• Published on Sep 9, 2016
  • Episode 47! Enjoy the forging goodness :)

    Hey! Thank you so much for checking out my daily videos! I am a blacksmith from Norwich in the UK. I teach classes here at my shop and abroad as well as forging tools for lovely people like you!
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    Alec Steele Blacksmith 2016
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  • Robert Hocker
    Robert Hocker 2 years ago

    I would LOVE to see punches and chisels forged.

  • Arvid
    Arvid 2 years ago

    That tool at 2:45 what would you call it?
    And dose it need to be high carbon steel or heat treated?

  • shepards forge h
    shepards forge h 2 years ago

    where is the hotest spot in the forge? is it right under the flame?

    • Levi Blackwood
      Levi Blackwood 2 years ago

      shepards forge h where do you think the heat is coming from?

  • Burgess Forge
    Burgess Forge 2 years ago

    God damn you've grown so much in just 4 months

  • Mark Spesard
    Mark Spesard 2 years ago

    I'd like to know some information about your press. How many tons, stroke length and how fast the stroke is and any other valuable information about it. Thanks

  • Dalton Vann
    Dalton Vann 2 years ago

    Thanks from Texas! We do hold the values of hard work a rugged individualism, as you seem to as well. Keep it up. The Justin boot outlet is here in Fort Worth next time you need a new pair.

    • Alec Steele
      Alec Steele  2 years ago

      +Dalton Vann thank you Dalton! Appreciate the good words!

  • Patrick Noonan
    Patrick Noonan 3 years ago

    what is the song called

  • Astral Alundra
    Astral Alundra 3 years ago

    Your quality of videos is constantly improving and I enjoy them very much.
    In this particular video I was wondering, and correct me if I'm wrong, but is that an upside down cross hanging in your shop, and if so why?

    • Alec Steele
      Alec Steele  3 years ago

      Thanks Adrian! Really appreciate it!
      Haha! The only thing I can think you must be referring to is the amplifier bracket in the far upper left hand corner of the back wall of my shop! Am I on the money?

  • Sean Salmon
    Sean Salmon 3 years ago

    Power hammer& the hydraulic press

  • FishWill -
    FishWill - 3 years ago

    Hi Alec, Love the videos man really great, informative and generally funny! wheres the best place to find railway track/items i could turn into anvils? I really want to get into it more but having something to forge on is really holding me back- any ideas?

  • Gene Smith
    Gene Smith 3 years ago

    Seasick steve

  • Evan Griffith Bladesmith

    Hahaha did we get you hooked on coffee while you were in Georgia? I'd like to see a video on anvil stands. what you think the latest and greatest construction is, how they're secured, what works, what doesnt, pros and cons type deal. You lightly covered anvil stands in your online curriculum but it wasn't enough for me to go out and build one confidently.
    Evan Griffith (Bethlehem Blacksmith)

  • Pieter Van Eeckhout
    Pieter Van Eeckhout 3 years ago

    what power hammer do you use?
    I am looking into buying a new Sahinler SM 60 do you have experience with that brand or type of power hammers?

  • Robert Taylor
    Robert Taylor 3 years ago

    I would love to learn more about your power hammer. It is a beauty! Recommendation for the gentleman with the back problems: 1) actual get the anvil a bit below the knees about 2 inches, 2) use the lightest hammer you can to do the job efficiently, 3) take for granted that it will take you longer to do the job, 4) make you tongs a bit on the longer side longer tongs = less stretching to use the fire and the forge, finally my last recommendation 5) take many breaks. I to have major back issues where I can not stand for long periods of time. This is how I have done my little bit of black smithing. I've mainly made blades but with Alec's inspiration I am going to try more! Hope this helps!
    Alec a question for you: What if any kinds of steel do you not favor to work?

    • Robert Taylor
      Robert Taylor 3 years ago

      In my statement I said below the knees I actually meant above the knees sorry for the confusion

  • sonicseaweed
    sonicseaweed 3 years ago

    Ramble warning. I would love to see some video talking about "the blacksmiths aesthetics", what I mean by that is, if you go to a home center and purchase a hinge, it's a boring old hinge, but blacksmiths seem to have ways of embellishing items while keeping them functional. So I would love to see some of those things to stretch my thinking of what is possible. End ramble

  • Arlee cess
    Arlee cess 3 years ago

    Love to see the belt grinder.

  • Nick Verbree
    Nick Verbree 3 years ago

    Alec, your videos have always been great and they just keep getting better! I think it would be really cool to see your power hammer setup and the tooling you have for it. Keep being awesome and keep up the videos!

  • Kelly White
    Kelly White 3 years ago

    Getting fancy with the editing... looks great.

  • Conley custom ironwork

    I forged my first hammer this is a good way to end a day

  • Monte Turner
    Monte Turner 3 years ago

    And the People of Texas think you are AWESOME!! We do love freedom, hard work and being awesome!!

  • Cody Dupee
    Cody Dupee 3 years ago

    I enjoy winding down at the end of a long day watching your videos, and I have to say that I'd like to know more about your power hammer.

  • Cave of Skarzs
    Cave of Skarzs 3 years ago

    I'd really like to see all your anvils and their make, as well as what specific times you might use one instead of the others in your shop.

  • Lowell Hurst
    Lowell Hurst 3 years ago

    i'd love to see a walk around of your power hammer. maybe explain how it is operated.

  • Matt Behnke
    Matt Behnke 3 years ago +1

    Oh and please explain the striking anvil! I need the dimensions of everything I need for it!

  • Matt Behnke
    Matt Behnke 3 years ago

    I love the slow mo!!!

  • blades7558
    blades7558 3 years ago

    Lets talk about the elephant in the room... No literally that Giant Green Behemoth you call a power hammer. I'd love to see a walk around of that!

  • Joel Truax
    Joel Truax 3 years ago +1

    May that lone star flag fly forever :P

    • Joel Truax
      Joel Truax 3 years ago

      +Alec Steele I'm a West Virginian, but i have somemajor respect for those texans.

    • Alec Steele
      Alec Steele  3 years ago

      Yes sir!

  • Gene Smith
    Gene Smith 3 years ago

    great video but that disco music has to go

  • drasons forge
    drasons forge 3 years ago

    I do not have a power hammer or striker. I also do not have a lot of money. Would you show how to build a treadle hammer? I have seen old drawings of these using a spring board, rope, and a large sledge hammer. Something that can be moved about in the shop would be a huge bonus. Thanks

  • robbie hawthorne
    robbie hawthorne 3 years ago

    Mate, your vids are bloody brilliant ! Keep it up sir

    • Alec Steele
      Alec Steele  3 years ago

      Thanks dude! Your letter is in my truck! I just need to find a postbox!!!

  • Henry Thomas
    Henry Thomas 3 years ago

    always look out for your truck whenever I'm driving round Norwich 😊

    • Alec Steele
      Alec Steele  3 years ago

      Haha! That's awesome!! The dirty pickup with obnoxious stickers ;)

  • J Smith
    J Smith 3 years ago

    Hi Alec, love this episode! What camera gear and editing software do you use for your daily vlogs?

    • Alec Steele
      Alec Steele  3 years ago

      HEY JAY! Thank you :)
      I use a Panasonic GH4 with Olympus 9/18mm lens and a cctv 25mm f.1.2 for the funky shots! A GoPro hero 4 black is also in the Arsenal! I use Final Cut Pro to edit on a top spec 15" MacBook Pro!

  • Edge Precision
    Edge Precision 3 years ago

    Alec, From the great state (Country if we had our way) of Texas. I would like to see more about your power hammers and the tooling you use with them.

  • G. Bell
    G. Bell 3 years ago

    6:00 - Interestingly I've found that when doing carpentry working when sitting down that the 25mm either side of your seat height is the right height for hammer work. You have to remember that your arm effectively increases in length compared to your torso when sitting compared to standing. The biggest issue is going to be the working angle, trying to make space to work your material while not put a twisting strain on one side of your core muscles may require angled work surfaces.

  • WeVikings
    WeVikings 3 years ago +1

    Hey Alec Great video just want to say that I received my hammer and it is just fantastic thank you so much! And thanks for answering my question : )

  • sibco96
    sibco96 3 years ago

    Greetings from Texas! Enjoying your channel.

  • Ethan Harty
    Ethan Harty 3 years ago +1

    The power hacksaw!

  • jeffery biddix
    jeffery biddix 3 years ago

    Thanks for answering my question. I would love to see more about your power hammer. Brand, weight, strick force and height clearance.

  • Neal Hughes
    Neal Hughes 3 years ago

    Not sure if you have shown it in a previous video but could you go over your power hammers?

  • 1imid
    1imid 3 years ago +1

    Alec! This has been, and is the best course i've ever attended to. I'm exhausted. My head is so full of information that i probably need a week off from work. I'm absolutly comming back. The only thing i regret is that i didn't do this a year ago. You Rock!

    • Alec Steele
      Alec Steele  3 years ago

      Eirik! Thank you so so much for coming and taking the class! Amazing having you here!

  • Toby Bates
    Toby Bates 3 years ago

    I would like to see your Power Hammers and Presses and in an order of purchase and how you came across getting each, because since I was down with you Alec, you have acquired more tools that interest me :) - Toby

  • John bennett
    John bennett 3 years ago

    I'd like to see you do a vlog at the anvil with your hand tools Alec. Types of tongs, punches, hammers and drifts and there applications. Love seeing the daily notification that tells me you have uploaded another clip. Keep it up mate 💪🏻⚒

  • Ladislaus Pasatelski
    Ladislaus Pasatelski 3 years ago

    Motivated by your videos, I did my first beginner's course on blacksmithing a few weeks ago. Only two days to see whether or not it really could be as much fun as you make it look and all I can say is I'm hooked. Thanks for that. Also you mentioning brazael's connection to habermann n the influence on you goes to show so well how interwoven your community is internationally. great thing to spread culture across borders. That's a great thing. Regards from Germany

    • Alec Steele
      Alec Steele  3 years ago

      That is amazing to hear! I am thrilled you have got hooked by the bug!

  • Vincent Gendron
    Vincent Gendron 3 years ago

    I just love the T-shirt lol

  • Michael Marks
    Michael Marks 3 years ago

    For the fellow who needs to sit while blacksmithing he can go to Glen GS Tongs TheXvid videos he does all his work sitting. Look forward to your videos daily Thanks!

  • Michael Stares
    Michael Stares 3 years ago

    Once again great, many thanks

  • Marshall Reid
    Marshall Reid 3 years ago


    • Marshall Reid
      Marshall Reid 3 years ago


    • Alec Steele
      Alec Steele  3 years ago

      The only way now would be to steal one from the cab of my truck! They are special editions ;)

  • Nick Rundlett
    Nick Rundlett 3 years ago

    Remarkable answer to the final question, Alec! I'd like to see a tour / explanation of your power hammer machine.. That thing looks like an efficient beast!
    Keep on kicking ass :)

    • Alec Steele
      Alec Steele  3 years ago

      THANKS NICK! Loving your latest vids!!

  • Delfin Haas
    Delfin Haas 3 years ago +2

    GStong does forge while sitting down maby look at some of his videos

  • Alex Strong
    Alex Strong 3 years ago

    Dead serious. I was feeling awful and when I saw this I felt great!

  • Alex Strong
    Alex Strong 3 years ago

    Dead serious. I was feeling awful and when I saw this I felt great!

    • Seth Williams
      Seth Williams 3 years ago

      +Alec Steele I liked the wester n style music.

    • Alec Steele
      Alec Steele  3 years ago


  • Mark Ling
    Mark Ling 3 years ago

    go Texas!!! Also, this is kinda random, but I'm 14, and I enjoy whacking hot gushy steel, and I'm planning on selling some items that ive made at kinda a "living history" fair, and didn't know if you, or anybody else had any tips on, what sells good, marketing, etc, etc. I know it's been a while since you've done one of these, and I'm sorry, but wasn't sure if you remembered any pointers that you would be willing to share with another young smith! Thanks so much!!

    • Mark Ling
      Mark Ling 3 years ago

      no! don't be sorry at all! in fact that helped! thank you very much!

    • Cave of Skarzs
      Cave of Skarzs 3 years ago

      Well, I'm not Alec, but I do have an answer. . . Kind of.
      What sells well kind of depends on your area. For myself, bottle openers, leaf keychains, and handles seem to do really well, but a lot of other things I've made haven't sold at all. In some places, barbecue/fireplace tools are a great product, and others, candle holders or even just decorative bits and bobs. Poking around a little bit and experimenting might be good to find what people want in your area.
      The living history thing sounds like a good opportunity, especially for a blacksmith, as one can make historically accurate things. Just off the top of my head, a few things that may sell might be door handles, candle holders, woodworking tools, and nails. (One thing you could mention about the nails is that pioneers in America would burn down their houses when they moved so they could collect the nails and reuse them.)

      Sorry about that wall of text. . .

  • RC
    RC 3 years ago

    Alec, Thanks for the info. Getting set up is my weekend goal. I'll start around 4 inches above my leg from a seated position then work down. I didn't think about the twisting influence of the swing. I had your energy when i was young and able to do 18 hour days, but at my age those days are long gone so do it while you can. You make tools like they should be framed, hung on a wall, and admired. lol.
    Thanks again for the dynamite videos.

  • Richard Chapple
    Richard Chapple 3 years ago

    Alec, thoroughly enjoy the vlod in both format of the last two day's. For people who already understand how to work steel it's AWESOME, Speaks Volumes. Your Summery of where you're zeal stems from, couldn't have said it better myself.
    only two things I'd like you to touch base on,
    a little more in depth of your striking anvil and and hardie tool's.
    what kind of steel do YOU use for your striking tool's you make? i.e. drifts
    I've looked at your classes, and I know you cover tool making in those classes, but when you're on a fixed income, your classes are out of the question

    • Richard Chapple
      Richard Chapple 3 years ago

      Cool Beans

    • Alec Steele
      Alec Steele  3 years ago

      Love it Richard! Great suggestions! I'll definitely be doing videos on the striking anvil and on steel!

  • S!ngularity
    S!ngularity 3 years ago +1

    Another great video! I think it would be cool to do a walk around on all your anvils

  • The Hot End - 3D Printing & Tech Reviews

    My new forge arrived from Lithuania :) new blacksmith shed going up - just need an anvil and I'm set!

  • jgclark45
    jgclark45 3 years ago

    GLEN GS TONGS is a blacksmith that sits for his work, maybe check out his channel to see his setup

  • Trollskyy
    Trollskyy 3 years ago +2

    I really like the way you make this vlog :) I will need to try it when finally be a fulltime knifemaker , counting days to 1st of October :)

    • Tristan Antonsen
      Tristan Antonsen 3 years ago

      OMG YES

    • Alec Steele
      Alec Steele  3 years ago +6

      That's awesome dude! Can't wait to see them! I think we need to do a collab! Would you be interested in organising one with me? 😃 Facebook message me at page and let's make something epic together for TheXvid!

  • Leroy Jenkins
    Leroy Jenkins 3 years ago

    Alec, it's 5:00 AM, what are you doing to me
    Also, loving the song, can I get a name?
    And it's not really a tool but I'd like to see where you store all your materials and how you keep it organized, if you keep it stored that is and don't just buy it as you go :)

  • Brian Sheehan
    Brian Sheehan 3 years ago

    power hammer