On Ballet: Fran Lebowitz and Nick Mauss | Live from the Whitney

  • Published on Aug 6, 2018
  • On the occasion of his exhibition "Nick Mauss: Transmissions," Mauss talks with author and cultural commentator Fran Lebowitz about ballet in New York in the 1970’s and 80’s, the crucial role played by its audiences, and the lasting impact of AIDS on the city’s cultural landscape.

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  • kkpaine
    kkpaine 12 days ago

    The change in audience in NYC theater was history I never considered, but know it's true by just knowing the gay community where I live. Binge watching Fran!!!!

  • Keith Nichols
    Keith Nichols Month ago +1

    Mr. Mauss should know that I appreciate his not trying to compete with Ms Lebowitz by interjecting feeble attempts at humor, or indeed saying anything much at all. And she explained why I go to fewer museums nowadays. It is that my being unfamiliar with the antecedents and culture from which the items evolved leaves me unable to appreciate them. Also, the auto traffic in the background is constantly distracting.

  • Gregg Hanson
    Gregg Hanson 2 months ago

    WHY IS THERE 24 minutes of nothing at the beginning? Fran is so brilliant!

  • Spencer Sheehan-Kalina

    Fran Leibowitz is just brilliant, really. What an incredible person. So grateful to find this online.

  • Forgotten Books
    Forgotten Books Year ago +12

    Starts at 22:25; Fran Lebowitz comes on at 26:05.

  • Soho Haus Rules
    Soho Haus Rules Year ago +6

    Listen up, Uber people. This video should hit a billion. Nobody wants to learn anything anymore and it is SAD because Fran is here to teach us. She and I have had soooo many nights at Soho House and VF Oscar Parties sharing tales and teaching each other. I request to be at her table as she does I. A singular legend. Period. She is really the only reason to visit New York these days. LA has air. New York has dog sh*t and construction. But then there is always Fran. A sister. A stalwart. A titan. I might love her more than Cher. Knowing her makes me love myself even more than I already do. Come back West soon, Queen Fran. I have a Soho Sour waiting for you. On ice, not too cold. Like you like. X Jackie