Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Instant Ramen | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

  • Published on Nov 29, 2018
  • Claire. Is. Back. AGAIN. And this time she is attempting to make gourmet instant ramen. Everybody loves instant ramen, with its ludicrously salty, umami-rich spice packets and its impossibly wavy fried noodle bricks. Can Claire make a fancy version of this 70%-of-your-daily-sodium snack?
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    Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Instant Ramen | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit
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  • Bon Appétit
    Bon Appétit  5 months ago +454

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    • lil chris tuten
      lil chris tuten 6 days ago

      An important detail about instant noodles is the fact that they are flash fried, that means that they are cooked in very hot oil for a very short amount of time, it is also a part of what helps them to become wavy.

    • Cat Caffeine
      Cat Caffeine 15 days ago

      Honestly good prepared drinkable meals for seniors would sell huge if they taste good. Ensure and other drinkable nutrition are all sweet and baby food itself isn't seasoned to taste appealing to an adult.

    • Sharon Morales
      Sharon Morales 20 days ago

      ramen noodles have egg no ?

    • Sosayweall jpg
      Sosayweall jpg Month ago

      +BJ Murray the Half-Sour Saffitz shirt is Claire merch. It was the nickname she got in Brad's pickle ep. I assume it's turned into a thing since then, if they made a shirt for it

    • BJ Murray
      BJ Murray Month ago

      Why no Claire merch?

  • Hannah Brown
    Hannah Brown 12 hours ago

    im just curious is that grey streak in her hair a fashion choice or is it only asking because she looks really young to be going grey

  • Mayiris Flores
    Mayiris Flores 13 hours ago

    The shot of Claire tying (?) the noodles with the sunset as background is mesmerizing

  • swatipatil
    swatipatil 16 hours ago

    Clair always scratches hr hair..n same hand she handles food...thts so annoying🤢🤢

  • actionturnips
    actionturnips 22 hours ago

    Now I understand the salt brad

  • zi Bao
    zi Bao Day ago

    you definitely need Kansui !! Otherwise it would be udon noodle by Japanese girl

  • Tristan Beaux
    Tristan Beaux Day ago


  • LatetothePartygaming2017

    Wow want a waits

  • Weihang Lin
    Weihang Lin 2 days ago

    Some instant noodles have oil or liquid flavouting

  • Freda Ke
    Freda Ke 3 days ago

    i wish chris had his own segment

  • Nellie Rutten
    Nellie Rutten 3 days ago

    I still think noodles tastes best dry and crunchy as is without adding boiling water or the flavor packaging as if your eating chips..

  • Emily McDonald
    Emily McDonald 3 days ago

    Spicy ramen is where it’s at

  • Selina Grissom
    Selina Grissom 3 days ago

    You could dehydrate them...

  • Catherine Scott
    Catherine Scott 4 days ago +1


  • Ghostfather
    Ghostfather 4 days ago

    "Do what Chris says" t-shirt please

  • Asmau Iliyasu
    Asmau Iliyasu 4 days ago

    Who gets sooo detailed about noodles

  • sipntea
    sipntea 4 days ago

    Didn't the creator of ramen noodles find out how to put the waves in by heating it in temora oil?

  • ladyhawker515
    ladyhawker515 4 days ago

    A girl told me they eat ramen with the flavor packet dry as chips in jail as call them prison chips...who knew!?

  • k1773ns
    k1773ns 5 days ago

    Woah man. This episode could’ve been an hour long! Stop holding out on us. Also I’ve never wanted instant ramen more in my life.

  • Floppy #2
    Floppy #2 6 days ago +1

    Claire: makes food that takes a couple days
    Me: thinks about food but is too lazy to make it

  • Elizabeth Germain
    Elizabeth Germain 6 days ago +5

    The devil works hard but claire works harder

  • Nurah Abrahams
    Nurah Abrahams 6 days ago

    Okay, but Amile is great

  • Jake Reyes
    Jake Reyes 6 days ago

    i watch this cause it has claire in it. claire is

  • Christy Sagita
    Christy Sagita 6 days ago

    in my country, Indonesia. This is our basics food.. we ate this anytime that we wanted it. either it’s morning, or evening or even midnight. and i think there’s something wrong with how Claire do it at the end... when the ‘instant’ ramen is dry, she supposed to put the ramen and cook it. let it boiling. not pouring some hot water into the ramen. and i mean it is working as u guys can see it but, actually that’s not the way:)

  • Lauren Shannon
    Lauren Shannon 7 days ago

    yo why tf am i crying rn?

  • Carlos Laboy
    Carlos Laboy 7 days ago

    So I don’t know if it’s been mentioned already or if it’s worth mentioning due to how long ago this vid was, but Alex | FrenchGuyCooking has an instant ramen noodle series where he makes his own instant ramen, but from the perspective of an engineer. I think it was very fun.

  • Lee Michaels
    Lee Michaels 7 days ago

    I do that exact same thing. I’ll make something and boil be near perfection. And then I’ll be like oh I can make this so much better and then I don’t

  • TheHeroSaver
    TheHeroSaver 7 days ago

    I always love seeing what aprons they're going to wear, idky but they are so cool!

  • James Basoo
    James Basoo 7 days ago +1

    You should have a ramen-off with Alex French Guy Cooking

  • steven smith
    steven smith 7 days ago

    Claire is sexy.

  • messquiz
    messquiz 7 days ago

    2:03 Oh. What is going on back there? Quick Kitchen staff meeting? Who’s the guy in the suit, y’alls boss?🤔

  • A J
    A J 8 days ago

    Freeze dry them

  • Miguel Angel
    Miguel Angel 8 days ago

    It’s mad disgusting that she has her hair down half the time as well as the other people in the kitchen. Can’t follow the number one rule of cleanliness

    • Miguel Angel
      Miguel Angel 3 days ago

      uncle jeffree's left testie Watch America Test Kitchen. They always have their hair up. It’s just common practice.

    • uncle jeffree's left testie
      uncle jeffree's left testie 3 days ago

      its a test kitchen not a restaurant damn

  • TheLivingApocalypse
    TheLivingApocalypse 8 days ago +1

    Alex the French cooking guy does a great in depth version of instant ramen that's worth watching

  • Itz Maple
    Itz Maple 8 days ago

    Weave the noodles through the rack

  • Itz Maple
    Itz Maple 8 days ago

    Weave the noodles through the rack

  • Derek Wong
    Derek Wong 8 days ago +1

    Andy's way of eating ramen is lowkey me

  • Shar Roon
    Shar Roon 8 days ago

    Kinda makes you appreciate the wonder of ramen.

  • ItsPrettyDeep
    ItsPrettyDeep 8 days ago +1

    i literally just want to eat that soup

  • Shanna Wolicki
    Shanna Wolicki 9 days ago

    i really wanna know what they do with all those extra ramens they bought

  • Will Hoffert
    Will Hoffert 9 days ago


  • Cranky Old Man
    Cranky Old Man 9 days ago +20

    I don't think Rhoda gets enough credit for just swinging in and solving problems like some low key, apron wearing superhero.

  • Diamond more Diamonds

    thank you claire for giving me an appetite. i have literally eaten every single snack (or some equivalent product to) of these videos everyt ime i watch them.

  • Vilain Minou
    Vilain Minou 9 days ago

    Love Amil

  • kabopple
    kabopple 9 days ago

    Get 👏 Claire 👏 some 👏 Caviar

  • Arryan Siingh
    Arryan Siingh 9 days ago

    actually...slurp actually...SluRp

  • Siren Tao
    Siren Tao 9 days ago

    Alex/french guy cooking had a whole series on ramen. To easily introduce the wave pattern he just affixed a flap to the output of the pasta machine, bunching it up before it pushes through.
    Anyway, this looks really good!

  • ochoa.choco
    ochoa.choco 9 days ago

    sounds like nakiri azami would love this series

  • Dereik Henschel
    Dereik Henschel 9 days ago

    The story is funny see top ramens founder invented it when he dropped noodles in tempora oil one night and realized tempora flash freezing was the answer to infinatly lasting noodles

  • Nona Mackenzie
    Nona Mackenzie 10 days ago

    and now i'm craving noodles. thanks for that

  • Emma Mac
    Emma Mac 10 days ago

    I think this gourmet instant ramen takes longer to make than regular “non-instant” ramen.

  • H.E Master
    H.E Master 10 days ago

    You only fry them until set. 10 seconds or more

  • Piko Jade
    Piko Jade 10 days ago

    I also like eating them dry out of the bag

  • Sophie
    Sophie 10 days ago

    I've just discovered this channel and I'm on the biggest youtube binge ever

  • ProMachineRider
    ProMachineRider 10 days ago

    "Oh, I see what you're saying"
    "Wait what was I saying?"-Claire

  • Fred S. Bassett
    Fred S. Bassett 10 days ago

    The yeast extract is just a way of adding MSG without having to label it that way. The guanylate also contributes to the umami flavor. (hopefully they didn't say anything about that, i haven't finished the video)

  • Chenelle borde
    Chenelle borde 10 days ago +1

    Has an exam to study for..... binge watches gourmet makes

  • Heather Chandler
    Heather Chandler 10 days ago

    They bought less noodles than I have in my pantry lol.

  • Iman Amin
    Iman Amin 10 days ago

    You’re actually supposed to cook the noodles for 3 minutes, not 30 seconds.

  • amos markos
    amos markos 10 days ago

    So she's a professional chef but doesn't know how to attach the pasta maker attachment...

  • Sunflower Bitsj
    Sunflower Bitsj 10 days ago +1

    these videos are not helping my diet

  • orewing
    orewing 10 days ago

    Wait, what happened to the other dehydrator?

  • Starry Skies
    Starry Skies 11 days ago

    Take a shot for each time Claire says the word Ground in the final instructions

  • Jolie Ta
    Jolie Ta 11 days ago

    I went into this video not hungry but now I want noodles like right now

  • Jody Spiegel
    Jody Spiegel 11 days ago

    Great videos; I love learning new ways to make my own store bought products; Have you thought about contacting Elton Brown the food scientist for help and comments or even having him on your videos.

  • Miranda Beaubien
    Miranda Beaubien 11 days ago

    Really cool idea for a video but man she doesn’t work as a charismatic personality to watch.

  • what am i doing with my life

    hahaha lool i remember i used to eat those ramen noodles

  • chaka chaka
    chaka chaka 12 days ago

    I love this show now ♡ ....claire and delany... my favorite

  • Mechomulk
    Mechomulk 12 days ago

    Kiss you hand 5 times
    Post this on 3 videos
    Check under your pillow

  • Mrssea Sea
    Mrssea Sea 12 days ago

    sprits then and bake them making stuffing with bread crumbs.....

  • Ili Rong
    Ili Rong 12 days ago

    Oh. My. God. You NEED to try Asian instant ramen. We get ours from Korean and Chinese supermarkets, and it's rEaLLy good, nothing like that sketchy chicken broth.

  • Nicholas Cat
    Nicholas Cat 12 days ago

    Alex French Guy has a whole series on instant ramen if anyone is interested!

  • Storm Commander
    Storm Commander 12 days ago +1

    16:30 you’re welcome

  • rickcoona
    rickcoona 12 days ago

    *Autolized Yeast Extract* IS your *MSG*
    baking 'baking soda' [@400F/ 1hour] turns it from Sodium Bicarbonate into Sodium Carbonate, also known as *WASHING SODA*
    there are recipes for "authentic Ramin noodles" the real time is invested in making the broth so it is not an easy proces I love the fact you but you did such a great Job, BRAVO!

  • MissesTrash
    MissesTrash 13 days ago +2

    This is legit what inspires me to cook. I try all kinds of different things. I'm super impressed! 😋

  • loyalfan99
    loyalfan99 13 days ago

    Instant ramen and you pick Maruchan instead of the OG Nissin???

  • Braden Chan
    Braden Chan 13 days ago


  • Brandon Tyler
    Brandon Tyler 13 days ago

    Felt that ahah 0:01

  • Eva Thecat
    Eva Thecat 13 days ago

    I would have given up so many times

  • LateNightPoetry
    LateNightPoetry 14 days ago

    No one commented on the MSG? Interesting

  • Cyborg panda 113 Panda

    The ba test kitchen needs a freeze dryer

  • Anna Hammond
    Anna Hammond 14 days ago

    These videos are SO informative, exciting and interesting. Claire does such an amazing job at figuring out how to make each of these things not only the way they are but BETTER. It's so inspiring! I tried her recipe for oreos and they were ridiculously amazing. I look forward to every video she does!!! I feel like theres nothing that Claire can't make! Don't stop!

  • Andres Youngs
    Andres Youngs 14 days ago

    Make pop tarts

  • Andrea Juarez
    Andrea Juarez 14 days ago +15

    Them: umami
    Me an intelectual: UNAGI?! 💆🏻‍♀️

    KAIZEN. 14 days ago

    The trick to making good instant ramen is to not make good instant ramen. Add boiling water, let it sit for the recommended time, drain water until 1/3 is left, add flavour, mix.

  • shotmeindaface
    shotmeindaface 15 days ago +1

    French guy cooking Alex did it. When you know how easily he made the curls, I wish someone would have told Claire to stick two pieces of plastic at the end of the pasta machine.

  • mtugglet
    mtugglet 15 days ago

    Gourmet. Ramen. Oxymoron.

  • libby9182
    libby9182 15 days ago +1

    Love Carla’s sneaky binging with babish reference at 23:05 !!

  • Ian Cryar
    Ian Cryar 15 days ago

    I did not encounter instant ramen or any ramen for that matter until college but I did make instant ramen by using a clothes streamer. My thought was one cup of boiling water for the instant ramen one cup of boiling water in a clothes steamer genius. The taste was okay but I only did it because I hungry and nothing was open at 3 in a small college town...ah the memories...

  • Matt McGovern
    Matt McGovern 16 days ago

    Bake baking soda to make the alkaline salt

  • Hachede Cuatroka
    Hachede Cuatroka 16 days ago

    Amiel Is sooooooo sweeeet

  • ekognito
    ekognito 17 days ago +2

    2:29 thats normal or is it just here ...

  • Peter XYZ
    Peter XYZ 17 days ago

    Thanks for teaching me wisdom and teaching me something about MYSELF. At first, I thought I was going to be annoyed with this particular episode with its “reinventing the wheel” that many other food YT channel had already tackled. However, “it’s the journey” and I was fascinated at the process “through a beginner’s eye”.

  • Peter XYZ
    Peter XYZ 17 days ago

    Top lot had scraped the bottom sludge of the barrel. America marketed ramen are the lowest of the low. PLEASE, go to an Asian store and buy the stuff from Asia. Buy the stuff from China. American sold ramen are an insult to humanity. Our ancestors evolved for us to not eat Top or Marichan crap.

  • T. B.
    T. B. 18 days ago

    Claire needs to get a freeze dryer.

  • Lala Lalala
    Lala Lalala 18 days ago

    So real ramen naturally curls. Couldn't you have just make actual ramen and then dehydrated it?

  • Kenny Gilliam
    Kenny Gilliam 18 days ago

    Who thought one day, "Hmm let's crush up a boulion cube and boil some noodles and mix the combo and bam that's ramen noodles." 🤔🤔🤔

  • JohnnyRocket06
    JohnnyRocket06 18 days ago +2

    Put some chicken stock into a jar of peanut butter and suprise your dad at 3 in the morning

  • Lilykate's View
    Lilykate's View 18 days ago

    Someone: How many drying racks do want Claire?
    Claire: yes

  • Ms F
    Ms F 18 days ago

    I love when Rhoda appears in BA vids. I'm living for her judgy eyes all the time lmaoooooo