Full Face Of DIY Makeup Challenge (feat. Natalies Outlet)

  • Published on Jul 9, 2017
  • I've always wanted to make my own makeup, so I got my friend the amazing youtuber Natalies Outlet to help! We tried our homemade recipes and did a full face of homemade DIY makeup, from foundation to mascara to lipstick. Would you try any of these beauty recipes?
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +5574

    HELLO LOVES!! Thanks for stopping by! Would you try any of these DIY recipes?? Also, who made it to the end to see the Ricky Dillon cameo?? Xox, Saf

    • Eva and Penny
      Eva and Penny 2 months ago

      Safiya Nygaard I saw that part

    • Thatannoyingperson25
      Thatannoyingperson25 3 months ago

      Safiya Nygaard can you wear all your Franken Makeup on and wear it in public and see how long all of the stuff last together

    • Venelope Queen
      Venelope Queen 5 months ago

      I'd try the eyebrows and the lipstick. Also I saw the rare Ricky Dillon! thexvid.com/user/pickleandbanana

    • Casey Cater
      Casey Cater 6 months ago

      Safiya Nygaard you know that kids watch your vids you can’t curse

    • Lovegood Gacha
      Lovegood Gacha 6 months ago

      Yes the lipstick and btw your like the only person I’m watching at the minuet

  • Emily K
    Emily K 13 hours ago

    Look at that adorable itty bitty frying pan!

  • Katelyn Phipps
    Katelyn Phipps Day ago

    Madam, I believe that Crayola says not to use it on your face because; Crayola crayons have a derivative of beef fat in them called Beef Tallow or Stearic Acid. Crayolas not vegan hahaha hahaha

  • Haley Holland
    Haley Holland Day ago

    I can’t get over her beard

  • Rida Batool
    Rida Batool 3 days ago

    i taste coco powder and its taste bitter

  • Lyds Vids
    Lyds Vids 3 days ago

    put corn starch, cocoa powder, and cinnamon together to make a powder, and add some lotion to make it liquid. but I do not recommend the liquid kind. and you can apparently burn the tip of a almond and make eyebrow powder.

  • priyam singh
    priyam singh 6 days ago

    My favourite makeup is Kajal foundation eyeliner matte lipstick eyebrow pencil

  • Julie LY
    Julie LY 8 days ago


  • lisa Timmons
    lisa Timmons 9 days ago

    Cinnamon is a spice, it should never be put on the skin, it can actually cause sever chemical burns.

  • Tythegamer Reaves
    Tythegamer Reaves 9 days ago


  • Savannah Seney
    Savannah Seney 11 days ago


  • Portlynn Boyd
    Portlynn Boyd 13 days ago

    I just made my TheXvid account and subscribed 😍

  • Ellie Games
    Ellie Games 14 days ago

    Safia looked like flash back mary

  • Lauren
    Lauren 15 days ago

    The other girl wasn’t committing enough to this - she had eyelashes on, but Saf was full naked faced, ready to look silly all the way. Need to get on Saf’s level yo

  • SiobhanAlyse
    SiobhanAlyse 17 days ago

    Just break it Safiya! Be a kid again!

  • Marit Irgens
    Marit Irgens 19 days ago

    Safiya do you like Harry Potter? If you do what house are you in I’m in SLYTHERIN!!

  • Anime Trash
    Anime Trash 19 days ago


  • SummerBummerLol
    SummerBummerLol 19 days ago +4

    Uhmmmm February 2019 anyone...? 😂

  • Andrea Caudill
    Andrea Caudill 20 days ago +1

    You should've sifted the clay for a smoother consistency

  • Harvey Granado
    Harvey Granado 20 days ago +3

    For eyeliner they should a used colored pencils in hot water

  • Spooky_Skeletonz
    Spooky_Skeletonz 20 days ago


  • Gacha_ Wolf
    Gacha_ Wolf 21 day ago

    They look like they been in a fire

  • Sophie Miguda
    Sophie Miguda 21 day ago +4

    You should do a Franken-perfume/body spray 😂

  • izumi mei
    izumi mei 22 days ago +1

    Has anybody had problems after using that crayola lipstick recipe?

  • Skara shia
    Skara shia 23 days ago +1

    You can make foundation by adding Coco powder to face lotion.

  • Xime H
    Xime H 23 days ago

    natalie and Saf togheter NO WAAAAAAY

  • Ellie Playz
    Ellie Playz 24 days ago

    Ya looked ok but she looked up uh GREAT!

  • Awesome_Alyssa _123
    Awesome_Alyssa _123 25 days ago +1

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    3. You read that wrong also
    4 You checked
    5. You smiled
    7. You wonder why still you reading this
    8. You saw that misstake right (on 7)
    10. But did you see I skipped number 6
    10. You checked
    11. And saw you I doubled 10 and skipped 9?
    12. And did you see I also skipped 2?
    14. You got tricked
    15. Im just wasting your time, go back and read other comments.

    I want a like and sub maybe 😄😅🙃

  • XxItzShadowFoxyxX UwU
    XxItzShadowFoxyxX UwU 26 days ago

    NATALIE! OMG COOOOOOOOOL love ya saf and natalie

  • Christina Renee
    Christina Renee 27 days ago

    Full face of diy crayons makeup

  • Lindsey Huerta
    Lindsey Huerta 29 days ago

    You know what crazy,Natalie’s married,safiya is now engaged,wtf time passes by so fast

  • MoMo
    MoMo 29 days ago

    The origins of modern mascara are pretty simple. A man observed his wife, Maybel, applying Vaseline mixed with charcoal to his lashes. He dubbed the product "Maybelline", a portmanteau of his wife's name and Vaseline, and turned it into a brand.

  • HølyCøw Dađ?
    HølyCøw Dađ? Month ago

    My lord eggsma

  • Joy Harnes
    Joy Harnes Month ago

    I feel you Natalie I he exama too it makes your skin really dry

  • M C Thurman
    M C Thurman Month ago

    I have used wellness mama’s recipe for lotion and chapstick for a few years now and I expect that you could use your giant beeswax block as an emulsion wax for the foundation. The lotion is also quite good but often greasy

  • Kasey Trammell
    Kasey Trammell Month ago

    best collab !!

  • Megan Donovan
    Megan Donovan Month ago

    Your nailed look expensive

  • Princess Ayesha
    Princess Ayesha Month ago

    Oh my 2 favorite youtubers together!!!!!!! waooo

  • AlexisLipstickAddict

    Would you consider doing a full face of jail/prison DIY makeup? Or even trying out Jail/Prison DIY food?

  • Hannah Edwards
    Hannah Edwards Month ago +1

    her nails familiar?

  • Isobel Williams
    Isobel Williams Month ago

    Natilie looks like she has been crying xd

  • natalie o
    natalie o Month ago

    I love the way Saf says my name lol some people jumble the letters and it sounds bad :(

  • Valeria C.
    Valeria C. Month ago

    What if you add bees wax to your lipstick recipe

  • Abu Zaman
    Abu Zaman Month ago

    OMG I have eczema too... TWINS

  • Sujatha Bay
    Sujatha Bay Month ago

    Lol I’m a beekeeper

  • Tierney Normand
    Tierney Normand Month ago

    You look like a unicorn

  • Tierney Normand
    Tierney Normand Month ago

    How come you look like a beautiful girl and nice hair

  • Karen Short
    Karen Short Month ago

    Make sure you do a good mask.

  • Karen Short
    Karen Short Month ago

    There is a reason why store bought makeup is a lot better. Thanks for show us why it is.

  • ReacterFrends YAY
    ReacterFrends YAY Month ago


  • kaylyn cat
    kaylyn cat Month ago

    The foundation works if you replace the aloe vera with lotion and the clay with cornstarch. I tried before

  • Penelope Celata
    Penelope Celata Month ago +1

    I have he are thing as Natalie

  • Always a Slytherin
    Always a Slytherin Month ago +2

    Saf: I didn't know aloe vera was the place to be
    Me: well..... I'm John Laurens in the place to be, two pints of Sam Adams but I'm working on three! Those red coats don't want it with me cuz I'mma pop chicka pop these cops till I'm free!
    (If you understand this I love you and we are friends now)

  • Rylan Austin
    Rylan Austin Month ago +1

    2 of my fav youtubers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Au Annie
    Au Annie Month ago

    I always hum along with the intro. 😅😅

  • Poppy Rose
    Poppy Rose Month ago

    You both look like hobos by the end of this lol

  • Mya Stancer
    Mya Stancer Month ago +1

    Did anyone else see her nails from when her and Cristine got them done

  • Julia :D
    Julia :D Month ago

    I feel like DIY make up is for 30-40 year old vegan minimalist I-only-use-natural-cosmetics feel-good leftist single moms

  • TheDdunn777
    TheDdunn777 Month ago

    Natalie's foundation though..

  • Lenora Alongi
    Lenora Alongi Month ago

    I have exama too

  • Juno Gonzalez
    Juno Gonzalez Month ago

    You guys are the best you guys should do more videos ... love it when my fav youtubers come together 🙏🙏🙏😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Sandra Klugman
    Sandra Klugman Month ago +1

    you look like you tried to give yourself fake freckles

  • Thetheninjagummybear

    Bentonite clay, huh?
    Are you planning on making pizza out of it?

  • Hania butt
    Hania butt Month ago +1

    Saf's nails tho

  • Kayla
    Kayla Month ago +1


  • Basilan Tarig
    Basilan Tarig Month ago

    can you do the 24 hours in an asmr voice challenge plzzzzzzzzz

  • Basilan Tarig
    Basilan Tarig Month ago


  • Matapihi Timoko
    Matapihi Timoko Month ago

    Wtf eg za Mon exma

  • Carol Watkins
    Carol Watkins Month ago

    Comment if u have seen bird box I have

  • The Procrastination Artist

    They looked like they came out of a mine

  • Alexis b
    Alexis b Month ago

    this is my FAVORITE collab yall are my two favs:)

  • Camila Jusino
    Camila Jusino Month ago

    wow! the fact that they went out with THAT makeup is AMAZING!!!!
    we love confidents gals!!!😂❤️

  • Alexandra lee
    Alexandra lee Month ago

    I would just lose the foundation and thetas would be amazing. You two are already so pretty it doesn't matter! (I'm a girl if you didn't know)

  • Epicgirls 789
    Epicgirls 789 Month ago

    11:45 the beach family is behide them

  • Cupcake star
    Cupcake star Month ago

    Sat looks much better

  • Helen Stevenson
    Helen Stevenson Month ago

    Safiya is nearly at 7 million yay

  • Naomi Gold
    Naomi Gold Month ago

    Music at 7:24?? X

  • :]
    :] Month ago

    I have a recipe for some dip and can also be used as an eyeliner:
    1 teaspoon of beeswax
    Literally less than 1/2 a teaspoon of coconut oil (add in little bits until it’s creamy enough for u)
    Add tiny pinches of charcoal powder and do the same with cocoa powder until u have ur shade (sorry blondes....)
    It lasts up too 3 months as it has natural ingredients, that’s why u do it in small batches.

  • Hunter Pineapple
    Hunter Pineapple Month ago

    natalie was definitely not trying @ all lmao

  • Kate Haupt
    Kate Haupt Month ago +2

    For eyeliner, you can heat up a cup of water and put in a black colored pencil. The colored pencil colored inside will heat up and become soft can the color will transfer cleanly onto the face!! It’s awesome! I’ve tested it on myself, of course, and it works amazing! You can do the same thing with a red pencil and it will be nice lipstick! You can use any color you choose, of course.

  • fox_in _xxs_clothes

    You need hard coconutoil with every recipe. Melt, mix the ingerdients and let it get solid in the fridge 😉

  • Elizabeth Taylor
    Elizabeth Taylor Month ago

    you are like two of my favorite you tubers so i freaked when i saw this

  • Yun Park
    Yun Park Month ago

    Poor Natalie...

  • Abbey Beamsley
    Abbey Beamsley Month ago

    Now they both are gonna be married!

  • helen martinez
    helen martinez Month ago

    Saff looks so pale next to Natalie

  • Nisa Maulida
    Nisa Maulida Month ago

    Oh my god, i'm laughing my ass out watching this 😂

  • Alexa Manchester
    Alexa Manchester Month ago

    Safiya is so beautiful!!!

  • Jacob Gates
    Jacob Gates Month ago

    She looks extra pale😂

  • StarzGirlz
    StarzGirlz Month ago

    Hooray at least I’m not lonely in the excema club

  • The_most _disliked-egg

    i like red lipticks
    its make my teeth looking white😂🤣

  • Gacha Girl
    Gacha Girl Month ago

    Did any one notice saf has her nails she got with Cristine on

  • Lovena Arana
    Lovena Arana Month ago

    They could have melted a peach or tan crayon w oil and used it as foundation

  • Rachel with pets
    Rachel with pets Month ago

    2:43 Safiya: ''We gonna get slightly different shades of foundation.

  • Ashley Warner
    Ashley Warner 2 months ago

    There is way way better diy make up that actually works good!

  • Gabrielle Russell
    Gabrielle Russell 2 months ago

    I wonder if you could have just used a crayon for the wax component of the foundation, and thereby salvaged that?

  • Cecilia Ortega
    Cecilia Ortega 2 months ago


  • Cecilia Ortega
    Cecilia Ortega 2 months ago

    I love safiyas nails

  • Abby Harrison-Green
    Abby Harrison-Green 2 months ago


  • Lizzy M
    Lizzy M 2 months ago

    2:22 Natalie says eggsama and its called exéma

  • graphicq8
    graphicq8 2 months ago +1

    Saf have always reminded of Natalie!