The ONLY Tier Lists That Matter

  • Published on May 18, 2019
  • People are so misguided, so I'm here to attempt to show them the REAL Tier Lists.
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    The ONLY Tier Lists That Matter
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Comments • 862

  • Mr. Fruit
    Mr. Fruit  Month ago +591

    I know some people aren't going to pick up on sarcasm so please realize we can all have our opinions. Love you guys!

    • ej nieves
      ej nieves Month ago

      Mr. Fruit your dead to me 😢 lol

    • Zach Lap
      Zach Lap Month ago

      500th like

    • Hardcoresweetness That
      Hardcoresweetness That Month ago

      No u

    • Crispiest crouton
      Crispiest crouton Month ago


    • Andrew Norris
      Andrew Norris Month ago

      Been watching your vids since 100k subs over like 3 TheXvid accounts lol(so happy I can say that) this video was weird, out there, and different. I enjoyed it immensely and hope you make another, maybe one with the Dream Team so yall can argue lol

  • kneecappjr _
    kneecappjr _ 16 days ago

    The panda meta I'll agree with but pit it as SS+ tier with Tacobell

  • Miss Mugz3
    Miss Mugz3 16 days ago

    Xbox joy cons suck ps4 has the perfect controller setup

    JD GAMING 19 days ago

    Your fastfood list was

    +S Tier

  • Tucker 213
    Tucker 213 23 days ago


  • Toby Prescott
    Toby Prescott 27 days ago

    “Isabelle is the devil” music to an Isabelle mains ears

  • Tyrannosaurus Flex
    Tyrannosaurus Flex 28 days ago

    Bears be s tear

  • Etwan jr
    Etwan jr Month ago

    Hell yeah! A fellow Jags fan! Jacksonville rocks!

  • Jake Bullard
    Jake Bullard Month ago

    Are you fucking kidding me halo reach on c tier?

  • Nadir Bait Saleem
    Nadir Bait Saleem Month ago

    Watching people put together tier lists is surprisingly entertaining 😂

  • Superboom909
    Superboom909 Month ago

    First time ive heard penultimate it was in a series of unfortunate events and i thought it was made up lol

  • Electro Savage
    Electro Savage Month ago

    Dude. Samurott and Septile should be moved up one tier at the least. They are cooler then you could ever be

  • Ethan
    Ethan Month ago +1

    I don't understand why people hate subway I think it's just bad in America but I like in Scotland and Subway is the best thing that has ever been made but still love fruit keep it up

  • Sprite Soda
    Sprite Soda Month ago

    Teach is S tier you can’t put it in B

  • Juwen does Stuff
    Juwen does Stuff Month ago

    reach didnt deserve the B

  • Awkward Walrus
    Awkward Walrus Month ago

    Rip bowser jr

  • Colin Campbell
    Colin Campbell Month ago

    N64 in S? Enjoy you blisters

  • Leon Sydquist
    Leon Sydquist Month ago

    Boi you didn't just put subway in F tier

  • Jacob Figueroa
    Jacob Figueroa Month ago

    Welp we know which type starter Pokémon fruit likes the most so that’s always good

  • Za Worldo
    Za Worldo Month ago

    Fast food tier list was the funnies one😂

  • Carter
    Carter Month ago

    Sorry, halo 5 and Reach on the same level? No thank you

  • William Rosen
    William Rosen Month ago

    I approve Duck Hunt as S tier, very good boi

  • Jake Patetta
    Jake Patetta Month ago

    YES! Greninja is my fav Pokémon and he got SS tier

  • nene d_master
    nene d_master Month ago

    Why subway

  • Romanlegion417
    Romanlegion417 Month ago

    You hurt me so much fruit

  • Your Boy Skipper
    Your Boy Skipper Month ago +1

    I was sticking with you till you trashed my in and out😤😂

  • Dennis Watson
    Dennis Watson Month ago

    me : TRIGGERED

  • Fabian Quintero
    Fabian Quintero Month ago

    good tiers

  • Jackson and Brian Bassin

    As a Californian I am offended and angry at the placement of canes and in n out. I take pride in the only two places I go outside of my bedroom. And you just destroyed them.

  • Justin Combs
    Justin Combs Month ago

    Panda Express is garbage

  • Sam Lamont
    Sam Lamont Month ago

    Pats for da win

  • Rodwel Park
    Rodwel Park Month ago

    Why you do this to kirby

  • Michael Backman
    Michael Backman Month ago


  • Michael Langton
    Michael Langton Month ago

    You are using the term “Penultimate” incorrectly - it means second to last ..... confused.

  • Marno Night
    Marno Night Month ago

    OTHER THAN THE "Winter Soldier" and "First Avenger" thing... i thoroughly enjoyed this video... GOD BLESS FRUITY! I thought i wouldnt had enjoyed this video as much as i did. Have a good one my guy!

  • empoleon5565
    empoleon5565 Month ago

    I have never been so angry at Christian

  • Coffee Creamer
    Coffee Creamer Month ago

    Reach is sssss

  • Some1uan
    Some1uan Month ago

    reach is better than halo 3, get out of my face

  • Brendon Thompson
    Brendon Thompson Month ago

    I just don’t understand how you could put bowser jr., the best character in the game, at f tier.

  • Meme CULTURE
    Meme CULTURE Month ago

    OMG, I love Jaguars and HATE patriots too!

  • Ryan Foster
    Ryan Foster Month ago

    I KNOW you’re not gonna out the broncos at C and be from Colorado. Smh fake fans

  • Jacob Layton
    Jacob Layton Month ago

    What the heck is goin on in the fast food list bro? Its 100% opposite than mine😂

  • plaopro
    plaopro Month ago

    Fruit I got really scared when you ranked Wendy's but you put it high up... but not enough. Wendy's life

  • Matt Long
    Matt Long Month ago

    I’d say 80% of these are perfect

  • Big Papi
    Big Papi Month ago


  • Oscar Segura
    Oscar Segura Month ago

    Winter solider is probably one of the best marvel movies lol but huge balls fruit. Huge balls

  • Tundras Edge
    Tundras Edge Month ago

    Ant man and the wasp sucked so bad how dare you put it in b their 😡 😤 😡

  • kingchevy11
    kingchevy11 Month ago

    The food tier list was the best one lmao F tier is all facts!

  • LordTjess 76
    LordTjess 76 Month ago

    Is it me or did my bumpers on my GameCube controllers always break

  • thatharam bea
    thatharam bea Month ago

    The monkey!!

  • Anthony Begley
    Anthony Begley Month ago

    No dream team tier list!? Jk awkward....

  • FoxCom
    FoxCom Month ago

    I'm sorry but where's the Overwatch hero tier list dude? Unwatchable

    I'm kidding but that fast food list was a critical yikes

  • Gore Gaming Central

    5:15 When you didn't study for your Finals.

  • Gamehero76 Live
    Gamehero76 Live Month ago

    Love you too fruit 😘

  • iRonikz Evo
    iRonikz Evo Month ago

    You just triggered a bunch of PS4 fan boys

  • Spiffy_McAwesome
    Spiffy_McAwesome Month ago

    Lost like 48.7% of my respect throwing Winter Soldier that low and Civil War not S tier.

  • Doc Zombie
    Doc Zombie Month ago

    *Stares in Texan* Whataburger? D tier? NAANNNIIIII

  • Robert Free
    Robert Free Month ago

    Penultimate means the second to last in a sequence... sooo, when are you gonna make your end all lists? : P

  • Joseph Palmer
    Joseph Palmer Month ago


  • Kayll88
    Kayll88 Month ago +1

    Every time I hear Americans talking about all their fast food restaurants and how gross they are, it makes me really glad I live in the UK. Yeah a lot of fast food probably isn't that great and there is much healthier eating than any fast food but places like Subway and Pizza Hut over here are decent enough. They certainly aren't as disgusting as a lot of the American TheXvidrs make them out to be.

  • Chubbyninja5
    Chubbyninja5 Month ago

    the subway placement made me cry

  • Rayan Siddiqui
    Rayan Siddiqui Month ago

    Fruit: sorry Sonic the trailer ruined you

  • RageKing Khosropanah

    Mr. Fruit, Dude you know nothing about the MCU. You rating was complete crap

  • Blackout7583 AGL
    Blackout7583 AGL Month ago

    6:26 lets just skip D, go straight to F.
    E: am I a joke to you?

  • K1ll3rp0ps1cl3 4901

    Fruit your tier lists are hot poo

  • gearhead417
    gearhead417 Month ago

    lost me when you said Little Caesars has cardboard pizza also Dominos is at least B tier

  • Niko Payan
    Niko Payan Month ago

    Everyone in Texas is fuming about Whataburger being d tier

  • Jakob Neeb
    Jakob Neeb Month ago +1


  • ll Shego7 ll
    ll Shego7 ll Month ago

    Where is the D2 gun tier list? :''''v

  • An ominous Commenter

    I’m mad but can’t unsubscribe for saying whataburger isn’t s tier

  • GandalfVapez
    GandalfVapez Month ago

    I almost got so pissed when you hovered over Greninja and said "I hate to be that guy but..." and then you made a god tier move and put him in SS.

  • The KTD Future
    The KTD Future Month ago

    as a bowser main thank you fruit

  • Tyler Hughey
    Tyler Hughey Month ago

    I gotta say.. people sleep on the chicken strip basket at DQ. That with a blizzard.. BOMB

  • ALEXIs colmenares
    ALEXIs colmenares Month ago

    Goes over wendys "gimme that frosty"ahh i see your a fruit of culrure mr fruit

  • TakenGames 15
    TakenGames 15 Month ago

    I actually agree completely with you on the endgame and infinity war thing

  • Henry Christi
    Henry Christi Month ago

    Primarina : I still think the whole line is F Tier.
    Disliked and Unsubbed.
    Grookey : S tier.
    Liked and Subbed again

  • Alex Szymczak
    Alex Szymczak Month ago

    Dark Samus is A tier people are sleeping on her

  • Brock Domen
    Brock Domen Month ago +1

    Hey mr fruit , if the cowboys are below the jags why did u upload that asmr video?

  • augustus sehy
    augustus sehy Month ago

    aaron rogers left green bay

  • Nella
    Nella Month ago

    Why was this video so funny

  • Levi Hudson
    Levi Hudson Month ago

    Gotta dislike for the fast food tier list...

  • Carmelo Andrews
    Carmelo Andrews Month ago

    Do you live in jacksonville, fl???

  • Christian Watson
    Christian Watson Month ago

    I literally agreed with everything except burger king in F tier. Out needs to be up there with chick fil a

  • BraeDrizzt23
    BraeDrizzt23 Month ago

    I may disagree with the ssbu one, but I agree with Wario being S

  • BraeDrizzt23
    BraeDrizzt23 Month ago

    Sceptile is my fav Pokémon but I do agree on ur luv of the grass type

  • Zach Lap
    Zach Lap Month ago

    God: creates humanity
    Humanity: tier list of tier lists

  • Faded Blaze
    Faded Blaze Month ago

    why is reach in the same catagory as 5 frUIt?!

  • *Redacted* Animations
    *Redacted* Animations Month ago +1

    “Oh I love gen 1 and gen 2 starters.” “Oh Blaziken is so overdone.”

  • FreshPenguin918
    FreshPenguin918 Month ago

    the man doesnt put in n out in s tier? immediately wrong

  • Mr Noodle
    Mr Noodle Month ago

    I think endgame and infinity war are both s in my opinion

  • Luke Hawkins
    Luke Hawkins Month ago

    Everything in this video was great

  • Sam MacNeill
    Sam MacNeill Month ago

    I wish I was born in the 20th century so I could’ve experienced everything you did. Love you fruit and your videos, no one else’s opinion matters other than yours🙂;)

  • Derek Raymond
    Derek Raymond Month ago

    But I'm eating subway right now....😭😭😭😂♥️

  • Fei_Ling Bob
    Fei_Ling Bob Month ago

    Flamed for not making torterra SS tier

  • Quinn McKush
    Quinn McKush Month ago

    Penultimate means second to last

    KING MAX PRIME Month ago +1

    It’s ok mr fruit, you made a mistake
    Just remember to put shake Shack as s tier next time
    No hard feelings
    We all make mistakes

  • Drew Pratt
    Drew Pratt Month ago

    Please do that again that was very entertaining

  • i swear im not emo
    i swear im not emo Month ago

    How dare you do that to my boy pit
    I still love you though fruit

  • Sir Antler
    Sir Antler Month ago

    Fast food was the funniest thing ive watched

  • Alassandros
    Alassandros Month ago

    4:04 That's what she said... or he.