Can the Emmys be Hacked?

  • Published on Jun 8, 2018
  • Nathan Fielder reveals potential vulnerabilities in the Emmy online voting system with election security expert Carsten Schürmann.

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  • sammo4
    sammo4 12 hours ago

    his eyes stare into my soul

    • sammo4
      sammo4 12 hours ago

      piercing my Brian

  • Monk Killedababy
    Monk Killedababy 2 days ago

    Funniest Canadian on the planet currently. We’ve got a good one.

  • Omar
    Omar 5 days ago

    i got you buddy.

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 5 days ago

    Please make season 5 of Nathan for you.. We need it

  • The Gavins
    The Gavins 6 days ago

    Nathan 4 u an emmy ? GL honestly, but I dont really understand luck in 2018

  • UnLucky Mate
    UnLucky Mate 9 days ago

    Does he wear new balance shoes beacuse it has the letter N on them?

  • Ashley DelaRosa
    Ashley DelaRosa 11 days ago +1

    The most amazing comedian. I'm writing a song for Nathan Fielder. He inspires me when I get depressed, "Nathan for You" is like the only show that I can laugh at when it gets all rainy outside and I think about how many issues there are on the planet. His intelligence inspires me, and his show is the only thing that can make me smile when I get into an abysmal pit of Northwest depression.

  • evanislost
    evanislost 13 days ago +1

    This should never be done. It would be very easy to do, but we shouldn't do it. Theoretically, we could do this and guarantee Nathan an Emmy, but we shouldn't do it. I'm glad this video shows us how to do it, so that we know that we shouldn't really hack the Emmy's. I just want to reiterate that we, as fans of Nathan, should not follow these steps and hack the Emmy's. Don't do it guys. Don't hack the Emmy's.

  • ElectricFrancesca
    ElectricFrancesca 13 days ago +1

    Carsten needs to check his emails, damn.

  • That awesome girl
    That awesome girl 14 days ago

    I’m watching the emmys just so I can watch Nathan For You win.

  • rapskallion
    rapskallion 15 days ago

    Nathan: Brilliant! Love it!

  • Dan Barnes
    Dan Barnes 15 days ago

    Funniest guy on tv

  • Jim Stewart Cohen
    Jim Stewart Cohen 15 days ago

    I hacked the Emmys. #Justice4Rosanne

  • TheNatie777
    TheNatie777 15 days ago

    its sad how real this is

  • Charlie Charlie Bird
    Charlie Charlie Bird 16 days ago

    He is back

  • Asim Reza
    Asim Reza 17 days ago

    This guy is a genius... This video is a Disclaimer...The Real Emmy is going to be rigged...#emmy2017

  • Carlos Nunez
    Carlos Nunez 17 days ago

    After all this. My only burning question. Is what is trust?

    THE GOOD CONTENT 17 days ago

    The guest was not dumb enough, he got a hint that this was a fucking joke very quickly. Still the scary part is that USA voting system is so fucked up. That example the expert gave on Alaska was crazy.
    But hey, let's just enjoy the joke and don't worry about stupid pitty things am I right?! MURICA!

  • nym ink
    nym ink 17 days ago

    The end card killed me

  • Mother Dearest
    Mother Dearest 18 days ago

    I don't care whether you are a nominee or not. I'm still going to watch the Emmys for the sole spark of hope that you win an award of some sort and that your name ends up somewhere.

  • Chris Harding
    Chris Harding 18 days ago

    Really hope this is an elaborate part of the (as yet unconfirmed) season 5!

  • schrecknet
    schrecknet 18 days ago

    Nathan Fielder

  • skylily
    skylily 19 days ago

    Underlying political message. Disappointed

  • roblawsonmusic
    roblawsonmusic 19 days ago


  • lim peng ken
    lim peng ken 19 days ago +1

    You sir are a genius.

  • Gabe Cooper
    Gabe Cooper 19 days ago

    This guy is a madman

  • JCohensChannel
    JCohensChannel 21 day ago

    amazing. so funny but interesting.

  • Mike Harris
    Mike Harris 21 day ago

    Absolutely hilarious.

  • Max Czapski
    Max Czapski 21 day ago

    The dude is funny on so many levels at the same time. I wonder how many infosec dudes were just laughing their asses off all along.

  • TheYtber
    TheYtber 22 days ago

    Should we be concerned that there was a noticeable excitement in Carsten's voice when he was explaining the dual-authentification hack?

  • 심은비
    심은비 23 days ago

    Nathan got that android haircut

  • Conner
    Conner 23 days ago +2

    Nathan Fielder, the only man whose own lawyers sue their client.

  • maine.ale
    maine.ale 23 days ago

    You are a goddamned genius.

  • Pdizzle 36
    Pdizzle 36 24 days ago

    I love this guy

  • Nicolas Humbert
    Nicolas Humbert 24 days ago

    "it seems to be a show"

  • mcl
    mcl 26 days ago

    the king has returned

  • Adam Giordano
    Adam Giordano 27 days ago

    U evil motherfucker

  • Diego Kroeten
    Diego Kroeten 28 days ago +1

    make sure not to do this guys ;)

  • Ruby hypes
    Ruby hypes 28 days ago

    So what I got from this is that EY is doing a terrible job at safeguarding Emmy results - oh boy, guess its time for KPMG or something

  • Brett Harkness
    Brett Harkness 28 days ago +1

    And that's the story of how Nathan became a senator of Alaska.

  • AbsulouteZero
    AbsulouteZero 29 days ago +1

    I'm under the suspicion that there has been massive fraud in this years emmy nominations. I mean, how could SNL be nominated, and not Nathan For You? The media has turned a blind eye, the authorities won't answer the call. We're living in dark times.

  • Seminko
    Seminko Month ago


  • Cody Neiman
    Cody Neiman Month ago

    Nathan the social engineering pen-tester would make a great show

  • Ramon Christian Placido

    nathan for you got snubbed such a shame

  • Roland
    Roland Month ago

    Getting around the two factor authentication code was genius

  • Marta Zvezda
    Marta Zvezda Month ago

    " i think gender is important" ...king

  • CatapultComedy
    CatapultComedy Month ago

    I love Nathan for You, but this wouldn't work because there are 23,000 emmy members and they are all within the entertainment industry, so no one would be able to hack it unless you could get all of their emails. The problem is that we don't know who they are, let alone their email addresses! If this was American Idol, then yeah you can get regular people's email addresses by buying them from marketing companies, but regular people like you and me CAN'T vote for the emmy's.

    • Hugh Myron
      Hugh Myron 11 days ago

      CatapultComedy Their emails could be accessed from the official Emmy website in a multitude of ways if you are skilled enough... The thing that makes this improbable is why would anyone on Earth put that much effort just to get Nathan Fielder an Emmy nomination when they could be scamming millions with the exact same techniques...

  • James Bradley
    James Bradley Month ago

    Here comes blockchain to save the day

  • James Bradley
    James Bradley Month ago

    When talking about purchasing emails from a marketing company.
    Nathan: "Anyone could do that?"
    Expert: "Yes, anyone"
    Correction: Anyone with money that is. If you are going to put a special emphasis on gender, lets be uptight about this one too.

  • Jacob Karley
    Jacob Karley Month ago

    I will *not* hack this to sway the votes in your favor.

  • cjsligo Jones
    cjsligo Jones Month ago

    ...or she.

  • Clyde Cash
    Clyde Cash Month ago

    Who really cares about the emmys? Its just a hollywood circlejerk of pedos, rapists, etc.

  • Onechill Braj
    Onechill Braj Month ago

    or her ....lmfao. Poor guy is just trying to explain something and is now dodging landmines lol

  • Bennett Spils
    Bennett Spils Month ago

    Shit i live in alaska

  • PieNinjaProductions
    PieNinjaProductions Month ago +1

    This was a very clever sketch! I definitely won't use this tutorial... uh demonstration!

  • MayuriKurotsuchi
    MayuriKurotsuchi Month ago

    Gender is very important

  • Loudrock
    Loudrock Month ago

    He's more concerned with Emmy voting, than actual voter fraud. Newsflash, nobody cares about the self congratulatory awards of the entrainment industry. Democrat voter fraud is a real issue.

  • xx_twiz_xx
    xx_twiz_xx Month ago

    This dude plays along with Nathan so well

  • Nathan Carlson
    Nathan Carlson Month ago

    Anybody have a copy of his skit Game? Looks like someone took it down

  • Mrlimabean01
    Mrlimabean01 Month ago

    the him or her lol fucking danes

  • Doug Mitchell
    Doug Mitchell Month ago

    Poor guy. Flew internationally for this

  • theairinthebranches

    I've never been more saddened by an awards snub. Finding Frances was THE best thing I've ever seen on television, and it's not even being acknowledged in the nominations. If ever there was a need for a write-in campaign, THIS IS IT.

  • toxicfox1137
    toxicfox1137 Month ago

    that is a total rob. Guess the emmy voters don't know better. It would be our honor to see a s5 and the fans will be here waiting, always

  • CGagnon5
    CGagnon5 Month ago

    this is the dumbest video of all time.

  • Daniel Metzger
    Daniel Metzger Month ago +2

    This is ridiculous, Nathan for you didn’t get nominated. The emmys NEED to stop all of these voting hacks

  • TheBellKeeper
    TheBellKeeper Month ago

    i dont consider phishing that impressive. you could "hack" into any website with that method. this isnt shocking, its already known. tricking/fooling people into giving you info is not what most people think of as hacking (even though it can qualify).

  • SunFreezFilms
    SunFreezFilms Month ago

    nathan got snubbed! this is so sad, alexa play the banzai predicament

  • Cole Smith
    Cole Smith Month ago

    Or her

  • Travis Canaday
    Travis Canaday Month ago

    Vote Nathan!

  • evangelionx
    evangelionx Month ago

    13697 unread!? D:

  • Justin Huynh
    Justin Huynh Month ago +1

    Nathan for You didn’t get nominated, so the Emmys were clearly hacked.

  • Max Georgopoulos
    Max Georgopoulos Month ago

    "What's Trust?" hahaha

  • Rohan Abraham
    Rohan Abraham Month ago

    I feel bad for this guy. He flew out to America to get trolled.

  • Jeremy Salesi
    Jeremy Salesi Month ago

    Guys, I'm not sure Nathan made it clear enough. DO NOT... DO THIS. Again, DO NOT.......... DO THIS.

  • ZeranZeran
    ZeranZeran Month ago

    call the FBI

  • Thomas Moerman
    Thomas Moerman Month ago

    *or her

  • seededsoul
    seededsoul Month ago

    Too bad no one hacked it for Nathan. Fuck the Emmy's for picking SNL last year.

  • Kean Giledaks
    Kean Giledaks Month ago

    It would be hilarious to see the aftermath of this if Nathan actually were to be voted for Emmy 2018 ❤️

  • arda karabocek
    arda karabocek Month ago

    OR SHE...

  • xJ03MAMAx
    xJ03MAMAx Month ago

    lmao the fucking chimes in the background

  • I
    I Month ago

    IM going to hack the Emmys now thank you.

  • tom cruise
    tom cruise Month ago

    love the background music

  • S L Koch
    S L Koch Month ago

    How can you hack a fixed system where the wealthy and powerful give themselves awards?
    You think people actually vote on it?
    That's a misdirection lie for the masses.
    The winners are picked far ahead of any "voting".

  • James Blackwood
    James Blackwood Month ago

    I'm scared

  • Jarod Rhine-Davis
    Jarod Rhine-Davis Month ago

    I think there’s a fallacy in this argument.
    To get the real emmys page to send the voter the verification code, they need to sign in, but they can only sign in if they have the verification code.
    This is impossible.

  • FullTimeSlacker
    FullTimeSlacker Month ago

    Season 5 confirmed?

  • percywearspurple
    percywearspurple Month ago

    No I have no idea what Smilf is.

  • You're 100% right
    You're 100% right Month ago

    Shocking to say the least... and really shocking to say the most

  • Daniel McKee
    Daniel McKee Month ago

    hack me into a job as your assistant pls!

  • Muhammedjb Jb
    Muhammedjb Jb Month ago +1

    what i learned from this video is "I will not hack into the Emmys voting website and change the vote to be in favor of Nathan for you season 4" thanks Nathan for this knowledge

  • Anjelo Whebb
    Anjelo Whebb Month ago


  • Gastros Wings
    Gastros Wings Month ago +1

    I looooooove Nathan for you

  • Grumpy.Vertex
    Grumpy.Vertex Month ago

    13.637 unread emails. and i thought i'm lazy

  • Jordan MacIntosh
    Jordan MacIntosh Month ago


  • no no
    no no Month ago +1

    *_god has joined the game_*

  • Oscar Hurman
    Oscar Hurman Month ago

    This is fucking hilarious

  • GaryDaveMikePhil
    GaryDaveMikePhil Month ago

    Y'all getting played. This is perfect nathan, can't wait to see how this fully pans out and if its what i think.

  • n0nTox!c
    n0nTox!c Month ago

    For some reason I thought this was years old. And I'm kind of shocked phishing is still a thing, it's as old as the net! Look at your url's and when in doubt check the source code. If you're on steam and end up on a page asking for your log in, be very suspicious. Especially if you have the 2 step verification enabled. It's not as easy to tell that you ended up on a phishing site using the steam browser and friends have been hacked. And when they told me what happened I realized they didn't grow up with the net like I did and some old scams are still just as doable today. It's kind of a sad reality, but at the same time... When I was a kid I would wonder how anyone would fall for it, but today it's way easier with more people using the net that don't really understand how it works. You had to know a little bit that also helped protect you to even get online in the 90's. These days you just click on a couple buttons or not even that, youre device does it for you! And security hasn't really improved, there's holes leading into everything these days. It's the biggest reason computerized home security is one of the worst systems you can get. They never bothered to patch any of the holes and someone with a laptop and some knowledge can easily defeat it.
    All and all, this is great information to be renewed with today's internet usage. The scams from days past are here still and bigger than ever. Oh, and also be careful of remote computer repair, you're basically installing a virus and the same people doing the repairs can be causing the damage they repair. They already talked you into downloading and installing a trojan for them to access your everything. And most appear to be scams. I have an elderly friend who's paying some company a lot of money and he's always calling them because his password doesn't work. He remember his password and I know it too and somehow it keeps changing randomly and the company that does his repair charges a hefty price but always is able to fix it faster than I can answer the questions to recover his password and the whole thing is phishy to me. Especially since he knows me and I can do all the repairs and I don't think if he used that company he wouldn't have the strange issues that keep popping up. Many of which require him to mess with settings that take a lot of menu selections to get to and he's scared of menus. But he doesn't want to believe that he's letting himself get screwed like that and keeps paying them the couple hundred a month to keep the trojan running on his PC. Actually if he stopped paying they can easily format his harddrive for him.

  • The Cheaterman
    The Cheaterman Month ago

    I'd almost dislike the content given how widespread (and easy to avoid) the exploit it. Just check the name next to the padlock icon in the address bar of your browser and you should be fine. If the padlock icon is missing, you're basically in trouble. But Nathan trolling a security expert was worth the watch :-) "if Nathan For You isn't winning the election, then we need to assume something fishy is going on, right? While if Nathan For You wins, we should assume everything is fine!".

  • Hu Man
    Hu Man Month ago

    I think I’m going to use the actual website to vote for Nathan, he deserves it