The Terrifying True Scale of Nuclear Weapons

  • Published on Oct 6, 2016
  • Nuclear weapons have come a long way and come in all types of different sizes. Some are relatively small while others are enormous, so big they boggle the mind at what they can be capable of. This video analyzes the sizes and impacts of various different nuclear devices, the history of nuclear weapons and what countries in the world are in possession of such devices.
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  • OmicronGaming
    OmicronGaming 3 months ago +2027

    well that last part of the video DEFINITELY did not age well

  • TheCrazyCatGentleman
    TheCrazyCatGentleman 3 months ago +380

    Never thought that I would live to see the day that I would watch a video like that not just for scientific curiosity, but to check if I'm far enough from the next big city's center to actually survive a drop of one of these. F*cked up times we're living in...

    • Queen of the North
      Queen of the North Month ago

      @Archduke Franz Ferdinand i studied radioactivity at university too, i‘m a STEM phd. i read studies and emergency plans conducted by high ranked institutes. why would they put out false information? you are not the only smart person on the planet, take your ego a notch down before it leaves the earth’s atmosphere 🙄 and reflect on your urge to lecture people that didn’t ask for your opinion.

    • Archduke Franz Ferdinand
      Archduke Franz Ferdinand Month ago

      @Queen of the North Bold to call it an opinion. Curb your own Cognitive Dissonance and try and take it as a learning experience. I was bein cool about it I’m not attacking you😂 it seemed like you could use a dose of reality Mr. Internet Researcher.

    • Queen of the North
      Queen of the North Month ago

      @Archduke Franz Ferdinand aw cute of you to share your opinion, you must have waited a long time to shine ✨

    • Archduke Franz Ferdinand
      Archduke Franz Ferdinand Month ago

      @Queen of the North Your research is somewhat flawed. I’m going to assume “research” just means internet browsing lol. The bombs today are over 10x the yield of the ones dropped on Japan in 1945. Assuming you did all the things you say you wouldn’t need to wait 1 week probably closer to two. Your comments about the size of the bombs not causing nuclear winter is not necessarily true either. The sheer amount of nukes launched in a full scale nuclear exchange would plunge us into a nuclear winter. If I was to give you the benefit of the doubt and there was no nuclear winter the conditions would still be unfavorable and colder.
      Assuming you did allllll those things and somehow managed to survive the blast which is unlikely given the sheer number of blasts that would be taking place. And then somehow managed to dodge lethal doses of radiation from those blasts and the fallout…. You still need to contend with the complete failure of infrastructure. You would need to move completely on foot, sources or water and food would be contaminated with radiation including the soil , access to medical services , food , water , would all be extremely limited and left to be fought over between survivors.
      Child births would leave children with terrible birth defects even if people avoided lethal doses of radiation themselves, our entire electrical grid would be fried and our communications infrastructure destroyed , taking the passing of information back to a level equivalent of the 1800s. Eventually the food supply being fought over will itself dwindle. At that point you would need to grow your own food. Assuming you even knew how to do that at a basic level you would need to contend with getting crops to grow on frozen ground with soil contaminated with radiation. You would need to do so at the right time of year before the natural winter comes.
      When that comes you’ll need a proper shelter with the proper resources surrounding it. Traces of radiation would be found in the things you tried to burn for warmth and contaminate everything even if it’s not at immediately lethal levels you would need to contend with consuming things with traces of radiation and doing that over a prolonged period. The sheer number of irradiated corpses would contaminate water sources and other things further. Not something we usually think about but the modern management of dead people is something that keeps disease from spreading. The number of dead bodies being unmaintained and left to rot would be immense. Pandemics like Typhus and Dysentary would run rampant amongst hungry survivors who youde also have to contend with defending yourself from as people become more desperate. It’s likely Cannabalism would begin to take place in many instances.
      Low to almost no Access to modern medicine and antibiotics would leave you susceptible to serious infection or death from something as simple as a cut or burn or the common cold/flu. The food you scrounge for in the early weeks to months will slowly go bad or exist in unhealthy conditions that would lead to other problems not even regarding the radiation, food would spoil over time and even faster in an environment it’s not being maintained. As the food supply that existed before the nuclear war dwindles youde be left to fend for yourself in a world where you can only go as far as you can walk with the energy you have from little to nothing food and water wise, and that’s before you have to try an account for areas of more concentrated radiation ; doing so based on little to no information on precisely where that is the case. ….. I could go on and on. I admire your optimism but take it from someone who has genuinely studied this stuff at the university level. ….. it’s very likely you would die in a nuclear war.

    • Rand Central Station
      Rand Central Station Month ago

      @Zegu Nugu lol 😂 the aliens are watching .. Eating popcorn .. Taking bets .. 👽. I'm sure we're in some sort of nature preserve or something. Part of some controlled experiment, who knows ..

  • Jake Moggy
    Jake Moggy Year ago +175

    Asteroid that took out the Dino's was approx 100,000,000 megatons. Even all of earths nukes combined would be less than 0.1% of that (I think all the nukes that we know of would add up to 7'000 megatons and that's being generous) Really puts things in perspective. That asteroid must of been one BIG explosion....

    • Sheps
      Sheps  2 months ago

      Well that sure made me breath easier

    • Inqesai
      Inqesai 2 months ago

      @Malawi G Plutonium is not rare. According to data outdated by 20 years, its world reserves in countries were 1239 tons. In these 20 years, they could have done even more. And you don’t need much of it, and in the fuse it can be replaced with uranium-238. The bomb is hydrogen, the basis is deuterium, and it is produced tens of thousands of tons per year.

    • Malawi G
      Malawi G 2 months ago

      @Inqesai can you find that much plutonium?

    • Eeveelite TheoryofEeveelution
      Eeveelite TheoryofEeveelution 4 months ago

      @James B true but that was only test of one nuke at a time. Imagine nearly the entire arsenal of both Russia and the US going off within a span of days.

  • Zkraiche
    Zkraiche 2 months ago +19

    The only thing that worries me about nuclear weapons is the audacity with which media outlets tell us that we shouldn’t worry about it.

  • Conrad Dunant Theputra
    Conrad Dunant Theputra Year ago +1729

    Fun fact, The Tsar Bomba's radius was so large that it was attached to a Parachute, Giving the pilots time to escape from the blast radius.

    • Donald Badowski
      Donald Badowski 24 days ago

      I believe Khrushchev agreed to drop the yield of the test bomb from 100 to 50 (58?) MT because the designers said there was no possible way for the pilot of the aircraft to escape destruction if they dropped the full 100 MT version. So you see, Khrushchev was willing to turn a deaf ear to all the surrounding countries who rightly worried about the fallout of such a bomb, but agreed to reduce it to save the life of the pilot. So, yay?

    • ᛚᚨᚱᛊ᛫ᛒᛟᚱᚲᚺ
      ᛚᚨᚱᛊ᛫ᛒᛟᚱᚲᚺ 2 months ago

      @DeeJa’s Art thanks..

    • DeeJa’s Art
      DeeJa’s Art 2 months ago +1

      @ᛚᚨᚱᛊ᛫ᛒᛟᚱᚲᚺ yes it was

    • gemArsen
      gemArsen 2 months ago

      Imagine being the guy in Kazakhstan with his finger on the red button? 😬

    • aurelia fox
      aurelia fox 2 months ago

      @prandomable how, if its big as it can erase a country how could he escape plus the huge shock waves

  • Christopher Meeks
    Christopher Meeks 2 months ago +8

    I'm sure Ukraine is really regretting giving all those nukes to Russia.

  • Aditya Narayan Gautam
    Aditya Narayan Gautam 2 months ago +10

    4:55 this is the reason why i have trust issues☠️

  • Tshiamo Fresh
    Tshiamo Fresh 2 months ago +8

    But what was the logic behind creating bombs that could destroy the whole world

    • Bryan Hampton
      Bryan Hampton 2 months ago

      If I remember correctly, the Tsar Bomba had one target, NORAD HQ in Cheyenne Mountain in Wyoming.

    LEE PAGE Year ago +1715

    Love how they use Minecraft bomb

  • Oh Look A Chime
    Oh Look A Chime 2 years ago +4887

    “Mankind invented the atomic bomb, but no mouse would ever construct a mousetrap." ~Albert Einstein

  • Thomas Boys
    Thomas Boys Year ago +39

    The thing is, for all of the Tsar Bombas impressive explosion, its weight made it utterly impractical as a weapon because it had to be dropped from a plane instead of being delivered by an ICBM.

    • ORGOD
      ORGOD Month ago

      It's just the size of 5 people and back them they didn't have our modern planes a star ship rocket can carry a 100_200 of this with ease !!

    • lisa V
      lisa V 2 months ago

      its a good last ditch defence to keep in your bunker when the enemy has fully encircled you and is closing it

    • Sad Frick
      Sad Frick 5 months ago +1

      Even then, it was still attached to a parachute to give the pilot time to escape the blast

  • Bryan Hampton
    Bryan Hampton 2 months ago +38

    "If World War III is fought with nuclear weapons, World War IV will be fought with rocks." - Albert Einstein The pure cynicism of that quote never fails to depress me.

    • Eric L
      Eric L Month ago +3

      The point you want to make is absolutely right, though your quote isn't strictly. Einstein said: "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."

  • aman singh
    aman singh 2 months ago +206

    Feeling sad for Ukraine. They shouldn't have given up their nuclear weapons

    • Chopie The Cat
      Chopie The Cat Month ago

      @Unassisted Suicide That wasn't a question. Next question.

    • Unassisted Suicide
      Unassisted Suicide Month ago

      @TKG TKG “Sure I have “, what, been to all 50 states? Last one was Alaska in 2018, before that was #49 Maine in 2002. Went to Hawaii at age 11 in 1975; Worked long haul from 1997-2004. Next question.

    • Hey You
      Hey You 2 months ago

      @Unassisted Suicide ease up on Texas. You know people are not a homogeneous mass, right? Clumping people together and making assumptions about them makes you sound silly to put it nicely.

  • Drippy_ kid81
    Drippy_ kid81 2 months ago +21

    Well that last part didn’t go well😭

  • Robert T Kirton [KI5AOK] (Drive Tour)

    The Tsar Bomba was suppose to be 100 megatons, but the Soviets scaled it down to 57 megatons as the plane which dropped the bomb would have no time to escape.

    • waynus
      waynus 2 months ago

      allowing the plane to survive wouldn`t be a consideration in a war , let`s hope the next few days/weeks don`t escalate

    • Dre
      Dre 2 months ago

      @Synthesized 1960’s brotha

    • Pizza PowerXYZ
      Pizza PowerXYZ 3 months ago

      @LORDGREY a kilo of anit matter would do the job

    • Joseph Astier
      Joseph Astier 3 months ago

      @Alex Sosna 100 MT would pollute the whole planet.

    • Alex Sosna
      Alex Sosna 3 months ago

      they should do a 100 megaton now since we have drone planes

  • Jakub Galanda
    Jakub Galanda 2 months ago +25

    5:10 watching this commentary in 2022 feels… weird.

    • MrChief
      MrChief Month ago +1

      Bro this man just predicted the invasion of Ukraine 6 years ago

    • Wu-Tang
      Wu-Tang 2 months ago +1


  • The Apptor
    The Apptor 2 months ago +30

    5:09 This is truly saddening considering what’s happening right now in 2022 :(

  • Lubin1337
    Lubin1337 2 months ago +9

    This is abselutely TERRIFYING to watch right now..😱😳 The thought of a global nuclear war erupting sends chills down my spine...😣 Such cruel weapons of mass destruction should be BANNED for all eternity and never used again!!!🚫💣

  • Soniphex
    Soniphex 2 months ago +4

    Imagine how smart people have to be to make such a powerful weapon, and then imagine how stupid they have to be to hand them off to a bunch of sociopaths who are willing to end all life on earth.
    It will happen one day.

  • Swift
    Swift 2 years ago +1808

    “Should any of this really worry you?”
    Me today: Yes

  • Devvrat Pratap Singh
    Devvrat Pratap Singh 2 months ago +28

    Who else is here after Putin asked for the nuclear weapons at his disposal to be highly alert? 😂

  • Anton Ca'Botta
    Anton Ca'Botta Year ago +20

    The Tsar bomba on the testings was loaded with half the potential loadout, it could carry up to 100 megatons in the same form

  • Aiden Kim
    Aiden Kim 2 months ago +11

    5:14 😂😂 that aged well

    • SB
      SB 2 months ago +2

      Lol funny how a 5year old video is so apt for the current situation

  • William Cunningham
    William Cunningham 7 months ago +2

    The Tsar device was originally a 100 megaton explosive but the Soviet government cut it to 50 megatons due to safety concerns. I can only imagine the sheer scale of such a nightmare. 😆

  • Anton M
    Anton M 4 years ago +198

    The 'Theoretical Tsar Bomba' is not theoretical. It is the original bomb, however the Soviets feared that it would destroy the plane before it got time to escape so they scaled it down. (Funnily enough, it took a dozen scientists to create that monstrosity in a month - back 40 years ago that's incredible.

    • M P
      M P 3 months ago

      @KrisNBliss So this has now become more terrifying.

    • Desbug fan
      Desbug fan 4 months ago


    • Pferdesalami
      Pferdesalami 4 years ago +3

      The actual reason was that the lead scientist was sane and he calculated the fallout of the three staged theoretical zar bomb, it would have created 25% of the radioactivity from all nuclear tests before. So he used lead tamper instead of uranium 238 tamper. In case of that it was the "cleanest" nuclear bomb in scale. It eliminated 97% of the fallout. Thank to this scientist, who declined to construct a 100 megaton bomb just for the numbers. Also the plane wouldn´t most likely had survived.

    • KrisNBliss
      KrisNBliss  4 years ago

      They do have some ready on the go, they are actually inventing a non-ballistic bomb carrier (missile) that will bring the bomb to it destination without having to bring it on a plane.

    • Anton M
      Anton M 4 years ago

      Shimei Benisrael Probably not, but I wouldn't be surprised if they had some ready on the go.

  • Mike Perez
    Mike Perez 4 months ago

    Pretty tremendous stuff. Thank you.
    Toss in an air blast option on the mil side and it's hard to imagine anything left standing above ground in the irradiated aftermath.

  • Chris Slater
    Chris Slater Year ago +5

    What if a nuclear bomb was dropped on a nuclear power plant. I realize that wouldn't increase the yield, but the fallout would be many times greater than if it was just the bomb, like maybe 10 times more. So why wouldn't an attacking country target nuclear power plants?

    • James B
      James B 4 months ago

      Power infrastructure is often targeted in warfare.
      I can't speak to if nuclear plants are a specific target in whatever war plans were made, but a reason they may have been exempted was for the reason you state. Most wars are fought to gain control of the land, not specifically population elimination, so creating more radioactive contamination would limit the area of land that would be usable after a strike.

  • Artificial Intelligence ✪

    The AN602, also known as the Tsar Bomba, was a hydrogen aerial bomb and is the most powerful nuclear weapon ever created and tested. Tsar Bomba was developed in the USSR by a group of nuclear physicists under the leadership of I.V. Kurchatov, Academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

    • Buckhorn Cortez
      Buckhorn Cortez Year ago

      That's all true and Sarkarov was the one who did the calculations that at 100 megatons they might have lifted part of the atmosphere into outer space, and made the case that they should reduce the explosion to 50 megatons.

  • Yozzah
    Yozzah 3 months ago +11

    Who's watching this to see how bad WW3 is gonna be 👀

  • Gilbert Flores
    Gilbert Flores 2 months ago +2

    Man..the people who invented these weapons are insane !

  • Anonymous I
    Anonymous I Year ago +1

    What’s even scarier, when the former Soviet Union collapsed, military personnel noticed they were missing some 200 “suitcase “ nukes at about 1 -2 kilotons , they never found them .

  • TheEmperor Animations
    TheEmperor Animations Year ago +10

    I just realized. When you think about it, Japan is one of the most technologically developed countries in the world. What If they secretly made their own nuke and just haven’t publicly introduced it. They got an 18 meter tall *working* robot for God’s sake. It’s entirely possible they have nukes but just haven’t tested them.

    • TheEmperor Animations
      TheEmperor Animations 3 months ago

      @The_KJB damn bro

    • The_KJB
      The_KJB 3 months ago

      Japan and the US have been joined at the hip militarily pretty much since the end of WWII. First from US restrictions to Japanese military development after their surrender, then to an increasing pacifism (turns out that losing 100,000 people from a single explosion lowers a country's desire to wage war).
      If Japan had developed nukes, the US would know. Not that it would matter, since pretty much the only ally bigger to the US than Japan is the UK or Canada :)

    • TheEmperor Animations
      TheEmperor Animations 5 months ago

      @Tuxedo Gaming Indeed.

    • Tuxedo Gaming
      Tuxedo Gaming 5 months ago

      It’s entirely possible that a country could have a bomb even more powerful than the tsar bomba.

    • TheEmperor Animations
      TheEmperor Animations Year ago

      @Cheese Cracker thanks lol

  • Pearly P
    Pearly P Year ago +4

    Sickening how this amount of power is available in the first place, ready to be unleashed if some mere flawed people just decide to do so.

  • Crab
    Crab 2 years ago +666

    Imagine how mortifying it would be to hear sirens and then see a mushroom cloud growing bigger in the distance

    • Archduke Franz Ferdinand
      Archduke Franz Ferdinand Month ago

      @Crystal Austin you may or may not hear sirens but I think your confused😂 of course it wouldn’t be announced. It would be detected…… thus the sirens….. to warn people.

    • Arko
      Arko 2 months ago

      @DeeJa’s Art it was a joke einstein

    • DeeJa’s Art
      DeeJa’s Art 2 months ago

      @Dirk Karmel as I said doesn’t make sense as light doesn’t travel slower than the shockwave. The shockwave is what would kill you. Ok so basically light ofc is the fastest thing in our universe, and the shockwave is the same as the speed of sound, you wouldn’t be able to hear it, but you’d be able to see it

    • DeeJa’s Art
      DeeJa’s Art 2 months ago

      @Lightning McQueen unless you were looking away during the flash and then turned round to see it, also even if you were looking at it there’s no gaurentee you’ll be blinded, however it is slightest more likely

  • Steven Klinkhamer

    The true scale of modern nuclear weapons is indeed terrifying.

  • Nikita Chirich
    Nikita Chirich 10 months ago +1

    Tsar bomb was layered with a depleted uranium neutron shield device that was interchangeable with the bifocal convex made of U235 , they decided to reduce the fissile yield with the DU reducing the to 50 MT because of catastrophic loss of delivery airplane being estimated and the Novaya Zemlya sensor compound would be annihilated as well. The typical long tub ulam teller pitted device was compressed with the neutron shield where metallic hydrogen hexafluoride would absorb the extra neutron emission during fusion and further generate a secondary chain reaction, this time with U235 , that would add reverb momentum to the photon burst, powerful weapon indeed.
    It would be extremely difficult to deliver the 10,000 pound high explosive shell, sensor array, electronic compositor and the uranium pit, which at this time weighed at an astounding 50 kg not including the tub and the compression chamber, extremely difficult and delicate , you would have to propel such a monster with a class 3 buran or uragan style engines to reach ballistic potential, you can even launch that into space. One such explosion at an altitude of 100,000 meters can obliterate all electronic infrastructure on the continent above 3,0 Mev.

  • Twexy
    Twexy Year ago +19

    This truly is a very terrifying scale..

  • toilet gaming
    toilet gaming 2 months ago +10

    5:15 this aged like fine milk.

    • L u x
      L u x 2 months ago +1

      I’d say wine is more accurate

  • HunterZ
    HunterZ 3 years ago +3375

    Here's how you survive a nuke
    Get in a fridge
    To all those Indiana Jones fans

    • Robert Gough
      Robert Gough 2 months ago

      also make sure theirs no oranges blocking the fridge door
      almost killed him

    • XtremeBruhGamer YT
      XtremeBruhGamer YT 3 months ago

      @Johnny Chopping nvm what i just said sry

    • XtremeBruhGamer YT
      XtremeBruhGamer YT 3 months ago

      but logic in that movie was kinda hard to understand lol

    • XtremeBruhGamer YT
      XtremeBruhGamer YT 3 months ago

      @Johnny Chopping did my dad lie to me 😱😱

    • Johnny Chopping
      Johnny Chopping 3 months ago +1

      @XtremeBruhGamer YT it could be made out of lead lined adamantium, he'd be a pile of jelly from the impact alone 😂

  • JJ
    JJ 2 months ago +8

    this video aged well

  • Cuka Beats
    Cuka Beats 2 months ago +6

    God imagine if Ukraine never gave up their weapons would be completely different scenario today

  • Mr Mulhall
    Mr Mulhall 3 months ago +5

    If only Ukraine still had its missiles.

    LYPOI 2 months ago

    More terrifying to me are the ICBMs, particularly the Submarine launched versions. Then the Ohio class subs who carry them. One Ohio class sub of which the US runs 14 of them, can carry 24 missiles each with up to 12 warheads. Each of those warheads could be 475kt. That means each sub could strike 288 different targets with a nuke 30 times larger than the Hiroshima bomb. I was told once that a single sub could destroy every major city in the northern hemisphere. The delivery delivery method is insane. The missiles fly to the edge of space reaching insane speeds. Then the warheads separate and head off to their designated targets dropping down at 20,000 to 30,000km/hr. Faster than anything that could possibly shoot them down. And let's be clear they have 14 subs! I would expect they probably have 10 out to sea at any given time strategically placed throughout the globe to strike targets at a moment's notice.

  • Aydan Kovach
    Aydan Kovach Year ago +882

    The fact that people have this much power shows what’s wrong with the world

    • Alex
      Alex Month ago +1

      My farts do the same thing it’s not so bad

    • The Punisher
      The Punisher 2 months ago

      @king kanda No super bombs will ever be used because the first rule of being greedy about power is to have a country left to exert that power on. Hiroshima and Nagasaki showed the true devastation of nukes and probably, no one will ever use them. And not to mention that these nukes are the only reason we haven't seen more world wars. Mutually assured destruction is the only reason that these super powers choose to negotiate rather than go to war.

    • Blackngoldnr
      Blackngoldnr 2 months ago

      @Jesus is the Son of God do you believe jesus is god?

  • American Fitty
    American Fitty Year ago +147

    What worries me is how there are over a dozen nukes "unaccounted" for in the the fuck do you lose a nuke's not like I can pick the shit up and walk out the hangar with it.

    • Spencer Lewis
      Spencer Lewis 6 months ago +2

      There is estimated to be about 40 nuclear weapons that were lost by Russia/S.U.
      That's a lotta power to be lost.

    • georgy ekimov
      georgy ekimov Year ago +1

      it might blow my mind
      or grill my mind

    • georgy ekimov
      georgy ekimov Year ago +3

      @Justdad Imagin how many the S U lost

    • Toast6
      Toast6 Year ago +15

      Oh no, I lost my
      N U C L E A R W A R H E A D

    • georgy ekimov
      georgy ekimov Year ago +13

      YEA and nobody knows how many nokes the sovets lost

  • Ronak Saxena
    Ronak Saxena 2 months ago +2

    Man it scares me that such weapons could be used

  • James Funk
    James Funk 11 months ago

    The Castle Bravo bomb was designed for a yield of about 5 megatons. The 15 megaton yield was unexpected.

  • Joe
    Joe Year ago +1

    i am wondering what happends if you send one of the largest bomb on an area with more nuclair bombs? how do they react together? i mean on the end at some point earth core get destroyed and even who decided drop the bomb their country would be vanished to .. so on the end Nuclair bombs are pretty useless compared to regular bombs..

  • krishna
    krishna Year ago +2809

    1st rule of surviving a nuclear attack
    **be the cameraman**

  • CaMypau
    CaMypau Year ago +45

    Every fan of strange, dark and mysterious delivered in story format should appreciate your choice of music.

    • Chris Allen
      Chris Allen 11 months ago +4

      Yes! I was hoping someone would notice

  • Justin Wagner
    Justin Wagner 2 months ago +9

    5:19 Just came from Late Feb 2022 to tell you all that decision did not work out well.

  • Jack is a qt
    Jack is a qt Year ago

    if the 'theoretical tsar bomb' can do that much damage in 2021, how much damage will a nuclear weapon do in 2050?

  • *Don't Read My Profile*
    *Don't Read My Profile* 2 months ago +12

    5:10 did he predict future?

  • Elseway
    Elseway 2 months ago +42

    Ukraine handed their nuclear arsenal to Russia in exchange to not ever be invaded by them and well… it’s 2022 and they’re currently in a state of war. Huge regret, bad move by Ukraine

    • Tom K
      Tom K 2 months ago

      @BadonkaStonk Can you cite evidence to your claim that it's false?

    • BadonkaStonk
      BadonkaStonk 2 months ago

      You got your facts twisted a bit. Stop spreading misinformation.

  • Endroid
    Endroid Month ago +1

    5:10 man, that little part of land seems really insignificant compared to what’s going on right now in 2022.....

  • spkra
    spkra 2 months ago +4

    5:00 this aged very, very well

  • RecklessHawk
    RecklessHawk 2 months ago +3

    If I were Ukraine I wouldnt have trusted Russia from the get-go. No way would I have gave up my nuclear weapons to a country known to have done shady things in the past.

  • Carlos Castro
    Carlos Castro 3 years ago +9550

    Tsar bomb is so powerful, it can destroy bedrock

  • Daniel Deng
    Daniel Deng 7 months ago +25

    Fun fact: Japan’s flag is just a pie chart of all the countries that have been nuked the warfare

  • Morgan Reading
    Morgan Reading 2 months ago +7

    5:16 stupidest things anyone has done
    1. Ukraine 🇺🇦 handing nukes to russia

    • Taras
      Taras 2 months ago +1

      AFAIK Ukraine couldn't use it anyway, command center was in Russia. Also there was a serious political pressure from Russia, that didn't want to have a powerful neighbour. USA was pressing as well

  • Tim Sullivan
    Tim Sullivan 2 months ago +1

    Wow - quite the subscription growth since this was released - and well deserved imho!

  • mr.kitloin
    mr.kitloin 8 months ago +10

    “Mankind invented the atomic bomb, but no mouse would ever construct a mousetrap.”
    - Albert Einstein

  • A
    A 2 months ago

    100,000 subscribers...... Now your at 5.3 million 🙂 comes to show how good your videos are. I bet Ukraine is wisshing it had those nukes now especially during this war.

  • jamx02
    jamx02 2 months ago +6

    5:10- this aged extremely well...........

  • jayL Art
    jayL Art 3 months ago +7

    Well now Ukraine 😔
    Regret is always in the end .

  • Normal Stuff
    Normal Stuff Month ago

    Fun Fact: That "Theoretical TSAR Bomba" Almost happened. Originally, the TSAR Bomba's explosion was supposed the be twice the size, but engineers filled half of the nuke with lead, fearing that the explosion would destroy the atmosphere. Crazy, Right?

  • YeKan East
    YeKan East 3 years ago +795

    Could we fix the planet with flex tape if we nuke it apart?

  • Grand Master Yoda
    Grand Master Yoda Year ago +127

    The United States: Hopefully no other countries developed there own Nukes...
    The USSR: Heh, No i developed the worlds most deadliest Nuclear bomb yet.

    • Disco Saturn Can Still Make Anthems and Others
      Disco Saturn Can Still Make Anthems and Others 5 months ago

      Indonesia: I've got way better nukes than the two of you in the form of Krakatoa, Mount Tambora and the Toba supervolcano.

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      Ciivii Ciivii Year ago

      @Rajeev Kunapareddy as well here

    • Rajeev Kunapareddy
      Rajeev Kunapareddy Year ago

      @Ciivii Ciivii as interested i am in weapons of mass destruction, i wouldn't want them to be implemented in wars. it would just terraform the planet

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    "Nuke explosion"
    People: dies
    Camera man: dude iam in creative mode

    • Lolter
      Lolter 9 months ago

      @Sam wait isnt spectator mode makes you dead?

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    • subawoon jeb
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      @يزن the die the leave NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    • يزن
      يزن Year ago

      @subawoon jeb LEL

  • Dante Atkins
    Dante Atkins 2 months ago +1

    “We all know how that turned out” as it unfolds right before us 5 years later

  • Paulo Ribeiro
    Paulo Ribeiro 2 months ago +2

    This last bit kinda aged perfectly.

  • Chickennugs Oil
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    You can’t say 1 megaton is equals to 1 millions tnt if we don’t know what a single tnt can do

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      @The 6ix why you being rude too everyone

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      The 6ix woah lots of people were arguing with you too I’m just gonna stop wasting my time now

    • Exparxa
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      The 6ix why the hell are you arguing with 11 year olds? That’s really sad your probably 35 and live in your mothers basement

    • Exparxa
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      The 6ix I’m American I have no clue what a tnt is besides Minecraft calm down

    • Exparxa
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      The 6ix calm down geez

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    Damb, if this keeps up we are going to have a death star

    • David S
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      we already do... the only planet in firing range is us

    • GeoEthereal
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      Bro....Earth is a death star... More like a "Death Plant" With the amount of Nukes we have if they were to detonate all at once earth and live on earth would cease to.exist.

  • Community of the Phoenix

    Hello, serious question here. I know this video is old, and this comment will most likely be ignored, but I will ask anyway. Based on the average size of a 50 megaton yield nuke. In your opinion how many nukes would it take to create a global nuclear winter? And how would you source your numbers? And how would you estimate your math?
    Alternative question. And hopefully better question; based on the average nuke mentioned above what would be the most likely end of humanity scenario that people often overlook. And how many nukes would that take? And again; And how would you source your numbers? And how would you estimate your math?
    I know this is a hard number to figure out, because most people don't factor in death caused by loss of technology(ventilators in hospital, etc.), Radiation poisoning of the air/land/water/food/survival equipment/animals/basic resources, depleted ozone layer, or reversible impacts on ecosystem(Accidentally killing the world supply of pollinators(bees and such)), so it's really hard to do accurate math on this.
    And just so you know my motivations in I am trying to use this information to put into context why we need to shave back that amount of nukes we have globally and free up recyclable resources, manpower and save our military budget money(And maybe, just maybe allocate some of those funds to things that serve humanity rather than a promise to destroy it). And I am trying to use estimations of accurate-ish(going to underestimate/overestimate in the opposite direction of an exaggeration) numbers that can't people can't really refute, in order to make my point. Thank you for any help you can offer on this it would save me a ton of work and stress. lol
    -From a fellow human in Cpnx that cares deeply about humanity

  • Stefan Schleps
    Stefan Schleps 10 months ago

    Can you do a video on the proposed, and some sources say constructed, "Doomsday Bomb"?
    It cannot be delivered, but once detonated it is intended to destroy all life on Earth. Hence the name Doomsday Bomb.
    It is a 50,000 megaton cobalt salted hydrogen bomb. It's use is in line with the Sampson option. A last ditch attempt to win at all costs. It has been suggested that it is part of the Russian dead hand system. Others say it was built by Los Alamos and is either in New Mexico or Alaska. Will you do a video on this doomsday weapon for us? Thank you.

  • Lamb Chops
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    Watching this today. The day after Putin threatened nuclear war on anyone who helps Ukraine since they're being officially invaded as of about yesterday.

  • LiamRC
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    I think it's worth noting that while in the decades following the first test and the bombings in Japan, nuclear bombs became much more powerful, they've since been toned back. The reason they made them so powerful is because accuracy was a problem- they couldn't reliably strike their target and thus had to account for the possibility of being a few miles off target.

  • Gordonblues
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    AND, there are allegedly a number of "missing" weapons available on the black market since the SU broke up. All it would take is for example, someone like the Azov batallion getting their hands on one, either to attak Russian forces and provoke a response, or to perform a false flag to implicate Russia, leading to all sorts of disastrous consequences.

  • Hassan
    Hassan 5 months ago

    This medium has specific goals, and it is quite clear where it is supported

  • Ioseb Dzhugashvili
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    Thanks for exposing some truth in this great video 👍

  • A Random User
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    5:09 Russia is bad at keeping promises

  • Timothy H Google play one
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    I like how the Tsar Bomba is equal too 6,666 Hiroshima bombs like it’s literally the end of the world.

  • Kruger kane
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    who else is here after russia and ukraine are at war?

  • muratYTB
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    Russian dude: let me introduce my atomic sneeze even more powerfull than these weak nukes

  • sons of liberty
    sons of liberty Year ago

    Iran has had one since 2012. They just couldn't fire it very well until recently, and then they don't know where it's really going to end up. Was just took 150 from Turkey. They were ours but actually in the country of Turkey. That was back in 18.

  • Christopher Knorr
    Christopher Knorr 5 years ago +14

    The blast radius of a single warhead is irrelevant. Far more important is how many warheads you can cram into a single ICBM, which then rain down at the peak of its trajectory, covering an unthinkable area.

    • J Cheatham
      J Cheatham 5 years ago +1

      That's pretty much why most of the bombs in the arsenal are below 10 megatons.

    • Danzai Banzai
      Danzai Banzai 5 years ago

      Christopher Knorr multiple medium sized nukes with a scatter function,huh thats actually a great idea and they could design something like that one bomb i saw before which has flying capabilities using rudders deploy that as a nuke and you can multiply your kill zone by multiples

  • Ashlyn Koch
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    Ukraine watching this video now taking notes:

  • Reyesallen
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    This was five years ago and looked how he predicted the future.

  • Keyo Abrigo
    Keyo Abrigo Year ago

    They didn't plan to build the theoretical tsar Bomba, they already did. They only reduced the bomb last minute before testing.

  • EB
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    We're about to see these in action boys

  • Rouxls Kaard
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    I don't like how much nuclear weapons have been joked about. It's almost like people don't acknowledge the horror and suffering that they cause.

  • xJager
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    Its just scary to think that all the nukes on the earth can be set off at any time possible and destroy everything and everyone

    • xJager
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      @Buckhorn Cortez lmao

    • Buckhorn Cortez
      Buckhorn Cortez Year ago

      Yes, but then you won't have to complain about climate change...

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    I come from the future, and I have something to tell you all about that last topic...

  • Michael Espeland
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    Well, that last part aged like an egg salad sandwich left rotting on the sidewalk in Phoenix, Arizona during summer

  • TheRyethomas7
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    When Ukraine handed over the nukes to Russia ….fast forward till now

  • Hari
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    4:46 Learn a lesson now, no treaty or strong promise is every 100% trustworthy. keep your backup options 🥺

    • Hari
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  • Pete Lancaster
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    This hits differently in 2022

  • Alibium
    Alibium 19 days ago

    “Gave all the nukes to Russia so they’ll never violate their borders”
    Yeah… That aged well

  • Chris
    Chris Year ago +1107

    All the monsters in all the horror movies ever created don’t even come close to the horrors humans are capable of.... then again we created those monsters.

    • jon lyn
      jon lyn Year ago

      we are the mosters

    • Yo Beavis!
      Yo Beavis! Year ago

      Jean van Rooyen A Spectacular HorrorFest

    • Yo Beavis!
      Yo Beavis! Year ago +1

      “I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream”

  • Yoko Hashiguchi
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    I’m so worried about this situation.