The Irish Family | Full Episode | World's Strictest Parents Australia

  • Published on Aug 24, 2019
  • Emily and Harry are bound for the small Irish village of Whitechurch to live with Mary, John, and their five children. As practicing Catholics, their parenting is based on morality and tradition. But can they tame our wild teens? ▶ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE:
    ▶ How Strict Parents Deal With LOVE, SEX & DATING:
    ▶ Teens get their bags searched:
    ▶ Alcohol is BANNED:
    ▶ Most Shocking Moments:
    Think you've got the World's Strictest Parents? How do they stack up against these ones? From cutting logs to walking into ponds these parents have the answer to any disobedient teen. How would you survive against the World's Strictest Parents?
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  • Llama Studios
    Llama Studios 5 hours ago

    Harry has the forces thooo

  • Malaya luna Boo
    Malaya luna Boo 7 hours ago +1

    Now we just wonder if they stay like that

  • ryan west
    ryan west 14 hours ago

    stealing phones and also stealing his mums hair cut

  • Em ily
    Em ily Day ago

    “I find it hard to follow this families rules because I’ve been following my families rules for 17 years”
    But u don’t follow your families rules anyway🤣🤣

  • Lala T.G.
    Lala T.G. Day ago

    These are the best parents I've ever seen. They discipline their kids but are also very calm and understanding

  • The War Doctor
    The War Doctor 2 days ago

    Wore strect fer thare oun halth risens. Ets vary impartent.

  • Creek Fishermen Outdoors

    There kids aren’t even aloud to hangout with friends

  • Creek Fishermen Outdoors

    I’m sorry but these parents on these shown are way to strict

  • Dark_SqittyYT 993
    Dark_SqittyYT 993 3 days ago

    The dad was being so polite

    • Cillian Coleman
      Cillian Coleman 2 days ago

      Dark_SqittyYT 993 he just dies what he’s told by the wife

  • Lost Cloudz
    Lost Cloudz 3 days ago +1

    Mostly on every video “ the camera man ain’t no snitch”

  • angelbabies7
    angelbabies7 3 days ago

    I'm only watching this to hear them talk.

  • YT_slowstream_TW
    YT_slowstream_TW 3 days ago


    ZINCSTER 3 days ago

    The teens felt more real in this episode

  • PersonaG34
    PersonaG34 3 days ago

    never noticed how much the Irish accent sound like the jamaican accent lol

  • STFifaHD
    STFifaHD 3 days ago

    That woman said ‘for god sake’ naughty words adding god to any sentence is criminal

  • 6samuelst
    6samuelst 3 days ago

    Mystery is where are those bottles of alcohol that Harry hid.

  • Andrew Nash
    Andrew Nash 3 days ago +1

    If they came up to me at night and said “hand over the iPhone” I’d start swinging.

  • Thyrus
    Thyrus 3 days ago

    Came here for the accents, irish people are funny.

  • Epic Ck Jk
    Epic Ck Jk 3 days ago

    I got so excited when the parents names were Mary and John

  • Alyssa JoyLynn
    Alyssa JoyLynn 3 days ago +1

    Honestly these are the nicest parents I’ve ever seen, aside from the phone taking every night but I understand that. They’re kind

  • Mustafa A.shah
    Mustafa A.shah 3 days ago

    Riona is gorgeous

  • The Play
    The Play 4 days ago

    Anyone notice how the mother of the Irish family said “impartant” instead of “important”?
    I mean the accent butchers the word hard enough, so yeah that’s all.

  • sirron mac
    sirron mac 4 days ago

    23:58 thats what she said

  • Chris Zaremba
    Chris Zaremba 4 days ago

    Bruh they’re right those piercings are disgusting

  • B.A.O
    B.A.O 4 days ago

    It looks like Emily has green eyes during the introduction and blue any other time ?

  • louise silvester
    louise silvester 4 days ago

    I would happily swap my phone if I could do horse riding tbh

  • Jessica Marfell
    Jessica Marfell 4 days ago

    The mum:hE cOUld bE doINg sOmETHing TOtAlLy ILLEGAL!!!
    Harry:* nervously eats chip *

  • fireyheart56
    fireyheart56 5 days ago

    When she said you have to be strict to love your children properly. Because of her thick accent I thought she said straight lol

  • Reynaldo Rivera
    Reynaldo Rivera 5 days ago

    Kids act the way you let them

  • con west
    con west 5 days ago

    How come I can't find BLK kids🤔🤔🤨

  • Jon Carswell
    Jon Carswell 5 days ago

    How can u speak like an animal if an animal can't speak?

  • amazman
    amazman 5 days ago

    he needs to wash his hair

  • dontlook me up
    dontlook me up 5 days ago

    Camera man ain't no snake

  • Ethan
    Ethan 5 days ago

    I think these parents get being “strict” and “controlling” round the wrong way.
    All the parents need to reflect on their own parenting style and just because you’ve studied teen psychology doesn’t mean you should try and use that degree to manipulate people from the inside

  • matthew johnston
    matthew johnston 6 days ago

    “I feel that Harry is quite young for his age”

  • Kathy Mathers
    Kathy Mathers 6 days ago

    Only time will tell!
    Leave to dad to say something like that!! He should have said I'll help to keep him this way. It seems dad is critical of his son.. This alone could turn him back the way he was.

  • bob ross
    bob ross 6 days ago

    There is something mildly ironic about an Irish person saying Ireland has laws about alcohol

  • Kathy Mathers
    Kathy Mathers 6 days ago

    What ever happened to the parents checking their luggage. ????

  • Kathy Mathers
    Kathy Mathers 6 days ago

    Cell phones have to be handed in to mom every night. " awesome" good rule.

  • Alexie M.
    Alexie M. 6 days ago

    Okay but they called her piercing disgusting .

  • bendr68 jusep
    bendr68 jusep 6 days ago

    Bruh this is communism af.

  • Lil Swagger
    Lil Swagger 6 days ago

    Not ireland eireland

  • just me aha
    just me aha 6 days ago

    “I feel that Harry’s quiet young for his age”
    What’s that supposed to mean

  • Ashley Escoto
    Ashley Escoto 6 days ago

    Wat I dont like it harry gets home and the dad automatically says only time will have some faith in your kid... dont just assume the worse and be like yea will see

  • Ducky Gacha 11
    Ducky Gacha 11 7 days ago

    How is literally no one talking about how pretty Evelyn is?!

  • Jessica Sparrow
    Jessica Sparrow 7 days ago

    vos ceds ro bad 😈😈

  • Allstar Andrez
    Allstar Andrez 7 days ago

    "Traditional” Irish family: no swearing, no drinking
    Real Irish family: what are you doing home, go to the pub

  • Great Daddy
    Great Daddy 7 days ago

    I may not like the house rules or the house food. However I will follow the house rules and try to have fun. I will eat all the food on my plate and be grateful for what I am given. Sir Mam Thank you no Thank you..

  • Mason Lepera
    Mason Lepera 7 days ago


  • Jack Mcwilliam
    Jack Mcwilliam 7 days ago

    Is it just me but or are they lying about their age because she is no way 13

  • Drew Playz
    Drew Playz 7 days ago +1

    Ooooooooooooh POTATO 🥔

  • Southern Gaming
    Southern Gaming 7 days ago +1

    Everyone started being bad at 13 on this show

  • Anthony Drake
    Anthony Drake 7 days ago

    Cant belive they made him take the forces off smh😡

  • Edgar Vargas
    Edgar Vargas 8 days ago

    Bro the camera man is no snitch

  • ghoul.kannenball
    ghoul.kannenball 8 days ago

    who else follows evelyn

  • Kaya Quarless
    Kaya Quarless 8 days ago

    Yeah blur the dads but not the daughters last name 👌

  • yun_nuwu
    yun_nuwu 8 days ago

    I love the parents, they're kind, soft spoken, and genuinely care and want the best for the children

  • get pooped on
    get pooped on 8 days ago

    This is Linus tech tips off camera

  • PrincessOfSlytherin 0919

    I actually likes their school uniform

  • BasicallyBrentt
    BasicallyBrentt 8 days ago

    As someone who has been living in ireland for 2 years trust me when I say: the irish kids are just better at hiding their actions.