Arsenal score 3 goals in 9 minutes to end winless streak! | West Ham 1-3 Arsenal | EPL Highlights

  • Published on Dec 9, 2019
    Highlights from the London Stadium where goals from Gabriel Martinelli, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Nicolas Pepe secured Freddie Ljungberg his first victory in charge of Arsenal as the Gunners came from behind to beat West Ham 3-1.
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  • Rachel Givargidze
    Rachel Givargidze Month ago

    Pepe played really well I’m surprised he doesn’t play more

  • marlon blackwood
    marlon blackwood Month ago

    Pepe is the type of player Arsenal needs

  • SBKP 0507
    SBKP 0507 Month ago

    Arsenal 1-1 1:44
    Arsenal 2-1 2:08
    Arsenal 3-1 2:34

  • Eli Nelly-Ricky
    Eli Nelly-Ricky Month ago

    Pepe is pure class!!! People need to wait, be patient!

  • James Stallabrass
    James Stallabrass Month ago

    Arsenal Should Get Relegated

  • Faze Jarvis
    Faze Jarvis Month ago

    Tbf Lewandowski scored 5 in 9 mins

  • NoHaxJustV3nom YT
    NoHaxJustV3nom YT Month ago +1

    Lets goo!! Aubameyang!

  • lee deaton
    lee deaton Month ago

    Notice how each attack and goal we score starts from torriera's simple forward pass.

  • Phillip Anderson
    Phillip Anderson Month ago

    The background celebration noise @ 2:50 reminds me so much of Fifa 20 celebrations haha ..when you run to the cameras ..👌🏼

  • Ricky Murray
    Ricky Murray Month ago

    They look a lot better, Leno looked a beast there.

  • Fuck You And Your Ideology

    There you go. Get more blacks in the team.

  • Raphael Rau
    Raphael Rau Month ago

    With Vitor Pereria 100 times worse than Emery coming in as manager this might be our last win of the season!

  • Robin Arden
    Robin Arden Month ago

    Top 4, here we come !

  • robert pearce
    robert pearce Month ago

    Martin Tyler can never hide his disappointed when Arsenal score...

  • Lawrence Simmons
    Lawrence Simmons Month ago

    confidence booster - or should be. have to wait and see.

  • Kieran Haze
    Kieran Haze Month ago

    Martinelli is Class should be playing every week

  • Trwerking man
    Trwerking man Month ago

    Pepe seasoning

  • Sai Prab
    Sai Prab Month ago

    Martinelli is a God

  • ANG Striker
    ANG Striker Month ago

    Arsenal has done better in 9 minutes than in 2 months

  • Belinda C
    Belinda C Month ago +2

    whatever talk freddie gave them at halftime... keep doing that please

  • Bilal Patel
    Bilal Patel Month ago +1

    Martinelli is class. The kids definitely got something.

  • Gregg Richfield
    Gregg Richfield Month ago

    Masuaku is embarrassing

  • Adam Banner
    Adam Banner Month ago

    Felt like I was playing fifa

  • Louie Hill -_-
    Louie Hill -_- Month ago +1

    When the commentators said noble I thought they said no ball

  • Louie Hill -_-
    Louie Hill -_- Month ago +1


  • Okan AM
    Okan AM Month ago


  • Richard-Anthony Gilbey

    that was a more solid Arsenal performance, but too often lately they haven't played at a high enough tempo

  • Original King
    Original King Month ago

    Does anyone notice DT from arsenal fan tv at 2:25

  • Franek Litwinski
    Franek Litwinski Month ago

    Lewandowski scores 5 in 9 mins

  • JRPGgamer
    JRPGgamer Month ago

    Rafa for Arsenal?🤔🤔🤔

  • Nick Hayes
    Nick Hayes Month ago

    freespeech flower villaman1972 follow the flower

  • Hamid Khan
    Hamid Khan Month ago

    Not starting Martinelli in PL for so long has been a big error. He virtually guarantees a goal a game, outstanding work rate and searing pace

  • jk jk
    jk jk Month ago

    off to arsenal fan tv.

  • CaspianVll
    CaspianVll Month ago

    “And Pepe will want to get it on his left foot... and do THAT!”

  • Jack Bell
    Jack Bell Month ago

    You can see DT at 2:27 😂😂😂

  • Ryan English
    Ryan English Month ago

    We’ve all been for months screaming for arsenal to play a proper formation with aub playing his position and Pépé starting a game....look what happens

  • Dumebi7278
    Dumebi7278 Month ago

    I like this kid Martinelli

  • Juan Douglas
    Juan Douglas Month ago

    If Arsenal lost this I would have stopped supporting them

    • Juan Douglas
      Juan Douglas Month ago +1

      Craig Lawton, Yh I’m definitely not a glory supporter because arsenal have hardly achieved anything in the last decade besides coming 4th in the league, getting to the round of 16 in the champions league and winning the FA cup.
      Ur right, I’m a casual supporter and I don’t care too much about trophies but Arsenal have been pitiful even for their low standards

    • Craig Lawton
      Craig Lawton Month ago

      @Juan Douglas I wasn't going to post again but want to explain something.
      Even the most passionate supporter could threaten to turn on a team when things have been bad for a long time, but they won't mean it.
      Personally i think you're a casual supporter though, you like football and prefer Arsenal - but they aren't giving you the joy they did so you're thinking about dropping them. Nothing wrong with being a casual fan, I'm like that with some other sports.
      It's the "supporters" who only like a team because they think that's where the trophies are that are the fake ones, and though I don't think your a true Arsenal supporter I don't think your in it for the glory they had in the past - or you'd likely have turn on them long ago.
      So I hope you don't think I was trying to be a dickhead or anything mate 😊

    • Juan Douglas
      Juan Douglas Month ago

      Craig Lawton, I guess I’m not a true supporter

    • Craig Lawton
      Craig Lawton Month ago

      @Juan Douglas I'm a liverpool fan, I stuck with them for more than 3 years of shitty performances - and will if and when the hard times come back around.
      If you even consider turning your back on your favourite team because you can't see an end to the struggles - your not a true fan.
      It's that simple

    • Juan Douglas
      Juan Douglas Month ago

      Craig Lawton, I stuck with Arsenal despite their shitty performances in the last 3 years, I’ve been loyal, but if they do so badly then I’ll just not support any team

  • Ibrahim adam
    Ibrahim adam Month ago


  • BearFN
    BearFN Month ago

    Finally they win the gunners

  • Ahsan Mir
    Ahsan Mir Month ago +1

    See the fans for arsenal for pepe goal DT from aresnal fan tv is there in the stands

  • Rashid Farah
    Rashid Farah Month ago +1

    2:26 spot dt

  • Paul Taylor
    Paul Taylor Month ago

    West ham 👇🏻

  • AEK
    AEK Month ago

    why is this way too similar to FIFA like its literally the same

  • GGboy
    GGboy Month ago

    huge win for arsenal, could really be the game which keeps them from relegation

  • John Mclane
    John Mclane Month ago

    Arsenal before were monsters with Bergkamp and Henry!!lethal

  • Nicola watson
    Nicola watson Month ago +1

    Lol u know the match wasn’t that interesting one when arsenal actually won

  • absolute zero
    absolute zero Month ago +1

    One ray of light for this season has been Martinelli. He seems the type of Brazilian kid that normally Barcelona find. Its been a few years since we unearthed a gem. This boy shows no fear, he has the potential to be special

  • Will Sowray
    Will Sowray Month ago +1

    2:27 is that DT middle left

  • Turbo Flamez
    Turbo Flamez Month ago +2

    Woah, nelly!
    It's Gabi Martinelli!
    He pulled the Hammers pants down on my telly!!

  • Moo 7
    Moo 7 Month ago

    Nicola Pipi

  • uchiajason
    uchiajason Month ago

    As a defender you shouldn’t turn your back on the ball, such a soft goal to concede if AMN had stood his ground i doubt that would go in.

  • bouya sylla
    bouya sylla Month ago

    How can u buy a player at £80M and put him on the bench every game ,

  • JackyBoy2007
    JackyBoy2007 Month ago +1

    Arsenal must have Martinelli playing every game, his work rate is so good and he’s just and amazing player.

  • Ghost
    Ghost Month ago

    Arsenal need to sort their backline and they'll be a good team.

  • heyhey heyhey
    heyhey heyhey Month ago

    Martinelli Auba Pepe up front work best probably. ..
    Laca is not happy most of the season. .
    We just need defenders and midfield better than Xhaka Guendouzi or Torrerira. .

  • Bonnie Humphries
    Bonnie Humphries Month ago


  • Ryzze
    Ryzze Month ago

    Pellegrini out

  • Connor Loake
    Connor Loake Month ago

    2:26 is that dt off arsenal tv

  • Hanif Miah
    Hanif Miah Month ago +3

    I’m arsenal fan but I’m not gonna brag and be like we’re getting top 4 I think we’ll be lucky to even finish 6th