I'm an American National Guard Captain. I Didn't Enlist to Abandon our Kurdish Allies | NYT Opinion

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • Alan Kennedy, a captain in the Colorado Army National Guard who served this summer in northern Syria, condemns President Trump’s decision to fully withdraw American troops from the area and abandon our Kurdish allies to a Turkish incursion. He calls a recently negotiated 120-hour cease-fire, which reports suggest Turkey has already violated, “too little too late.” He fears that the lack of American commitment and credibility has cleared the way for an ethnic cleansing of the Kurds and a resurgence of the Islamic State.
    Captain Kennedy’s concerns echo the sentiments of soldiers who have had to abandon their posts reluctantly, and lawmakers who on Wednesday delivered a resounding and rare bipartisan rebuke of President Trump’s actions in Syria.
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  • Chris P
    Chris P 7 hours ago

    Veterans know that lockheed martin profits determine when they come home.

  • pax43
    pax43 4 days ago

    Oh the islamic world supports Turkey, the last true caliphate back when america was not even born. Your leader made a wise decision.
    *Deal with it* 😎

  • Dicken Bahls
    Dicken Bahls 10 days ago

    You should be defending our NATO ally, not some random rebel group.

  • tom Knauss
    tom Knauss 11 days ago

    I think when you enlist it's made absolutely clear you serve at the direction of the president of the United States, the good captain is getting ahead of himself, what he thinks is irrelevant, that's just the way it has to be. I guess we can give him his "opinion " (or maybe encourage him to run for president )

  • Deepak Yadav
    Deepak Yadav 14 days ago +2

    Salute you brave captain ..a true soldier 🙏🙏

  • Bengt Lindkvist
    Bengt Lindkvist 17 days ago

    Now, you have to fight 'the one' that is threatening US!

  • Erik Sanchez
    Erik Sanchez 20 days ago

    But I thought war is bad? Like orange man.

    BLUE DOG 23 days ago

    What is Censored
    Who wants it Censored
    Exposes Who is doing the Evil
    We need a List of What they Censor
    What they Censor is the Evidence that Exposes them

  • Tiffany York
    Tiffany York 24 days ago

    We have LIST enough Americans, we need to End Endless ways n bringing All of Our Soldiers Fighting Ears we Don't Belong In. sorry Capt. My relatives are Army National Guard n Regular Army to pay for college to be POLICE n A Physican. Its not fair. We worked hard get no freebies, pay out taxes n do our Civic Duties. We need to stop ✋ n think about all the thousands We have a lost. ENOUGH is ENOUGH..END ALL WAR.

  • Barry Er
    Barry Er 25 days ago +1

    you were here for oil. thats all. you just did your job. you are only enlist for protect usa and its interests

  • d villa
    d villa 26 days ago

    NYT, how are you feeling now that your largest client has ended it's subscription to your made-up news items and illogical opinion pieces? haha...guess it's just the die-hard, lazy OR die-hard, satanic demoncrats to be your largest clients. And since they're lazy, they also probably won't. Bye-bye. :D

  • pauz
    pauz 26 days ago +2

    thanks for the personal story!!!!! AND your service!!!!!

  • ali mir
    ali mir 26 days ago

    he is a jew,,,mr why do not you enlist in volunteer army and help the kurds

  • Kenny B
    Kenny B 27 days ago

    I love the kneejerk reaction of so many professionals. Don't pretend you understand military strategy. Don't pretend you understand politics. This is a centuries long struggle that no one ever had any business participating in.

    • Bawer71
      Bawer71 22 days ago

      This guy was in the military, he understands better than you.

  • stuart skinner
    stuart skinner 27 days ago

    This is why The USA has a 'National Guard' instead of a militia. Shilling for warmongering Globalists? Bankers?

  • kevin waweru
    kevin waweru 27 days ago

    This is Bradey from Mr. Mercedes 👀

  • Luis T.
    Luis T. 28 days ago

    Does one liberal solider speak for all soldiers or Americans? Yeah, no😂😂 not sure what liberals think this achieves?

  • John Donaldson
    John Donaldson 28 days ago

    That's right soldier - you enlisted to DO WHAT YOUR BLOODY TOLD!!! Beside, the ruskies are allready in your place and i'm sure they'll get by without the Maccas and Donut stalls!

  • EQ
    EQ 28 days ago +1

    I’m confused I thought national guard was just to defend the U.S and it’s border?

    • jpg hgt
      jpg hgt 20 days ago

      EQ they get deployed too. Sometimes they get deployed first before active duty does.

  • psychiatry is eugenics
    psychiatry is eugenics 28 days ago +2

    Soldiers are trained to obey orders . The voters failed to elect someone worthy of their loyalty

  • Антиоккупационное Раздолье

    Oh, come on, there is no such country as curdistan; therefore, you should not be in Syria in a first place. You are not belong to Syria and you are not welcome there.

  • Miki Dewberry
    Miki Dewberry 28 days ago +1

    why is Joe Bidens son making $80,000 a month in a Ukraine Gas company??

  • Saracen
    Saracen 29 days ago

    Hahahaha look at his face

  • Lisa Rosenkoetter
    Lisa Rosenkoetter 29 days ago +5

    Prayers for the Kurds!!! It hurts my heart.💔😖

  • J Stasiak
    J Stasiak 29 days ago

    Captain Kennedy:
    You are not entitled to use your official title as a US Army officer to publicly disagree with your chain of command. If you disagree with your orders and want to speak out, you must first resign your commission and then speak as a private citizen, not a US Army Officer.
    Many of us who served in Iraq and Afghanistan have had to carry out orders that we strongly disagreed with. For example, the first battle of Fallujah in April 2004 was a total disaster: It was ordered by President George W Bush against the vehement objection of the senior military leadership, especially GEN Mattis. I know. I was there. The operation was political and military fiasco and an unnecessary bloodbath. It was so bad that it had to be stopped after 3 days and we all felt like fools. But we didn’t complain. I personally felt that President Bush 43 was an incompetent buffoon who had no business being in charge of anything, much less the US military. I still feel that way. But I never said anything like that when I was on active duty. If I did, GEN Mattis would have court martialed me. Once a battle plan was made, he brooked no dissent.
    It is too soon to tell how President Trump’s action in Syria will pan out. The previous strategy was clearly a losing strategy and needed to be changed. Sometimes you just have to cut your losses and leave. But that is not your decision to make. Nothing catastrophic has happened thusfar. It may or may not happen in the future.
    Foreign countries know that American policy often significantly changes with change of administration and that they often have to adjust their own policy accordingly. This action was not unexpected by the Kurds. Mr. Trump was threatening to do it for a long time.
    However, you are wrong to allow yourself in your official capacity to be used a stooge by the New York Times to advance their anti-Trump political agenda. If you haven’t already noticed, the Times has made multiple attempts to subvert American democracy by attempting a coup d’etat against Mr. Trump, starting before he took office.
    In my opinion, the New York Times has zero credibility. Now, so so you.

  • Legolas Greenleaf
    Legolas Greenleaf 29 days ago

    whot u knead to no i guess. thexvid.com/video/-tqSIpr0T0w/video.html .

  • Snodge Kat
    Snodge Kat 29 days ago +4

    Horrific. Treachery and supreme ignorance from tRump.
    Brave young man. I’m so sorry.

  • Jimmy Chow
    Jimmy Chow 29 days ago

    Soldiers first duty is to the country.
    I believe many people share your sentiments. But, in contrast, and undoubtedly you being on the ground may have compromised your emotions to the people you though you own a duty too.
    Perhaps you could have gather everybody's opinion on the ground and provided those findings to your superior who perhaps have it announced by the US govt. That could have been more useful.
    US troops thrown potatoes at? Seem to be US work for 3 years were not appreciated even those the guys risked everything for them.

  • Akitas in the House
    Akitas in the House 29 days ago +1

    Sadly, to Trump and the Republicans stabbing your allies in the back is ok. We've treated all of our allies like garbage, but strangely we keep doing favors for Russia. I wonder why Trump and the Republicans are so eager to make Russia look good and the USA look bad.

  • D DN
    D DN 29 days ago +3

    I talk to veterans all the time. They support withdrawal. You never hear these opinions on mainstream corporate war machine media though.

    • D DN
      D DN 23 days ago

      @Bill Nye more veterans than books you've written Bill nye

    • Bill Nye
      Bill Nye 23 days ago

      How many veterans do you talk to?

  • iot01t01na
    iot01t01na 29 days ago

    Trumps going to light a fire and put it out just as other presidents have in the past

  • Ero Selay
    Ero Selay 29 days ago +1

    Trump is evil for real

  • haval 7
    haval 7 29 days ago

    Thankyou capten

  • Bryon Letterman
    Bryon Letterman 29 days ago +1

    So you enlisted to stay in Syria indefinitely?

  • bower Thomas
    bower Thomas 29 days ago

    Team America World Police, eh

  • saikat bag
    saikat bag Month ago +3

    America should not be involved in foreign wars.

    • Tea Rex
      Tea Rex 29 days ago

      saikat bag yeah sure letting genocide happen is cool right? Get a conscience

  • IHEartLReoy
    IHEartLReoy Month ago

    Here’s why we should do another foreign war

  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky Month ago +3

    Truth is America has dumped it's allies everywhere
    Have ruined the entire ecosystem in Iraq ,egypt,Libya etc

  • Chuckie Dundee
    Chuckie Dundee Month ago +2

    Thank you, Captain Kennedy

  • Antisemitism is the Truth

    So I’m guessing Syria isn’t a country??? America owns that land or what??? Why don’t you want Syria to protect its country and citizen. Why does it have to be America?

    • Tea Rex
      Tea Rex 29 days ago

      Rusty Shackleford You dont want syria to ptotect its citizens because the syrian government gasses and bombs its own citizens. The plight of US allies that assisted us in our fight in syria deserve protection. They dont deserve to be ethinically cleansed

  • oldladywhocares
    oldladywhocares Month ago +9

    tRump has made me cringe at being an American citizen. Abandoning allies is the lowest form of chicken hood.

    • CORZER0
      CORZER0 26 days ago

      Move to Syria and go help the Kurds. I'll even chip in for your one-way airfare ticket.

  • Christian Miller
    Christian Miller Month ago +3

    The Kurds don't love us. They work with us because it furthers their objective of establishing a Kurdistan.

    • Farman Qader
      Farman Qader 17 days ago

      We Kurds love our allies in heart. We have similar enemies

    • Christian Miller
      Christian Miller 29 days ago

      @Gerald Louissaint I agree. It would have been better if the Army developed a withdrawal contingency plan in November 2016 and Trump executed it in January 2017.

    • Christian Miller
      Christian Miller 29 days ago

      @Wavebuilder14 UDC When would you suggest that we withdraw from Syria? The "soup" will not improve with our presence.

    • Wavebuilder14 UDC
      Wavebuilder14 UDC Month ago +1

      Well we’re in the soup now... whether you like the kurds or not... we made a mistake pulling out.

    • Gerald Louissaint
      Gerald Louissaint Month ago +1

      I agree but there was a better way to do this.

  • Farque Matthews
    Farque Matthews Month ago +1

    Trump said middle east is just sand let them fight one another for all he cares. Yet I heard than he deploying troops to Saudi Arabia to protect oilfields. Also It's weird that America is still in Germany, South Korea n Japan for over 60yrs

  • zed end
    zed end Month ago

    A captain doesn't "enlist"

  • Dada Fan
    Dada Fan Month ago +32

    Trump: Traitor.

  • Judah Christ
    Judah Christ Month ago +1

    Erdogan want to create new ISIS by using his policy and declare himself as a Caliphate and that is also supported by TRUMP, by pulling out the military outside syria and take it home...🏳🏳🏳

  • Michele Walburn
    Michele Walburn Month ago

    Why can't I share this?

  • Michele Walburn
    Michele Walburn Month ago +53

    This is what happens when you have a yellow president

    • Mazhar Soufi
      Mazhar Soufi 28 days ago

      *Orange plz!!! HAHAHAHAHAAH

    • Alex Daniel
      Alex Daniel 29 days ago

      Killjoy Sanchez the dems?!? What planet are you living on? Didn’t the dems just put out a green new deal which tries to push for alternative solutions to oil? Wake up and take your tinfoil hat off.

    • Killjoy Sanchez
      Killjoy Sanchez 29 days ago +3

      No, this is what happens when they push this impeachment agenda ...dems are heavily invested in stealing Syria's oil . The GOP against the pull out are also invested. Look for the bigger picture the one that involves profitability that's all these corporate shill politicians care about.

  • Mullet Man
    Mullet Man Month ago +15

    Thumbs down are people who never served one day cause they have bone spurs like there hero

    • MTCicero
      MTCicero 29 days ago +1

      You don't need to have served to know what's right and wrong. Trump isn't just a coward, he's showing the world that the US cannot be trusted and will just as readily stab you in the back as shake your hand.

    • Michele Walburn
      Michele Walburn Month ago +1

      I didn't, but my daddy did. I hate our government, but I love the men and women who serve in our military. This sickens me

  • Qiu Phil
    Qiu Phil Month ago +2

    What can you expect from a real estate businessman? Once he sees there is no hope to secured the land, he pulls out. After all, he has no hotels, golf courses, building in Syria. He's more enthusiastic about building walls separating his property (what he thinks is his) than breaking them down.

  • K.J. G.
    K.J. G. Month ago +11

    I have never been more ashamed to be an American in my life

    • Hakhi Syaifullah
      Hakhi Syaifullah 2 days ago

      Vote for a better leader, that is a start.

    • CORZER0
      CORZER0 28 days ago +1

      No one cares. Move to Syria and help them out.

    • Stephen Goebbelcocque
      Stephen Goebbelcocque Month ago

      @Michele Walburn We do not want you.

    • Megaracer asdf
      Megaracer asdf Month ago

      And i haven't been that terrified for a long time as European. But heads up buddy - we say, every story has a good ending, and if it isn't good, it's not the end. ^^

    • Michele Walburn
      Michele Walburn Month ago

      Me either. I'm ready to move to Canada. I'm done

  • Chosen One
    Chosen One Month ago +1

    You vote with your conscious!

  • Kimberly Ward
    Kimberly Ward Month ago

    So glad i'm going to getting this so called captain UCMJed for unbecoming of an officer! I contacted his commanding officer. Article 89 Disrespecting anyone up or down the chain of command is not recommended in the military. In fact, people lose their monthly salary, confinement for up to a year, and a reduction in discharge paperwork can occur if bad enough. Disrespecting any, especially a higher ranking official, typically happens to members who cannot control their temper and lack the discipline to acknowledge discrepancies in civil discourse. The military prides itself on discipline and military order. Disrespecting a senior official can cause leadership failures to worsen to levels that render a group ineffective.

    When you have a grievance with someone up the chain of command, handle it with maturity, logic, and keep the emotions that can drive us all to do things we regret. Thank you for your concern. The Captain was expressing his personal opinion and that is not the opinion of the DOD, The Army or the Colorado National Guard. The command is taking appropriate action.

  • Popa Wheelie
    Popa Wheelie Month ago +6

    As a trump supporter I agree very disappointed

  • TheLeopard
    TheLeopard Month ago

    1:31 this world has gone crazy.

  • Monique Pace
    Monique Pace Month ago +2

    So sad Trump has no compassion for others, he has to answer to God. Believe in God or not i do . God is looking down shaking his head thinking " man" has no love for others and no care. How can you treat ppl this way and turn around and believe in God. How? Oh well , lost souls i pray they find peace

  • Jan D
    Jan D Month ago +12

    America will never be what it was ever again, the failure of the Republicans to stop trumps behavior just paved the way to this disaster. ISIS will be able to reform and regroup which will be a death sentence for who knows how many more people. America's word means nothing at all now.

  • Michael Cutler
    Michael Cutler Month ago

    So if it's 1973, you are still in Vietnam? No kidding?

  • Jack pine Savage
    Jack pine Savage Month ago

    You follow your orders, Captain, without question, or you resign your commission. It's your choice, sir.

  • GiveMeAbreak Please
    GiveMeAbreak Please Month ago +1