Try NOT to Play Minecraft CHALLENGE

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
  • Come on Markiplier, just play Minecraft! Everyone's doing it! Don't you wanna be COOL? You're not a SQUARE are ya?
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  • Daves Not here
    Daves Not here 12 minutes ago

    dont be a bitch, do it

  • TheDiamondG McM
    TheDiamondG McM 19 minutes ago +1

    Ya know you could play minecraft drunk

  • Erick Rivas
    Erick Rivas 29 minutes ago

    He’s gonna do it

  • T O'
    T O' 54 minutes ago

    Hey mark
    You should play some Minecraft there buddy

  • Foxy 16
    Foxy 16 2 hours ago

    Play Minecraft

  • AreoTale
    AreoTale 2 hours ago

    i wish drunk minecraft could be a thing, too bad mark cant have alcohol

  • cocolette.mya
    cocolette.mya 2 hours ago

    Just fucking do it

  • Lonelyplushtrap }
    Lonelyplushtrap } 2 hours ago


  • Antyman Vav
    Antyman Vav 3 hours ago

    Just do it for us or pogostuck

  • OzumiiWizard
    OzumiiWizard 3 hours ago

    I remember Drunk minecraft...
    *Mark, it is time*

  • BlueBird BlueBird
    BlueBird BlueBird 3 hours ago

    drunk minecraft?

  • Amethyst O
    Amethyst O 3 hours ago

    Play Minecraft

  • leah fadley
    leah fadley 3 hours ago

    Do it.

  • Why I.M
    Why I.M 3 hours ago

    You know you want to

  • eric ibarra
    eric ibarra 3 hours ago +1

    Play minecraft doit

  • Unknown Leader27
    Unknown Leader27 4 hours ago +1

    Mine craft equals good money from youtube mark :3

  • genevive
    genevive 4 hours ago +1

    mark is my last brain cell

  • Dante Parnassus
    Dante Parnassus 4 hours ago


  • SaltyGamer 503
    SaltyGamer 503 4 hours ago +1

    Mark Play minecraft!!!!!!!

  • Zerseon
    Zerseon 4 hours ago

    What is that compare thing website? someone help please EDIT: nvm I know now

  • Noah Green
    Noah Green 4 hours ago

    Give in Mark.......

  • Charming Vanderhall
    Charming Vanderhall 5 hours ago +1

    You should play Destiny 2 with Bob and Wade its a multiplayer game online fully rpg game it might be a bit hard for you at first but you’ll eventually get the hang of it maybe or even destiny 1 but destiny 1 is dead

  • Titus Proctor
    Titus Proctor 5 hours ago

    Do it

  • Ben/ I Love Anime
    Ben/ I Love Anime 5 hours ago


  • Autumn273
    Autumn273 6 hours ago

    The return of Drunk Minecraft?

  • mario508 vlog & gaming

    Play the game

  • Aaron Rachiele
    Aaron Rachiele 6 hours ago

    What if you do VR?
    It's a WHOLE nother experience

  • Baseball Guy01
    Baseball Guy01 6 hours ago

    Hey you played Drunk Minecraft so technically if you don’t wanna just follow the trend, you’re technically not.

  • Gerardo Becerra
    Gerardo Becerra 6 hours ago

    What about the try not to cash with Minecraft while keep playing it challenge?

  • J3YOkaN
    J3YOkaN 7 hours ago

    Mark i aint gonna make you or anything but play one episode or two and youll like it im sure

  • Diego Rosales
    Diego Rosales 7 hours ago

    0:51 what website is dat ? I have things I wanna try out

  • Baphy1428
    Baphy1428 8 hours ago

    I'm with Mark, I don't like Minecraft at all xD

  • JMANIAGaming
    JMANIAGaming 8 hours ago

    Mark now: I don’t fall to peer pressure
    Mark a few months ago: FORTNITEEEEE

  • xX_Rai510_Xx !
    xX_Rai510_Xx ! 8 hours ago

    It’s official markiplier is now a square

  • Akalambratic
    Akalambratic 8 hours ago

    Mark to save your sanity you should probably play minecraft again

  • Ramarak
    Ramarak 9 hours ago

    I haven't laughed this hard in a while. Thanks, Mark

  • KillOBS
    KillOBS 9 hours ago

    DO IT

  • TheAnxoiusHero 21
    TheAnxoiusHero 21 10 hours ago

    TheXvidd tries to avoid money for 2 minutes and 34 seconds

  • Willow Wallace
    Willow Wallace 10 hours ago

    🙏 Please Dont Do It 🙏

  • E.W Labz
    E.W Labz 10 hours ago

    Ex Minecrafters once Minecraft becomes popular again
    Notch: "You could not live with your own failure...where did that bring you? Back to me"

  • Infinity Lord
    Infinity Lord 10 hours ago

    Minecraft: “I am inevitable”

    Markiplier: “And I am.......”
    Starts playing Minecraft

  • Imjustdinoman
    Imjustdinoman 10 hours ago +1

    You have played Minecraft before just look up markiplier Minecraft

  • AMKB
    AMKB 10 hours ago

    how about pay a dollar for you to play minecraft thats 2 mil easy

  • Luuucce
    Luuucce 10 hours ago

    Never laughed so much omg

  • Mc Donalds Guitar
    Mc Donalds Guitar 11 hours ago

    Do it

  • Sir Reynolds
    Sir Reynolds 11 hours ago

    so the fnaf fandom died, fortnite fandom died, all is ok...

  • Darkimunus TruthHolder
    Darkimunus TruthHolder 11 hours ago

    Hey Mark, we all loved you in Drunk series…

    Why not now?

  • Abf Nizar
    Abf Nizar 12 hours ago

    Petition to make back and markiplier play sky blocks without teaching them how to make a cobblestone gen

  • Broken Star
    Broken Star 12 hours ago

    Plssssssss play Minecraft Minecraft!!!! MINECRAFTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pagan Hare
    Pagan Hare 12 hours ago

    Makes me want to play it now. Not played Minecraft in ages 🤣🤣🤣

  • NekoIsTrash
    NekoIsTrash 12 hours ago

    Do it mark you know you wanna

  • Ozzie
    Ozzie 12 hours ago

    So can we expect you, Jack and Pewds to be playing sometime soon? 😁

  • Vincent Valentine
    Vincent Valentine 13 hours ago

    i watched it so many times and everytime you check roblox and say "its basically done" and then type yourself, well...youre basically done xD, and i love the router connect sound kills me everytime that you though minecraft beat porn over 9000!! xD

  • Derpy Gort
    Derpy Gort 13 hours ago

    Play Minecraft

  • Dre 511
    Dre 511 13 hours ago

    I love how at 2:08 there’s just cell vs Minecraft

  • Aqua Gamer
    Aqua Gamer 13 hours ago

    Do it join dark side

  • GingerNinja 21214
    GingerNinja 21214 14 hours ago


  • eric auman
    eric auman 14 hours ago

    Mark you already played Minecraft

  • Jetpack Demon
    Jetpack Demon 14 hours ago

    Yes mark look at those know you want to minecraft

  • Christineplays
    Christineplays 14 hours ago +1

    Everybody in the comments say "DO IT MARK, DO IT"

  • Bob The Bone Boy
    Bob The Bone Boy 15 hours ago

    Please Don't actually play it, good game, but too many man, too many.

  • Hans Schrader
    Hans Schrader 15 hours ago

    Do it

    LUCAS BLZ 15 hours ago +1

    Leave a like if you remember drunk Minecraft
    (Its apparently the only lazy way to agree instead of commenting)

    LUCAS BLZ 15 hours ago

    Leave a like if you remember drunk Minecraft
    (Its apparently the only lazy way to agree instead of commenting)

  • Sadistvert Alienastic
    Sadistvert Alienastic 16 hours ago

    I'm spamming him AND TEMP HIM FPR MINECRAFT

  • Jason M
    Jason M 16 hours ago

    Do it

  • Ashlynita
    Ashlynita 16 hours ago

    do it

  • Kyrenaz Kanir
    Kyrenaz Kanir 16 hours ago

    DO IT! Just DO IT! Make your dreams come true!

  • Imraan Lalla
    Imraan Lalla 16 hours ago

    Please play minecraft

  • A.R.Genix 01
    A.R.Genix 01 16 hours ago

    this video is just 🤣🤣🤣🤣 i'm in absolute tears

  • Brandon Chan
    Brandon Chan 17 hours ago +1

    0:11 did he show Enes Batur's video? That guy copies other TheXvidrs. He's gonna get copyright striked by him.

  • MrHands Memes
    MrHands Memes 17 hours ago


  • Crazyman55
    Crazyman55 17 hours ago

    Just do do it ..... do it lol

  • Kindes Chrince Lee
    Kindes Chrince Lee 17 hours ago

    Just damn play it right now u lost ur mind buddy

  • Diamond on Darkness
    Diamond on Darkness 17 hours ago

    Join us Mark JOIN US