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  • Published on Mar 3, 2019
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    Song : Cake
    Artist: Melanie Martinez
    Used apps: Gacha life & Power Director

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  • Liz Link
    Liz Link  3 months ago +169

    ok,guys,I have seen your comment and the half of it is asking why in the beginning Rose hair is short then suddenly after the showering,her hair became long.I don't know if this explained why but here we go:
    Her hair suddenly became long because his first boyfriend(pink and blue hair guy),don't like her long hair.He tell her to cut her hair short.But she don't want to cut her hair.End up,she decide to wear a wig.But then,when she saw her boyfriend cheating on her,she decided not to wear the wig anymore and be herself.

    I hope that reason is logic😅

  • JK is a Scorpio Productionz one just wakes up with perfect hair perfect makeup like B.O.Y

  • Heather Dempsey
    Heather Dempsey 3 days ago

    Good job on the detail

  • Shley Barcelo
    Shley Barcelo 3 days ago

    im not a piece of Cake For you to just discard ~_~

  • Floof bean Animates
    Floof bean Animates 10 days ago

    I like the video but my eyes hurt cause of the colors

  • psam psam
    psam psam 11 days ago


  • Itz C00cizworkz
    Itz C00cizworkz 12 days ago

    Just because u love someone doesnt mean they have to like u back.

    It's okay he made u this. I know

  • Eunice Rainbow
    Eunice Rainbow 14 days ago

    I hate this video i unscribe

  • Kitty Catters
    Kitty Catters 16 days ago

    UM,how in the hekk did her her grow !?!?

    GaCHa LoGiC

  • mond zairul
    mond zairul 16 days ago

    I love cake swett 🍰🎂is calories 😚I love many cake

  • mond zairul
    mond zairul 16 days ago

    I like songs cake😁

  • Divine Gamer
    Divine Gamer 17 days ago +2

    Her: I’m just i piece of cake.
    Me: 👁👄👁 - Can I eat you?
    Her: NO!
    . 👄 - why?

  • Galaxy the UwU wollfy
    Galaxy the UwU wollfy 17 days ago

    at 2:24 me:wtf

  • Miguel Marroquin
    Miguel Marroquin 17 days ago +2

    adderien: * kisses lila * mairinett: TIKKI SPOTS ON! cat nior: NO LADYBUG ladybug: IM NOT A PICE OF CAKE!

  • 3rro4 Sans
    3rro4 Sans 18 days ago +1

    It should be gake because of gore + cake

  • Damia Darwisyah
    Damia Darwisyah 18 days ago

    This is my fav song😍😘

  • Jean davis
    Jean davis 19 days ago

    Rose.exe at the end

  • AllygachaYT
    AllygachaYT 19 days ago +2

    Melanie loves cakes
    Strawberry Shotcake
    Cake queen Melanie!

  • meliodas the dragon Sim


  • Seth Cagape
    Seth Cagape 21 day ago

    The girl who have pink hair is like "bye bitch good luck with the girl" and walks away how savage.

  • Zara
    Zara 21 day ago

    T-T so sad I cried a lot

  • Nakia Mitchell
    Nakia Mitchell 22 days ago

    The end has a bracelet and when it says I'm just a piece of cakethe bracelets admission I don't know what happened but you have to pay more attention to that part!?

  • ella hope Alfonso
    ella hope Alfonso 23 days ago


  • Deathina The Furry
    Deathina The Furry 24 days ago

    Okie doki

  • Deathina The Furry
    Deathina The Furry 24 days ago

    This should be called psychopath lady

  • Karen Diaz
    Karen Diaz 24 days ago

    Cake is my favorite

  • latisha crawford
    latisha crawford 26 days ago

    Love this song

  • keara388
    keara388 26 days ago

    That's a bully

  • typod-chan
    typod-chan 26 days ago

    I shiny boiii and a hentai boi I speak true

    Learn my langue

  • Zødiacキング
    Zødiacキング 27 days ago


  • Babtqftim and friends :D

    My sister name is Joanna :^

  • Babtqftim and friends :D

    Oh oh oh hi there!!!

  • Digna Tonge
    Digna Tonge 27 days ago

    Is she killing the man?

  • Riana Dewi
    Riana Dewi 27 days ago

    Whos say cake?? I like that but i cant eat that... sorry guys my really name is miko. WAIT... C-cake?! I cant eat cake im a psikopat in indonesia ÷_÷

  • Caroline Macdonald
    Caroline Macdonald 28 days ago

    Wich page of your hair I it on?

  • Caley Riley
    Caley Riley 29 days ago


  • Casey Jordan
    Casey Jordan Month ago

    I love this song

  • Rick Rickert
    Rick Rickert Month ago


  • Akvilė Panba
    Akvilė Panba Month ago

    :) Liks you 10000 YES YES YES

  • Lala Sings
    Lala Sings Month ago

    Ima fav

  • shi CH
    shi CH Month ago

    good vdo

  • Eren Jeager
    Eren Jeager Month ago

    To be honest rose is being WAY over dramatic/illegal. Ik it sucks to be cheated on but what she's doing is illegal and dramatic. But its gacha life so it doesn't matter -3-

  • Giselle Flagg
    Giselle Flagg Month ago

    1 like=100000000000000000 whoppings for those boys

  • Vivienne Naeem
    Vivienne Naeem Month ago

    The only reason I clicked this is bc it said ‘CAKE’

  • gacha Life 666 or die Manap

    Siapa dari indo like😁

  • Matt fishbaum
    Matt fishbaum Month ago

    Magic her hair turned long

  • Noelle Burress
    Noelle Burress Month ago

    If you were cake I would not discard you I would cherish you

  • -*sour cookies gacha life -*

    Roses are
    red apples are
    Too how did she GROW hair


  • Akari Neko
    Akari Neko Month ago

    No sabe combinar ropa :v

  • honey tears
    honey tears Month ago

    your characters are all highlighters.

  • Jennifer Estelloso
    Jennifer Estelloso Month ago

    Not to lie but shes prettier

  • Alécia Nunes
    Alécia Nunes Month ago

    M livre😍😍🤩

  • Galaxy YT
    Galaxy YT Month ago


  • Doctor waffles
    Doctor waffles Month ago

    look I came to see whats happing on the internet but I got hot hard I couldint make it over 1 min so yeahh Ill leave a like just to help support you
    yeah gacha isint my thing so ya you do you and keep on doing what you like :D

  • Jennifer Plays Gacha

    Ahh neon colours!~

  • Oni Chan
    Oni Chan Month ago

    She are mad cause she boyfriend kiss someone so cake are for she boyfriend dieso many someone be kiss cause cake are eat now the girl laugh cause the boy dead thats story cake

  • Amy Reed
    Amy Reed Month ago

    I like the song caky 🎶

  • Izzy Busy
    Izzy Busy Month ago

    Bruh from this you should have 3.6M+ subs ;-;

    JAYLA ROSS Month ago

    Is it bad that I don’t even like cake 😂

  • Malia Rose
    Malia Rose Month ago

    (You cookie dough