Box of Lies with Cardi B

  • Published on Apr 10, 2018
  • Cardi B and Jimmy take turns trying to stump each other about what items are hidden inside their mystery boxes.
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    Box of Lies with Cardi B
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 8 903

  • Kendrah Terrell
    Kendrah Terrell 10 hours ago


    •EMILY_ STAR ONE• 15 hours ago +1

    5:06 a child? really ?!

  • tay lor
    tay lor 18 hours ago

    If I give birth here i will sue you

    LAH MARU 20 hours ago

    💀💀💀 I'm crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Nightmullet 69
    Nightmullet 69 Day ago

    The IQ is not with this one

  • Maya Papaya
    Maya Papaya 3 days ago +1

    Cardi so funny but what are those fluffy moving balls

  • Isabelle Beauchamp
    Isabelle Beauchamp 3 days ago +1

    Bed of Lies - Nicki Minaj

  • Bobisa Potatoe
    Bobisa Potatoe 4 days ago +1

    Jimmy cant handle Cardi

  • Moe Lester
    Moe Lester 4 days ago

    Y’all smell that?🤧

  • alex 313
    alex 313 4 days ago +1

    She said her favorite numbers are 4&11 hmmm . 4+1+1 = 6 ..... devil worshiper

  • Sebastian Young
    Sebastian Young 5 days ago

    She is sooo annoying to me..

  • Makaela Cullinan
    Makaela Cullinan 5 days ago

    Cardi “not a penis” me: 🤣😁😂🤪😜🤣🏳️‍🌈

  • nelson sailo
    nelson sailo 6 days ago +1

    If i gave birth here i will sue you

  • Ima KeepItReal
    Ima KeepItReal 6 days ago +1

    Cardi getting scared was the best part.😂😂😂😂

  • jumpieva
    jumpieva 7 days ago

    cardi seems like she's been drinkin the purple drink

  • Landibar Ramirez
    Landibar Ramirez 7 days ago

    I love u cardi

  • Destiny Tackitt
    Destiny Tackitt 8 days ago

    Jimmy: i... tell the truth... OKUUUUURT

  • Nina Thurnell
    Nina Thurnell 9 days ago +1

    cardi b : h-
    audience : hahahahahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂

  • Fyrecide
    Fyrecide 9 days ago

    I don't get why people like her so much. Maybe it's just because I am not a fan of her music (to each their own, it's just not for me), but I find her dull and pretty dim.
    Not hating on anyone who likes her; do you, like whatever and whoever you want. I just... don't get it.

  • Ariana Fregoso
    Ariana Fregoso 9 days ago

    Lol omg 😂😂😂

  • Cody Jones
    Cody Jones 9 days ago

    Let me touch it

  • Frank Gamez
    Frank Gamez 10 days ago

    Holy Moly she is SO high I can’t even! 😂😂

  • ChronosGaming
    ChronosGaming 10 days ago


  • E A
    E A 11 days ago

    Which number?
    wtf🤣 3:26

  • Barbara Araojo
    Barbara Araojo 11 days ago

    😂😂 looks jimmy how afraid he got scared cardy b

  • Tatyana Moore-Moreira
    Tatyana Moore-Moreira 12 days ago

    She is hilarious

  • Tahira Zahbeen
    Tahira Zahbeen 12 days ago +5

    LET ME TOUCH IT "*states dirsctly in jimmys soul"* im touching it

  • Tahira Zahbeen
    Tahira Zahbeen 12 days ago

    *those hand emotions tho*

  • Sophia Selvaggi
    Sophia Selvaggi 13 days ago

    It’s a pug😱

  • Jody thomas
    Jody thomas 14 days ago

    At5:14 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Oumaima Zaidi
    Oumaima Zaidi 14 days ago

    She's mush cute than Nicki and funny and real

  • TheIzzidor
    TheIzzidor 14 days ago

    My god, she is stupid.

  • Natalia Vazquez
    Natalia Vazquez 14 days ago

    I think she is the only Person that intimidates him

  • Wint3rmint / Yung Mint

    1:50 wtf

  • Nathan Dust
    Nathan Dust 14 days ago

    She Is Definitely A Robot

  • Pig
    Pig 15 days ago +2

    *rumor has it she drugged jimmy and stole his TV after the show*

  • Perks Callin
    Perks Callin 15 days ago +1

    jimmy cheated when he walked off he went and seen cardi’s side😂😂

  • Lauren Danell
    Lauren Danell 16 days ago

    Sorry but Dolan twins did this first lmao😂

    NONTOKOZO ZONDI 16 days ago

    I so like cardi 😜😜😍

  • Joy Bhungane
    Joy Bhungane 16 days ago +1

    Cardi’s nails are always on point 😻

  • Bewildered BELLA
    Bewildered BELLA 17 days ago

    "Not a penis...."
    Jimmy walks off*
    I'm dead

    DIVAKA 17 days ago

    Its 4 am I need to work after 2 hours ... why not watching Jimmy fallon damnnnnnnnn

  • Nad Lia
    Nad Lia 17 days ago

    Her face when she said 'not a penis' 😂😂

  • Diāna Grinčuka
    Diāna Grinčuka 17 days ago

    “You won,you won!” when in the game you accidentally hit your little sibiling😂😂😂😂😂

  • Leslie Huerta
    Leslie Huerta 18 days ago +1

    She is so freaking funny!!😂😂

  • fuck off
    fuck off 18 days ago

    2:46 1:53

  • Srija
    Srija 18 days ago +1

    Is she high? She's just making everyone laugh by being stupid

  • A's World
    A's World 19 days ago +19

    Cardi: I'm touching it
    Jimmy: Mhm
    Cardi: Its fluffyyyyy
    Jimmy: Mhm
    Cardi: Or is it?
    Me: OMFG 😂😂😂

  • Venia Matome
    Venia Matome 19 days ago +1

    I still don't understand why it's called the box of lies 🤔

  • playboii kapalot
    playboii kapalot 19 days ago

    Lmaoooo this was mad funny

  • THeSuMmErOf2001
    THeSuMmErOf2001 20 days ago +1

    My birthday is the 11th of the 4th. Guess I’m a lucky b*tch

  • Konkoski Sophie
    Konkoski Sophie 20 days ago

    "If I give birth here, I will sue you." lol

  • Rose Osafo
    Rose Osafo 21 day ago +1

    It’s fluffy....or is it?😂😂😂😂

  • Luisito Rodriguez
    Luisito Rodriguez 21 day ago

    What in the world are does fuzzy balls

  • Sarah Tessier
    Sarah Tessier 21 day ago

    Drugged and stole from men to 'survivie'.... and now she's a ... ugh

  • Sarah Tessier
    Sarah Tessier 21 day ago

    HATE her

  • rose
    rose 21 day ago +1

    isn't this what my babys ethan and grayson did?

  • Jomere Ortega
    Jomere Ortega 22 days ago

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Not a single soul:
    Cardi b: *Not a penis.*

  • Tesla Anderson
    Tesla Anderson 22 days ago +1

    I'm crying this is TOO funny

  • Danul
    Danul 22 days ago +1

    I feel like Cardi B made this situation awkward af. Especially the sue shit like c'mon it's supposed to be a fun game. I honestly feel like she didn't fully understand the game.

    • QueOnda 123
      QueOnda 123 20 days ago

      She was joking you dumbfuck! You must be fun at parties...

  • alexpectaculiar
    alexpectaculiar 23 days ago +5

    4:58 so this is the reason Kulture broke her V! Sue him Cardi lol!

  • -Crystal- Diamond
    -Crystal- Diamond 24 days ago +13

    Jimmy: What is in your box?
    Cardi: Not a wenis.

    A.C _ARMYXO-L 24 days ago

    She’s so funny

  • Ashley Reese
    Ashley Reese 24 days ago +1

    Cardi is so funny she made me cry and my brother asked why I was crying

  • Kinzie Anderson
    Kinzie Anderson 24 days ago

    I have a feeling that Cardi drank too much before she got onto this show

  • Anika Vallejo
    Anika Vallejo 25 days ago +1

    Is it just me or is cardi stoned afff

  • Kaly Drake
    Kaly Drake 25 days ago +1

    That just looks so awkward

  • UwUCece
    UwUCece 25 days ago

    Cardi is the best she’s the queen omg she’s soo funny lol

  • the mol
    the mol 26 days ago +2

    At first i hated her but now i'm like adopt meeee😂😂😂😂

  • Rahma Abdulrahman
    Rahma Abdulrahman 26 days ago

    1:20 that was all of my reaction at the same time lol

  • potato
    potato 27 days ago

    *It's FLUFFYYYYYY.* *or is it?*

  • Simlindile Malinga
    Simlindile Malinga 27 days ago

    Let me touch it

  • pen & teller
    pen & teller 27 days ago

    in some way card b is actually very weird and scary.

  • Rajmina Begum
    Rajmina Begum 27 days ago +2

    Cardi cracks me up all the fricking time lol😂

  • Alexis Pearson
    Alexis Pearson 28 days ago

    5:14 😂😂 “ if I give birth here I will sue You”

  • Daniela Morales
    Daniela Morales 28 days ago

    If I give birth here I will sue u

  • Kenneth Konster
    Kenneth Konster 28 days ago

    4:57 That scream though! 🤣🤣🤣

    • E A
      E A 11 days ago +1

      Kenneth Konster The best scream is 3:26 THREEEE

  • Vic Toria
    Vic Toria 29 days ago +1

    “What is in your box?”
    “Not a penis…”
    **walks away**

  • June Gonzalez
    June Gonzalez Month ago +1

    I got a shot in my butt once. _x

  • Shea McDonough
    Shea McDonough Month ago +1

    cardi b just cleared my depression

  • One Direction love
    One Direction love Month ago

    1:40 "it's fluffy or is it?"
    no no no no no
    "it's a family show, or is it?"
    yes yes yes yes yes

  • Riri Ali
    Riri Ali Month ago

    She is so funny 😆

  • Kadra xp
    Kadra xp Month ago

    "Not a penis"
    -Cardi B

  • Hanane don't know
    Hanane don't know Month ago

    "Sounds like my ex boyfriend "

  • thatdudescool
    thatdudescool Month ago

    Wait, Cardi B is really prego?

  • xd Genie
    xd Genie Month ago

    cardi b is so weird

  • Virtualstylez LTD
    Virtualstylez LTD Month ago +27

    She's actually the funniest Diva I've seen in Hollywood.

  • Peter Daniel
    Peter Daniel Month ago

    She don't know how to play this game and it's fucking hilarious 😂

  • Genesis inprogress
    Genesis inprogress Month ago

    Why is jimmy gallon so cringey

  • A's World
    A's World Month ago +1

    Jimmy: What is in your box?
    Cardi: Not a penis
    Me: LMAO😂😂😂

  • Bewildering Truth Seeker

    She really is a dipshit

  • Zsirmik Marcell
    Zsirmik Marcell Month ago

    3:38 lmao Jimmy does this "oh it's so heavy" joke every time he plays box of lies but now it didn't work at all, Cardi was just staring 🤣

  • Zsirmik Marcell
    Zsirmik Marcell Month ago

    That's some luxurious gown

  • Cecy Sanchez
    Cecy Sanchez Month ago

    3:28 has me dying 💀

  • Giannis Drg
    Giannis Drg Month ago +3

    No one:
    Woman in the audience: *THREE*

  • Ashleen Kaur
    Ashleen Kaur Month ago +2

    If the baby gave birth here. I will sue you 😂😂😂

  • Canto da Carne
    Canto da Carne Month ago

    One of the dumbest peoplen alive!

    • A's World
      A's World 19 days ago

      Canto da Carne
      Who are you talking abt?

    • Diana
      Diana Month ago +1


  • Layla Ismail
    Layla Ismail Month ago

    She’s so funny 😂😂😂😂😂

  • denise1476
    denise1476 Month ago

    Yaaz lets play💕

  • Kristy Butler
    Kristy Butler Month ago

    Why is cardi queen tho