Riceyy 11 days ago +1

    Marvel should let you make their trailers for them. Outstanding.

  • Alfonso Torres
    Alfonso Torres 11 days ago

    One word: Beautiful

  • HisManyBadHorses
    HisManyBadHorses 11 days ago

    This is better than the actual trailer....
    Made me pop Infinity War in right now. Holy shit man.

  • 1000ways2fly
    1000ways2fly 11 days ago

    Wow hahaha. Sick af

  • Nick Barber
    Nick Barber 12 days ago

    Why are you so good???

  • riquilol
    riquilol 13 days ago


  • PanCake
    PanCake 13 days ago

    This was wayyyy better than the original,,, the Clair de lune just makes it so deep

  • Nick G
    Nick G 14 days ago

    Please do a trailer of Gravity Falls in the style of Stranger Things season 2 Final Trailer. I think it would be a worthy challenge of your skill so please at least consider it

  • Joe Lackey
    Joe Lackey 14 days ago +1

    Debussy sounds goooooood here.

  • 폴링
    폴링 14 days ago

    Thanos vs Godzila

  • likemydripTV
    likemydripTV 15 days ago

    this is actually so good man, wtf!

  • Nico Marquez15
    Nico Marquez15 16 days ago +1

    *Thanos: King of Infinity Stones*

  • Eddie - Venom
    Eddie - Venom 17 days ago

    Wow this is amazing!

  • Baby Cee
    Baby Cee 17 days ago

    I liked it you put as if thanos was the hero in this story

  • jose petrinjak
    jose petrinjak 18 days ago

    This is onestly really really good.

  • Zach
    Zach 18 days ago

    Dope trailer. Too many big spoilers.

  • Juicybird
    Juicybird 18 days ago

    When I think of infinity wars trailer, this is what comes to mind now. it's just perfect !

  • Princess Butterfly
    Princess Butterfly 18 days ago +1

    This makes the original trailer look fake

  • T.L. Minyard
    T.L. Minyard 19 days ago

    Honestly, this is better than the actual trailer

  • Karen Catizone
    Karen Catizone 20 days ago

    After the events of Infinity War, The Avengers just might need to call Godzilla for help in Avengers 4.

  • ejleoz21
    ejleoz21 20 days ago

    Great trailer but you kinda revealed deaths too easily.

  • Mr.Funny Guy283
    Mr.Funny Guy283 20 days ago +3

    Know what it feels like to *Cry and pee* at the same time.

  • No Body
    No Body 22 days ago


  • Syn
    Syn 22 days ago

    This was fucking dope 👏🏼

  • Andrew Lazer
    Andrew Lazer 24 days ago

    Really loved this trailer. Also, I was wondering if you can please make a Logan trailer with the Godzilla: King Of Monsters theme.

  • JayY1Thousand
    JayY1Thousand 24 days ago

    Movie Godzilla vs Movie Thanos who wins? Both with and without stones.

    • Eddie - Venom
      Eddie - Venom 17 days ago +1

      Stones= Thanos
      No Stones= Godzilla

  • Jared Canter
    Jared Canter 24 days ago

    It’s incredible how something as simple as a song can change the entire feeling of something so powerfully.

  • The shape of evil
    The shape of evil 25 days ago

    Tell me his name


  • Gabe Jones
    Gabe Jones 25 days ago

    This should've been the original trailer, you can't change my mind

  • bert21
    bert21 27 days ago

    moSt SlePt oN VidEo iN 2018

  • 킹기도라
    킹기도라 27 days ago


    STLTURBO 3 27 days ago


    STLTURBO 3 27 days ago

    1:55 best part

  • A.G.G. Kingfast
    A.G.G. Kingfast 27 days ago

    Why was this better than the original

  • Miguel Torres
    Miguel Torres 28 days ago

    Rip Stan Lee

  • Victor McBride
    Victor McBride 28 days ago

    Fuck yeah!

  • Vape Bloc
    Vape Bloc 28 days ago

    Included a ton of spoilers but if the studio went with something like this, I'm sure they would have prepped the right script for it. Awesome trailer!

  • Dead Pool
    Dead Pool 29 days ago +2

    1:12 to 1:26 so freaking beautiful bro my god in heaven that shot and music go together

  • Cross_ Kriss
    Cross_ Kriss 29 days ago +1

    Better than the original trailer

  • John Underwood
    John Underwood Month ago

    Friggin awesome!!!

  • Manny Amato
    Manny Amato Month ago

    Keep doing you bro. Your the best

  • J LIND51
    J LIND51 Month ago

    This honestly was the best combo of shots with the music!

  • YoungBloodGamr95
    YoungBloodGamr95 Month ago

    I would have literally shat my pants if this was the actual trailer last year!

  • Ryan Brooks
    Ryan Brooks Month ago

    Holy shit that was amazing i would say even a very close second to the actual first trailer of Infinity War

  • kafadar talha
    kafadar talha Month ago

    good nice perfect.

  • PapiDarko
    PapiDarko Month ago +1

    Woahhhh very very well done!!! Extremely surprised, there goes no nut november

  • Havok
    Havok Month ago

    I like this trailer more.

  • Kenneth Fadojutimi
    Kenneth Fadojutimi Month ago

    The fact that the song goes better with this movie really makes me happy😂

  • Agustin Salas
    Agustin Salas Month ago

    The musical choice was BRILLIANT!! Your editing was perfect and you captured the awe and grandeur of the film expertly. Any studio or movie distrubutor would be lucky to have you make the promotional material for their films. I'd go see any movie you did a trailer for, awesome job man!

  • Seth Taut
    Seth Taut Month ago

    You know how to make a trailer dude

  • TheGamingMonkey
    TheGamingMonkey Month ago

    This makes it seem like Thanos is the protagonist... i likey

  • Nathanael Reyes
    Nathanael Reyes Month ago

    Dude this is fucking badass. How’d you single out the dialogue so perfectly.

  • vegax10
    vegax10 Month ago

    Nice music election

  • Nathan Willis
    Nathan Willis Month ago

    This is so cool

  • TrapLocke
    TrapLocke Month ago

    Almost better than any other marvel trailer 😂😂

  • TrapLocke
    TrapLocke Month ago

    Absolutely Amazing

  • The Mondaze
    The Mondaze Month ago

    I just failed No nut November

  • Meme killer
    Meme killer Month ago

    0:25 I loved the way you cropped out the gauntlet so we don’t see which stones he managed to get

    • dragonmcmx
      dragonmcmx Month ago +1

      Not to take away from the uploader's editing genius, but I'm pretty sure it was like that in the movie as well. Only IMAX screenings showed the stones in that shot.

  • Latenci'sDad
    Latenci'sDad Month ago

    1:35 this scene with this music made me feel emotional

  • Bruce Cain
    Bruce Cain Month ago

    Everything after 1:20 gives me chills

  • Rodent With Shades
    Rodent With Shades Month ago

    Badass actually

  • bluexco
    bluexco Month ago

    I was trying to imagine never seeing this movie and wondering if this gave too much away. It's cut so well that I think you could get away spoiler free.

  • Emre Anşin MV
    Emre Anşin MV Month ago

    omg it was beautiful....................................

  • Eduardo Ortiz / h
    Eduardo Ortiz / h Month ago

    A great example of creativity and editing. More people need to see this!

  • Stormcloak Soldier
    Stormcloak Soldier Month ago

    A masterpiece, the 2 best trailers joint

  • sjhitman85
    sjhitman85 Month ago

    Wow...it's perfect...take a bow sir

    Agent SEPTEMBER Month ago

    TRAILER. OF. THE. YEAR. 2018.

  • Double ee Animations

    However did this.... WOW

  • Jonathon Kidd
    Jonathon Kidd Month ago


  • Carl
    Carl Month ago

    This is awesome! It's really really well done, and I like Godzilla and the avengers 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Gwzz1
    Gwzz1 Month ago

    this wasnt taht good at the other but i still thumbed up to support your work magnificent