Jedi Fallen Order Proves EA was WRONG about Star Wars Fans

  • Published on Nov 24, 2019
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Proves EA was WRONG about Star Wars Fans (Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2019)
    THIS is Star Wars Battlefront (2015) in 2019...
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    Today, we finally take a look at the recently released Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and how this game perfectly illustrates just how out of touch EA (Electronic Arts) is in regard to both Star Wars fans, and the gaming community in general. We discuss every aspect of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (2019), from the incredibly satisfying gameplay as you travel the gameplay as Jedi Cal Kestis, to the compelling and masterfully crafted narrative. We also discuss Darth Vader’s brief appearance in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and how his portrayal is a perfect example of the writer’s understanding of the Star Wars franchise.
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Comments • 2 764

  • Evil Oracle
    Evil Oracle 9 minutes ago +1

    7:14 I couldn’t figure out how to do that puzzle correctly then, i pulled it through the crack in the wall on your right.

  • Evil Oracle
    Evil Oracle 13 minutes ago +1

    5:22 i was chanting force push :P

  • AussieBlokeGordo
    AussieBlokeGordo Hour ago

    4:20 Oggdo Bogdo is licking your balls LOL

    I know, I'm a child

  • AussieBlokeGordo
    AussieBlokeGordo Hour ago

    OMFG that opening though LMFAO I can't even XD

  • The Android
    The Android 3 hours ago

    5:03 it’s now required for me to cut the tongue off of all the frog monsters I find

  • Griffin Kimball
    Griffin Kimball 11 hours ago

    Anybody else want a remake of KOTOR's story with Fallen Order combat?

  • Eidelon
    Eidelon 12 hours ago

    One of the most rewarding learning curves in a game I have played.
    Fallen order, who made sekiro with the force: Yea!
    Jk, I love both games

  • WhiteGlint .Pascale
    WhiteGlint .Pascale 13 hours ago

    Maybe it was me but I always thought that Trilla didn't fight because Vader was holding her you can hear the air constrict when Vader enters the scene.

  • Adam Johnson
    Adam Johnson 17 hours ago

    I thought the game was too easy on the 2nd hardest mode. And then the last fight. I couldn't finish without changing difficulty. But tbh it was an unfair boss fight.

  • Tomislav
    Tomislav 18 hours ago


  • Lucas Ahumada
    Lucas Ahumada 18 hours ago

    Well it’s ea of course there wrong

  • David Thor
    David Thor 20 hours ago

    I know i'm late, but i just want to quote what someone else said about about the unnamed someone who spoiled Vader's apperance:
    "In short fuck you Izuniy or however you choose to pronounce your dumbass name, i hate so many of the things you choose to be."

  • R3Volt.
    R3Volt. 20 hours ago

    Is nobody going to point out how Vader held back the FREAKIN OCEAN with the Force?!

  • Lego Brick Planet Animations

    JFO Sequel name: Star Wars: Jedi Risen Order! If this is what the game would be, it should be where the First order is rising and Kylo Ren appears i
    At the end like how Vader appears at the end of Fallen Order.

  • Jace Ferris
    Jace Ferris Day ago

    The AI is difficultly related you picked the lame mode the second hardest is perfect souls like haven’t tried the hardest yet

  • Carter Deegan
    Carter Deegan Day ago

    was the guy who spoild it izuni

  • ProtoTag Teaching

    This is why I love Respawn.
    They respect what players want, and excel at that.

  • HW hypnotic Wack

    Of course EA is going to make a DLC or Sequel i mean EA wants money and this game is amazing everyone that I showed this to game loved it. I think DLC because the game hasnt been out for too long now and i would like to see for a DLC etheir a Sith DLC or A before order 66 DLC

  • Kian Badis
    Kian Badis Day ago

    This guy's playing on the easiest difficulty but good video though

  • Scobloosh
    Scobloosh Day ago

    I agree with you, the game really is great, but I gotta disagree with you on the puzzles. I thought they were monotonous, tedious, boring and overly-difficult. Whenever there was a puzzle I just wanted to get back to combat

  • FlameFlamedramon VA
    FlameFlamedramon VA 2 days ago

    Jedi Fallen Order felt like Assassins creed Unity in the beginning

  • RLTT
    RLTT 2 days ago

    You didnt criticize agile deflection...I hate it, because it parrys whenever you run. It would be better to be able to run while holding the block to do it or parry when doing it in the right moment, but that sadly isnt possible and it likes to take away the stamina bar for when you rly need it.

  • I eat Babies
    I eat Babies 2 days ago

    but didin't they say that they weren't gonna do another singleplayer game for a while? a long while.

  • Jakub Kaminski
    Jakub Kaminski 2 days ago +1

    I would hardly call Fallen Order a spectacular game. It was good, and for the most part I liked it, but the combat system (namely your measly, insignificant force bar) left much to be desired. Compared to the Force Unleashed 2 (my 2nd favorite star wars game of all time) the combat and force powers are laughably bad. Even on the harder difficulties, the Combat of Force Unleashed 2 was so fluid and brilliant, and most importantly - YOUR FORCE METER REPLENISHED BY ITSELF!!! Everyone who played the game knows just how irritating and Loooong this made combat. Cal must be a pretty weak jedi, is the point they're trying to make. I guess we can' all be Starkiller. And honestly, screw EA for canning 1313 and Force Unleashed 3 instead for the lame ass, pay to win, lootpack BS, new Battlefront Games. All these bums care about is $$. I miss the good old days when they made epic Star Wars games, like the original Battlefronts, Republic Commando, and Force Unleashed games. Those are classics.

  • ryuu tora
    ryuu tora 2 days ago

    Lemme guess..... Izuniy

  • Noah Dukat
    Noah Dukat 3 days ago

    Can EA see this video? And every video about their good products?

  • Treyton Poling
    Treyton Poling 3 days ago +3

    I can't be the only one who just sat and listened to the stormtroopers' conversations before going in to engage them. I found them hilarious and full of personality. Seriously, it felt like each _individual_ stormtrooper. Every single one. Had their own personality.
    I always gave the standard stormtroopers, stormtrooper commanders, scout troopers, scout trooper commanders, and others (except for the ones with the bazooka. They can jump into a sarlacc pit) a chance to let me pass before fighting them, and sometimes even during battle, because I felt bad killing with no mercy. There was an exception to everyone though. If an enemy kills me, I kill them, with no mercy. Nobody steals my experience.

  • Warlock 06
    Warlock 06 3 days ago

    The most annoying thing is the game crashing A LOT. I hope this isnt what I can expect from EA.

  • Friendly neighbourhood dumbass

    You beat all of the bosses first try?
    Damm maybe I’m just trash

  • Aidan Dixon
    Aidan Dixon 3 days ago +2

    Boss meant for you to come back and fight later: *Exists*
    Me: *Did you just challenge me*

  • Pieter Kalkman
    Pieter Kalkman 3 days ago

    I you likes this game please go play Sekiro

  • Shalfoshizzle
    Shalfoshizzle 4 days ago

    Boss fights were the hardest thing for me on the final difficulty. Fuck

  • June Hollybell
    June Hollybell 4 days ago

    All opinion of course but I think Jedi Fallen Order is far from " one of the best".It's great, a solid 7/10 but I see massive faults with it.much like I do my grammar and sentence structure .

  • Gunnar Karotte
    Gunnar Karotte 4 days ago

    Oggdo Bogdo is in reality the hardest boss in the game :D

    And Yeah, I get it. I also ran into his lair and went back until I got him.

    Great game, and just another example how good a single player game can be, if story, characterand gameplay is done well. Not everything has to be perfect, but good enough to keep you hooked.

  • Bluepugjr
    Bluepugjr 4 days ago

    I wanna see a Star Wars game where you’re completely evil, like a sith inquisitor or something, force unleashed tried this out for its first half of the story but I think we need a game where your character has no redeeming qualities and just hunts down Jedi ruthlessly even using underhanded tactics like slaughtering entire villages to get the Jedi to reveal themselves

  • ravager0292
    ravager0292 4 days ago

    this game i had no hope for ut upon playing it i was amazed and shocked as to how overwhelmingly great it is and i am saddened to know that i am at the end of the game and about to finish it as i start to get achievements for collecting all chests and beating all mystery beasts, this game is truly the first good star wars game that has been released since EA acquired the license to publish star wars games (excluding lego games as they are still and always will be amazing) and i know that this game ay be the last star wars game to come out for a few years if EA and disney dont look at fans and see how much we love this single player experience.

  • Sarabus 95
    Sarabus 95 4 days ago

    I a 24 year old man audibly screamed "don't you fucking touch BD-1!" And legit wanted to throw down with Vader over him. That is how you want your players to feel about your map😂 BD is best bot

  • Micromations
    Micromations 4 days ago

    Am I the only one who owned oggdo boggdo

  • Niya Radeva
    Niya Radeva 4 days ago +1


  • Wesley Crawford
    Wesley Crawford 4 days ago

    If we get a Mandalorian 3rd person action game, and an old republic rpg with the Jedi fallen order combat they'll win everyone.

  • Joseph Bennett
    Joseph Bennett 4 days ago

    Me: clicks on any TheXvid video


  • Ethan Alexander Gary Mellor the 3rd

    Thanos: I am ...

  • Ethan Alexander Gary Mellor the 3rd

    For Ogdo Bogdo I found it easiest to jump up to the three circles and drop swing on him to remove about a third of his health right of the bat

  • Gabriel Geissler
    Gabriel Geissler 4 days ago

    Ok there has got to be a spoiler warning at the start of this video

  • BobTheT-rex
    BobTheT-rex 4 days ago

    *Vader comes on screen*
    Me: Well I'm dead now

  • Gideon Peterson
    Gideon Peterson 5 days ago

    I haven't seen anyone bring this up but when cal opens the holocron and sees the map and then subsequently destroys it, BD1 is in the room right on the couch next to greez. so technically BD1 could still have the map stored in his databanks. this is easily fixed if cal were to wipe it from his mind or something and I dont expect it to develop into anything but it offers the opportunity to.

  • wolfmantheimpaler
    wolfmantheimpaler 5 days ago +2

    EA: People don't like single player games.
    *Almost every single player game that came out since that quote has been highly acclaimed and praised while the biggest bombs and controversies were multiplayer games*
    EA: *surprised Pikachu face*

  • willbert
    willbert 5 days ago

    if ea really wanted to get positive attention, they should release a FREE update that has a mode for boss fights like maul or dooku

  • ARC21- 1092
    ARC21- 1092 5 days ago +1

    Vader's healthbar:
    Aight, imma head out

  • bellowingsilence
    bellowingsilence 5 days ago +1

    This just made me realize that Darth Vader is the one thing in this whole franchise that has been handled incredibly well since Disney bought Star Wars, from Rogue One, to his comic series, to Rebels, and this game.

  • ikiller 205
    ikiller 205 6 days ago +1

    Man that frog seriously made me hate my life

  • ShicoLoveLife
    ShicoLoveLife 6 days ago

    Have you ever heard of the tragedy of titanfall

  • Doaga Mary
    Doaga Mary 6 days ago

    At least EA is honest about their intentions

  • Nickaholic
    Nickaholic 7 days ago

    7:53 that noise scared the crap out of me for some reason

  • GA9GA3XY
    GA9GA3XY 7 days ago

    I have a mini panic attack every time me and BD are separated tbh

  • Preston Pimentel
    Preston Pimentel 7 days ago

    The 2 worst greedy company’s EA and Disney

  • ultra dan
    ultra dan 7 days ago

    That intro lol

  • Aye It's Rich
    Aye It's Rich 7 days ago

    Respawn entertainment is my favorite gaming studio rn

  • Chibi Cthulhu
    Chibi Cthulhu 7 days ago

    I had the same reaction when Vader grabbed BD.

  • Chibi Cthulhu
    Chibi Cthulhu 7 days ago

    You not having the lock on activated at all times really bugs me.