• Published on Dec 1, 2018
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Comments • 688

  • Olivia Mah
    Olivia Mah 4 months ago

    Forehead looks like ps vr

  • Sam da boss Vieux
    Sam da boss Vieux 8 months ago

    I used in school

  • Rhythmitoid R
    Rhythmitoid R 9 months ago

    I need that VR headset

    That looks like a PSVR headset

  • Woody
    Woody 9 months ago

    yeah and look like an ass while doing it

  • Zoruax
    Zoruax 9 months ago

    Watch a movie, play a game in VR in the park and just wait for someone to come and whip the headset off n run, or steal ur bag cuz u literally cant see it u fuckin idiot

  • Acid Lucid
    Acid Lucid 9 months ago

    Lmao when I first saw it I swear I saw a rip off psvr like if u see it to

  • DefaultWitAHoody
    DefaultWitAHoody 9 months ago

    you can do it in the park like play a game, watch a movie but my favorite game in the park feels so realistic its like your in a park get kidnapped and you have to escape while the car is moving so its like crossy road except if you get hit it hurts a little it awesome

  • dilishiyes feraidciken
    dilishiyes feraidciken 9 months ago

    Augma is near my friend

  • scuttle06
    scuttle06 9 months ago


  • porkdud
    porkdud 9 months ago

    Sell out

  • A.K. NENL
    A.K. NENL 10 months ago

    I have a friend who has that

  • Hanaa Hanaa
    Hanaa Hanaa 10 months ago +1

    🇨 🇦 🇳 🇺 🇩 🇴 🇹 🇭 🇮 🇸

  • weird lily
    weird lily 10 months ago

    Pause at 1:16
    I died

    IRON LION 10 months ago

    I'm so great full that you have glasses

  • Leon Skateboarding
    Leon Skateboarding 10 months ago +1

    Stop saying hey guys this is austin

  • gameflux
    gameflux 10 months ago

    Cool !

  • Shehryaar
    Shehryaar 10 months ago

    You can use it at college also?

  • Trevor Koin
    Trevor Koin 10 months ago

    Sorry for disturbing you Austin

  • Tball
    Tball 10 months ago

    Trees, a VR users greatest fear.

  • Will Barton
    Will Barton 10 months ago

    do a video on ibm pc ij

  • Abgmohdaiman Afif
    Abgmohdaiman Afif 10 months ago

    Its a SmartVR

  • Mohammad M
    Mohammad M 10 months ago

    First theres HTC Vive
    Then Oculus
    Then Google Cardboard
    Then Oculus Gear VR
    Then Google Daydream
    Then some weird Nintendo Labo shit
    Then the windows Mixed Reality headsets
    Dont even get me started on all the experimental headsets out there...

    PANDEMONIUM 10 months ago

    I’m sick, we’re all sick. Nothing new dude.

  • Spark Static
    Spark Static 10 months ago

    just watched your vr video in... vr. Cool

  • JoshWin
    JoshWin 10 months ago +1

    Austin did Ninja give you ligma? I told you to stop playing fortnite

    • User Name
      User Name 10 months ago

      I hope Fortnite VR does not come out

    XEVӀCHO 10 months ago

    Can u review aaa shocks for controllers from pro aim performance

  • Ryan Vo
    Ryan Vo 10 months ago

    Hey guys this is Logic

  • Batista 1776
    Batista 1776 10 months ago

    Im just gonna wait for the oculus quest

  • Monty Python the Flying Circus

    Hello to Jason Isaacs

  • Benjamin O'Connor
    Benjamin O'Connor 10 months ago

    0:54 It gives you all 6 axis of freedom not 6 degrees. Nice video

  • adrian rachman
    adrian rachman 10 months ago

    Anyone know a good budget laptop for watching movies ? I've been searching for a good laptop but google only shows gaming laptops when i search for "budget laptop with good display"...

  • Trevor Koin
    Trevor Koin 10 months ago

    Please Austin it could just be the ps4 pro with the monitor

    REMIX RAEVE 10 months ago

    Feel better man...( ̄∇ ̄)

  • DOC Silver Stacker
    DOC Silver Stacker 10 months ago

    Wow and you can wear glasses :)

  • Unoriginal name
    Unoriginal name 10 months ago

    Is It Just me OR does he looks like Dr Harrison Wells from the flash

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown 10 months ago

    Excuse me I don't but I think you send me a email or a message telling me that I won a Google pixel the thing you did when you created the new This is channel and it didn't come so I don't know about that.

  • Experimac of Cleveland East


  • Shafae Imran
    Shafae Imran 10 months ago

    Please make an ultimate Xbox One S

  • Arihant Jain
    Arihant Jain 10 months ago

    Hey guys this is Austin..

  • Memaraz
    Memaraz 10 months ago

    It also allows thieves to bamboozle hrhe

  • Trozy
    Trozy 10 months ago +1

    Austin hey, guys is this

  • RegularKun
    RegularKun 10 months ago

    Это все хорошо но как ваша штука в плане СЕКСА? А? М?

  • comediehero
    comediehero 10 months ago

    Who the F*** is gonna wear that in public?

  • Asim Zahir Ali
    Asim Zahir Ali 10 months ago


  • The Apple Fat yak
    The Apple Fat yak 10 months ago

    Hey guys!! This is Austin! The worlds best quote...

  • Re: Make
    Re: Make 10 months ago

    we got a portable vr now...... hmmm
    just wait it until NerveGear or vr just like in ordinal scale
    ( you weeb ? you know what i mean >:3 )

  • Walid Al Husseini
    Walid Al Husseini 10 months ago

    LOL i lost my voice too

  • scotty thompson
    scotty thompson 10 months ago +1

    cool vr talk austin

  • user HD
    user HD 10 months ago

    austin i fell bad for you man you are an ad

  • Ivinoz Mazuraki
    Ivinoz Mazuraki 10 months ago

    But can you play Minecraft?

  • Dhan_man 07404
    Dhan_man 07404 10 months ago

    Sweet now I can walk down the street n see someone walk into things with the be headset on that sounds fun 😂

  • Lenich
    Lenich 10 months ago

    Is it like… Buddha Box?

  • Trevor Koin
    Trevor Koin 10 months ago

    Please Austin.

  • Tuli0hWut
    Tuli0hWut 10 months ago

    Namaste. It means “f*** you, I have anxiety”

  • Husji_
    Husji_ 10 months ago

    Hey Austin, do you remember that prebuilt pc ( Cyberpower pc ) and show what it is like now and how to upgrade it plz and love you vids keep it up!

  • Organized Chaos
    Organized Chaos 10 months ago

    Hope ur voice gets better

  • ToastyMcStrudel
    ToastyMcStrudel 10 months ago

    phoneless cheap vr

  • Sean SJ Park
    Sean SJ Park 10 months ago

    Why would you wear this outside, shutting the real world out? In other words, get a fake world over the real one? Thats just sad if you have to do it.

  • Ishaan Sharma
    Ishaan Sharma 10 months ago

    Why did you cancel the giveaway

  • Punisher6791
    Punisher6791 10 months ago

    should be great for porn in the park...