8 F1 drivers who only started one grand prix

  • Published on Oct 11, 2019
  • Drivers only making one Formula 1 start in their career are a rare breed, and quite often those who appear just once have an interesting story behind their fleeting presence on the F1 grid. Jake Boxall-Legge takes a look back through history to pick out eight varied stories about one-time F1 starters - some you may remember better than others. And we finish off our trip down memory lane paying our respects to a man who only made this list because tragedy intervened...
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  • nelson schumacher
    nelson schumacher 4 days ago

    perhaps autosport should put getting their facts right over trying to be funny?
    clay did not have an accident with ricardo zunino - his brakes failed, he went of the track and hit the wall and also riccardo's abandoned car, which had been parked for 50+ laps

  • Manu14Smoke
    Manu14Smoke 5 days ago

    The reds can thank Schlesser to have put Senna out !! Unless McLaren would have led all the laps of the 1988 season

  • Wes the Brit
    Wes the Brit 8 days ago

    Senna had Austrian flag in car+ would have waved it at finish for Ratzinger.

  • Mats Buhrman
    Mats Buhrman 13 days ago

    I believe Leo Kinnunen should be on this list!

  • T0ryobA
    T0ryobA 20 days ago


  • Vista Android
    Vista Android 23 days ago


  • SabuPtolemy
    SabuPtolemy 25 days ago

    Hans Heyer sneaking on to the grid should be a movie. What a bad ass!

  • Mr.Scootini
    Mr.Scootini 28 days ago

    Man I wish f1 today had a plethora of teams who wanted to qualify for the Sunday race.... but it wouldn’t be f1 without the glamour, the insane tech, the billionaires of f1 and the millionaire drivers and team bosses.

  • Matt Clark
    Matt Clark 28 days ago

    It's weird to think...if you only started one F1 grand prix, you're on track to be MUCH more famous than if you started two! (Because who is making video list rankings about all the two-time GP drivers? ;) ) Also, I know Caterham never went anywhere as a team, but I always loved their colors and their overall style!

  • Jimmy Anderson
    Jimmy Anderson Month ago

    It’s kinda sad how good a lot of these guys did compared to their teammates only for them to not be given another chance

  • gemini
    gemini Month ago

    song @3:42?

  • Victor Manuel Munoz

    Not Sure what's up Considering i watch Every Single Video this Channel uploads but this has been about the 3ed or 4th time i'v been Automatically Un-subbed from the Channel.

  • RJW14
    RJW14 Month ago

    I've met Hans Heyer a few years ago during the Zandvoort 12 hours race, he came around to the Scheivlak home & chilled there for most of the race. Utter legend.

  • margus kiis
    margus kiis Month ago

    Still the Ernts Loof has the shortest F1 career -- 3 meters (German GP 1953)

  • TheSheiban
    TheSheiban Month ago +41

    Marcus Winkelhock had an F1 career where he led 40% of all laps he's ever raced in!

  • tstone_
    tstone_ Month ago

    1. Clay Regazzoni haven't had an accident with Riccardo Zunino, but had crashed into the latter's parked car which he retired earlier in that race
    2. Jo Schlesser had an even worse fate by burning alive in his magnesium-bodied Honda in his sole race start. He participated in two more GPs at the Nordschleife in 1966 and '67, but they can't be counted as F1 race starts, because he entered them as an F2 participant so his results didn't count towards the official F1 classification

  • Neil
    Neil Month ago

    06:42 - as usual, something was Mansell's fault ...

  • G
    G Month ago

    Those witty one liners aren't witty when you read them off a script guys

  • javier garrido
    javier garrido Month ago

    Ernst loof's F1 carrer was shorter than Marco Apicella F1 career

  • Mr Gobrien
    Mr Gobrien Month ago

    re monza 1988 - I think senna's car merely became stuck on a sausage kerb (with all 4 wheels off the ground) rather than "damage" putting him out - and for whatever reason he couldn't then rock one of the rear drive wheels onto the floor to get the car off the kerb.
    re heyer - other drivers have started without permission too (having failed to qualify), however I assume they had more than one race? it did seem to be an issue at home grands prix of a driver - some would just start anyway.
    re needell - I found the entire 1980 belgian gp online (with german commentary) and sent it to him via twitter in case he hadn't got a copy. he sent me a smiling emoji back! (his car isn't seen coming to a stop but he is seen walking away from it)
    re that jordan driver at the 1993 italian gp - was the lap 1 accident his fault though? very unfortunate if it wasn't.

  • Dopey Tripod
    Dopey Tripod Month ago


    • kartracer127
      kartracer127 Month ago

      Ratzenberger is false on this list. Its Not his fault that the Car wasnt just fast enough to qualify.

  • The Other White Castle


  • NASCAR IN 71
    NASCAR IN 71 Month ago +1

    I miss you Roland.

  • Jim Noonan
    Jim Noonan Month ago

    Shut up! Just shut up!

  • iej76 AOR
    iej76 AOR Month ago

    Very good video. It’s RAM as in male sheep not R A M though

  • Anthony Kernich
    Anthony Kernich Month ago +1

    Jean Louis Schlesser forever remembered for playing his part in the most lucky win in F1 history

    • Racing Red
      Racing Red 21 day ago +1

      Nope. The most lucky win in F1 history was Nelson Piquet winning the 1991 Canadian Grand Prix after Nigel Mansell stalled his car on the last lap. And also FIA gifting Hamilton the 2019 Canadian GP win is just as lucky.

  • BlueMonk25
    BlueMonk25 Month ago

    Andre Lotterrer mate...what a legendary driver. The fact that he came in wiped the floor with Ericsson starlight off the bat says enough. Yes, granted that Ericsson wasn’t the quickest, but he’s a modern day F1 driver, who had a lot more experience with the team and car. Lotterrer was pure class throughout that weekend, he showed F1 what could have been. It was a bit like when Henrik Larsson showed up at Old Trafford.

  • Ultimate23Dragon
    Ultimate23Dragon Month ago +3

    Gonna be honest: When I saw that the last entry was a tragic one, the first person who came to my mind was Riccardo Paletti. I remember he had only 1 proper start on the grid while his only true other start was from the pits, which I'm not sure would have counted...
    I definitely didn't see Roland Ratzenberger coming. Not knowing that much about Formula 1 honestly, I had figured Roland had run all the races up until Imola. Looks like my assumption was wrong...

  • Suzuka 82
    Suzuka 82 Month ago

    Stop making shit awkward videos trying to be cool

  • Pek Vek
    Pek Vek Month ago

    I don't get the jokes " ...was the shlesser of two evils..." wft?

    • Mr Gobrien
      Mr Gobrien Month ago

      "was the LESSER of 2 evils" - it is a saying in English - when something is not as bad as something else.

  • Pek Vek
    Pek Vek Month ago

    asshole, almost quit watching after u said this was only about run offs

  • kimya kay
    kimya kay Month ago

    10:28 is a legend. LOL

  • WaffleCat
    WaffleCat Month ago

    No Robin Montgomerie-Charrington?

    BOOOOOO WTF Jake why do I even watch your videos anymore urgh how dare you miss out on the 1950's racing god of double-barrelled surnames.

  • Duncan Cunningham
    Duncan Cunningham Month ago

    All puns intended

  • Lewis Spink
    Lewis Spink Month ago +1

    Not sure whether to laugh or cringe at some of these jokes

  • James Rowland
    James Rowland Month ago

    Always liked autosports TheXvid content for being tight and practical, this video is twice as long as It needs to be, the humour is cringy and the padding just kills the flow. Please don't make more videos like this.

  • RapidScorpion
    RapidScorpion Month ago +1

    Put auto generated captions on and go to 5:47. You're welcome 😂😂😂

    • Red Tsar
      Red Tsar Month ago

      Geez,YT. Got drunk again.

  • WellVets
    WellVets Month ago

    I started to despise Caterham after Tony Fernandez fired Jarno Trulli and finally firing Heikki Kovalainen with TXT-Message. After that it was just a downfall... the whole 2013 was doomed and they even wanted Kovalainen to come back to test and develop the car. Sadly 2014 was even worse. I remember how Kamui Kobayashi's smile started to fade after few races. Andre Lotterer was forced to retire in a same way than Robert Kubica in Williams. It's just good Lotterer didn't bother to pay for the next fiasko GP. Btw,. Kobayashi drove the last GP for Caterham only because team already used every 4 drivers they were allowed to per season.

  • TheBaconHunter
    TheBaconHunter Month ago

    Always thought the autosport logo was copied. Today this was confirmed.

  • David Edwards
    David Edwards Month ago +1

    The saddest thing here is that Ratzenberger was killed in an accident on the same week Senna was killed. As a result, even his death was overshadowed, and mostly forgotten by all but the biggest F1 fans.
    But I guess the thing this video shows is that being an F1 driver is harder than a lot of people think. There are a lot of F1 fans that have never studied the indepth technicalities of F1 driving, rather, thinking they could do it because they can drive a road car.

  • leongt1954
    leongt1954 Month ago

    Lotterer dose ok there days in Formulat-E

  • Michael White
    Michael White Month ago

    Can someone explain how Perez finished in 9th in Japan when he crashed out of the race everybody passed him before Bottas crossed the finish line? (Except Kubica didn't pass him)

    • brexite
      brexite Month ago

      they ended the race 1 lap early by accident i think

  • GuzziHero
    GuzziHero Month ago

    RIP Roland.

  • Nuno P
    Nuno P Month ago

    Can’t understand anything, it seems like u’ve an egg inside your mouth. Good video though

  • LordOfTheBored
    LordOfTheBored Month ago +6

    "as rare as a Monaco overtake" haha

  • avada
    avada Month ago

    2:57 And Ericsson was around until 2018... Such a shame...

  • Victor Gonzalez
    Victor Gonzalez Month ago

    So. Many. Puns.

  • derek crymble
    derek crymble Month ago +1

    Ricardo Paletti .................Canada 1982 .

  • jeje Gabriel Espinoza 2002


  • Muammar Gibran
    Muammar Gibran Month ago +6

    > Marco Apicella
    Oh man, that's the guy tailing me in Race Driver Grid with his Murcielago...

  • Anruimentair
    Anruimentair Month ago +3

    When mstf1 is still alive...

  • puma77 ram
    puma77 ram Month ago +1

    Perhaps a video on different criteria for drivers who never started a race due to
    Or Drivers with the most
    DNF (guessing Di Cesare will be top)
    Here's my final random list idea but might be a bit tricky to be precise. Which driver has caused the most damage financially or physically over
    A race (1st DC at spa 98 and 2nd Maurício Gugelmin France 89 my guesses)
    A season
    Or career

  • Bálint Orehóczki
    Bálint Orehóczki Month ago

    What about Zsolt Baumgartner

    • Riutanharju
      Riutanharju Month ago

      He started 20 races but how about Leo Kinnunen?

  • Macho Fantastico
    Macho Fantastico Month ago +2

    I'd never heard of the Hans Heyer story, it's sort of amazing.
    R.I.P Ratzenberger 😟

    • Mr Gobrien
      Mr Gobrien Month ago

      other drivers have done what heyer did and were also disqualified (drivers often did it at their home gp)

  • Skittles but with chocolate inside


  • Justin Best
    Justin Best Month ago

    Life at the back of the grid can be a bit of a lott.... fucking advert! Good attempt at being funny unfortunately greed and a pointless advert ruined it! Well done!

  • Daniel Stark
    Daniel Stark Month ago

    sarazin and loterer deserve more prost you fool

  • Moon Moon
    Moon Moon Month ago +2

    What's the piece called played in 3:40?

    • joopiecoulthard
      joopiecoulthard Month ago +1


    • joopiecoulthard
      joopiecoulthard Month ago

      Moon Moon The piece is by Johann Strauss (Vater): Radetzky-Marsch. It is as important for Austrian identity as Rule Britannia for the British. It is performed every year as the closing piece of the Vienna Philharmonic’s New Year’s Day Concert, which is an event of national importance. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radetzky_March

  • Victor Diaz
    Victor Diaz Month ago

    RIP Ratzenberger.

  • random vids
    random vids Month ago +18

    I love the music change for the legend Winkelhock