Hitmaka - Thot Box (Remix) (feat. Young MA, Dreezy, DreamDoll, Mulatto, Chinese Kitty) [Video]

  • Published on Nov 15, 2019
  • Hitmaka - Thot Box (Remix) (feat.Young MA, Dreezy, DreamDoll, Mulatto, Chinese Kitty )
    Directed by: John Tashiro @johntashiro
    Executive Produced by: Lucas Prevost & Harrison A.W. Corwin
    Stream: Hitmaka.lnk.to/ThotBoxRemix
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    #Hitmaka #ThotBoxRemix #OfficialVideo
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  • Nadia Alexis
    Nadia Alexis 4 hours ago


  • Mylee’s vlogs !!!!
    Mylee’s vlogs !!!! 4 hours ago

    I love all they verses!! But anyone finna talk bout the girl throwing the money during young M.A verse 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tiana M
    Tiana M 4 hours ago

    Young ma talking about herself huh

  • i_playz gaming
    i_playz gaming 6 hours ago

    Dreamdoll and drezzy💞

  • thabest0910
    thabest0910 6 hours ago

    I love everything about thisss

  • Lauren Pointer
    Lauren Pointer 6 hours ago

    This is mad fire! Looks like the Hitmaka came back in the full effect with some more smoke!

  • Curvy Cutie28
    Curvy Cutie28 7 hours ago

    What is dream wearing

  • RaeSZN
    RaeSZN 7 hours ago

    Too fye 🔥

  • JJ SS
    JJ SS 8 hours ago

    Give sawwite some credit sad her line but couldn't even say her name💅😡

    LSIXX 9 hours ago

    Everybody spazzed 💯

  • TheReal Taii
    TheReal Taii 9 hours ago +2

    Dreezy ate this shit up🔥😱💯But all of Em did they thing💯🔥

  • Neveah Blair
    Neveah Blair 10 hours ago

    Dream doll killed this

  • Neveah Blair
    Neveah Blair 10 hours ago

    Dream doll killed this

  • Tomei F.
    Tomei F. 10 hours ago

    “Thot cock” 🤭🤭🤭😂

  • Katina Whitley
    Katina Whitley 11 hours ago

    Blue face young ma would rap🎤 you under a bus

  • Sam G
    Sam G 11 hours ago +1

    Dream really surprised me! Dreezy ATE periodt, imma check out Chinese kitty now cuz her verse was nice too, M.A was laid back but the bars was fire and I'm using her verse as instagram captions, and I'm a lil disappointed mulatto didn't do a verse but she was perfect for the chorus. Over all this WENT HARD!! This is why the rap girls don't need to be beefing, I need more collabs.

  • Indira Patmore
    Indira Patmore 11 hours ago +1

    This is Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. Each verse sicker than the last. I'm Dream Doll's voice too

  • Sunniya LA
    Sunniya LA 11 hours ago +1

    I love how they switched the whole idea of THOT lol I'm all for calling a man a THOT-BOX.

  • Sunniya LA
    Sunniya LA 11 hours ago

    I hardly know all these young ladies music; I'm 80 baby lml so that should speak for my age lml But anyway, I really love to see these young ladies all on one track and video. Keep making those hits Hitmaka and ladies keep doing your own thing, but, never think you can't work with other young ladies/women and not shine. They all shining with BARS!

  • Breana Carter
    Breana Carter 11 hours ago

    is it just me or do mulatto and dreezy kinda look alike just different skin tones

  • luv_monay
    luv_monay 12 hours ago

    Dreezy had barz

  • Byron Jackson
    Byron Jackson 12 hours ago

    They went Ku on this shit 🔥🔥

  • Demifan39
    Demifan39 12 hours ago

    Young MA was by far my favorite part lmaoo

  • Latya J
    Latya J 12 hours ago

    This shit litty !

  • Erykah Lewis
    Erykah Lewis 12 hours ago

    Is it just me or did dream doll’s voice drop by like 8 octave’s?

  • Mark Brown
    Mark Brown 12 hours ago

    Hitmaka looks like juelz santana

  • ashimadaniel31
    ashimadaniel31 12 hours ago

    Dreezy killed this 💯💯💯

  • Aarian B
    Aarian B 13 hours ago

    DreamDoll wiped the floor with everybody, flow was insane.

  • jn
    jn 13 hours ago


  • Willona Mcneill
    Willona Mcneill 13 hours ago

    No need to listen past young ma

  • Amelia Joel
    Amelia Joel 15 hours ago

    Dreezy is a trash person in real life. Know her personally.

  • Hennesy TV
    Hennesy TV 15 hours ago

    young berg

  • Asia' Rayy
    Asia' Rayy 16 hours ago +1

    Check this out 🔥 thexvid.com/video/5196mR3Dmck/video.html

  • Lauren Nash
    Lauren Nash 16 hours ago

    Dreammmm kilt everyone DID THAT

  • ladydee1001
    ladydee1001 16 hours ago

    Kitty was the only verse i wasn't really feeling wasn't bad tho we need this type of unity

  • Paige Dior
    Paige Dior 17 hours ago

    Dream giving lil Kim’s vibes and I’m here for it 😩😩

  • Buggy's World
    Buggy's World 17 hours ago

    They all ate this shit 💪🏾🔥

  • Rodolfo Hernandez
    Rodolfo Hernandez 17 hours ago +1

    Just leave it to the guys from now on....

  • Andre Giles
    Andre Giles 18 hours ago

    Dreezy had the best verse

  • Adina Spurlock
    Adina Spurlock 18 hours ago


  • Miss lid
    Miss lid 19 hours ago

    Yooooo Drezzy murdered this song Okayyy

  • Edembe Patrick Richy
    Edembe Patrick Richy 19 hours ago


  • babyfacexjackie
    babyfacexjackie 20 hours ago +4

    women ATE this record MORE than the ORIGINAL RECORD b/c whewww EVERYBODY was eating!! i love seeing women especially BLACK women come together and DOMINATE🥳!!

  • Tisha Vicente
    Tisha Vicente 21 hour ago

    Dreamdoll💦👿👿👿♥️killed it

  • Iam Bricito
    Iam Bricito 22 hours ago

    Big Latto always do her thing

  • Iam Bricito
    Iam Bricito 22 hours ago

    Bruh all these ladies got bars. I though MA was gone stand alone but damn. Dreezy still got it. Never heard of Dreamdoll or Chinese Kitty but I’m going to check them out now.

  • Izzy Ellice Marshall

    Dream doll killed it!!

  • Wax Zilla
    Wax Zilla Day ago

    Ain't that young bird

  • Amber Adams
    Amber Adams Day ago +1

    No shade cause this bitch bang in my car 💁🏽‍♀️ but I really don't be knowing who these #new female rappers be 🤷🏽‍♀️
    People say Cardi B paved the way for the new female rappers 🙅🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️🤔 I love me some Bardi but #MeghanTheeStallion came to take what is rightfully hers & that's the crown 👑

  • Theresa Taylor
    Theresa Taylor Day ago +1

    "Full course meal, your main nigga my side piece"

  • Cierra Santos
    Cierra Santos Day ago

    They all look so good!

  • Itsonly 1Rashley

    Lmaoooo i definitely heard this somewhere before 🤔

    DA CHIEF Day ago

    Staright murdered Guys Version bodybagged 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💀

  • Riann Beddes
    Riann Beddes Day ago

    Y'all ALL went crazy period 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • N P
    N P Day ago +1

    I don’t get it. Are they saying they aren’t thots... or are they trying to reclaim the word thot... good song tho. But I need an explanation

  • Jia F
    Jia F Day ago

    he resembles yung berg 🤔

  • Mstruebeauty25
    Mstruebeauty25 Day ago

    Mannnnnn they ripped this shit hands down

  • thug8200
    thug8200 Day ago

    Dreezy the coldest

  • King Gregory
    King Gregory Day ago +2

    i need part 2 with nicki, meg, rico, asian, and kash right the fuck now

  • Franki Phoenix
    Franki Phoenix Day ago +1

    Tbh I never took Chinese Kitty seriously, but she ate this shit up! Dream was my favorite but Dreezy the MVP 🔥👑👑👑👑 beautifully done! I want more female rap collabos