Top 10 Scientific Inaccuracies in Jurassic Park

  • Published on Jun 21, 2018
  • Top 10 Scientific Inaccuracies in Jurassic Park
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    Probably should have "spared no expense" on the research budget. From the velociraptors' size, to the T-Rex's vision, to the lifting strength of pteranodons, the Jurassic Park franchise definitely prioritizes science fiction over science fact. WatchMojo ranks the top scientific inaccuracies in Jurassic Park.
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    List rank and entries:
    #10. Most of the Dinosaurs Aren't from the Jurassic Period
    #9. Where Did the Extinct Plants Come From?
    #8. Pteranodons Couldn't Lift People
    #7. T-Rex's Motion Vision
    #6. Everything About the Brachiosaurus Scenes
    #5. Spinosaurus vs. TRex
    #4. The Mosasaurus
    #3, #2, #1???
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Comments • 6 364

  • vlad dracul
    vlad dracul 3 hours ago

    I the book says that they used genetics of other reptiles to complete the code of the dinosaurs, that's why they look different... Come on just read the fucking book !!!

  • Asumi
    Asumi 10 hours ago

    spino is still my favourite

  • Venom Venom
    Venom Venom 13 hours ago


  • Venom Venom
    Venom Venom 13 hours ago


  • Venom Venom
    Venom Venom 13 hours ago


  • Venom Venom
    Venom Venom 13 hours ago

    Indominus Rex
    Tyrannosaurus Rex

  • Venom Venom
    Venom Venom 13 hours ago

    Indominus Rex is not real actually

  • The Isaacs
    The Isaacs 18 hours ago

    "We use the complete DNA of frog to fill in the holes to complete the codes." From the orginal JP. Watch the clonoing video.

  • TheFireMonkey9
    TheFireMonkey9 21 hour ago

    I agree with you guys and all but they are genetically engineered animals and in the book, Wu mentioned moving to version 4.4 (I think) and they would change the dinosaurs to look like what people believed they looked like.

  • Geeven Chetty
    Geeven Chetty Day ago

    How many ads does this video need?!?!

  • Archie Moses
    Archie Moses Day ago

    You are completely wrong cuz blue is the real one of the velociraptors

  • Toma Ignatov
    Toma Ignatov 2 days ago

    Jurassic park 3 spinisaurus was genetically modified to be dangerous

  • RM Cubing
    RM Cubing 2 days ago

    Oh my Gosh, why do people think that velos lived in the Cretaceous when they lived in the Triassic.

  • Doraemon Universe
    Doraemon Universe 3 days ago

    if we compare to research of 2019 all dinosaur in JP are inaccurate

  • saqib tex
    saqib tex 3 days ago

    Haram khor maza kharab Kar dia to na

  • guy tremblay
    guy tremblay 3 days ago

    and in about 50 year from now the facts that are acurate today will turn out to be totally inaccurate

  • Alex B
    Alex B 4 days ago +1

    Awesome video!!! Also I believed velociraptors arnt feathered, ever since I was a kid

    • Alex B
      Alex B 3 days ago +1

      @guy tremblay yeah I agree with you, but I also believe that troodons have feathers due to walking with dinosaur (2013), and I believe crocodiles from the dinosaurs could of have feathers as well

    • guy tremblay
      guy tremblay 3 days ago +1

      i would believe that the raptors might have been feathered but i keep my skeptism when it comes to T-Rex

  • Alodia Dasovi
    Alodia Dasovi 4 days ago


    VAMSI SAI 4 days ago

    How can a tv channel say wt I real nd wt is they conduct any research...wt the video u done is unreal

  • HScarlet
    HScarlet 5 days ago

    The Western Digital Angry Turkey HDD (WD Velociraptor) :-P

  • Adrian and Stuff
    Adrian and Stuff 5 days ago

    I’m 65 % sure spino would win

  • demogorgon and friends
    demogorgon and friends 5 days ago +1

    How did they get the mosasaurus if a mosquito can't go underwater

    • JD
      JD 4 days ago

      Through genetic material found preserved inside fossilized bones. In the original novel Jurassic Park they explain that this, too, was a method they used to extract DNA, and in the Jurassic World movie the younger kid (Gray?) explains to his brother how the fossilization process protects organic tissue within.

  • finn bona
    finn bona 6 days ago

    Spinosaurus ate fish and meat !

  • Physical Hardware
    Physical Hardware 6 days ago

    They reminded you they had velociraptors FEATHERLESS

  • Physical Hardware
    Physical Hardware 6 days ago

    How dare you scold Hammond

  • Dewayne Hall
    Dewayne Hall 6 days ago

    Who gives a shit a movie they aren't going to be accurate Everytime

  • Unicorn cat
    Unicorn cat 6 days ago

    Lol mama. Stencks

  • Harrison Manning
    Harrison Manning 7 days ago

    you lide and you crushed my dreams you suck

  • ElliotKelly
    ElliotKelly 7 days ago

    If they used frog dna, they would look much more like a frog rather than what they looked like, which was more reptile

  • Isaac Argueta
    Isaac Argueta 7 days ago

    The biggest inaccuracy of all, that dinosaurs evolved into birds!!! Lmao. And people actually ran with this when it was just INVENTED by Steven Spielberg. Can’t believe people actually believe this crap. I guess they miss the part where Alan Grant says that they are “warm blooded creature” and move in herds.

    • JD
      JD 4 days ago

      ​@Isaac Argueta Spielberg made dinosaurs popular again, but the people who really made the bird-dinosaur link popular were two paleontologists, John Ostrom and Robert Bakker. The former discovered and studied Deinonychus, the larger relative to Velociraptor, which would later inspire the Jurassic Park raptors, whereas Bakker popularized the idea that a creature like Deinonychus could not be a sluggish cold blooded creature, but instead an agile, active, intelligent warm blooded animal, and furthermore, he suggested all dinosaurs were so. The depiction of dinosaurs we see in Jurassic Park owes a lot to Ostrom and Bakker's studies and ideas.
      Also don´t forget Michael Crichton, who originally wrote the Jurassic Park novel; he did a lot of research on the latest paleontological ideas, and talked to scientists (including Ostrom and Bakker) about dinosaurs before he started writing. He adopted the (then relatively new) idea of active, warm blooded dinosaurs for his novel. So he deserves that credit too.
      Hmm maybe Grant does say something like that. I remember he directly asks Wu and Muldoon about their metabolism and whether they are warm blooded.
      Indeed, that is the current consensus, but why would that contradict the idea of birds evolving from dinosaurs?

    • Isaac Argueta
      Isaac Argueta 4 days ago

      JD I guess Spielberg made that theory popular. Didn’t know he got it from someone else honestly.
      Alan Grant says the Brachiosaurus (long Kneck) is “definitely a warm blooded creature” when he first sees it with Elly. Later in the same scene he says “they DO move in herds” to point out that they are not reptiles because reptiles don’t move in herds.
      They tried making a pterodactyl or pteranodon on a science show to show how it flew. They determined no reptile could ever fly because they are cold-blooded and would expense too much energy to fly. They HAD to be warm-blooded according to them. That’s the only way they could fly.

    • JD
      JD 4 days ago

      1. Steven Spielberg never invented the bird-dinosaur connection. It was already proposed by Henry Huxley in the XIX century; he studied the anatomy of Compsognathus and saw many similarities between it and birds. So the idea of birds being descended from dinosaurs is very old and has nothing to do with Spielberg.
      2. Alan Grant in the movie never says that dinosaurs are warm blooded; he probably believes they are, but he is unsure until the moment he actually goes to the park and receives confirmation from Robert Muldoon and Dr. Wu, who actually have first hand experience. Also, birds are warm-blooded animals, so what is your point there? And what about the moving in herds?

  • ZephoExcel
    ZephoExcel 7 days ago

    She is just being stupid

  • ZephoExcel
    ZephoExcel 7 days ago

    The genetic code is changed of course they don't look natural

  • Regalia Inferorum
    Regalia Inferorum 9 days ago

    20 mil subs for what ? In half of your videos you have wrong, fake or misleading information, yet all those idiots believe you ? why because of the subs, but dear channel you should go back and check your sources, because this video is proper bulshit, all you did is pick a few scientist's opinions/theories about some dinos, and made them look like that is the only explanation, half of the things here cannot be checked, its just random theories, don't present it as the truth, you fucking idiots. Hope your channel dies, I am tired of wrong info.

  • Casey Thorne
    Casey Thorne 9 days ago +1

    This video is Wrong ! 🚩

  • dromedarisd
    dromedarisd 9 days ago

    lot of raptors has no feather and in movie is the real size and the real look how wil u know are u there stupid girl, may be u get feathers to. tumbs down for u nonsence.

  • Pizza goes splat
    Pizza goes splat 9 days ago

    I forgot how hot Laura Durne was in Jurassic Park.

  • Sean Soliva
    Sean Soliva 10 days ago

    And also they have frog dna but frog’s have no feather’s so it make’s Sence so what are you dumb?! Speaker: yes I am dumb!

  • Sean Soliva
    Sean Soliva 10 days ago

    Are you dumb?! Becuz they are in isla sorna dumb girl

  • sypharorigin
    sypharorigin 10 days ago

    I do like the fact that you compare a movie from 1993 to facts stated in 2005. Hilarious :D

  • nafez maskaleh
    nafez maskaleh 11 days ago

    Sauropods would break their legs trying to Stand on to feet their too heavy

    • JD
      JD 4 days ago

      So how did they manage to survive and dominate terrestrial ecosystems for over 150 million years then? And why did they have specifically graviportal legs if they could not support their weight anyway?

  • Your First And Last
    Your First And Last 11 days ago

    If ITs A MoViE,DoESnt MeAn iT's ReAl...

  • Okie Roblox and More
    Okie Roblox and More 12 days ago +1


  • Sonu Kumar Taron
    Sonu Kumar Taron 12 days ago

    "Real dinos have feathers"
    That's like the whole point of the movie...their DNA is altered...even a small change in DNA can bring about mind blowing I'd pass, on the little inaccuracies tbh

  • Steven Kaiser
    Steven Kaiser 12 days ago

    First inaccuracy. The announcer saying "ancient reptiles" even though we know now dinosaurs are more related to birds...

  • Quin Plaatjies
    Quin Plaatjies 13 days ago

    This is why I hate this channel

  • Keepit Simple
    Keepit Simple 13 days ago

    ' '

  • El-ahrairah
    El-ahrairah 14 days ago

    Six is not true at all actually. More studies have shown sauropods did stand on their hind legs and were actually significantly lighter than previously thought.

  • MavErickChris
    MavErickChris 14 days ago

    3:45 where proof of that, if do not exist a real one to proof.

  • Charles Pierce
    Charles Pierce 15 days ago

    I find it interesting how for years some scientists were trying to say that dinosaurs had feathers and now those same scientists say it was only the carnivores. Sounds a little like they were guessing.

  • Grey Heart
    Grey Heart 16 days ago

    *Sees thumbnail* *cracks knuckles* lets see how much of a failed attempt this video is.
    10: Ok correct
    9: Yeah honestly that’s kinda a big question
    8: Yes that specific pterodon could not lift a human
    7: Yeah true
    6: Yep thats right
    5: THANK YOU fucking dumbest shit in JP3
    4: True
    3: Most if not all had feathers
    2: yes this specific way would definitely not work
    1: Hell Yeah correct
    Ok not as bad as I was expecting well done.

  • Bhavsar Sima
    Bhavsar Sima 17 days ago

    Yes Spinosaurus can't broke T. Rex's muscular neck

  • Mike Gaddass
    Mike Gaddass 17 days ago

    Also, the velociraptors in Jurassic Park were based on either the Deinonychus or Utahraptors. Utahraptor would probably fit the bill better, as they found a skeleton in America and velociraptor are found in Asia.

    • JD
      JD 4 days ago

      Deinonychus was the inspiration behind the JP raptors. This was confirmed by Jack Horner, John Ostrom (the original Deinonychus expert, who was approached by Michael Crichton), Robert Bakker, and of course Michael Crichton himself. Utahraptor was announced during production or post-production of the movie; it was not yet known when the novel was written.

  • Mike Gaddass
    Mike Gaddass 17 days ago +17

    WatchMojo: Pteranadons couldn't lift people.

    Me: As a long time Ark player who played on a PVP server, I can assure you that you're incorrect with that assumption.

    • Luke Shearon
      Luke Shearon 14 days ago

      Mike Gaddass yep they can lift someone on their back and in their claws

  • Farrel tandhira Tampubolon

    Does that mean some dinosaurs also lived or survived in the cenozoics ?

  • Emily Sabako
    Emily Sabako 17 days ago +1

    wow next you are going to say Chris Pratt was digitally altered to be hot - its a movie folks. Godzilla isnt real either - spoiler alert

  • der Lean
    der Lean 17 days ago

    Velociraptor was even more feathered than you showef

  • King Buse
    King Buse 19 days ago

    Nobody cares like chill lmao

  • Mikkel gamer
    Mikkel gamer 19 days ago

    You have just ruined all the movies

  • Zane Thederahn
    Zane Thederahn 19 days ago

    Do I agree with your picks?
    No, I think #3 and #1 are bullshit.

  • dennis neo
    dennis neo 20 days ago

    These creatures were the product of fallen angels interbreeding with animals. Genesis in the Old Testament alludes to this.

  • Abishai Ramcharan
    Abishai Ramcharan 21 day ago +1

    That is FAKE

  • Princess & Tiaras Spa Celebrations Co

    Do top 10 dinos that SHOULD be in jw 3

  • JurassicHero 3
    JurassicHero 3 21 day ago

    Why is everyone keep nitpicking the accuracies on dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park franchise despite the fact that Jurassic World explained all of them were modified just to make them look “cool” for the public?

  • Iplaygames 2
    Iplaygames 2 22 days ago

    Look at the wyrex skin impression

  • Shibani SudSiddhartha
    Shibani SudSiddhartha 22 days ago

    plus in jwtg they say due to frog dna the dilophosaurus got and frill,became smaller and more unstable in aggresion

  • Shibani SudSiddhartha
    Shibani SudSiddhartha 22 days ago

    in jurassic world the game they said that in gen raptors were larger and featherless but idk about the rest the only ingen fact of the Trex says the first In gen clone was name rexy

  • Kayla Agnia
    Kayla Agnia 23 days ago

    so dinos are literally just oversized chickens

    • JD
      JD 4 days ago

      No. Chickens are small dinosaurs.

  • he's the Master
    he's the Master 23 days ago

    Movies are made to make money on whatever can seem plausible to the audience, who are misinformed at best.

  • Furrynibbas101 Bruh
    Furrynibbas101 Bruh 24 days ago

    Shut up how bout that

  • Vandana Singh
    Vandana Singh 24 days ago

    Blah blah i wont believe

  • Abas Saad
    Abas Saad 24 days ago

    Well they created the dinosour... So it will be quiet different Couse we are not god... That's why it's not same or perfect... RIGHT

  • Yj2dop3
    Yj2dop3 24 days ago

    On the looks of the dinosaurs, people forget they used frog dna to complete the uncompleted codes so that’s why they don’t have feathers

  • Lee Rachel
    Lee Rachel 24 days ago

    They should called the place and movie Mesozoic park and world

  • Server Dinosaur
    Server Dinosaur 25 days ago +1

    ACTUALLY (sorry for saying actually so much) I did some research and found out that the velociraptor wasn’t messed up, it was actually a deinonychus. I don’t know WHY they called it a velociraptor, maybe it was the people being dumb and calling it a “VELOCIRAPTOR”.

    • JD
      JD 4 days ago

      It was Michael Crichton, the author of the Jurassic Park novel, who decided to use Velociraptor instead of Deinonychus as the name for his raptors; when he was researching for his novel, a famous paleontologist named Gregory Paul suggested that Deinonychus should be reclassified as a species of Velociraptor (Deinonychus antirrhopus). This is why Crichton mentions "Velociraptor antirrhopus" in the novel despite the fact that today such a combination would be invalid.
      Today it is considered that Deinonychus is too ancient and too different to be a species of Velociraptor, but at the time of Crichton writing the novel, it was seen as a novel, interesting idea, and so he went with it to be up to date. Also, he felt that Velociraptor was more evocative and would immediately strike readers as the name of a dangerous animal (velocity + raptor, bird of prey), whereas Deinonychus, although a badass name (means "terrible claw") is in Greek and not likely to be immediately interpreted by the average reader.

  • SmithNorthwest
    SmithNorthwest 25 days ago

    I think they dumped the real Velociraptor because those feathers made them look like a bunch of damn hippies . . .

    • JD
      JD 4 days ago

      When the movies were made, there was no proof that raptors had feathers (in reality, no actual feathers for Velociraptor specifically have yet been found).

  • niggerfatbooger eateriswallow

    The velociraptors were based off dynonicus (Sorry for the bad spelling) that's why they are big

  • Kerplunkenator
    Kerplunkenator 26 days ago

    Ok, with the Velociraptor one it was actually a Deinonychus antirrhopus. They called them Velociraptors because it rolls more with the tongue and sounds much better than Deinonychus.

  • Theodore B.
    Theodore B. 26 days ago

    Take into consideration that everything we know about dinosaurs is just theory.
    We know there were huge creatures that lived millions of years ago, and we know that our "science", can theorize what they might if looked and acted like.

  • -Aqua-
    -Aqua- 27 days ago

    Shut up shut up shut up

  • JZ
    JZ 27 days ago +1

    jurassic park fanfaggots are the most delusional kiddos ever. they actually get butthurt about truth

  • Renz Christian Bitas
    Renz Christian Bitas 28 days ago

    I really dont care even if the raptor is coverd in fether i still dont care i have my own point

  • Chard Reglos
    Chard Reglos 28 days ago

    65 mya lmao!

  • Chard Reglos
    Chard Reglos 28 days ago

    dwnld jw the game and if you had velociraptor,read second fact of it if its lvl 20!

  • Lucinda Mobley
    Lucinda Mobley 29 days ago

    5:57 I think you might be able to find the answer if you ever watch a crocodile and an alligator fight. In proportion to their size and jaw shape I think it would be a similar scenario. Alligators have the thicker build and wider jaw for catching land animals, and crocodiles have the longer and slimer jaws for catching fish.

  • Chris Kennard
    Chris Kennard 29 days ago

    Not from the jurassic period isn't a flaw when you yourself point out the film's "stance" on it at 00:53 - 00:55

  • Big Beezus
    Big Beezus 29 days ago

    Im pretty sure that if we were introduced to "Mesozoic Park" or "Cretaceous Park" from the beginning, it would be as familiar as what we have now in "Jurassic Park"

  • Leonardo Machado
    Leonardo Machado Month ago

    Man shut your accurate ass up. I prefer the accurate dinosaurs, but can I please watch ab unrealistic dinosaur-based monster chomping down some people and be happy about it?

  • Daniel Gurdak
    Daniel Gurdak Month ago

    Nature finds its way? then why Dr wu said that they DESIGN the dinosaurs and not REVIVE them back to life

  • Daniel Gurdak
    Daniel Gurdak Month ago

    more 'inaccuracies':
    Veloci/raptor had actually feathers and was no more than just over a meter
    The Tyrannosaurus rex was actually no taller than the top of a door frame

  • TwilightFlare
    TwilightFlare Month ago

    you have to admit tho.. the velociraptor in jp looks way more better than irl

    • JD
      JD 4 days ago

      Only because you're more familiar with it. If Velociraptor existed as a real animal today, you'd probably say the movie version looks awful.

  • Ninja gaming
    Ninja gaming Month ago

    The biggest mistake is in dinosaur period there were no car and not technology.

    • JD
      JD 4 days ago

      The movie takes place in modern times...

  • Pedro soliano
    Pedro soliano Month ago

    i always thought back in 100 million years ago , God was a little kid ,practicing his powers, his assignment was to make a chicken and ended up making a Trex (with feathers of course) ,he wanted to make an ostrich but ended up with gallimimus, and he mastered fire so he blasted meteors and killed them as a restart button. finally he knew how to make a decent chicken after .

    • Pedro soliano
      Pedro soliano 4 days ago

      @JD cause its finger lickin good

    • JD
      JD 4 days ago

      Why is the chicken so important, tho?

  • maskedathiest
    maskedathiest Month ago

    what about the t rex sprinting?
    that should be number 1.

  • Justin Sander
    Justin Sander Month ago

    You fundamentally misunderstand the entire premise of the series. The books out line in a scene directly before Hammond meets his end by way of compies that the dinosaurs are not genetically accurate. Also you find out this is intentional and that they are made to look as the public would expect. Dr. Wu is actually not really a bad guy but found himself bound to work for Hammond through an InGen Contract. Hammond is the dirtiest of extreme capitalism and is meant to outline the price of greed. His argument with Hammond outlines this and other points. Then a whole different cast from the movies of people get eaten including Hammond after compies Poison and cripple him a juvenile T-rex comes along and eats him. Then all the survivors escape and they Nuke the island to kingdom come because it violated many international laws and posed a significant threat to the environment.

    The Ultimate theme is meant to drive home a warning about the dangers of genetic manipulation and tampering.
    For the movies Switch the attitude roles of Hammond and Wu with Hammond developing a conscious and Wu becoming the money grubbing villain Hammond escapes the island while Wu wasn't seen past the first few scenes presumably having left the island on the last ship. Apparently they also never nuke Isla Sorna and later think its a great idea to try again. You know give it a second chance what could go wrong. Trust I was a soldier and if it wasn't turned to glass the island would have a 24 hour UN blockade a water mines, and be restricted air space. How ever Jurassic world Did get one point correct they brought the story back to refocus on the main point that genetic tampering has dire consequences.
    In the books he only wrote Lost World at the request of his fans and is primarily just an adventure kinda sort of accenting the point of genetic ethics.
    In the movies Jurassic park 2 & 3 were studio grabs. The story is so chopped from the lost world book and even stuff from the first book that it was obviously the studio cashing in on the franchise.
    Since the true science employed is unethical genetic tampering and cloning Both stories are mostly accurate since the science employed is beyond most of our capabilities.
    All Crichton books have a morale theme.

  • Noi Pi
    Noi Pi Month ago

    Hairy huh, I'd seen it was hairless in their old book encyclopedia, and now they've changed it and put some hair to it, why so that bird evolved from these dino makes more believable?

    • Noi Pi
      Noi Pi Month ago

      Science book depicted it hairless

  • Areesh 500
    Areesh 500 Month ago

    Before you judge the preadons look at it s size
    Sorry I dont know how to spell the name

  • Nico Sy
    Nico Sy Month ago

    Velociraptors are the size of turkeys.

  • Yummy Memes
    Yummy Memes Month ago +1

    You guys should have done the fact about the the sound of an actual T rex and that it didn’t roar it was more of a rumble it’s a pretty freaky sound and it’s definitely more scarier than the roar.

    • JD
      JD 4 days ago

      That is just speculation that is being endlessly repeated as fact these days. NOBODY KNOWS what T. rex sounded like. Of course it didn´t sound like in the movie, but that doesn´t mean it was definitely unable to make sounds we would describe as roars if we heard them.


    Their both fake watch because science

  • harpin Dawg
    harpin Dawg Month ago

    #1--How long did it take for these dinosaurs to grow to full size? Years? Decades?