NBA2k20 is a Gambling Casino! - Angry Rant!

  • Published on Aug 29, 2019
  • Notify the ESRB HERE: ESRBRatings
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    NBA2K20 has Gone TOO FAR! There is now basketball in your Gambling Simulator that is rated E for Everyone and PEGI 3+ for CHILDREN! This is beyond unacceptable!
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Comments • 15 638

  • Bryan Cyriel Ramo (Real Account)

    Missed E3 2019 meeting with YongYea

  • Jonjr36 Plays
    Jonjr36 Plays Day ago

    when you bought nba 2k20 instead of pokemon sword or shield ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • JaCk nickolstine
    JaCk nickolstine 3 days ago

    Hahahahahah fucking stupid , reminds me of the casino for real.

  • Squeguin Quack
    Squeguin Quack 3 days ago

    Why is there a basketball game in my casino?

  • DeJoNav
    DeJoNav 3 days ago

    "It's not really gambling."-2k sellouts

  • Daniel Cherry
    Daniel Cherry 3 days ago

    it's a cash grab only bc bums spend money to be good in the game, and on player packs, personally I play the games but I don't waste my money on vc, and my team, I grind for my stats, I think most of the 2k community is toxic but some of us out here are just playing for the love of basketball, idc about the long grind for 99 ovr cause I love basketball, and I especially don't give 2 shits about vc cause that shit is a waste of money, i haven't spent a single penny on that bs so I don't have to worry about this gambling shit, if you really want a reform on 2k and for them to do better, buy the game, play, grind, and don't waste your money on vc most of their profits comes from that, if bums would stop wasting their money on that vc bs maybe 2k would try and change a little bit instead of being penny pinching fucks, plus it feels a lot more rewarding when you grinded for months to get even just 91 ovr the point is to play and get better, not pay and get better, if people would just stop paying to be good and actually played with skill, then this issue would be resolved

  • 5omeWhiteGuy
    5omeWhiteGuy 4 days ago

    I got an add for nba2k20 while watching this.

  • k
    k 4 days ago

    Haven't played NBA2K since 2k16. Looks like I'm not missing alot.

  • Alexander Luis Ramos

    I’m officially fed up with this franchise a total disgrace what the fuck is wrong with them are they retarded or idiots? which one put slot machines In a video game are you for real

  • Leon
    Leon 4 days ago

    Unfortunately, unless the ESRB change the ratings or governments crack down on it, nothing will change. One of the main reasons is it's mainly teens with no real concept of the value of money, spending their parents money.

  • Slave to Christ
    Slave to Christ 5 days ago

    NBA2k11 and 12 was the last good ones in the series. 2k13 introduced the microtransactions and it was destroyed thereafter.



  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 6 days ago

    You're right Joe. If we don't do something now we'll see this in our games in the future. Fallout Texas hold 'em anyone?

  • Lance James
    Lance James 7 days ago

    If you listen to sports talk radio it has mostly become about gambling so I am not surprised

  • ShroudedWolf51
    ShroudedWolf51 7 days ago +1

    It's not "simulated gambling" because it's straight-up actual gambling.

  • ShroudedWolf51
    ShroudedWolf51 7 days ago

    It doesn't matter what sportsball team you are or are not a fan of. By arguing on whether the shirt should stay on or come off, you're veering off topic here and this is an important conversation to be had.

  • ShroudedWolf51
    ShroudedWolf51 7 days ago

    Let's not forget that they don't charge $60 for the game. The actual cost of the game starts at around $90-110 and only goes up from there. Or, have you already forgotten just how much content gets sliced off the game for the $60 edition so that the customers can go buy all the bits that were sliced off back by the way of the season pass?

  • Mrdarkblackknight666

    Hahaha ESRB doesn’t exist.

  • Manuelslayor
    Manuelslayor 8 days ago

    I think there is only 1 ok lotbox i have seen. Its a free tl play game and trough the efort of the comunity you can buy everything seperatly. They had lotboxes 1 time in which you where guaranteed to at least get the equivalent in worth as if you would buy it seperatly. I paid 30 bucks and got 60$ worth of stuff but i was allways guaranted to get 30$. Its still a question about luck but you are guranted a fair minimum.

  • Manuelslayor
    Manuelslayor 8 days ago

    Its wrong to take it to the youtubers. The company is the problem. You cant live from doing the right thing and not acept theyr offer.

  • KnowPEINamp
    KnowPEINamp 8 days ago

    I GOT A NBA 2K20 AD 😂😂😂

  • Vernon Bell
    Vernon Bell 9 days ago

    Somehow the comment were over posted accidentally...please forgive me.

  • Vernon Bell
    Vernon Bell 9 days ago

    Somehow the comment were over posted accidentally...please forgive me.

  • Vernon Bell
    Vernon Bell 9 days ago

    Sports games are not my genre, but this is bad with a capital B. The way the gaming industries these days are going, I might as well take my little nephews to the
    Coushatta Casino Resort
    to "Try Their Luck" at the Slot machines... I bet they get a better payout! Think about it, would the gaming executives allow their children to play these in game slots?

  • Vernon Bell
    Vernon Bell 9 days ago

    Sports games are not my genre, but this is bad with a capital B. The way the gaming industries these days are going, I might as well take my little nephews to the
    Coushatta Casino Resort
    to "Try Their Luck" at the Slot machines... I bet they get a better payout! Think about it, would the gaming executives allow their children to play these in game slots?

  • Timeworn
    Timeworn 9 days ago

    Sports games are dead

  • Anon Anon
    Anon Anon 9 days ago

    20 years from now, loot box money gets taken out of your paycheck, pretax and non negotiable... The industry gets so used to stupid money that everyone must play their part in making sure the executives don’t have to live a lower lifestyle. The game lobby petitions the government for a stimulus package because they noticed a half million decrease in projected profits.. This may be your future if you continue to support these doomoz micro transactions.

  • Casper
    Casper 9 days ago

    Vegas edition

  • Rafael Gonzalez
    Rafael Gonzalez 10 days ago

    Mothertrucker lol.

  • Argo Star
    Argo Star 10 days ago

    wow, that's a lot of cows that like having their wallets milked

  • Trippy Bruh
    Trippy Bruh 10 days ago

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the government come down on 2K just as they did on ISIS?

  • hepzibah
    hepzibah 10 days ago

    Why do they seem to have more fun watching the wheel spin than with the actual game?

  • A simple man
    A simple man 11 days ago +1

    Lmao the way you ripping those guys in the commercial, I hope they watch this in silence thinking over their life choices 😂

  • Wesley Hall
    Wesley Hall 12 days ago

    I'll bet I've asked this at least a dozen times throughout Joe's videos but someone please try to explain to Joe what the word literally means

  • Wesley Hall
    Wesley Hall 12 days ago

    Joe has been thinking about "your nipples getting milked" -angry Joe vargas

  • King Schick
    King Schick 12 days ago

    i was wondering why the audio wasn't playing.They were stunned.... I was too.

  • Lars Honeytoast
    Lars Honeytoast 14 days ago

    Fast foward to present time and the panchinko machine isn't even a big deal. You just did all of this for clot

  • SeVen PL
    SeVen PL 14 days ago

    I came from Poland and in my country the roullets, Black Jack and other hazard games are illegal and people under 18 can't play this games for money, and now I can't play the GTA V DLC Casino or whatever is named, but I can normally buy in the stationary game shop and play the NBA 2k20 f*ckng Casino Simulator? WTF!!

  • Gagging Man
    Gagging Man 14 days ago

    If Joe knew that the most of the spotlight challenges required a certain player on their lineup to progress, he’d be pissed. Some of the players required for the challenges are like Amythest Kobe Bryant and Amythest Paul Pierce which costs tons of MT coins or tons of VC from packs. Absolutely ridiculous. I wished I could’ve seen this video earlier or had a better understanding of what 2K does every single year now.

  • Chris Money
    Chris Money 15 days ago

    As long as people spend money and play the game they will keep doing it. They don’t make you put money in the game that’s your decision. Stupid parents that give their kids money to do it are the problem. I don’t spend a dime I grind my entire team because I’m not an idiot. I don’t play 2K I pay madden but same shit.. People will buy the game and people will play the game and people will buy packs.. Nothing anyone can do about it

  • Ty 2000
    Ty 2000 16 days ago

    It’s only my team though

    THE-MED 17 days ago

    They can't succeed if you don't buy the games.

  • Maria Olivares
    Maria Olivares 17 days ago

    It's a casino game with a basketball 🏀 mode

  • Nite hawk 555
    Nite hawk 555 17 days ago

    Cyberpunk "customize your character to be whatever the fuck you want" NBA 2K "Pay to have a character"

  • kieran kerschat
    kieran kerschat 18 days ago

    Thank you joe i mean even pokemon got put up to teen and the money you gamble in there UMM its not real this is and its full of danger

  • Global Prong
    Global Prong 18 days ago

    looks like a great gambling game i might buy

  • grandpa cheeks
    grandpa cheeks 18 days ago

    i have the game because its the only nba sim/ i dont play my team though

  • armin harper
    armin harper 19 days ago

    lol rabid capitalism has arrived to the video game industry now all of a sudden gamers have started to care, before that this way the best democratic humane 1st world country xD

  • L3gendSc0pe
    L3gendSc0pe 19 days ago

    We have to Fix society, violence, rules, law everything is just TOO FUCKING MUCH

  • The Hoff
    The Hoff 19 days ago +1

    Joe has a 7 year old kid? I bet he’s a brilliant dad if he does

  • vanessa.
    vanessa. 20 days ago

    and then wwe 2k20 had that trash release. no wonder yukes left. they have had enough of 2k's shit. i am too. i'm not buying madden(i know it's not 2k but madden is trash in general, although not nearly as bad as these two), nba, or wwe. this is the first time i may go into my birthday without a single game, because i've always bought sports games. i fucking love sports. i hate that i couldn't buy games in the golden age of games, because i buy games in this shit era. if anybody has some nice game recommendations let me know.

  • Afterlight
    Afterlight 20 days ago

    Bruh why is overwatch linked to the loot box problem?? You dead ass can get a loot box in less then 20 minutes at any level like they give you so much chance to get a loot box all you gotta do is actually play the game. And you get no advantage from getting a fucking Halloween skin like omfg.

  • The Stern Dragoon
    The Stern Dragoon 20 days ago

    My forced TheXvid ad was NBA 2K20. Priceless.

  • 1107 Nebula1107
    1107 Nebula1107 20 days ago

    At least gta’s casino doesn’t require real money and is made for adults. This is just illegal

  • Fresco Grazio
    Fresco Grazio 20 days ago +1

    I'd rather play 2k10 than 2k20

  • Wayne Maclean
    Wayne Maclean 20 days ago

    Thats exactly why i stopped playing fifa ultimate team cuz u could spend like $50,000,000,000 on packs and NEVER get anyone useful unless u go for the special packs and even then you'll MAYBE get like a 82-84 rated player but only after like 1000 tries hahaha absolute waste of money and time

  • Captain AiirBorne86
    Captain AiirBorne86 21 day ago

    Joe thank you for saying it because they are a bunch of sale outs 2ks biggest fanboy aka butt boys.

  • Ivan Smith
    Ivan Smith 21 day ago

    I don't buy shit I have enough as it is!

  • Adam Diaz
    Adam Diaz 21 day ago

    and my career is the best i dont play teams

  • Adam Diaz
    Adam Diaz 21 day ago

    its been apart of the game for awhile now its always been like that chill 2hype is gucci so chill