Top 10 Scientific Inaccuracies in Jurassic Park

  • Published on Jun 21, 2018
  • Top 10 Scientific Inaccuracies in Jurassic Park
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    Probably should have "spared no expense" on the research budget. From the velociraptors' size, to the T-Rex's vision, to the lifting strength of pteranodons, the Jurassic Park franchise definitely prioritizes science fiction over science fact. WatchMojo ranks the top scientific inaccuracies in Jurassic Park.
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    List rank and entries:
    #10. Most of the Dinosaurs Aren't from the Jurassic Period
    #9. Where Did the Extinct Plants Come From?
    #8. Pteranodons Couldn't Lift People
    #7. T-Rex's Motion Vision
    #6. Everything About the Brachiosaurus Scenes
    #5. Spinosaurus vs. TRex
    #4. The Mosasaurus
    #3, #2, #1???
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Comments • 6 231

  • Vlad Tepes
    Vlad Tepes 12 hours ago

    And y'all pointed out the poop of the triceratops how do you know that it wasn't cleaned up and was piled there.

  • Vlad Tepes
    Vlad Tepes 13 hours ago

    I agree with some things y'all pointed out, however besides the franchise being the best in the world, a few more things. Y'all said the spinosaurus crushed the T-Rex neck with its jaws but if look again it used its jaws and front limbs to twist it. Plus pteranodons were not dinosaurs they're pterosaurs. And not all dinosaurs had feathers.

  • Drawing Fishing Jak
    Drawing Fishing Jak 14 hours ago

    Jarrasic park more like prehistoric park

  • Land on Brauchler


  • Sapphire-X
    Sapphire-X Day ago

    thanks for ruining Jurassic park

  • Sapphire-X
    Sapphire-X Day ago

    imagine calling the movie Cretaceous park

  • Thomas Britton
    Thomas Britton 2 days ago

    6:19 is it really necessary to show a bright white screen of text after 10 seconds of dark video?

  • The Splat Fan 2006
    The Splat Fan 2006 2 days ago

    Jurassic Park is credited as a very in accurate movie when it comes to dinosaurs but we have to remember that it’s one of the first movies that show was dinosaurs in their correct positions

  • The Splat Fan 2006
    The Splat Fan 2006 2 days ago

    You know we be saying that Jurassic Park is very in accurate want to comes to dinosaurs but it’s one of the first movies that have dinosaurs in their right positions

  • Bender_Rodreegez
    Bender_Rodreegez 2 days ago +1


    • Bender_Rodreegez
      Bender_Rodreegez 2 days ago

      +Cyka Lasagna There have been fossilised skin samples of tyrannosaurids found and none of these samples sowed any signs of feathering (I have done some research actually)

    • Cyka Lasagna
      Cyka Lasagna 2 days ago

      Bender_Rodreegez says the guy who won't even do research

  • Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton 2 days ago

    This video just raped my childhood.

  • chrisapete
    chrisapete 3 days ago +1

    Anything scientists tell me I feel like are truth and they want to lie to us. Cuz the fact they have no evidence of the lies they have changed today..

  • Space Force Gaming
    Space Force Gaming 3 days ago

    They modeled what they called the “Velociraptor” in the movie after the Deinonychus. The Deinonychus were also raptors, but were significantly bigger than the Velociraptors, coming in at about 12 feet long, about 6 feet tall, and weighing about 150 pounds full grown

  • Blood
    Blood 3 days ago

    3. Wrong!
    Some did, not all, in fact only a minority of feathered species have been discovered.
    Most of the species discovered with feathers were fround in different times, climates and vastly different places on the planet too (many of them seem to come from asia), and far more species have been found to be scaled.. including the famous T-Rex which has been tested over and over and over again for evidence of feathers and all the evidence points to it being mostly if not completely scaled.
    Most tyrannosaurs in fact show the same evidence for scales as the Rex, only 1 out of the 50 known species has been confirmed to be feathered, The Asian tyrannosaur Yutyrannus.
    All the others have been tested since and none have show any evidence of feathers.
    Sorry feathered T-rex fans but you're wrong and JP was right with it's depiction, Rex was scaled.
    Side note, they confirmed in Jurassic Park 2 and World 1 that these Dinosaurs.. are not even Dinosaurs.
    They're all hybrids.

  • GachaTuberHD
    GachaTuberHD 3 days ago +1

    The spinosaurus in jp3 was genetically modified to be bigger then it’s real life counter part

  • Tonya Doty
    Tonya Doty 3 days ago

    No they use frog DNA so the dinosaurs can’t have Feathers

  • Playboydoin 420
    Playboydoin 420 4 days ago

    Umm you talk about dinosaurs like you was there when they was around. Like how the hack would anyone know if a T REX liked to eat meat or what marks they have on dinosaurs like people DINOSAURS NEVER EXISTED

    • John DC
      John DC 2 days ago

      +Playboydoin 420 Well, duh. Dinosaur fossils don't exactly show up in people's homes.
      We classify them as dinosaur fossils because they are in a specific rock layer and do not belong to other groups found in that rock layer.
      You can go on your own fossil digs if you really want to.

    • Playboydoin 420
      Playboydoin 420 2 days ago

      +John DC dude like I said you missed the Point all together. I'm saying how can you know that what they found wasn't something they made n put there or if it's even a dinosaur? Like the only people that found dinosaurs was people LOOKING FOR DINOSAURS. Are you able to see yet or should I keep goin??

    • John DC
      John DC 2 days ago

      +Playboydoin 420 I mean, have you seen the fossils before? Take a good look at Sue, the most complete fossil of a T. Rex, and tell me that you doubt that it ate meat.

    • Playboydoin 420
      Playboydoin 420 2 days ago

      +John DC have you seen these dinosaurs before?

    • Playboydoin 420
      Playboydoin 420 2 days ago

      +John DC OK you missed the point completely have a nice day

  • bobcatking 831
    bobcatking 831 4 days ago

    Actually it's NEVER been proven that dinosaurs had feathers

    • John DC
      John DC 2 days ago

      +bobcatking 831 Raptors are still dinosaurs. So yes, dinosaurs can have feathers, but not all of them have evidence of possessing that.

    • bobcatking 831
      bobcatking 831 2 days ago

      +Stupid Stupid some species of raptors I guess,but those ones were like 2 feet tall,and they were more scavengers and had a symbiotic relationship with most dinosaurs

    • Stupid Stupid
      Stupid Stupid 3 days ago

      We have feather imprints on a few Dromaeosaurids closely to what birds have, yet it doesnt mean every dinosaur is feathered. But it does mean most Dromaeosaurs were, aka what people call "raptors".

  • Mama Shook Y.F
    Mama Shook Y.F 4 days ago +4

    The mosasaurus had weight problems, leave her aloooone ☹️

  • No,this is Patrick !

    What if the dilophosaurus did have a frill? I mean look at its skeleton it has skinny bones that stick out, maybe they had a frill but it never popped out, or a frill with small width?

  • Josh S-TV
    Josh S-TV 5 days ago


  • Sadiki Caine
    Sadiki Caine 5 days ago


  • superzilla784
    superzilla784 5 days ago +1

    What still makes me laugh is paleontologists still poke fun at Jurassic Park for being "Scientifically inaccurate" when these dinosaurs aren't real dinosaurs to begin with. they are genetically modified hybrid clones using the DNA of currently existing animals to fill the gaps in the DNA chains resulting into new species of animals. this is like a bat expert complaining about Batman not being accurate to a real bat

    • John DC
      John DC 2 days ago

      I mean, I don't see how they thought that Amphibian DNA was somehow better to use than bird DNA. Literally any other tetrapod would have been better to use. Amphibians were the first to diverge. Birds are direct descendants of theropods.
      Although to be fair, what they thought of in the first movies were actually the scientifically accurate at the time, so I guess you can't really blame them.

  • jpfan1989
    jpfan1989 6 days ago +1

    I'm pretty sure that pile of dinosaur poop Was shoveled up and stacked that way by a park workers.

  • EG_bluew
    EG_bluew 7 days ago

    Ok buddy it's a movie

  • Nicholas Abrams
    Nicholas Abrams 7 days ago

    Looks for scientific inaccuracies in a movie series about dinosaurs living in the 20th-21st centuries with humans.

  • T- Rex
    T- Rex 8 days ago

    Seš kunda

  • Ben Martinez-Romero
    Ben Martinez-Romero 8 days ago

    Well some of these are easy to explain one that people wont know about unless you dig very deep in the jp Lore is that Henry Wu had been trying for many years to replicate feathers but just couldnt do it and even though its an honorable mention i have to say it, you specifically hear Denis Nedry say "I thought you were one of your big brothers youre not so bad"

  • SnacPac
    SnacPac 8 days ago

    OK 30% of fossils had holes an pores for feathers... An furthermore we have no idea what color they are... In Jurassic park was using the utahraptor

  • yuva RUDRA
    yuva RUDRA 8 days ago

    Thatz a movie 😝😝😝 not a documentry 😝😝😝😝

  • The shinobi avenger
    The shinobi avenger 8 days ago +2

    7:55 That moment when you're having a pleasant conversation with friends about some philosophical thing and someone comes and ruin everything because he has to remember you of your schedule.

  • ItsMe Rena
    ItsMe Rena 8 days ago

    Moviies are movies- They can do what they want

  • SM Dubs & more
    SM Dubs & more 9 days ago

    The N°7 is wrong. It was a thing scientists was thinking and Grant brings the torch but Ian in the second book makes a joke about him with Levine. Infact Michael Crichton wrote Levine's speech explaining that T-rex can see everything, it was just full because a goat is enough for him. After he attacks them because they are in its territory.

  • Rob Costa
    Rob Costa 9 days ago

    I really wish I didn't watch this video, I feel like my entire childhood was one big lie now.

  • avinycus gaming
    avinycus gaming 9 days ago

    The dilos were small in the movie because it was a juvinail

  • Judit Gertner
    Judit Gertner 9 days ago

    so weird that spino was croc like jaw but a weaker bite force then a rex Makes sence Lmao spino : weaker bite but stronger arms Trex : weaker arm stornger bite

  • Loubot12
    Loubot12 10 days ago

    Tap tap and a chomp chomp and eco eco

  • John Molloy
    John Molloy 10 days ago

    7:35 we don't know shit now, we can only speculate as we go. science is bull shit, there are truths to it, but who's controlling the truths and who's manipulating the truths for personal advancement, prizes and awards. I personally think the dinosaurs as a group were in fact big lizards and not birds mainly because since they are all grouped together in the classification hierarchy as " Dinosaurs", then why would some of the predatory carnivores have "beautiful plumage" like "birds" and all the herbivores resemble lizards??? they don't know shit, every two decades the information changes, I know because back in '60s the "brontosaurus" aka "Thunder lizard" was the most popular dinosaur, and twenty years or so later they figured out and decided it was an "oopsie". Fuck 'em they're all full of shit!...Creation is the truth, and evolution is the product of those that deny being inferior. The Planet Earth is just a "sandbox" and all it's inhabitants are just the play toys in the sandbox for the children of Superior Beings.

    • John Molloy
      John Molloy 2 days ago

      When the religious fanatic muslims come over to murder and make slaves of you, you're going to need us. Denying God for the sake of sucking up to communism isn't going to save you when the shit hits the fan. All through out history, the non-believers found they didn't have the convictions to fight against any kind of hostile take over, they just assume the position because most of them already take it up the ass. The Christians have conviction, and it can't be taken away. Christians will join together in force and stop the fanatics, just like before. History my dear bunny.

    • John DC
      John DC 2 days ago

      +John Molloy either go back to the mental asylum or go back to whatever religious building you were exposed to throughout your childhood indoctrination.

    • John Molloy
      John Molloy 2 days ago

      did you come up with that all by your self bunny boy?

    • John DC
      John DC 2 days ago

      Go back to the pysch ward and take your meds, sweetheart.

  • piotr kondracki
    piotr kondracki 10 days ago +1

    "velociraptors were a size of a chicken" what noncense is that u dumb? and velociraptors didnt all have feathers like a T.rex and why the earth you say "gallimamuses had feathers?" thats...Thats just noncense...

    • John DC
      John DC 2 days ago

      Yes. Velociraptors had feathers. They were also the size of a turkey/chicken. Gallimimus also had feathers. We have fossil evidence for all of these.

  • TokyoticCat
    TokyoticCat 10 days ago

    Incoming many triggered spino fans including me

  • Andrés Angulo
    Andrés Angulo 11 days ago

    Actually, in the books as well as in the movies, it’s hinted that despite every single “don’t move moment” that the t-Rex has perfect vision. Heck, the car scene from the first movie is almost identical to the book, including the hints that the T-Rex knows that Grant is there as she sniffs him, roars, bellows and even moves the car to spook him. A point has been made that when Rexie is filled with goat and lawyer, she switches to watchdog mode and spooks anything that approaches her turf. Ian Malcolm even comments on the misinformation of a guy standing still in front of a Rex in the second book.

  • Red 1412
    Red 1412 12 days ago

    Don't count the inaccuracies, it's great to have Pterosaurs lifting up people in the air.

  • Revalli Rudraksh
    Revalli Rudraksh 12 days ago

    Musquitos cannot cut through fat skin of the dino

  • der Lean
    der Lean 12 days ago

    Most of dinosours probably had feathers not only some

  • Apple Ipad
    Apple Ipad 13 days ago

    If dinosaurs weren’t real this would be a *Huge* Disappointment.

  • lukica and cat
    lukica and cat 13 days ago

    Dino don t roar

  • jerick Umali
    jerick Umali 14 days ago

    and when you showed the pic of the pteranaon its really old and everything pre historic relaated in the eigthies to the early nineties they were inaccurate

  • jerick Umali
    jerick Umali 14 days ago

    1st its a fucking movie! everything is inaccurate! god damn movies! get it right!

  • kikinlp1000
    kikinlp1000 14 days ago

    Well. It's since fiction, so expecting real things is the biggest mistake.

  • Thomas Thomas
    Thomas Thomas 14 days ago

    They called it Jurassic Park because it sound neat and it did not say that they can't make dinosaurs from other period.this is a dinosaur film not a Jurassic only dinosaur film

  • Thomas Thomas
    Thomas Thomas 14 days ago

    In the movie a small drop can make a billion dna but it may contain gaps so they filled the gaps with the dna of other reptiles so some changes will be there

  • Thomas Thomas
    Thomas Thomas 14 days ago

    it don't have feather because it not natural dinosaurs it designed and breeded

  • Thomas Thomas
    Thomas Thomas 14 days ago

    Mosasaurs and pterdon isn't dinosaurs they are neighbors of dinosaurs

  • Thomas Thomas
    Thomas Thomas 14 days ago

    In the scene the t Rex saw them in night so its vision is based on movement and does a eagle hunt in night??

  • Mansoor Al khouri
    Mansoor Al khouri 15 days ago

    10:19 “life finds a way” or “when life gives you 🍋”

  • Amr Adel
    Amr Adel 15 days ago

    i think dinosaurs look like the jurassic movies we have a living proof the crocodiles are related to dinosaurs its a dinosaur and it dosent have feathers and didnt evolve to birds

    • John DC
      John DC 14 days ago

      Crocodiles aren't dinosaurs, they're literally their own lineage. But their lineage is definitely closer to dinosaurs. Think of it more as cousins rather than direct ancestors.
      And you're right, some theropod dinosaurs did evolve into birds.

  • The0GNugget .—.
    The0GNugget .—. 15 days ago

    Also have 6ou thought of spinos claws

  • Ariel Dinwiddie
    Ariel Dinwiddie 16 days ago

    They are birds but aren't they still reptiles

    • John DC
      John DC 14 days ago

      Well all birds are dinosaurs, but all dinosaurs aren't birds.
      Same as all dinosaurs are reptiles, but all reptiles aren't dinosaurs.

  • Umbrellaaa
    Umbrellaaa 17 days ago

    How did they clone Macey in JW2? “Frog DNA”
    Dr. Wu: She was designed to look younger than her host

  • Septin Indraswari
    Septin Indraswari 17 days ago +1

    I don't care ... make great works like this film..!!

  • de fesh king 57
    de fesh king 57 17 days ago

    The reason that Pteranodons couldn't pick up people is because Pteranodon never lived with humans.

  • Maytal Acedo
    Maytal Acedo 17 days ago

    Nice facts about dinosaurs. But it's okay 2 fantasized a science fiction.

  • GamerX 9287
    GamerX 9287 18 days ago

    Even though JW and JP are not scientifically accurate I can still call JP1 And Lost World Flawed Masterpieces in a sense that they fascinated us and may even have gotten more people to go into a career of paleontology to study these creatures that were once the rulers of this earth
    Even though it would have been better if the velociraptor was A Deinonychus or Utahraptor or the ongoing debate on if Spino could win over our favourite Rexy I DO NOT CARE because I still love the franchise.

  • Local Jimincafe
    Local Jimincafe 18 days ago

    Pteradons weren't always furry from what I heard

    • Stupid Stupid
      Stupid Stupid 2 days ago

      +John DC Indeed they had, it was called Pycnofibers and they were basically covered in it.

    • John DC
      John DC 14 days ago

      Most, if all pterosaurs had some fibrelike integument.

  • Fredrik Utterberg
    Fredrik Utterberg 18 days ago

    Du de är bara en film du behöver inte vara så negativ

  • Fredrik Utterberg
    Fredrik Utterberg 18 days ago

    Nydesignade är ju bara en film såklart de inte är verkligt

  • Paphatsara Sangthong
    Paphatsara Sangthong 18 days ago

    I love Jurassic world

  • Mochi Eckel
    Mochi Eckel 19 days ago

    It’s a movie dumb girl
    Hi mojo, pls delete this video and get a video people enjoy and not despise

  • Heavy Gunner
    Heavy Gunner 19 days ago

    Not the DINOSAUR HAVE FEATHERS again the only raptor that gas feathers are the ova raptor

    • John DC
      John DC 14 days ago

      Nope. All maniraptorans have featherlike structures. Even some therizinosaurs, compsognathids, ornithomimids, and even early tyrannosaurids had feathery structures

  • paul sabin
    paul sabin 19 days ago

    also the velociraptors in the film are actually based on the much lager Utahraptor

  • Violeta Hinova
    Violeta Hinova 19 days ago

    I now the t Rex in Jurassic world didn’t sound like that it sounded like its hissing or somethink like that and i now this is now 2019

  • Anaswar RAJ
    Anaswar RAJ 20 days ago

    To me the most annoying thing was the earth shaking and clanking like tin can when t-rex walks! Especially when you consider the fact that the African Elephants weighs almost close to the T-rex and IT DOESNT SHAKE THE GROUND WHEN THEY WALK!!!!

  • mikesteelheart
    mikesteelheart 20 days ago

    I really hate how they utilized the Mosasaurus in that movie. It's head looks like it's 65ft long, so dumb... Tyrannosaurus actually could grow to the size as featured in all the films. Are they going to make T-rex the size of Godzilla so it can stand a chance against the Mososaurus lol?

  • Richard Lusk
    Richard Lusk 20 days ago

    The reason the dinosaurs don't have any feathers or look how we speculate they actually did is because the scientists in the movies and books didn't have the complete genome of the dinosaurs. They had to fill the gene sequence gaps with the DNA of other animals. This is explained in the movies and the books a number of times. Most of the issues are explained in the book.

  • Arlo Hughes
    Arlo Hughes 20 days ago

    Oh wall spino would fight carcaradontasuarurs that's like a tree but bigger

  • Carson 214
    Carson 214 20 days ago

    I’m not saying this is true this is just my opinion they could’ve just designed the Velociraptor without feathers

  • John McNiff
    John McNiff 20 days ago +4

    another in accuracy how on Earth did a mosquito go around biting a Mosasaurus a creature that lived in the middle of the sea

    • Blood
      Blood 3 days ago

      Maybe it was a Mexican one...
      A Moseato?

  • lord benjo
    lord benjo 20 days ago

    Theres have a velociropter have father and no Father

  • Crimson G
    Crimson G 20 days ago

    seeing all these comments quarreling with each other

  • Dev Angad Pannu
    Dev Angad Pannu 20 days ago

    The spinosaurus was genetically modified as security on the island so no one would go there

    BARDOCK 21 day ago +3

    Pteranodons could absolutely lift people. Hawks can lift sheep for a short period of time

  • Yoruichi The Extra Terrestrial

    7:01 - Dinosaur belch.

  • Cool hand Luke
    Cool hand Luke 21 day ago

    Also not all dinosaurs had feathers, only a certain family. The velociraptor did but they had to evolve them they didn’t have them from the start. This video is inaccurate. Maybe look somewhere else than Wikipedia next time

  • Cool hand Luke
    Cool hand Luke 21 day ago

    The spinosauris’ jaws were strong enough to rip through steel so it should have beaten it

  • cmanrocket6
    cmanrocket6 21 day ago

    Yeah but scales are much better I'd take fake scaly dinosaurs over real feathery ones

  • Dale
    Dale 22 days ago

    10. Not a scientific inaccuracy it's just the name of the park, nowhere does the movie claim the dino's are from the jurassic period.
    9. Again not a scientific inaccuracy just a plot hole.
    8. First reasonable critique but it's not an actual pteranadon though, all the dino's in JP/JW are hybrids, which gives an easy out for the movie makers.
    7. Yep this is the first one that's fair. The hybrid explanation can't be used to excuse this one that's off.
    6. Again hybrids.
    5. Not even close to an inaccuracy just salty T-Rex fans getting all whiny about a fictional fight between CGI dino's.
    4. H-Y-B-R-I-D, not sure what part of that you don't get.
    3. see above
    2. The second legit critique of the list.
    1. Again... hybrids. Also they were bigger than turkeys, not as big as the movies but bigger than a turkey, they were 6ft in length show me a 6ft turkey and i'll cop the size of turkey bit.
    2/3 of the honourable mentions were good making your honourable mentions more accurate than the actual list which is ironic considering you're trying to call out JP for inaccuracies while yourself being about as accurate as a drunken amputee in an archery contest.

  • Deathskullaa Adams
    Deathskullaa Adams 22 days ago

    Da Minecrafter is right the genetic modifications think before act

  • HenryDevel
    HenryDevel 22 days ago +2

    I've seen a REAL dinosaurs!


    • HenryDevel
      HenryDevel 21 day ago

      Cool hand Luke i know,i was just doing a joke.

    • Cool hand Luke
      Cool hand Luke 21 day ago

      HenryDevel they aren’t considered dinosaurs even though they were around then

  • Niles .M
    Niles .M 23 days ago

    n1. They claim that Dinosaurs have been extinct even though Birds have been classified as Dinosaurs for over 20 years. There's no excuse for that.

    ANNALIZA SAMPATON 24 days ago

    damn the raptor is made by hans evryone knows that the raptor is cloned clones doesnt get perfect always

  • Camila Liranzo
    Camila Liranzo 24 days ago

    Is that are hybrids real

  • Camila Liranzo
    Camila Liranzo 24 days ago

    You guys know it’s a movie but I glad you guys made this because now I know about this stuff

  • L T
    L T 24 days ago

    Amazing video! Have a nice day!

  • Derrick Andrews
    Derrick Andrews 24 days ago

    I believe when Crichton wrote Jurassic Park in 1990, velociraptor was a term used for multiple raptor species like Deinonychus and Utahraptor. Scientists hadn't yet separated them as multiple species. I remember reading that somewhere. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. :)

  • Meena p Kumari
    Meena p Kumari 24 days ago

    You know guys life finds a way

  • Meena p Kumari
    Meena p Kumari 24 days ago

    Why don't you bring some character in biopic moives but bring the real biopic star

  • Matthew Hanna
    Matthew Hanna 24 days ago

    They have no feathers because they have frog DNA

  • Vegarot Fusion
    Vegarot Fusion 24 days ago

    Even Deinonychus is small. Only 80 - 95cm tall. The ones in the movies are more like a Dakotaraptor or Achillobator.

  • Mr Fidget
    Mr Fidget 24 days ago

    But the t.rex was a teen t.rex so he could not bet a fool grown spinosoauras

  • Allyson Clark
    Allyson Clark 25 days ago +1

    I was so devastated when the T. rex got killed by spinosaurus