Jennifer Lawrence Recalls Her Experience With Rapper Weed

  • Published on Dec 24, 2018
  • Jennifer Lawrence tells Howard Stern about the time she took her concern for another partygoer a little too far after smoking a joint with some rappers. Watch her full interview here:
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Comments • 157

  • The Howard Stern Show

    Watch Jennifer Lawrence's full interview with Howard on the SiriusXM app:

    • Paul Has sett
      Paul Has sett 11 months ago

      The Howard Stern Show Jennifer Lawrence

    • Assmuncher iPod
      Assmuncher iPod Year ago


    • Tom Underwood
      Tom Underwood Year ago

      See this is the party's & shit I wanna be at awww sucks being in pain #LegalizeIt best fucking pain meds I've ever had

  • Jonathan Trauner
    Jonathan Trauner Month ago

    Jennifer Lawrence Maroney is the greatest person ever.

  • B M-Y
    B M-Y Month ago

    You have to master your high. She probably doesn't smoke enough but at the same time rapper weed probably is the dankiest, most fragrant and loud shit you could smoke. Especially in LA.

  • Lex Boogie
    Lex Boogie 2 months ago

    I would love to see her in a Marvel movie. But I'm thinking she's probably tired of superhero movies.

  • Quincy Jones
    Quincy Jones 3 months ago

    Man i would love to suck her toes while she sat there

  • Brynley Jones
    Brynley Jones 4 months ago +4

    Coffee makes me have to poop

  • Matthew Alkman
    Matthew Alkman 5 months ago

    Yeah leave her alone. How stupid is that going up to someone saying you have to poop. So what!

  • Cam x Cam
    Cam x Cam 5 months ago

    That's not weed.

  • JB P
    JB P 5 months ago

    “Rapper weed”. It’s just regular good weed from CA and CO. Same shit every one buys from the shops.

  • Skuhdlife
    Skuhdlife 5 months ago +1

    I bet it was the Migos lol

  • MR 11MisteOlly07
    MR 11MisteOlly07 6 months ago +3

    Wow...she smokes weed and poops like us normies 😒

  • Unrelenting Discharge
    Unrelenting Discharge 6 months ago

    You mean.... Weed?

  • PlainwhiteT
    PlainwhiteT 6 months ago

    Im on the toilet now cause i needed to poop

  • Alexander Dashit
    Alexander Dashit 6 months ago +1

    "Rapper weed"... Okay, what's that? a bud that raps? xD hash for life

  • HoldenNY22
    HoldenNY22 6 months ago +2

    I think the Strong Weed was obviously a Plot by President Snow and the Capital to discredit Katniss Everdeen in front of all the other Districts including District 13.

  • Philo Beddoe
    Philo Beddoe 6 months ago +5

    It seems to me,that the amount of dislikes of "420" no accident.

  • pauly pisspants
    pauly pisspants 6 months ago

    honestly thought it was going to be a story about a rapper named "weed"...

  • MrAmazed
    MrAmazed 7 months ago

    Passengers, she was great in that. One of my favorite sci-fi‘s

    • Strateeg32
      Strateeg32 6 months ago

      Then sir either you have very bad taste or you havent seen many sci-fi's.
      If even amateurs know how the movie could have been twice as good with a small change, then you know the movie is not good

  • straycat1674
    straycat1674 7 months ago

    She better never smoke with Willey Nelson! I think I remember a story from Snoop Dog and his first time smoking with Willey. He had a blast, but admitted that that old man can smoke!

  • germ157
    germ157 7 months ago +2

    That's because the hood sells laced weed. That bud is laced with a substance called liquid crack which gets you crazy high and is highly addictive.

  • The BenSman
    The BenSman 7 months ago

    Cutie! Funny stoner shit story!

  • Happy Raccoon
    Happy Raccoon 7 months ago

    So the shit she smoke made her mis spoke she took a toke and then awoke to a bloke agreed a stranger had a special need

    ARMOREL 7 months ago +10

    Haha (Beavis high pitch voice) poop!

  • The Nimble Ninja
    The Nimble Ninja 7 months ago +32

    She's so beautiful.

  • red ruM
    red ruM 7 months ago +1

    I want to smoke with rappers now 😂 lol 🌿🔥🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫😊💨😁

  • MaltLiquor45
    MaltLiquor45 7 months ago +3

    dang she looks yummy

  • Itskevin Martin
    Itskevin Martin 8 months ago

    😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️me when I’m high

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee 8 months ago +11

    It's not that rapper weed is stronger but something magical happens when it's rolled in cigar paper

  • F-TEEZY DBOYrecords
    F-TEEZY DBOYrecords 8 months ago +1

    Haha rapper weed!!! Smoke responsibly...

  • Mya jones
    Mya jones 8 months ago +4

    I love her sm ! 😂

  • snatch muk
    snatch muk 8 months ago

    I'd eat her poop.

  • Satyam R.
    Satyam R. 9 months ago +3

    Nah...I don't believe this story

  • YodatheHobbit
    YodatheHobbit 9 months ago +2

    I don't care what anyone says, she is fucking awesome as a person.

  • Timothy Wing
    Timothy Wing 9 months ago +2

    Jennifer Lawrence would have been a great guest on the Howard Stern show in the late 90's-early 2000's.

  • inkoo
    inkoo 10 months ago

    I dont rap my weed i vape it..

  • BuDz Manson
    BuDz Manson 10 months ago +1

    Sure it wasn't laced haha

  • Dracopticon
    Dracopticon 11 months ago

    Just another story that confirmes the truth in not using drugs is THE BEST course.

  • Rafael Pena
    Rafael Pena 11 months ago


  • Dante Kent
    Dante Kent 11 months ago +2

    I wish I was 29 so I can date her she's so beautiful

  • Chiko 206
    Chiko 206 11 months ago +6

    Jesus. . According to these comments, 1 weed poop story and she’s apparently perfect lol

  • Nick Twaddell
    Nick Twaddell 11 months ago +5

    She is the best!

  • astheskylarksings
    astheskylarksings 11 months ago

    Why is a 95 year old telling stories in a 20-something year old’s woman’s body?

  • Derek Moody
    Derek Moody 11 months ago

    Funny shit

  • Ari Fleming
    Ari Fleming 11 months ago +8

    Damn I would love to roll up a phat blunt for Jennifer any day of the week 🙌🙏💨

  • Joe John
    Joe John 11 months ago +5

    She smoked a blunt lol

  • Frank Feliz
    Frank Feliz 11 months ago +1

    She’s so hot.

  • Jesse Pinkman
    Jesse Pinkman 11 months ago +1

    I love to poop

  • CWGriswald1492
    CWGriswald1492 11 months ago


  • Ross Best
    Ross Best 11 months ago +9

    Marijuana gives me nervous anxiety, I dont know whyd youd wanna smoke that and feel like that.

  • Richie C
    Richie C Year ago +5

    Ironically, I’m on the toilet pooping as I’m watching this. 😰

  • Brandon Tuel
    Brandon Tuel Year ago

    What I'd do to know her personally

  • Chris Goodworld
    Chris Goodworld Year ago

    Rapper weed is different 😂

  • D B
    D B Year ago +14

    Good weed is so accessible to everyone these days. When you get something "different" it's probably not a good thing.

  • Jordan Davis
    Jordan Davis Year ago +86

    Dave Chapelle said a couple years ago that Rapper weed is a some next level shit. I gotta give my hands on this

  • Ruce beats
    Ruce beats Year ago

    This is Boomin bro! Subbed come follow me and my movement!🏆

  • Guillaume Côté
    Guillaume Côté Year ago

    Looks like i gotta take a poop now....

  • Awake
    Awake Year ago

    These videos are too short

  • nah shon
    nah shon Year ago

    Yeah I'm at work and I had to poop but I decided to watch first, let's just say I should of put on the brown pants.......

  • Stuart Porteous
    Stuart Porteous Year ago

    I'm pooping now

  • Mike johnson
    Mike johnson Year ago +1

    She prolly smoked migos shit.