I SECRETLY Entered a Fashion Show...

  • I managed to sneak into this fashion show... CAN I WIN
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Comments • 80

  • Moana Mariner
    Moana Mariner Day ago +1

    HE BE DRIPPIN!!!!!

  • lii_ savage
    lii_ savage 3 days ago +1

    00:17 he said Queen what if it a boy

  • Krisann Hatch
    Krisann Hatch 3 days ago +1

    The purple guy defeated the storm king to save his girlfriend

  • Ya Roomie
    Ya Roomie 3 days ago

    Wait, how do YOU know that there are no dinosaurs in space 🤔

  • Ghost lava
    Ghost lava 3 days ago +1

    Bro, I was the enforcer lol

  • Fable Fishy
    Fable Fishy 4 days ago


  • xxorganism boii
    xxorganism boii 5 days ago

    ohhhhh the purple guy was protecting her it took me 2 months to figure that out

  • David Man
    David Man 5 days ago +1

    Me putting my volume at 1

  • Caleb Barocio
    Caleb Barocio 6 days ago

    Far out!

  • pitbullboss orca
    pitbullboss orca 6 days ago

    9:06 he’s trying to impress the girl. Unless you have 0 iq it shouldn’t be that confusing

  • Braiden Edens
    Braiden Edens 6 days ago


  • Charcool
    Charcool 7 days ago

    Banana Army Raid

  • dimension dementor
    dimension dementor 8 days ago

    RIP clock man

  • Luca Pagliarini
    Luca Pagliarini 8 days ago

    I secretly entered a fashion show
    1.8 million views

  • Avory Henry
    Avory Henry 9 days ago

    Death run sucks

  • Lee Anderson
    Lee Anderson 9 days ago

    I dont like you using lachys account

  • Black Knight
    Black Knight 13 days ago

    Muselk: bunny emote bunny Skin? No. WTF youre the worst judge ever and the sith trooper did a perfect emote as sith troopers are melee fighters. Please never host a show again dude

  • Daniel Macias
    Daniel Macias 13 days ago

    5:52 look at the face cam 🤣

  • Saif Ayasrah
    Saif Ayasrah 14 days ago +1

    Guys when muselk plays a cizzorz death run I don’t know how many times he will rage help me by clicking here
    👇so I can now how much he rages

  • ham
    ham 14 days ago

    Muselk:i snuck into a fashion showMe:next will be housewives

  • RST Anas
    RST Anas 14 days ago

    Can you gift me my name in fortnite is goldenstrem

  • ian cristopher erazo bcl

    Theres a bird called raven that why the raven did that on 1st emote round

  • Basaran [SOTC]
    Basaran [SOTC] 15 days ago

    Muselk..I used to respect you..

  • robert cairns
    robert cairns 17 days ago

    How does it feel still playing fortnite in 2020?

  • Dallen Thompson
    Dallen Thompson 18 days ago

    Jonesy was trying to impress her

  • TH3 Bihan
    TH3 Bihan 18 days ago

    Actually they want free vbucks

  • Bruh Nae nae
    Bruh Nae nae 20 days ago


  • Pokex Mia
    Pokex Mia 21 day ago +1

    It’s really confusing how fashion shows have gone extreme

  • MrGamerKid Roadblox
    MrGamerKid Roadblox 22 days ago

    honestly muselks outfit was the best (in my opinion)

  • Thefirenight22 Hello
    Thefirenight22 Hello 22 days ago

    Another clickbait vid

  • Manuel Canum
    Manuel Canum 23 days ago +1

    Ya boy

  • Aragon1632
    Aragon1632 23 days ago

    I love how everyone on the platform is just doing the hello friend emote lol

  • Brian
    Brian 23 days ago

    muselk: no idea how it works me: bruh, its a fashion show

  • hunter4327
    hunter4327 25 days ago

    Muselk complains about bieng basic but 6:04 BRUH

  • Gilly Adam
    Gilly Adam 28 days ago

    Help Muselk get to 10 million subs

  • Sally Starside
    Sally Starside Month ago

    7:59 omg LOOOL that killed me deeeeppp 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😩😩😩😩

  • Shxy ttv
    Shxy ttv Month ago

    Pow it’s the freaking Catalina wine mixer

  • xxmiss elliexxYT
    xxmiss elliexxYT Month ago


  • Wyatt Pugh
    Wyatt Pugh Month ago

    so fake

  • Wyatt Pugh
    Wyatt Pugh Month ago

    you're name is fake

  • Sukhraj Dhah
    Sukhraj Dhah Month ago

    dont ever host one again u dont know anything

  • NBZ Clan
    NBZ Clan Month ago

    this is awesome bro! please check out my montages!!

  • Toby Thompson
    Toby Thompson Month ago

    Muselk you are a god

  • Toby Thompson
    Toby Thompson Month ago

    That 1st streamer was stupidly bad

  • BM
    BM Month ago

    9:18 why is that in skin check skirt

  • Kosei Maru
    Kosei Maru Month ago

    10:00 was so funny

  • M D D O
    M D D O Month ago +1

    Who hosted the fashion show?

  • MiniGod_458 !!
    MiniGod_458 !! Month ago

    Bad content plz stop!!!!!!

  • maddison playz
    maddison playz Month ago

    Get a hair cut,
    Get a girlfriend.,
    Get a life u sad old bugger

  • Yareliz Colon Bonilla

    I can’t join

  • Yushy_13
    Yushy_13 Month ago

    What have I did a fashion show and I won

  • Creeper TaytinX
    Creeper TaytinX Month ago

    I'm calling Jesus you killed him

  • Zenaida Surita
    Zenaida Surita Month ago

    The old default was flexing for the girl he spray painted

  • Onz
    Onz Month ago +23

    me: “and you put on a gold skin and a cape..”

  • Blaze Nabil
    Blaze Nabil Month ago


  • Никита Чигитов

    I miss old Muselk. Now he's a 12 y.o. coward.

    • A C T I V E ?
      A C T I V E ? 25 days ago

      Никита ूूीीीीीीीीीूूूूूूबबबबहबबहबहगगगहहगहगहबगूबूहूूहूूबहबहूीबीूाैाीबीूाौेीबूी्बीू्हबदुहहपगजहगपजगरपजपरगतकसककत

  • MannyPlayz3
    MannyPlayz3 Month ago

    Dont let muselk host a fashion show XD

  • The Dead Leopard
    The Dead Leopard Month ago

    U Guys know fresh is the same guy as the judge from the one Elliot did?

  • Jason Annunziata
    Jason Annunziata Month ago

    How do you get into a fashion show

  • E6Y Pecurin
    E6Y Pecurin Month ago

    It was funny when he was like u are BASIC AS HELL

  • flawless kid23
    flawless kid23 Month ago

    8:29 my mans said this ain't it chief

  • CookieKing
    CookieKing Month ago

    I bought V-Bucks but....

    Read More

  • Barry Allen
    Barry Allen Month ago

    Can You Make An overwatch vid

  • Austin_whyte Cocculus

    5:54 im dead🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Samuel Caywood
    Samuel Caywood Month ago

    can u be safe away from
    the fires muselk

  • Evan Jensen
    Evan Jensen Month ago

    I can't believe Jazza has a gaming channel

  • FaYZ_HeM
    FaYZ_HeM Month ago

    Should of done black night spray then my idle

  • Cronic Jordz
    Cronic Jordz Month ago

    Muselk is the best

  • niamh walter
    niamh walter Month ago

    I'm not sure if I could be a little bit of a sudden it

  • Ayden Kim
    Ayden Kim Month ago

    Omg it’s Jesus!

  • Jokkefun Ever
    Jokkefun Ever Month ago

    Like this march clipdudooo

  • Bohemeth Monkey
    Bohemeth Monkey Month ago

    Hjdoogan remake

  • EzLemonz
    EzLemonz Month ago +2

    “You can’t be an Aztec hippie”
    -*Muselk* *2019*

  • Aust bozz
    Aust bozz Month ago

    It's so annoying please never do it again...

    Like if you agree

  • Clair Evans
    Clair Evans Month ago

    Could u do overwatch again?

  • Ozzie and Kannon
    Ozzie and Kannon 2 months ago

    I made a bet that I could get to a thousand before 2021

  • Corrupt_YT
    Corrupt_YT 2 months ago +1


  • Giovani Domimguez
    Giovani Domimguez 2 months ago

    OMG Elon Musk

  • Charlie Morse
    Charlie Morse 2 months ago

    I'm a dude and i'd make out with muselk no cap hahaha

  • VSNFearlessシ
    VSNFearlessシ 2 months ago

    9:37 - 10:03