Stoked To Be Empowering Kids with Save The Children Australia

  • Published on Dec 21, 2021

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  • scontrast EX

    Great to see some who’s so got so much influence doing something great 👍🏻 good luck for 2022 Danny I’ll be cheering for you from Melbourne

  • Tea
    Tea  +84

    Great to see Daniel contributing to making change around the world!

  • Jacob Fimo

    From Perth, We've met when I was part of the first Ricciardo kart team in Western Australia. Great to see your still doing great things for Australia

  • Patato Keftes

    Dani the whole F1 world loves you independently of what colour your car livery is. You are the smile of motorsport. You are what Steph Curry is to NBA, what Ronaldinho was for football, what Jokovic is for tennis. Being empowered by someone as passionate and positive at what they do as you are means that much more. The world and especially young ones need people like you in these odd times. Keep it up mate. You deserve all the joy and success you are getting and you are due to get in the future.

  • Buddha
    Buddha  +22

    Hope you're finally back home (in WA) and finally got to see your parents after soo long!

  • Masterplan

    You're amazing Danny, much love for ya 💛

  • Judy at Witch Peace Craft

    This was so great to watch. Really honest and sincere answers to all the Kids questions. A great Role Model . Looking forward to F1 2022 .

  • Tara Nindy

    A Humble,fun, lovely and caring person 💛 happy to see you contributing... Wish you all the best Dan 👏🏻 enjoy Christmas 🎄 and Happy New Year 🎉 see you in 2022

  • Shaheer Malik

    daniel Ricciardo just makes me happy every time I see him, man

  • Merlianny Marcano

    This is amazing Daniel. It's really important to let the student community know that you're supporting them as an experienced individual. Nowadays, there are so many more incentives for kids to participate and enjoy going to school. You're doing a major change contributing with this❤️ Such a great man.

  • I C
    I C  +16

    My guy, love your work Dan 🇮🇹🇦🇺

  • Dark
    Dark  +11

    My man daniel back at it again, good luck next season champ we believe in u

  • Chris Porter

    Such a great thing to see from you Danny, you’re forever a legend man I can’t wait for 2022 I know it’ll be the best yet🧡💯

  • Melissa Lecis

    You’re an amazing person and driver❤️

  • peter3334floyd

    Good stuff Daniel! That's the ticket - champion. So many kids look up to you now. Glad to see it. Yay!

  • Anna Claudia Vieira

    Thank you, Ricciardo, for being part of the change to the Children´s world. 🌟💚

  • Floriaisabella

    Doing great things as always DR! 🧡🧡🧡

  • Formlaticus_27 27

    its amazing to see the influence you have on such a great cause , keep it up brotha, i hope you get well soon so you can get back out on that track and show them who the master really is.

  • Enilsa Inácio Pereira Lopes

    Danny I'm so proud of you great for the kids hope you're lucky for 2022

  • Cleiton Führ

    From a Brazilian fan living in Sydney, I just want to say THANKS for giving away so much energy and good vibes around. Keep it up, and see you in Melb in April