• Published on Feb 5, 2019
  • We did a Pack n Pain with 2 hype! make sure to leave a like for another one
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  • FlyButters69
    FlyButters69 3 days ago +1

    I beg of you

  • FlyButters69
    FlyButters69 3 days ago +1

    Cmon jesser

  • FlyButters69
    FlyButters69 3 days ago +1

    We miss these

  • FlyButters69
    FlyButters69 3 days ago +1

    Jesser more pack and pain please

  • SnowyGrinds
    SnowyGrinds 8 days ago +1

    If This Is Blue Your A OG Jesser $ubscriber🤤💝
    👇(You can Be An OG Of Mine Today😍)

  • Jacob Stevenson
    Jacob Stevenson 9 days ago


  • Ted Foo
    Ted Foo 9 days ago

    James to Jesser: You’re sadistic, you’re a piece of shit haha hahahahaha I’m laughing so hard 8:02

  • Brycen Edmond
    Brycen Edmond 14 days ago +1

    On the first round it was malcolm and mopalopalus

  • aaliyah jones
    aaliyah jones 23 days ago

    It was James

  • EqualsPro
    EqualsPro Month ago +2

    4:39 sounds like the guy screaming from spongebob 😂

  • Thenamesblake 10
    Thenamesblake 10 2 months ago +3

    Did anyone notice the second round James should of got the pain because he got 162 and mopi got 164 so how does that work
    Like if you see it

    • David Nguyen
      David Nguyen 2 months ago

      If someone get the LOWEST Player in each round then they get the pain.The “164” and the “162” doesn’t really matter it’s the guy that gets the LOWEST player EACH round.

  • Cody puruganan
    Cody puruganan 2 months ago

    jiedel should lose couz he has 162 and mopi has 164

  • ******
    ****** 2 months ago

    James is a sissy

  • Sam Sachnowitz
    Sam Sachnowitz 3 months ago

    Why los acc a circle

  • Pickles- Everyday
    Pickles- Everyday 3 months ago

    i sit in a ice bath everyday after soccer for an hour hows that a pack and pain punishment

  • Dr. Mike
    Dr. Mike 3 months ago +1

    Best 2HYPE vid cause LOS there but LSK aint

  • Xxxtentacion
    Xxxtentacion 3 months ago

    He lost 3 times in row wow James but you didn’t,t get shot the second time

    DAME DOLLA 3 months ago

    Wait James lost 164 is higher than 162

  • what ever
    what ever 3 months ago

    When he said pee it will make it warmer I pissed my pants

  • Will
    Will 3 months ago

    They suck at adding it all up

    ESKELLETO 3 months ago

    wait a fucking second. 2ns round mopi 164, jiedel 162 what up with that

  • 100-Mason
    100-Mason 3 months ago

    “thouz r mah shadez jezzer!”

  • John Birdsong
    John Birdsong 3 months ago

    You messed up, James was lower than mopi

  • Lucas King
    Lucas King 4 months ago

    Jiedel actually lost the second round

  • Flashy
    Flashy 4 months ago

    He doesn’t like los

  • Bodert Richard
    Bodert Richard 4 months ago

    This is why james ruined the 2hype hide and seek

  • Sam Saxby
    Sam Saxby 4 months ago

    More pack and pain

  • Julian__ 24
    Julian__ 24 4 months ago

    7:47 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • DEEZNUTZ 169
    DEEZNUTZ 169 4 months ago

    Mopi shouldn't had been shot Jeidel lost 162-164

  • Juan V
    Juan V 4 months ago

    at 4:43 james was supposed to get shot with the airsoft gun because he had 162 and mopi had 164

  • Christian
    Christian 4 months ago

    Why mopi look tall In the thumbnail

  • Neha Vijay
    Neha Vijay 4 months ago


  • Neha Vijay
    Neha Vijay 4 months ago

    I have drones disease rip

  • Stix
    Stix 4 months ago +1

    look at James' rolls at 7:22

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig 4 months ago

    In second round the loser should have been jieldel

  • Barry Scott 99
    Barry Scott 99 4 months ago

    Fuck your GAY

  • Chayse Stringer
    Chayse Stringer 4 months ago

    I actually lost a ton of respect for Cash. He purposely shot him in the head. That's a dick move.

  • Andrew Mohi
    Andrew Mohi 4 months ago +1

    4:44 why did moping get shot he had more points than jiedel

  • Isaac Alvarez
    Isaac Alvarez 4 months ago +1

    James lost

  • Colin DeVeau
    Colin DeVeau 4 months ago

    6:25 Who tf is the dude in the orange standing and watching from the back???

  • Haakon Rustad
    Haakon Rustad 4 months ago

    Is it just me or does Los need to shit during every 2hype vid

  • Ali Omary
    Ali Omary 4 months ago

    what about chris?

  • ImTurboo
    ImTurboo 4 months ago

    What was that song called by Soulja boy when Mal said Soulja boy had the greatest comeback of all timd

  • Reaper Airsugar
    Reaper Airsugar 4 months ago +1

    Los fun fact needs to go to the gym

  • Ethan Faas
    Ethan Faas 4 months ago

    Jessers hair makes me want to curl up into a ball and get sucked up by a black hole

  • VelyMania
    VelyMania 4 months ago +2

    The only thing mopi has a chance in

  • Dawson Jiles
    Dawson Jiles 4 months ago

    Bro jesers hair tho

  • VayFN
    VayFN 4 months ago

    It’s funny to me how they are freaking out about a ruby now a ruby is trash

  • Xaios
    Xaios 4 months ago

    Go cash with the headshot

  • Jared Conkel
    Jared Conkel 4 months ago

    fuck cash

  • HBK Lygend
    HBK Lygend 4 months ago +111

    Rosses are red
    Ketchup is too
    Yay I got a like!
    Why is it blue

  • Almighty x Moncho
    Almighty x Moncho 4 months ago

    @cashnasty we ain’t aiming fo yo body shots at yo brain

  • Childish Flamingo
    Childish Flamingo 4 months ago

    RIP Jessers Kristops Knicks jersey

  • Bowen
    Bowen 5 months ago

    I haven’t seen this until 4 months left

    SPL1T KILL Yt 5 months ago

    Cash looks like lance stevesten

  • Blazin Boat
    Blazin Boat 5 months ago +2

    U can tell James hates everyone when he got in

  • Harold Swift
    Harold Swift 5 months ago

    Mopi shot James in the but

  • Harold Swift
    Harold Swift 5 months ago

    Do another pack and pain 👌🏿👍

  • Brandon Euston
    Brandon Euston 5 months ago

    Why did mopi lose if jidel had a lower number 😂

  • Deadshot
    Deadshot 5 months ago

    Mopi had 164 and jiedel had 162 and mopi got shot

    • ToniM4A1
      ToniM4A1 5 months ago

      They were only looking at the players in that round