Types of People At Your Lunch Table

  • Published on Oct 3, 2018
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    Types of People At Your Lunch Table
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  • loveliveserve
    loveliveserve  11 months ago +3852

    Follow us on IG: @rhino_ @noahboat_ 🔥
    Blasting Songs in the Library Part 12? 🤔👇🏼

  • Jacob Velazquez
    Jacob Velazquez 8 hours ago

    5:51 killed me 😂

  • TheScarletSpeedster
    TheScarletSpeedster 12 hours ago

    1:25 JIF!!!!!!

  • That Artist
    That Artist 13 hours ago


  • That Artist
    That Artist 13 hours ago


  • That Artist
    That Artist 13 hours ago

    #hippo #noah kayak

  • Josh Woodard
    Josh Woodard 15 hours ago

    6:37 it should been called taste the rainbow

  • Austin2356 Ert5647
    Austin2356 Ert5647 17 hours ago

    I hate the people that grab your food/drinks. Like yesterday I was just about to open my water bottle then my friend grabbed it a squeezed it and it went like 5 feet far

  • David Alaniz
    David Alaniz Day ago


  • Gaming with Ryan

    The one who always takes food is all my friends at my lunch table

    • John Marston
      John Marston 22 hours ago

      The one that takes without asking is my black friend and the one who always ask for food from others and talks in a cringe way is my white friend. Real Difference

  • chenchoTHEGRAPE
    chenchoTHEGRAPE 2 days ago

    Did he say nigg** put a shirt on. Please tell me what he said I cant tell

  • Cristian Harrold
    Cristian Harrold 2 days ago

    Y'all should make a video about types of people at the beach

  • a Tripmine
    a Tripmine 3 days ago

    8:35 No one, sea turtles

  • Kelly Rosero
    Kelly Rosero 3 days ago

    I eat peanut butter like that

  • Doge games
    Doge games 4 days ago

    Rhino: nigga put a shirt on

  • AppleProductions
    AppleProductions 4 days ago

    My brother eats peanut butter by itself 😂😂

  • mayan m
    mayan m 5 days ago +1

    In the guy who asks for everything lol

  • GobbleFN
    GobbleFN 5 days ago

    Turtles: 8:25

  • Unknown vPullin
    Unknown vPullin 5 days ago

    The vacuum cleaner 1 had me dead

  • Ajmx21 Boss
    Ajmx21 Boss 5 days ago

    i am the vacuum cleaner when it comes to the end of lunch

  • Raul Tophoff
    Raul Tophoff 5 days ago

    Only americans are like this

  • LeahWolfGaming
    LeahWolfGaming 6 days ago +1

    I sit by myself and I don't talk at all

    [R17TH] PHOENYXST47 6 days ago

    Jiiiiiiiif!!! We don't FW JIF... TOLD YA BOUT DAT SKIPPY.

  • Andi Latifi
    Andi Latifi 6 days ago +1

    Whatching this shit at 2 am wehen im hungry af bu im scared my mom will yell at me.

  • CybeR Ryder
    CybeR Ryder 6 days ago

    6:19 when matt stonie goes to your school

  • brutexr
    brutexr 6 days ago

    I’m the 2nd one

  • Elijah Mathews Music

    The "Vacuum Cleaner" is the one tat waits to get his lunch at the last minute

  • Whatsinitforme
    Whatsinitforme 7 days ago

    6:04 *Patrick join’s the chat*

  • Max Arebalo
    Max Arebalo 7 days ago

    Timothy: I filterfeed
    Also Timothy: **Throws Up air**

  • Bailey Green
    Bailey Green 7 days ago

    Do u still like peanut butter after what you just did? 🤢🤮

  • Rak444
    Rak444 7 days ago +1

    6:20 what’s the background music

  • Rak444
    Rak444 7 days ago +1

    2:40 when you see a autistic kid also don’t get buthurt it is a joke

  • Curprise Fortnite
    Curprise Fortnite 7 days ago

    The girl with salad is always cute asf

  • Rashid Amiri
    Rashid Amiri 7 days ago

    this nigga needs to stop putting his girlfriends in his thumbnails

  • joaquin benitez
    joaquin benitez 7 days ago +1


  • Hype Strands
    Hype Strands 7 days ago +1

    5:12 this bitch is socially awkward

  • The boys In the home

    I eat pinubuter like thate

  • Super Spectrum
    Super Spectrum 8 days ago

    Conedy is so forced

  • SurgePlayzZ
    SurgePlayzZ 8 days ago

    I pack my lunch when I go to school but I hate when somebody get broccoli and cheese and sits right next to you. Who can relate?

  • Niko Biko
    Niko Biko 8 days ago

    Turtles be like 8:26

  • Owen Klein
    Owen Klein 9 days ago

    What about that kid that stinks up the table with Greek yogurt

  • Colin Wolff
    Colin Wolff 9 days ago

    I sit alone

  • OP Habitz
    OP Habitz 9 days ago

    I eat peanut butter like that

  • Jason Garcia
    Jason Garcia 9 days ago

    6:20 I wonder how much weight you gained from that lol

  • ViperJuice
    ViperJuice 9 days ago +1


  • Dedrater Ru
    Dedrater Ru 9 days ago


  • 101 Studios
    101 Studios 10 days ago +1

    Forgot about that one person who gets a lunch... But doesn't eat anything.

  • bRaZy
    bRaZy 10 days ago

    4:20 hahah

  • Captain America
    Captain America 10 days ago

    Only the fat people hog all the food for themselves 😂😂😂

  • CrypiseRB
    CrypiseRB 11 days ago +1

    LoveLiveServe: Has girls in video
    Noah and Rhino: *Puts towel on head*

    DGAMERADIK 11 days ago

    I’m the vacuum

  • Maleek coolist
    Maleek coolist 11 days ago

    3:06 yeet 😂

  • Jayson Cortez
    Jayson Cortez 11 days ago

    So if a vegetarian was fighting with another vegetarian wouldn't that be considered BEEF?

  • Joshua .H
    Joshua .H 11 days ago

    Everyone’s lunch table:
    That one funny mf that just fucks with you and others the entire time
    The guy that just brings chips for lunch

    The person asking for everyone’s food
    The 4 or more girls sitting at the end of the table
    The nerds talking about video games
    The homeboys insulting each other
    The dude that brings like 30 dollars and buys everyone snacks
    The person who just buys a water bottle
    The guy who asks for everyone’s juices
    The girl that snapchats the lunch table

  • dicer
    dicer 12 days ago

    I’m pretty sure schools don’t give comfortable seats like that

  • Jj Louis
    Jj Louis 12 days ago

    That fight was vicious 😂😂

  • MCK BlazeBoi
    MCK BlazeBoi 12 days ago

    Is it just me or everytime I get chips and bring to school everyone talks to me by I have chips?

  • Kevion Dixon
    Kevion Dixon 12 days ago

    Nobody eats jif peanut butter it’s disgusting everyone eats skippy

  • Sabbir Ahmed
    Sabbir Ahmed 12 days ago

    *Clickbater always lie about thumbnail in all videos*

  • Dr. Plague
    Dr. Plague 13 days ago

    when you nut and she keeps sucking