Larry Kudlow speaks at North American Infrastructure Leadership Forum

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • Larry Kudlow, Director of the National Economic Council and Assistant to the President for Economic Policy, will discuss the future of U.S. infrastructure, focusing on the key forces that are driving its evolution as well as the implications and opportunities they bring for project owners and investors.
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Comments • 22

  • Oddvard Myrnes
    Oddvard Myrnes 28 days ago

    Europe in resession and Asia sluggish. Still he se no dark clouds on the horizon. This is not making sense. What he say on Europe deregulating the market place. France tried and they saw the yellow vest movment. England is a society in declaine with falling living standard and inequality. The way America runs its affairs can be viewed on Netflix. The film "The Laundromat" is a simple to grasp film with outstanding actors telling you what the state of American echonomic policies are.

  • Prog Rocker
    Prog Rocker 29 days ago

    he is ignoring all the people behind in mortgages, car payments, credit cards, etc.!

  • Prog Rocker
    Prog Rocker 29 days ago +1

    where are the jobs for SKILLED older workers??

    • Prog Rocker
      Prog Rocker 19 days ago

      @Artemas Ward yes, but then everyone would need to move to california and put even more stress on the traffic jams and on the environment there. for some reason, only the high-tech cities (mostly all in california) have enough jobs. our universities are graduating students, but the local industries are barely transforming -- everything is being sub-contracted. this whole system works for the corporations, which are rewarded for minimizing working staff.

    • Artemas Ward
      Artemas Ward 19 days ago

      My neighbors son got a job building drones in san diego.

  • Artemas Ward
    Artemas Ward 29 days ago +1

    2018 Amazon revenue = $232billion. Yang2020 VAT tax on Amazon sales = $23 billion to be distributed in $1000 checks to the owners of the country. Dividends reduce welfare, provide help for stay at home parents, increase economic growth and help local business.

    • Traditional Values
      Traditional Values 19 days ago

      ----------No, Yang is avowed Marxist who's an enemy of American's rights and Civil Liberties, and without those basic rights all the money in the world is meaningless!

  • Cherri Zirkel
    Cherri Zirkel 29 days ago +2

    People NWO is here you aren't recognizing it your all blind

  • Sean Pan
    Sean Pan 29 days ago +3

    Cut defense by 90% or borrow money from China.

    • Bucky Goldstein
      Bucky Goldstein 18 days ago

      @Oddvard Myrnes They import a lot of cardboard from us that was used to package the stuff they sold us.

    • Oddvard Myrnes
      Oddvard Myrnes 19 days ago

      @Bucky Goldstein ..They import a lot. Oil, ore, rubber, chemicals you name it. And they need to pay for it. Nobody want China money. They want dollar, Euro or yen. Not one country accept china money. Not even Russia, Brazil, India or any of the 'alternatives'.

    • Bucky Goldstein
      Bucky Goldstein 19 days ago

      @Oddvard Myrnes What imports. They mostly export.

    • Oddvard Myrnes
      Oddvard Myrnes 28 days ago

      Yap. Forget China though. They can only lend you China money. They need the dollars they have to pay for their imports.

  • William Schutter
    William Schutter 29 days ago +6

    Larry Kidlow has been a hero of mine since 1980. What a Patriot! He steps forward to help Trump when the compromised and the cowards fear to go. He is top-drawer and the USA is blessed to have him at the helm.

    • Bucky Goldstein
      Bucky Goldstein 19 days ago

      @William Schutter I like Larry, for a Republican, but you notice he really never says anything about politics and he pushs the presidents economy a bit harder than reality, but that's his job.

    • Hans Lennros
      Hans Lennros 29 days ago

      I agree on that. Whatever you think of Trump he is the President of the US.

    • txmph1
      txmph1 29 days ago

      @William Schutter I agree that the policy promotes growth, how do you feel about its implementation?

    • William Schutter
      William Schutter 29 days ago

      @txmph1 He has only ever done a fine job by any available metric. Notice how careful he is to avoid coming too close to Trump, because Kudlow is all about policy that works. If we love our people, so should we.

    • Li, Fu Ran, Ph.D.
      Li, Fu Ran, Ph.D. 29 days ago

      @txmph1 Yes.

  • R V
    R V 29 days ago +4

    American citizens having a fight for their jobs because illegals are taking them all for pennies on the dollar

    • Prog Rocker
      Prog Rocker 29 days ago +1

      what kind of job are you in that illegals are taking? actual question.