OFFICIAL Playstation 5 RELEASE Date | New Specs | New PS5 Games

  • Published on Oct 8, 2019
  • OFFICIAL Playstation 5 Release Date!
    New PS5 Specs and Games!
    Xbox and Playstation To Go Head to Head in 2020!
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  • Duncan Self
    Duncan Self 2 days ago

    I know a lot more about the PS5 than new Xbox, it's Microsoft that's been silent lol

  • Johan Fonteyn
    Johan Fonteyn 9 days ago

    Subbed!a nice and clear overvieuw of the specs and with a good pace! You have a great voice to listen to! And i cant wait to get my hands om the ps5! Hopefully Cyberpunk will be a launch title for the ps5.

  • Pitch Black
    Pitch Black 10 days ago

    I believe the controller is perfect

  • Marlon Cruickshank
    Marlon Cruickshank 11 days ago

    Wish they would bring back Socom.

  • Bigg X
    Bigg X 11 days ago

    OK we know its called PLAYSTATION 5... I dont even think they needed to confirm that lol
    But how will they label it?

  • DAVE_UK_01
    DAVE_UK_01 11 days ago +1

    Positive info for gamer's. Brilliant. Thank you Brother.

  • Hollis Bush
    Hollis Bush 12 days ago +1

    I’m not one to just jump on the Sony bandwagon and think everything is going to be alright because I think I’m gonna have a problem with the DualShock 5 that I might have to deal with because I already have a digital games library for my ps4.

  • michael jones
    michael jones 12 days ago

    OMG why do people still get excited for consoles, I got a PC

    Jk im not a snob

  • Binayak Paul
    Binayak Paul 12 days ago

    Just tell me that we can connect more than 4 controllers for couch play

  • Bill Gordon
    Bill Gordon 12 days ago

    I will have both systems and now seeing xbox patents for VR the other day it’s going to be interesting.

  • Chukus Mooticus
    Chukus Mooticus 12 days ago +1

    C'mon zalker... You too? Man, I just posted the comment below on WhatCultureGaming...
    There was no such release date confirmed. Merely a "release window" was officially projected. you knew damned well how good some gamers were going to get seeing that title. I read the article just after it was released on Wired and have noticed so many of you social media sites with similar titles. It's bad when small channels are asshats by using click-bait titles, but it's 10x worse when what's believed as reputable channels does so. Congrats! You've been crowned the asshat King/Queen whoever wrote that title.

  • Christian Studios
    Christian Studios 12 days ago +1

    I’m so hyped! I really hope the competition will be awesome! I’m fine with the PlayStations controller, you’re the only person who’ve I heard who doesn’t really like it that much lol. Xbox controllers are far better for First person shooters and action games kinda like the Arkham games. But the DualShock is fantastic for fighting games which is what I love.

    • Christian Studios
      Christian Studios 12 days ago

      Wolfgang Von Hertzen can’t argue there lol.

    • Wolfgang Von Hertzen
      Wolfgang Von Hertzen 12 days ago

      I would not even say X1 controller is better for FPS or action games, X360 controller for sure were better than DS3.

  • Southern Gamer Guy95
    Southern Gamer Guy95 13 days ago

    I personally don't care which console is going to be more powerful than the other I intend to get both and enjoy both the games they have to offer. I primarily play on Xbox because practically all my friends are on that platform so any third party games will most likely be on Xbox for me.

  • Jeff V
    Jeff V 13 days ago +3

    Scarlett is more powerful and I can't wait to buy it!

    • art gut
      art gut 12 days ago

      Escanor voice: you say new shitbox more powerful than ps5, who decided that?...... Mexbox exploded.... Ps5 : I am the one who shall decide.

    • tommy jordan
      tommy jordan 13 days ago +2

      lol who said that

  • hollinsd
    hollinsd 13 days ago

    What will be the difference in hardware then? Not games. Or is that the only difference.

  • Juice Pouch
    Juice Pouch 13 days ago

    Zalker a Video of CNBC today released how many Xbox Sales have been sold Check it out its called why Xbox failed in Japan from CNBC its around the 1:27 sec mark.

  • Bless
    Bless 13 days ago +3

    Lol non offense but even with Sony not going to e3 before this people were still talking about the PS5 wayyy more

    • Wolfgang Von Hertzen
      Wolfgang Von Hertzen 12 days ago

      Preach brother.
      If we compare media coverage from E3 to now..... well Sony have got A LOT more headlines than xbox.

  • That's My Two Cents
    That's My Two Cents 13 days ago

    Sony needs to move the left thumb stick I have man hands not children hands.....

    THE SCALLIWAGG 13 days ago

    Microsoft has a few months to convince me to choose Xbox next gen. The only thing keeping me on Xbox is my heavy investment in their ecosystem. (I literally have hundreds of games going back to the OG Xbox).

    • Wolfgang Von Hertzen
      Wolfgang Von Hertzen 12 days ago

      Simply keep X1 and play those games there.... and get PS5 to play other games.
      That way you are not tied to any system.

    • Bless
      Bless 13 days ago +1

      Me too, to be honest if I had to chose right now it would be PlayStation 5

  • Normal Life ?
    Normal Life ? 13 days ago +2

    Everything is looking good for gaming!

  • morbey2011
    morbey2011 13 days ago +7

    Tbh I don't care for Sony only xbox and I know with out a doubt the new xbox will have better stats compared to the ps5.

    • Wolfgang Von Hertzen
      Wolfgang Von Hertzen 12 days ago

      Some people still talk about "stats" in 2019? Really?

    • Jeff V
      Jeff V 13 days ago

      Xbox did say scarlett is the most powerful. Besides sony can't take huge losses on consoles; Microsoft can.

    • Bless
      Bless 13 days ago +1


  • Begaria
    Begaria 13 days ago +6

    "Sony has been really silent on hardware and games" - did...did you miss September and the first couple of weeks of October? The September where they had TGS with info dumps for big games like FF7R and Nioh 2, but also Outbreak Day with the TLOU2 Media Event, and release date, on top of the news we've got in October with PS Now, and Concrete Genie dropping today?

  • Timothy Clark
    Timothy Clark 13 days ago +1

    The real winner is AMD. Making both chips for both Xbox and Playstation. Nvidia could care less for some reason.

    • Timothy Clark
      Timothy Clark 13 days ago

      @hollinsd lol!

    • hollinsd
      hollinsd 13 days ago +1

      Shhhhhreder! What did you do with my mutogen ray-ugh!

  • F rezhBoiiMatt
    F rezhBoiiMatt 13 days ago

    Thanks papi

  • shisno elite
    shisno elite 13 days ago +1

    Great video Zalker. Tbh I hate to hear its gonna release so close to xbox. That just means I can only afford one. I was really hoping they would wait for spring 21 but oh well. I'm sure it will be a great system

    • Wolfgang Von Hertzen
      Wolfgang Von Hertzen 12 days ago

      Simply compare games that are coming, features or what console your friends will get and simply get that if you dont have money for both and get another few years later and save a lot of money. =)

    PHXNTXM 13 days ago

    Alright Microsoft, your move!
    Honestly, there’s something about the build up to the 9th generation that has me more excited than any generation previously. It’s definitely going to be the 1st generation where I purchase both consoles, but probably at launch as well. I can’t wait to see what the launch titles are for the PS5 and Project Scarlett respectively. For Microsoft, we know that Halo Infinite and probably Forza Horizon 5 are coming, but I wonder what the PS5 will have day one. 🤔

    • Wolfgang Von Hertzen
      Wolfgang Von Hertzen 12 days ago

      @Tishawn Farrar
      You mean they cant do shit right?

    • gamer by choice
      gamer by choice 12 days ago +1

      @PHXNTXM i understand your frustration but from a business perspective this generation is over MS are not going to give any information or announce any games that will sell 60+ million consoles to catch up with Playstation so they are holding valuable information about next generation close just like Playstation is. If i were them I would hold back information until the last minute to keep from showing my hand. Playstation is just in a better place with number of consoles sold and mindshare so if i were MS i would just release enough information to keep in people's mind until formal release is done. Like i said before these companies are playing chess. I am enjoying the game honestly. It is the fanboyism (not saying you are) that makes watching this game being played annoying. It is like being at a bar and watching two fighters or teams play and you cannot enjoy the event for loud obnoxious people on both side taking away from the event by calling each other names and making ridiculous arguments. I may have a preference but respect the other teams for playing and playing well.

      PHXNTXM 12 days ago

      Tishawn Farrar Microsoft’s XO events suck. I’m waiting for E3, but even then, I’m not expecting the world, because Microsoft purposely holds back when they aren’t in a position to do so. They are in last place, they need to amp it up, because I’m tired of waiting on them.

    • gamer by choice
      gamer by choice 13 days ago

      I like the game of chess they are playing.

    • Tishawn Farrar
      Tishawn Farrar 13 days ago

      Microsoft dont have to do shit you will see that maybe at xo19 in November or next E3

  • gamer by choice
    gamer by choice 13 days ago +4

    This sounds good to me

  • o SNAKES o
    o SNAKES o 13 days ago +2

    I was wonder how they were gonna damage control this on RDX tonight. Bc some people on the panel were hyping UP the fact that Microsoft CONFIRMED hardware raytracing 🤣

  • try hard fan
    try hard fan 13 days ago +13

    _I really like how they kept the numbers in place. It's easy to know that the "PS5" will be the latest and greatest._

  • BlackStorm
    BlackStorm 13 days ago

    Hopefully they show some games I'm interested in. Otherwise I'll probably wait 3 years until Japan supports it and pick up a PS5 then.

  • DeusCriolo
    DeusCriolo 13 days ago +4

    Halo MCC introducing in 2018 a new feature called Intelligent Delivery You can pick and choose what part of the game to install!!

    • ExtraHalo736479
      ExtraHalo736479 13 days ago +1

      DeusCriolo I flighted this flight and I was happy asf when I had been accepted in but now I'm mad asf I didn't get to flight Reach MCC especially because I own an Xbox One X but oh well maybe next flight 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Entertainment
    Entertainment 13 days ago

    Adaptive controller really interested me. If developers take advantage of this it could be cool as fuck. HOWEVER. If developers can do this then jus give us fucking sensitivity options for our controller. I want more resistance to improve my aim and competitive in fps games... it’s so easy to do but they don’t do it. Just let me change the damn sensitivity!! Also give me sensitivity buttons that the elite Xbox controller has on the base controller 3 options would be nice.

  • Don't Call Me White
    Don't Call Me White 13 days ago +4

    The ability to choose what's installed sounds cool, but I doubt it will be for every game.

    • mad skills
      mad skills 11 days ago +1

      I'm sure it will implemented in every Sony exclusive but I doubt a lot of third party studios will implement this feature.

      PHXNTXM 13 days ago

      It’ll become more widespread throughout the generation. Rockstar had better embrace the feature because they always break consoles at the end of a generation.

    • josiah james
      josiah james 13 days ago

      Indeed, it's only in a couple games atm

  • Lars Peterson
    Lars Peterson 13 days ago +2

    Hardware ray tracing confirmed! Poor fanboy! 😂😂😂

    • coolwinter 14
      coolwinter 14 9 days ago

      @Jeff V how did they 'copy' it?
      It could've been something from the beginning

    • AH
      AH 12 days ago

      @Jeff V who have they copied numbnuts

    • Wolfgang Von Hertzen
      Wolfgang Von Hertzen 12 days ago

      @Jeff V
      What unique have xbox done? =)
      And who have they copied whit this one?

    • Jeff V
      Jeff V 13 days ago +1

      Once again, sony copies their competition. I'll laugh if they copy the switch with the gimmick handheld.

  • Julian A Molina Jr
    Julian A Molina Jr 13 days ago +6

    I'll go STADIA for 3rd party with my 1,000Mbps/no cap connection.
    Guaranteed 4K/60FPS...Every...Single...Day.
    Xbox Scarlett for Xbox Game Studios games.
    And PS5 Pro for Sony's games.
    I'll leave it right there.

    • josiah james
      josiah james 13 days ago

      @PHXNTXM yeah I don't know what to think about Stadia. I'll be curious to see what people have to say about it after release.

      PHXNTXM 13 days ago +3

      josiah james Stadia doesn’t bring much value to the table at all in comparison to the Big 3. I just want to know how long Google will support Stadia, until they finally ditch it.

    • josiah james
      josiah james 13 days ago +3

      Add Nintendo and you'll be experiencing gaming bliss!

  • Robert Cummings
    Robert Cummings 13 days ago +1

    Great vid z

    BITTY BOO 13 days ago +3

    Zalker you are so wrong buddy! Xbox HAS DEDICATED RAY TRACING HARDWARE CORES! PlayStation has raytracing IN THE GPU!! A big difference man a big difference!!! Get that facts right brother!

      BITTY BOO 10 days ago

      @Wolfgang Von Hertzen well I still think he is the bezt for xbox and made a great decision to not include vr with the x. After all vr isn't truely wireless and doesn't ha e great games yet and it bulky and not that great! So he made the right choice with vr! But with said I will say no more because it will be met with Criticism and negitivity like before! Every body has there own opionion!

    • Wolfgang Von Hertzen
      Wolfgang Von Hertzen 10 days ago

      @BITTY BOO
      Phil Spencer is same dude who promised VR for X. Nothing have changed since then.

      BITTY BOO 10 days ago

      @Wolfgang Von Hertzen well they did say that shit but they have a new leader now not that dipshit as before lol but As of now I do know there GPU will have dedicated RT cores! Because they need to have that in order to do real time RT like they confirmed! I guess we will find out if Sony has dedicated cores or some sort of low end RT on there GPU! Because sony just simply said they have RT that's hardware accelerated on the GPU! You can have a GPU that can do that with and without dedicated cores like ive said previously! But Sony I guess will let us know for sure at e3 that's if they attend wich they won't there gonna hold there own event next year

    • Wolfgang Von Hertzen
      Wolfgang Von Hertzen 10 days ago

      @BITTY BOO
      Same MS said cloud will give power of 10 X1s, and X will have VR..... so let just wait and see.
      And you are picking things from vague comments and acting like that is gods honest truth. It is true they said those words but it is not fact that that is the case when consoles come out.

      BITTY BOO 11 days ago

      @Wolfgang Von Hertzen Microsoft said they have dedicated RT cores! They confirmed that! So for one that info right there isn't speculation! Its a fact! And Sony said there GPU can do RT! But like I have said many times hasnt confirmed dedicated cores! So once again I'm not speculating anything I'm stating the facts from what both company's have said and didn't say! That's all I am talking about!

  • Robert Cummings
    Robert Cummings 13 days ago +7

    I'm still gonna purchase just for exclusive games , sorry Xbox I love u but I still like ps exclusive games

    • Bless
      Bless 13 days ago

      @gamer by choice me too

    • gamer by choice
      gamer by choice 13 days ago

      @PHXNTXM i am waiting to get PS5 to play all the PS4 games and see what they come out with in the future.

      PHXNTXM 13 days ago

      No need to be ashamed. Sony has created the best exclusives this generation.

    • gamer by choice
      gamer by choice 13 days ago +1

      Nothing wrong with liking games I am right there with you

  • Jeanmarc Louis
    Jeanmarc Louis 13 days ago +2

    Good for them

    • coolwinter 14
      coolwinter 14 9 days ago

      @Screen Name you can have tour preferred platform.
      But I am playing where the games really are?

    • Screen Name
      Screen Name 13 days ago

      Jeanmarc Louis lol yeah Xbox forever!!!

  • Flemming Allan Thomsen
    Flemming Allan Thomsen 13 days ago +1

    nice video zalker cya at RDX in a few hours & 5 weeks to XO19 in London :) ohh sorry Sony's big Tuesday and i am talking about next month and England/UK/london/BrexIt (ups) I think Blue Point's game is a Original New IP not a Remake of a Demon souls or Old PS2/PS3/PS4 game i think they are going BIG on their own!

  • zinou music gamer
    zinou music gamer 13 days ago


  • Combo164
    Combo164 13 days ago +11

    Oof. This is why people shouldnt speak definitively. Saw so many people claiming ps5 wouldnt have hardware ray tracing......without confirmation. Lets hold off on speculations until complete info is out.
    Good info nonetheless

    • Combo164
      Combo164 13 days ago

      @David Hinkle talking about the people who were claiming it wouldn't have it before the confirmation.

    • David Hinkle
      David Hinkle 13 days ago

      hardware ray tracing is confirmed

    • Zalker 87
      Zalker 87  13 days ago +1

      Yup it's been something a lot of gamers have been talking about for MONTHS. Glad its all cleared up.

  • drakey poo
    drakey poo 13 days ago +3

    And don't forget those Playstation exclusives streaming on pc and eventually installing on pc because not everyone's gonna have that killer connection so what's the point of owning a Playstation? XD

    • KingLong LuLz
      KingLong LuLz 12 days ago

      @BlackStorm don't get stupid with me mister IT and still hasn't shown proof

    • BlackStorm
      BlackStorm 12 days ago

      @KingLong LuLz Why would I have to state its competition when satellite internet is wholly unreliable? I'm not talking about Oneweb in general. I'm talking about the tech as a whole. But of course you don't know enough about it that you think its competitors are supposed to fare any better lol. I could see.if you said 5G at least but you brought up space like distance isnt something that degrades a signal heavily lmao!!!!!

    • KingLong LuLz
      KingLong LuLz 13 days ago

      @BlackStorm lol right that's why u haven't stated oneweb or its competetors lol
      Nice try Mr It lol

    • BlackStorm
      BlackStorm 13 days ago

      @KingLong LuLz I know full well what it is. I also know full well it's not gonna be ready by 2020 and that it has the potential to not even be that serviceable to begin with.

    • KingLong LuLz
      KingLong LuLz 13 days ago

      @BlackStorm lol totally believe u
      I'm guessing u don't know about oneweb

  • morbey2011
    morbey2011 13 days ago +2


  • The LEGO Russian
    The LEGO Russian 13 days ago +1

    Preordering the ps5 now