Lonzo Ball Full Highlights 2019.10.28 Pelicans vs Warriors - 12 Pts, 9 Asts | FreeDawkins

  • Published on Oct 29, 2019
  • October 28 | NBA Regular Season | Lonzo Ball Full Highlights 2019.10.28 Pelicans vs Warriors - 12 Pts, 9 Asts | FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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Comments • 229

  • Veego von DOOM- Reviews!

    Lonzo is a officially a bust.

  • Kangol Sublife
    Kangol Sublife 19 days ago

    Just wait til Lonzo gets in his groove and its gonna be a wrap for all the haters. That behind the head pass that they did not even do a replay for shows how much the league is against lonzo. That pass was so different and ill, why no replay?

  • J-Strokes
    J-Strokes Month ago

    Lonzo is fine. He really doesn't have a put together package for attacking the rim. That hasn't been his game. So with this offseason I expect him to work on that aspect of his game and then next season he will improve on it. It is clear after this offseason that he can hit free throws and shoot. So now that it is clear the next phase of his game is attacking and midrange. He will get there. For someone barely over 100 games in their professional career he is fine. Yes we would like to see it more but what is he going to do when he doesn't have that game yet? You asking for turnovers. So they just gonna have to wait it out this season. Besides when Zion gets back his scoring will go up. More lane for Zion so someone gonna have to commit off of Zo so he will get more easy 3s.

  • dunetruper2000
    dunetruper2000 Month ago

    It’s obvious Lonzo doesn’t want to drive in because he doesn’t want to get fouled and miss free throws

  • LAR Rodriglu
    LAR Rodriglu Month ago +1

    No aggressiveness from this man 3 years in, number 2 pick my ass

  • Jeff T
    Jeff T Month ago

    Lonzo really needs to take it inside more and attack the basket. His shot has gotten better, but the lack of a slashing threat really needs to be there. It'll open playmaking opportunities up a lot more.

  • CC
    CC Month ago +10

    If lonzo stays healthy this whole season he will average 16ppg

  • Runnin _Ramen
    Runnin _Ramen Month ago +2

    Aaaaand he gets a highlight video because??

  • Jccc 78
    Jccc 78 Month ago +2

    cmo we making ahighlight video for a 12 point game.smh Lonzo stans are too much

  • Jourdan Chaney
    Jourdan Chaney Month ago

    Horrible transition defense by Russell 😂😂😂

  • Dennis Uy
    Dennis Uy Month ago

    to ZO :please make some time to watch yourself ucla lonzo

  • Anthony Okocha
    Anthony Okocha Month ago +3

    He’s trash


    Nigga is so over rated. What do you GROUPIES See in this Nigga? Maybe if y'all spent less time SLOBBERING on his dick y'all would know that's he's nothing special

  • Call Me J. R.
    Call Me J. R. Month ago

    I guess the no back to back was just lies by the nba

  • X Factor14
    X Factor14 Month ago

    Def gotta drive more. Glad the shot is better (knock on wood), but now he needs to develop more of a perimeter game instead of just playing behind the three point line. Drive and kick, or drive and get to the line. He should bulk up more if it will give him more confidence when driving. Above all though, stay healthy and keep shooting well. Either way, they need Zion back, and maybe new coaching strategy

  • sarcasm 360
    sarcasm 360 Month ago +2

    He’s still not aggressive, at this point he could learn from even Josh Hart, he just waits for plays when he can make them happen on his own

    PG 13PACERNATION Month ago +1

    ZO should be more aggressive and drive to the basket he is like 6'6

    • FuckingHateTwilight
      FuckingHateTwilight Month ago

      But he is a skinny 6'6 which by size frame doesn't make him that big, so he can't be aggressive because he is trying to avoid getting injured.

  • Jay Sarza
    Jay Sarza Month ago

    So everyone here is a basketball expert? That’s funny. Lonzo is great already. Get off his nuts, you aren’t on his level.

    • Maurice W
      Maurice W Month ago

      MJ and Kobe are great. I guess, Lonzo's just as great as them.

    • Joe Stark
      Joe Stark Month ago +2

      Jay Sarza can you support that with facts or just your opinion?

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot! Month ago +2

      Don't take an expert to see that Lonzo is not great. Not yet. Nope

  • Xbigseekprox
    Xbigseekprox Month ago +16

    I think one of the main reason why lonzo isn't attacking the rim as often is due to his injuries he had for the past 2 season. it's better for him to play calm couple of games to get the feel and in meantime get his ankle even in a better condition, than start getting aggresive. that is also one of the reasons i think why he doesnt try to dunk, that way he doesnt have to put too much pressure on his knee/ankle when taking off(jumping) and landing.

  • PreciseNBA
    PreciseNBA Month ago +5

    Aye man I did a lil video on lonzos problem 🤦🏾‍♂️ Go check bros💯

    • PreciseNBA
      PreciseNBA 15 days ago

      Joe Stark damn nigga why you hating

    • Joe Stark
      Joe Stark Month ago +3

      PreciseNBA yeah because everybody loves to hear arm chair coaches talk about pro athletes.

    NBA FANBOY Month ago

    Lonzos offense is pretty bad that’s his game pretty much shooting threes can’t play pick and roll because of this also he’s a descent role player but that’s his ceiling

    • Joe Stark
      Joe Stark Month ago

      NBA FANBOY he’s a starter at age 22, I wouldn’t say his ceiling is being a role player.

  • Leonardo Parenno
    Leonardo Parenno Month ago +1

    cant people accept lonzo is not as good as what they think he is just an average player

    • Leonardo Parenno
      Leonardo Parenno Month ago +1

      @Joe Stark ok but he is overrated he is not that even good

    • Joe Stark
      Joe Stark Month ago

      Leonardo Parenno and you are gonna Blame all that on a 22 year old guard? And even though do that bad, just means another high draft pick to add to their young core that could be pretty dang good in 3 years.

    • Leonardo Parenno
      Leonardo Parenno Month ago +1

      @Joe Stark yeah until pelicans go 18-45

    • Joe Stark
      Joe Stark Month ago

      Leonardo Parenno an average player at age 22 can turn into an all star by age 25. It Has happened before.

  • Ashtin Howell
    Ashtin Howell Month ago +27

    Think he’s still scared to get injured I’m like his biggest fan but frustrating to see how he never drives into the lane to try and create like he did for the Lakers his first two years

    • Goat
      Goat Month ago +1

      He should at least start posting up don’t think there are many guards that can guard him in the paint

  • john lopez
    john lopez Month ago +7

    i think he is scared of getting hurt. he got hurt in the knee the first year driving to the basketball and he hurt his ankle the second year on d

  • Untilted 9AM
    Untilted 9AM Month ago

    Lonzo has potential but why isn’t he driving to the basket? Is he afraid to get injured?

  • Love Life
    Love Life Month ago

    Lonzo and Ingram just can’t lead a team to a victory. It’s gonna be extremely hard for the pelicans. Even the knicks- suns are doing better.

    • Joe Stark
      Joe Stark Month ago +2

      Love Life yeah because a 4 game span is such a huge sample size to base such a big conclusion off of. And the team has 8 new players, it takes time to build chemistry.

  • John Nguyen
    John Nguyen Month ago +7

    Finally been waiting for you to post my boy Lonzo

  • DankTaco77
    DankTaco77 Month ago +2

    Lonzo should be playing at college not NBA he ant at that level

    • Joe Stark
      Joe Stark Month ago

      DankTaco77 I know, I can’t believe the lakers let Ingram go. 6’9 recently athletic scorers aren’t easy to find. Lakers really wanted Davis though. Pelicans could be real good in 3 years.

    • DankTaco77
      DankTaco77 Month ago

      Joe Stark you guys are right thou but Ingram thou I can’t believe how the lakers let him go

    • Joe Stark
      Joe Stark Month ago

      DankTaco77 that’s why he’s an NBA starter? You saw what he did at UCLA, how would playing any more time their of benefited him? The only way he was gonna get better was leaving early and playing against the best competition in the world.

    • Archie Mutsambs
      Archie Mutsambs Month ago

      DankTaco77 you quickly forgot how he dominated summer league. he is at the right place.

    • DankTaco77
      DankTaco77 Month ago

      Yt_boazy I was just giving my opinion I’m not saying he sucks im just saying his level ant at that point he is a good player but I know there is still more in him

  • Delaney Salazar
    Delaney Salazar Month ago +2

    Lonzo vs dlo duel😂

  • Dirty Sauce
    Dirty Sauce Month ago

    He’s able to average 20+ if he wants to, he just needs to drive in and attack the hoop more

    • Dirty Sauce
      Dirty Sauce Month ago

      Joe Stark I can see that but maybe in the future if he keeps improving

    • Maurice W
      Maurice W Month ago

      What makes you think that will happen?

    • Joe Stark
      Joe Stark Month ago +1

      Dirty Sauce he could score more but 20+ is a big stretch.

  • Jaleel Hunter
    Jaleel Hunter Month ago +5

    JJ Reddick struggled bad last night that really killed us.. He should've been taking out the game for Jackson, instead they continued to play him

    • Jaleel Hunter
      Jaleel Hunter Month ago

      @Maurice W yea yea I forgot it's always lonzo fault... Tell Niekel, and Favors to DO MORE!!

    • Maurice W
      Maurice W Month ago

      When a player struggles, they will play bad games, it's inevitable but that's when Lonzo needs to step up and score. More than 12 points.

    • Larenzo Harrison
      Larenzo Harrison Month ago +1

      Jaleel Hunter Yeah JJ needs to come off the bench and Ohkafar had 3 turnovers his first 3 touches and he was the only main over 6”8 on the court (minus bi), Every-time JJ tries to dribble it’s a turnover. Zo can’t have our best 3 point percentage either. I like how walker looked when he played with zo and bi on the court. What did you see out there?

  • test
    test Month ago +135

    Never seen a 6’6 player drive the ball less than Lonzo

    • Aaliyah Lohan
      Aaliyah Lohan 22 days ago

      I think he is scared to jeopardize an injury being to physical after his ankle healed vyt ince he feels more confident in range of motion an security he will be nire aggressive

      TMZ TEA SPILL Month ago


    • Larenzo Harrison
      Larenzo Harrison Month ago

      The coach want them to shot at least 40 threes a game

    • Joey Dankz
      Joey Dankz Month ago +1

      Why drive and risk getting injured when you can bang threes all day💯💯💯

    • Ernesto Salazar
      Ernesto Salazar Month ago

      I am Groot! Hope so

  • Porkee Pig
    Porkee Pig Month ago +4


    • Maurice W
      Maurice W Month ago

      So close to a triple single. LOL

  • Moaz
    Moaz Month ago +1

    Not good enough my man. Don't prove the lakers right for exporting you. I believe in you, go hard!

    • Moaz
      Moaz Month ago

      @Maurice W after the next season, if he doesn't ball out, he just a bust roleplayer sadly.

    • Maurice W
      Maurice W Month ago

      @Joe Stark That's my question, right. Wait for how long. 2 years, 4 years, 10 years? When he's 25 and playing the same way, will you keep saying, just wait till he reaches his potential.

    • Joe Stark
      Joe Stark Month ago

      Maurice W when the guy isn’t 22 and not even close to his potential yet. Haha

    • Maurice W
      Maurice W Month ago

      When do you stop believing and move on?

    • Joe Stark
      Joe Stark Month ago

      Moaz the lakers got Anthony Davis for Lonzo, no matter how Lonzo plays they got that right.

  • Abdoulaye Dia
    Abdoulaye Dia Month ago +1

    i like jj but he killed the team vibe everytime he struggled from three, Zo did alright not good not bad more average, BI played good but without the W its pretty useless, and a lot of the 2nd units took really bad/early shot clock shot, im still confident about this team on the fact that they had one of the hardest schedule past weeks

  • Leonardo Parenno
    Leonardo Parenno Month ago +1

    goddamn as a pelicans fan this is depressing to watch they are now 0-4

    • Joe Stark
      Joe Stark Month ago

      Leonardo Parenno we have 8 new players and Zion is out and have played good teams. Be patient.

  • C Taylor
    C Taylor Month ago +1

    0:31 good but it still needs to come towards his right alittle more. He kinda brought it across his body again. Again like i said its definitely better atleast alittle bit but still needs work. 1:10 is good also but that left arm is kinda hanging alittle bit. Just slightly bring it more and 👍

  • jonathan Bruno
    jonathan Bruno Month ago

    To be honest lonzo need to be a little selfish and aggressive...iso a little ....there was one play i saw (0:57) it was a great play and pass to but he had the entire left side to iso or drive to the lane

  • jazz kwek
    jazz kwek Month ago

    stupid PLAYER ever like his father ..

  • Chanderpaul Campbell
    Chanderpaul Campbell Month ago +7

    Ok for all those people who are talking negatively about this man y’all need to understand that the man is an NBA player. When he came into the league his confidence got shot because he was matched up against Patrick Beverly. Everyone wanted to see him fail to get to his dad. I can promise y’all this tho if all of you faced him one on one every single one of y’all would lose. Give the man some credit, he wasn’t doing this in his rookie year and he barely had any confidence in his sophomore year either but now he is on a new team with a new coach new system and so far he is playing with some confidence. His shots are falling and he is making his teammates better. He never came into the league as a scorer who takes it to the hole every time and just hogs the ball, he came in as a pure point guard that passes the ball and make his team better. I truly believe that he will do better as the year goes on and remember Zion hasn’t even played yet. They have stayed in the game against some good teams and Lonzo Ball has gotten some of that confidence that he had at UCLA back based of the minutes he is receiving. So all the the Lonzo haters that also used to hate on Lebron, Steph, Kyrie, KD, Russ, Harden, and Kawhi but now claim that they all are y’all favorite superstars, y’all can bring y’all negativity somewhere else

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot! Month ago +1

      Well hello Chairman of the Ball Fam Faith-Fools! Y'all wanna act like nobody else in the NBA got distractions, family drama, new coaches/systems... Lonzo is starting to see his jumper all more regular, and making his free throws. Just enjoy the progress. As long as you need all them excuses for the brotha then he still a work in progress.

  • Jair West
    Jair West Month ago +9

    Lonzo my boy but he needs some dog in him. Gotta learn to be a little more aggressive. BI was the same way so with another year or two he’ll be fine.

      TMZ TEA SPILL Month ago


    • Cristian Estrada
      Cristian Estrada Month ago +1

      BI was not the same way. In fact BI was extremely aggressive even though he was getting bounced every time he drove and driving the fans that were actually watching nuts because he had tunnel vision on every drive.
      My point being that even in his first year BI was driving all the time, lonzo has yet to consistently do this, if at all

  • Hey Mister DJ
    Hey Mister DJ Month ago

    He was 41 percentage from 3 in college so wtf are they talking about?!!

    • Joe Stark
      Joe Stark Month ago

      Yahia Alfassi he has improved so far, you have to prove it for more then 4 games.

    • Yahia Alfassi
      Yahia Alfassi Month ago

      Hey Mister DJ he shot terribly his last two years but he improved this year

  • Dubsfor20
    Dubsfor20 Month ago

    Lamelo is gonna be better then him

  • Thomas Lavallée
    Thomas Lavallée Month ago +1

    I don't care that we traded him but holy fuck I really feel like we will look dumb for trading Ingram

  • Vincent Wang
    Vincent Wang Month ago +1

    Show the airball.

  • Cartie King
    Cartie King Month ago +4

    Mans a floater out on the court. Never tries to probe, doesnt try to break nobody down, only shoots when hes 100% absolutely wide open, isnt willing to take any chances on the court, has no moves out the pick and roll, doesnt get to the line, doesnt drive the paint, wont post up, jogs when he should be running. I want dude to do good and go crazy, but actually just watching him play is like “dude, please assert yourself on to the game im begging you!!!”🤦🏾‍♂️ i feel like he can do some dope shit but man smh.

    • Hey Mister DJ
      Hey Mister DJ Month ago +1

      Bitch stfu and look at his okd highlights with the lakers.. everything you say isnt true dumb@$$ bytch

  • Vester GW2
    Vester GW2 Month ago +1

    Not agressive enough

  • Lil Dagga
    Lil Dagga Month ago +90

    All off-season needs to be pick n rolls, floaters and post ups for someone 6’6 he plays like he’s 5’8

    • Yung_Baller
      Yung_Baller Month ago

      @Abdoulaye Dia well he's not a bad player. But considering he was supposed to be a franchise player for the Lakers and he only put up average numbers while only playing there for 2 years. He's pretty much a bust. He's still better than what people give him credit for though

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot! Month ago

      @Joey Dankz But Lonzo can't make enough 3's to be a shooter. He is gonna need to go inside, use his size and get to the rim. Making the defense account for you is a big deal in the NBA.

    • Joe Stark
      Joe Stark Month ago

      Joey Dankz I agree that the changed shot help, but that doesn’t mean the percentage will dramatically change. It has so far through 4 games, but that’s a very short sample size. I sure hope he can keep it up.

    • Joey Dankz
      Joey Dankz Month ago

      Joe Stark That was before he changed his jumper now it’s straight 💰💰💰

    • Joe Stark
      Joe Stark Month ago +1

      Joey Dankz yeah banged 3’s and 33 percent last year and 30 percent the year before so it’s not working out that great.

  • K A
    K A Month ago +1

    He is simply just ok. Nothing more.

    • Maurice W
      Maurice W Month ago

      Exactly, don't say Bust because people get bent out of shape with that word.

    • Hey Mister DJ
      Hey Mister DJ Month ago

      stfu bytch bball is more than scoring..he does the little things..

  • Lil Dagga
    Lil Dagga Month ago +108

    Lonzo bro it’s obvious you can shoot the ball but plz drive to the basket your 6’6 205 use it against these smaller guards

    • gregory giles
      gregory giles Month ago

      Revit UpNow smh he fell in love with the 3 ball meaning he shoots a lot of em 😂😂😂 I never said he was making them

    • theLearner
      theLearner Month ago

      @gregory giles That's the league today.

    • Revit UpNow
      Revit UpNow Month ago

      gregory giles wrong, that’s the only shot he can get open with and he’s a terrible shooter, Once again making excuses like an idiot for a piss poor player who hasn’t shown consistency at anything in 3 seasons

    • gregory giles
      gregory giles Month ago

      He been in love with the 3 ball since he came into the league

    • Revit UpNow
      Revit UpNow Month ago +1

      theLearner You’re one dumb fuck, He doesn’t even dribble the ball for more than 5 seconds at half-court but gives it up to an unopen teammate because he Doesn’t have that ability to get around NBA guards. That’s the only reason why he’s pass First on top of the fact he shoots like shit and can’t create his own shot off the dribble. That’s why his numbers continue to stay mediocre, he’s a product of LaVar’s hype. Lakers knew that and dumped his ass to new Orleans and kept Kusma the number 30 in the same draft instead which shows what they thought of Clownzo as a being a bust no more worthy than a 2nd round pick. Alvin Gentry hardly plays him Because all he does is stand around doesn’t run the offense like a true PG should

  • Juls Bulls
    Juls Bulls Month ago +2

    Josh hart is better

    • Joe Stark
      Joe Stark Month ago

      Hey Mister DJ use some intelligence please and quit using insults just because you have no good points to talk about.

    • Hey Mister DJ
      Hey Mister DJ Month ago +2

      dumbass Bytch no he isnt..josh hart is a mf sg and could never do wtf lonzo do

  • SilentAssassin
    SilentAssassin Month ago +7

    why didnt you post lowry?

  • Detroit Classics
    Detroit Classics Month ago +2


    • Hey Mister DJ
      Hey Mister DJ Month ago

      only thing that is over rated is your birth you trash dumb@$$ bytch

  • naif kiram
    naif kiram Month ago

    Keep ballin

  • Dumb Things
    Dumb Things Month ago +1

    Gg-no-re on to the next one.

  • Paul
    Paul Month ago +2

    still a bust in my opinion

    • Joe Stark
      Joe Stark Month ago

      Paul all star potential yes, whether he reaches that potential is to be determined. Step 1 for him would be to just stay healthy, if you are hurt you don’t get much of an opportunity to practice to get better. The way I look at it, is he is pretty good at everything except scoring so he has a bunch of years to go focus on that. history shows a lot of players improve from age 22 to their prime which is usually 26-31 or somewhere around there. He has a lot of work to do but in my opinion it is very doable.

    • Paul
      Paul Month ago

      @Joe Stark So in your opinion Lonzo Ball has superstar potential?

    • Joe Stark
      Joe Stark Month ago

      Paul okay but if you understood what I bust was, you wouldn’t call someone one when they are 22 and not even close to their potential.

    • Paul
      Paul Month ago

      If you look at all the hype that was around him when he was drafted, he should be a hall of famer by now

    • Joe Stark
      Joe Stark Month ago

      Paul you can’t call someone a bust when they are 22 years old.

  • 1 1
    1 1 Month ago +2

    Can’t wait to see lonzo on the la sparks

  • Jesus Ortiz-Torres
    Jesus Ortiz-Torres Month ago +51

    If you watched the game you know he still struggling heavily on confidence every time he misses a 3 he drops even lower. Defense he will always be present. But he always want that 3 ball when everyone knows he can attack the ball. It’s mad annoying how Golden state was pounding the layup game when we could have easily done the same. 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Dumb Things
      Dumb Things Month ago

      Daniel L. Yeah he can be DECENT if he continues on like this he just needs to learn how to score under the rim like jrue holiday and d rose learned to.

    • Joe Stark
      Joe Stark Month ago

      Jesus Ortiz-Torres it’s your opinion that’s he’s struggling with his confidence. I would not say it’s obvious.

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot! Month ago

      Tell me more about his recent defense... lmao... Rockets and Warriors didn't see much of it

    • Daniel L.
      Daniel L. Month ago

      @Dumb Things I think you're onto something. He's scared of getting injured again. Tbf you've seen enough of injuries with him already where he does look like someone who could get ruined by them, he's probably trying to establish his 3 as an alternative for that reason. That would make a lot of sense as to how he's thinking.
      He's got enough in his game to have a pretty good ceiling even if that is the case.

    • Leonardo Parenno
      Leonardo Parenno Month ago +1

      or he just suck at basketball

  • Jaza
    Jaza Month ago +35

    I like how he plays because it's always in the flow of the offense, never forces shots and neither does force assists

  • xart23x
    xart23x Month ago +29

    Got his numbers but, his motor needs to improve. Layed back too much with Jrue n Favors out. He needed to do more.

    • Dumb Things
      Dumb Things Month ago +4

      xart23x he could of won that game for them when his motors up it changes the game in the 2nd quarter its proof he changed the game.