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MasterChef Junior Season 1 Episode 5 (US 2013)

  • Published on Oct 29, 2013
  • MasterChef Junior Season 1 Episode 5 US 2013
    MASTERCHEF JUNIOR is produced by Shine America and One Potato Two Potato, and is based on the format created by Franc Roddam and Shine. Shine International handles distribution for the MASTERCHEF format. Elisabeth Murdoch, Eden Gaha, Paul Franklin, Robin Ashbrook, Gordon Ramsay, Adeline Ramage Rooney, Patricia Llewellyn and Ben Adler serve as executive producers.
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  • Yarii Perez
    Yarii Perez 34 minutes ago

    Troy is not being fair to sarah

  • The L N A Show
    The L N A Show 8 hours ago

    Gavin is cute 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍😍😍

  • Elvis Nguyen
    Elvis Nguyen 13 hours ago

    Who are these kid they are so cringy 😂🤦‍♀️

  • Sage Marks
    Sage Marks 22 hours ago

    Rip Gavin he was a G

  • kill4fun Diaz
    kill4fun Diaz 2 days ago

    Shouldn't have been trouble shouldve been the blue team captain

  • Olivia_ King00
    Olivia_ King00 3 days ago

    I really hate Troy. Yes I mean HATE he’s actually a bitch, Sarah’s crying because Troy is trying to take over but GAVIN is NOT Troy so Troy can go f*ck himself.

  • Elijah G
    Elijah G 3 days ago

    I hate Sarah

  • Jaidanime
    Jaidanime 3 days ago

    I wanted Troy out so badly!

  • kartick munisamy
    kartick munisamy 3 days ago

    It's a gifted kids with that kind of cooking skills in this age imagine if they reach 19 i Think they will be great chefs for sure

  • Metalhead
    Metalhead 4 days ago

    Troy and Sara need to get raised all over again

  • jorge reyes
    jorge reyes 4 days ago

    Why they look so damn ugly when they cry

  • Not Benjamin
    Not Benjamin 4 days ago

    TRoy is stupid

  • phillip viands
    phillip viands 5 days ago

    I'm not trying to be mean but that blone girl is being a b**ch she just annoys me

  • K3swan •
    K3swan • 6 days ago +1

    God damn jack can cook

  • K3swan •
    K3swan • 6 days ago

    Troy is annoying as hell

  • OCC
    OCC 6 days ago

    Man that Troy kid is a bully. What a shame, he definitely didn't deserved to stay

  • Wynn Faith
    Wynn Faith 7 days ago

    Troy is a bitch

  • Mr Macaroni
    Mr Macaroni 7 days ago

    Another thing I noticed is how tense it is, one team stars doing well, the other is doing sort of bad. It completely fluctuates after like two seconds

  • Mr Macaroni
    Mr Macaroni 7 days ago +5

    Troy is being such an ass to Sarah, she literally changed from she devil to almost tearing up in just one episode

  • nßa youngboy
    nßa youngboy 7 days ago

    Why and good cook r fat? Cuz they eat a lot of food 😂

  • Ecast Castill
    Ecast Castill 7 days ago


  • Supercooldada
    Supercooldada 7 days ago


  • Supercooldada
    Supercooldada 7 days ago

    Are gonna see the mean side of gorden Ramsey?!? 😬😬😬😬

  • Mariana Sloat
    Mariana Sloat 7 days ago

    I think that's so unfair that Troy went through because he was the one causing the problems. 😡😡😡

    MI STELLA 8 days ago


  • Ziyad Khan
    Ziyad Khan 8 days ago

    Sarah was a liability

  • K D
    K D 8 days ago

    It’s me why Troy is annoying Sarah

  • Randompersonthateveryonehates :/

    awww even though Sarah got bossed around by Troy but in the end she still thinks Troy would win so adorable 😊


    Troy shouldn't be save

    FUSWUI ARK MOBILE 9 days ago

    Gordon was on d edge from screaming "fuck"

  • Dr YJJ
    Dr YJJ 9 days ago +2

    0:57 ohhhhh this is a little inappropriate ohhhh no I need god 😂😂😂

  • Lps Sammy
    Lps Sammy 9 days ago +1

    I typed in master chef Junior season one episode six and then I found out what team wins

  • Lps Sammy
    Lps Sammy 9 days ago

    Dislike for blue like for read

  • Anthony Gates
    Anthony Gates 10 days ago

    Nigga said apple juice 😂😂😂

  • - HUNTER -
    - HUNTER - 10 days ago +1

    I hope troy gets big rape

  • Thien-Tam Tang
    Thien-Tam Tang 10 days ago

    Even though Troy screwd up the most and was acting bossy the whole time, no one should feel bad for anyone in teams if one person messes up then the it’s the whole teams fault. Sarah and Troy were just being little bitches, and if anyone should feel bad for anyone on the blue team don’t feel bad for Sarah feel bad for Gavin.

  • El Maniatico Chetos NY
    El Maniatico Chetos NY 10 days ago +1

    13:55 i even said what lol

  • Zachary Brown
    Zachary Brown 10 days ago +1

    I'm over here like: Why does it matter how it looks. It matters how it tastes 🍴

  • RING O
    RING O 11 days ago

    Troy is such a jerk

  • xXJkePlayzXx
    xXJkePlayzXx 11 days ago +1

    "you have to work together" triggered a memory

  • xXJkePlayzXx
    xXJkePlayzXx 11 days ago

    troy is being like too selfish

  • Chelsea Melville
    Chelsea Melville 11 days ago

    Sorry for Sarah shes mean i dont like her

  • Double G
    Double G 11 days ago

    Likes for Sara
    Comments for Troy

  • PinkGalaxy
    PinkGalaxy 12 days ago +2

    Troy shares a little too much of his feelings about the other competitors...
    Edit 1: I’m like, why the heck is Troy so immature. I was like, “Obviously, Troy can’t move on, so I think Gavin or Sarah should.” That was disappointing. Also why the heck is Sarah is on Troy’s side after all of that. She is very nice and kind.

  • TTV F2Mythical
    TTV F2Mythical 12 days ago +2

    Reminds me of the food wars anime

  • Xx-Velocity-xX 2095
    Xx-Velocity-xX 2095 12 days ago

    Troy should just do all of it by himself

  • Van Thao Nguyen
    Van Thao Nguyen 13 days ago

    Where is the lam souce😰😤😡😂

  • Mustafa Beltagui
    Mustafa Beltagui 13 days ago +1


  • Galaxies Art
    Galaxies Art 13 days ago

    Gavin legit went like dksdieninwbudbjdjjsd i do jdkjsnkjfkshfkshfsi

  • K A
    K A 13 days ago +2

    Jack is mini Gordon Ramsey

  • Nuvo Astro
    Nuvo Astro 13 days ago

    That dara girl has a giant inflatable purple bow it’s so ugly lol

  • Landonracer989
    Landonracer989 14 days ago

    I wanna choke trou

  • juliannee
    juliannee 14 days ago +3

    Tbh, it’s all Troy’s fault. He was being rude to Sarah and causing trouble to blue team.

  • M1X 1S
    M1X 1S 14 days ago +1

    I know everybody is saying that Troy was very rude against Sarah. But Sarah really keeps messing everything up, which is very stressfull.

  • Crimson Katana
    Crimson Katana 14 days ago

    Saddest elimination in mcj and even mc, Sarah was bullied out of the competition, while her bully forever has the privilege of being in the top 4. Since she was so young, she might still feel the devastation to this day.

  • Roshaan Fahad
    Roshaan Fahad 14 days ago

    Gavins cheeks, voice, face are hideous

  • Bill Gates
    Bill Gates 14 days ago +4

    The bloods (red) vs the crips (Blue) secret footage

  • garux gaming
    garux gaming 14 days ago

    Me = Suck on that sarah cause she is spoiled , i feal sorry for gavin because he is a nice boy

  • YT Kurgan
    YT Kurgan 14 days ago +2

    Bro when I was nine I Burt a grilled cheese sandwich in a microwave

  • Moving Sideways
    Moving Sideways 14 days ago

    Like if Troy's a bitch

  • Celia Mazuera
    Celia Mazuera 14 days ago

    Troy "sarah calm down!!! SARAH CALM DOWN" no no... YOU need to calm down.... So unfair, poor girl... really... it's not fair. I fell very sorry for her :(

  • Celia Mazuera
    Celia Mazuera 14 days ago

    ...I am dying.... there are ALL so's too much for me *keep looking*

  • Omar Nashukati
    Omar Nashukati 14 days ago

    Did she have to cry at the end

  • Sher Ahmed
    Sher Ahmed 14 days ago

    Troy wasn't bullying Sarah tbh,she was soo annoying

  • ZeGypsy
    ZeGypsy 15 days ago

    that bow on the fat asian kids head is ridicules

  • Eli Schmidt
    Eli Schmidt 15 days ago +1

    Troy is so punchable

  • Carter Bowden
    Carter Bowden 15 days ago +1

    Troy was being an actual jerk he was bossing her around when he wasn’t the team captain and he just annoys me

  • solaR Dinosaur
    solaR Dinosaur 15 days ago +1

    Like is 9 yr old or reply is troy

  • Aaron Soto
    Aaron Soto 15 days ago

    Troy is a bitch

  • Qais Hijazi
    Qais Hijazi 15 days ago


  • ramia rumi
    ramia rumi 16 days ago

    OH YEAH!!!! evil Sarah left!!

  • TheBlue Gamer
    TheBlue Gamer 16 days ago +2

    I’m not sure but I think I knew Alex from school in NYC

  • Travis Baker
    Travis Baker 17 days ago +2

    when you're that age, your drink only contains adhd meds, not alcohol

  • Magic Girl
    Magic Girl 17 days ago +2

    Troy: stop messing it up
    Sara: let me have it do my job
    Troy: just a second
    Sara: TROY let me do it

    Oh did I write “I” for Troy when he said “you”? Yup correct Troy messed it all up

  • Huy Pham
    Huy Pham 17 days ago

    I’ll just have a water please

  • _ SavagePatchKidz _
    _ SavagePatchKidz _ 17 days ago

    Troy is a bitch

  • Max Leijen Heeneman
    Max Leijen Heeneman 18 days ago

    That Chinese girl is quite annoying

  • yona is lekker
    yona is lekker 19 days ago

    troy is a freakin dickhead

  • Imlowkeylit
    Imlowkeylit 19 days ago

    Troy is actually annoying

  • Sharon Obiorah
    Sharon Obiorah 19 days ago

    Troy is acting like the team captain even tho he is not the captin

  • Sharon Obiorah
    Sharon Obiorah 19 days ago

    So Sarah has been cooking since she was 3


    Such a lie!!!!!!!!

  • NotSandi X
    NotSandi X 20 days ago

    The little kid in red team, Alex right? He is good

  • Hilary Clinton
    Hilary Clinton 21 day ago

    Sarah was alws so selfish......🙄

  • 2018 Connor Purcell
    2018 Connor Purcell 22 days ago

    I didn’t want Sarah to go 😢 she was not only the youngest but she’s also my favorite

  • 2018 Connor Purcell
    2018 Connor Purcell 23 days ago

    And I’m like you will hear the mean side of Ramsay

  • 2018 Connor Purcell
    2018 Connor Purcell 23 days ago

    And I’m like you will hear the mean side of Ramsay

  • Oh Hai There
    Oh Hai There 23 days ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Troy must go home
    And I will too...

  • Coolgirl118 #GD
    Coolgirl118 #GD 23 days ago

    anyone binge watching?

  • Frodo Baggins
    Frodo Baggins 23 days ago

    Troy should be one that goes home. He was most inconsiderate to Sarah.
    *Sarah did not want to hug him

  • Frodo Baggins
    Frodo Baggins 23 days ago

    Poor Sarah. She deserves more respect. She knows hood to wield knives too.

  • Frodo Baggins
    Frodo Baggins 23 days ago

    Being an independent person doesn't mean the same as being an introverted person where you'd keep to yourself. You're team captain You are in a kitchen. Team captains are always talking a lot and overseeing.

  • monkey toucher
    monkey toucher 23 days ago

    Lost respect for this ramsey for making sarah cry...........

  • Ean Langer
    Ean Langer 24 days ago +3

    Damn little jack putting the red team on his back

  • Alyssa Wondrow
    Alyssa Wondrow 24 days ago

    I dis like tro so bad.... He was so mean.😤😤😡😡😡

  • rhian :l
    rhian :l 25 days ago +1

    I love how whenever Jack passes he either just kneels in excitement or covers his whole face with his hands in disbelief

  • rhian :l
    rhian :l 25 days ago

    People like ze tuna

    ACID ETERNITY 25 days ago

    Troy is so annoying.

  • Hibari Toshiro
    Hibari Toshiro 26 days ago +1

    Take the L stupid Sarah you little fkin sh*t trying to eliminate Alexander Ha Ha
    I know this is mean but she was laughing last episode so ya watch it and you will understand me

    BASKETBALL GAMING 26 days ago +1

    Go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red go red

  • manny ortega
    manny ortega 26 days ago

    Why is troy such an a**hole?