Election Social: The digital way to watch the General Election results as they come in

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • Election Social is THE way to watch the #GeneralElection results exclusively online.
    We want you to be involved - you can ask questions, take part in polls and tell us what you want to see.

    On the night, Sky’s Lewis Goodall and Rowland Manthorpe will pair up with Ade Onibada and Emily Ashton from Buzzfeed News UK.

    They’ll bring you the latest reaction from social media, exclusive behind the scenes content and the key election moments as they happen.
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Comments • 95

  • srbrown101
    srbrown101 21 day ago +2

    27:43 - the guy is desperate for the exit polls to be wrong and trying so hard to move the needle in his own mind but just can’t do it. These sad people are hopeless at trying to present an impartial position so I enjoy watching them drown in their own arrogance.

  • showusyergizzle
    showusyergizzle 28 days ago +1

    YOUTHQUAKE [Noun.] qv example: Sky News Election Social. Description: A group of social-media-purblind simpletons gabbling away incredibly, incredibly fast and yet having absolutely nothing to say.

  • Mojo
    Mojo Month ago +1

    Socialism has been rejected resoundingly and still the delusion of the panel continues.

  • BattlestarPegasus
    BattlestarPegasus Month ago

    These brainless, Socialist, middle-class, snooty graduates are such losers. They're part of the reason Labour got hammered so badly. Main reason was Commissar Corbynov and his fellow racist mates, and to a lesser extent, Brexit.

  • BattlestarPegasus
    BattlestarPegasus Month ago

    Greta Thunberg is a loser! Tell her to piss off and stay in Sweden.

  • BattlestarPegasus
    BattlestarPegasus Month ago +1

    What's a WottWeiler?

  • Ben Omach
    Ben Omach Month ago +5

    23:08 That theme tune is on point‼🤘🏾

  • Jo A
    Jo A Month ago

    Another Idiot youth

  • carlos jones
    carlos jones Month ago +3

    Sky news partnering with left wing site like buzz feed says it all, at least they’ve given up the highly unconvincing pretence there an impartial news organisation.

  • Gypsy Raeyven
    Gypsy Raeyven Month ago +3

    Don't do this again, Sky News. This is worse than terrible. It's like watching Blue Peter covering the election - is this the intellectual level of young voters? Explains a lot.

  • Conor Geraghty
    Conor Geraghty Month ago

    On the election night election social on utube and normal sky news a lot of people didn’t type in sky news live there u would have seen John bercow and dermot on about the result they did top job unlike these

  • Elias Rocamvol Komninos

    hi marxists give my regards to your UNCLE STALIN

  • Pool of Zenda
    Pool of Zenda Month ago +25

    Watching these salty socialists is absolutely marvelous.

  • AntPDC
    AntPDC Month ago +1

    Good grief. Poor, poor coverage. LBC completely outdid Sky in this. Changes needed.

  • Jon Woo
    Jon Woo Month ago +1

    this is terrible

  • Stu
    Stu Month ago +12

    sky news should be ashamed of itself.
    take a leaf out of sky news Australia

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith Month ago +2

    What a bunch of amateurish presenters . Is this all could Murdoch could afford they must be on minimum wage.

  • Ger Berney
    Ger Berney Month ago

    Sky news dispute election results, claim labour won, oh no news there then same old.

  • Honk Honk
    Honk Honk Month ago +5

    Girl at the start quoting Ash Sarkar like she's got any legitimacy left. Commies BTFO

  • Dan World
    Dan World Month ago +3

    23:54 - the look their faces in the top right corner was epic lol

  • TheRudei92
    TheRudei92 Month ago +16

    How lovely to watch Lewis Goodhall and his lefty pal presenters virtually vomit when the exit poll is revealed.

  • B.T.
    B.T. Month ago

    47% LabourLeavers still voted Labour cause they thought Corby would respect referendum. So 68% UK wants Brexit! Some second vote...

  • Clive McDonnell
    Clive McDonnell Month ago +4

    This show is really bad

  • Dean MacKinnon-Thomson

    If this was the sky news election night, no wonder i watched bbc. This is dire.

    • Dan World
      Dan World 27 days ago +1

      Dean MacKinnon-Thomson this wasnt proper sky, just the social media sub team

  • Dean MacKinnon-Thomson

    Where is Adamn Boulton? Who are these infants?

    • Dan World
      Dan World 27 days ago

      Dean MacKinnon-Thomson they are the social media sub team it seems, hence they not on the ball lol

  • Dean MacKinnon-Thomson

    Where can I watch the actual sky news full election night coverage? I'd want to catchup on it.

  • scotty sweaty
    scotty sweaty Month ago +1

    could not watch sky news election night because of Bercow.

  • Robby A
    Robby A Month ago

    these dumb little remainers are in denial...and they get some guy who can't even talk front the show towards the end.. utter bs

  • Peter George
    Peter George Month ago +10

    This lot are clueless when it comes to the dangers of Corbyn and his Marxist cronies that the more experienced and savvy electorate recognised and rejected.

    • Andy Pandy
      Andy Pandy Month ago +1

      Harry Lagman I’m surprised that the commies didn’t want 12 year olds to vote. The younger, the more deluded (most of them!)

    • Mathematical Weeb
      Mathematical Weeb Month ago +2

      @Harry Lagman Crazy isn't it?

    • Harry Lagman
      Harry Lagman Month ago +2

      And some folk wanted to give the vote to 16 year olds

  • brexitboy x
    brexitboy x Month ago +1

    Young people don't need taught anything about politics in school. they need to be capable of critical thinking before they can deep dive the political swimming pool. Politics is all about opinion, and opinions have no benchmarks, there's no standard unit of opinion, there's no real way to quantify the value of an opinion. For this reason the word SCIENCE should never be added to the end of the word POLITICAL. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS POLITICAL SCIENCE. THE TERM WAS INVENTED IN AN ATTEMPT TO GIVE POLITICAL OPINION MORE WEIGHT. TO MAKE POLITICIANS APPEAR TO BE SOMETHING THEY ARE NOT!

    ROBOCLOSER Month ago +2

    These people and those like them have only manifested the madness of the left/wokeness/identity obsessed morons infecting our discourse for the whole world to see. Although they are few, the magnified bubble of social media and MSM exposure has made them seem at times like an army of the Woke rather than the pathetic intolerant middle class bigots that they all are. Cheers. I hope I haven't misinterpreted this "Hilarious" virtue signalling parody.

  • Awaiting Input
    Awaiting Input Month ago +25

    5:38:51 ... McDonnell looks like he's ready to start arranging mass executions of the working class.

    • Harry Lagman
      Harry Lagman Month ago +2

      He looks a nutter, actually. Not his finest moment, I guess, but I'm fairly glad we didn't get him in government.
      Yet it was close to happening - people were talking about Labour just grabbing power a couple of months ago..

  • Jo A
    Jo A Month ago +3

    I think most young British people need elocution lessons. They are virtually incomprehensible.

  • Harry Lagman
    Harry Lagman Month ago +13

    6:40:21 "I wouldn't want to put a label on the older generation *BUT*..."

  • Android Galaxy
    Android Galaxy Month ago


  • WillDit
    WillDit Month ago

    The Labour Party is nothing but Jew haters and radical Muslims. The party will be no more soon.

  • Harry Lagman
    Harry Lagman Month ago +2

    What a nice chap Bercow is...
    (only joking, obviously)

    • M Brenner
      M Brenner Month ago +1

      @Harry Lagman I believe that Bercow can only get a peerage if he's nominated by the now solidly conservative government, which is why it won't happen according to Nigel. So the best he can do is to become a TV commentator. We're going to be seeing a lot more of John Bercow than we ever imagined. Oh-dehhhhh

    • Harry Lagman
      Harry Lagman Month ago +2

      @M Brenner yes quite right of Farage to ignore him and let appearances speak for themselves. I'm just sort of impressed at how self-satisfied Bercow is every time he opens his mouth.
      If he doesn't care if we despise him that's OK, but do we have to see him on TV any more? I mean he's irrelevant - but then again so is Alastair Campbell, a similarly unpleasant person who the broadcast media have on every other week purely because he's hard-Remain and so are they...

    • M Brenner
      M Brenner Month ago +2

      He tried unsuccessfully to get under Nigel's skin

  • Fhjthnl Lol Iuyo
    Fhjthnl Lol Iuyo Month ago +7

    I'm 25 and these lot are cringy as hell.
    I voted leave, then brexit party, and conservatives yesterday. Used to be leftwing but I'm totally dead set against this pro mass migration, pro-censorship, unhinged and extreme leftwing ideology that is being pushed on us.

    • Stephen Raymond
      Stephen Raymond Month ago +1

      That's EXACTLY what we're going through in the US...its weird its happeneing all over the West
      guess our civilization IS worth saving
      BUT,are we in time....Weve been overun with ILLEGAL and LEGAL Immigration in the States, hence #PRESIDENTTRUMP
      Funny how Sexist Racist Homophobic we're called....but we can't keep them out without a WALL and a GUN 🤔hmm

  • bolu ldn
    bolu ldn Month ago +2

    53:30 that’s my big sisterrrr 🥳🥳

    • bolu ldn
      bolu ldn 26 days ago

      Dan World oh loool I’ll ask her but she’s in Nigeria right now

    • Dan World
      Dan World 26 days ago

      bolu ldn no i think her team got slaughtered lol

    • bolu ldn
      bolu ldn 26 days ago

      Dan World ade ? she’s was probably just tired she always is 😂.

    • Dan World
      Dan World 27 days ago

      bolu ldn poor thing looked rather upset at exit poll 🙈

  • dimezreconB4
    dimezreconB4 Month ago +4

    Yes Labour! Keep fighting for massive spending and taxes! 5th time is the charm!

  • chirucherry
    chirucherry Month ago +4

    The 1 minute countdown song is a banger 😤😤👌👌

  • Urban Druid
    Urban Druid Month ago +6

    Get rekt, traitors!

  • Dani
    Dani Month ago +12

    Yes Britain !!!

  • Theo Paul
    Theo Paul Month ago +33

    This coverage is so bad

    • Everything Cool
      Everything Cool 10 days ago

      They were both pretty bad but this was a sideshow to the main sky one I think this one was supposed to be made to appeal to a younger people obviously it was back by BuzzFeed

  • Anthony Gudgeon
    Anthony Gudgeon Month ago +46

    See yous later traitorous Labour scumbags!

    • J85
      J85 Month ago +1

      U lost

  • Ara Mateix
    Ara Mateix Month ago +4

    Glad I watched LBC.

  • Marcio Silveira
    Marcio Silveira Month ago +1

    Very positive election, Scotland will be independent thanks to brexit

    • Andrew Wilton
      Andrew Wilton 5 days ago

      Boris said no 😂😂😂 u voted to stay in uk 😂😂😂 suck it up

    • Dan World
      Dan World Month ago +2

      not gonna happen, Boris has said no already, plus Westminster outranks Holyrood

    • dimezreconB4
      dimezreconB4 Month ago +3

      Scotland can leave with their debt, and the UK economy instantly improves. Two birds, one stone.

  • GallopingIzzy
    GallopingIzzy Month ago +3

    All the remainers will think about the referendum now, Boris is going to win.

  • Glenn Waterman
    Glenn Waterman Month ago +4

    Haha buzz feed! They actually done a bit with old people and asked them did they know what OK boomer meant! Ridiculous!
    C4 is a joke!

  • national interest
    national interest Month ago +12

    Go Go Bojo
    Can the people of NI, England and Wales please now have a referendum to annex Scotland from the UK. We canthen Rebuild Hadrians wall to a 'hard border'. Then impose 50% tariffs on Scottish Whiskey, shortbread, Iron brew. Also withdraw their use of the Pound.

  • Prakash Patel
    Prakash Patel Month ago +1


  • pol pot
    pol pot Month ago +14

    Jo Swinton is starting work at McDonald's next Monday

    • Königstiger
      Königstiger Month ago

      Mr Pickles
      I will buy for ₽50 a night

    • Mr Pickles
      Mr Pickles Month ago +2

      pol pot
      I heard she got a job in a backstreet brothel 🤣

  • Microsoft Cortana
    Microsoft Cortana Month ago +17

    Lmao if it’s buzzfeed I ain’t watching

  • Königstiger
    Königstiger Month ago +5

    Rip Jo. She is pretty. 😭
    I hope now all the remainer will finally accept the result of the referendum.

    • Königstiger
      Königstiger Month ago

      @Andrew ///
      I think she is the best look MP in the last session. Haven't checked out the new MPs just yet thou.

    • A Real Londoner
      A Real Londoner Month ago

      She's got nice tits...volume down to zero...nice tits...I will miss her interviews.

    • Andrew ///
      Andrew /// Month ago +2

      She’s absolutely not pretty

  • Edwin Korboe
    Edwin Korboe Month ago +10

    Watch them push to the next straw.... Scotland leaving UK..... Pathetic

    • The GamingNacho
      The GamingNacho Month ago +1

      @loulou forever Exactly, I'm glad to see someone else on here that thinks the same

    • loulou forever
      loulou forever Month ago +3

      @The GamingNacho I am the same, I actually love Scotland and Scottish people, but I am sick and tired of Sturgeon, if they want to leave then leave and we will carry on a union with Wales, let Northern Ireland go as well and just be the UK with Wales and England, the thing is if they allowed Scottish people living in England and Wales a vote in an independence referendum then the vote would be overwhelmingly to remain in the union but they refuse to allow them a say in the future of their country, they know they would vote to remain so they take their vote away which is a little pathetic, to be honest. They cannot win it fair and square so they cheat.

    • Dizlin
      Dizlin Month ago

      shan the man 😂 The bank is going to the pits anyway.

  • Robbie
    Robbie Month ago +4

    Just wow,
    thought this would be boring... it had everything!
    Hats off to all the team etc. !!

  • Edwin Korboe
    Edwin Korboe Month ago +13

    🤣🤣🤣🤣. .... Reaction when exit polls are released

    • Harry Lagman
      Harry Lagman Month ago +5

      23:50 when it shows their faces, they're all profoundly disappointed. Says everything about the broadcast media. It'll be the same on the BBC, and the same on channel 4

  • Sion Sono
    Sion Sono Month ago +42

    Good bye Marxist!