David Letterman Remembers Robin Williams

  • Published on Aug 20, 2014

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  • warren3427
    warren3427 5 hours ago

    Robin Williams is the only celebrity I ever cried about hearing their death, I still feel tremendous sadness and love for this man

  • Jennifer Keating
    Jennifer Keating 9 hours ago +1

    I don’t think we will EVER stop missing him, and thanking him.

  • dick johnson
    dick johnson 9 hours ago

    most shameful is the fact that we go from this to colbert,,

  • KC Murphy
    KC Murphy 17 hours ago

    When Letterman said that "two of the people in the photo were funny, and two were NOT," It's understand that he was being self-deprecating saying that he was not funny, but who was the other, Mitzi Shore or Richard Pryor? (Wondering if Letterman flat out didn't appreciate Pryor's humor.)

  • michael heather
    michael heather 18 hours ago

    What a wonderfull man ,a loss for us all

  • shawnwade302
    shawnwade302 21 hour ago

    I'll bet I think of Robin Williams at least two times a week. The world is a sadder place without Robin Williams.

  • Tracer2376
    Tracer2376 Day ago

    It was easy to see that he was in pain, he spoke one day about tears from a clown. I wish that I was there to help someone that did make me laugh.
    Yes that is when I meet him for the first time. The second, was when I was in the Military at the time. He looked at me and said I remember you. I said what are you talking about. He knew my name and did remember me. At the second time I was an Army Ranger, and this time he was in my home town LAS. He said thank you. I did not know how to respond but this. No sir thank you, for making my childhood something to remember. Something to laugh at, and to know when to release.

  • Doodie Whompus
    Doodie Whompus Day ago +1

    I never thought I could miss someone, who I’d never met, so much... I’m so sorry that he was suffering.

  • Don Tanner
    Don Tanner Day ago


  • Mike
    Mike Day ago

    I felt heartbroken when I saw and heard people telling what a coward William was for taking his life. I was so angry at them but watching this somehow reminded me that there are still good people out there.

  • crazydrummer2012

    I looooooved the super EPIC loud intro broooooo.

  • sirgallahad4
    sirgallahad4 2 days ago

    I still miss him.

  • beggersbanquet 5150
    beggersbanquet 5150 3 days ago

    Suicide the perment solution for a temporary problem.

  • Rajendra Nadarajan
    Rajendra Nadarajan 3 days ago

    When I was a kid in the 90's, my mom would take me to the cinema to watch Robin Williams films. Mrs Doubtfire, Hook, Aladdin, Jumanji etc. Thanks for the memories Robin. You're one in a billion.....

    JOE KING 3 days ago

    i absolutely loved robin williams...its ironc he spent his life making everyone laugh and making everyone happy BUT its so sad that he forgot to make himself happy,etc ...ive watched him on t.v and many movies and nobody can make you laugh as hard or nearly as much as robin williams can thats for damn sure.
    r.i.p robin williams....you are very missed and will never be forgotten....thank you.

  • Paul Jones
    Paul Jones 3 days ago

    He was always in top form on Letterman

  • Phil Maas
    Phil Maas 3 days ago


  • Nakatomi Uk
    Nakatomi Uk 3 days ago +1

    Aladdin is one of my favourite Disney movies of all time because of Robins Genie it was just fantastic and funny. They've re made it to real life now with Will Smith and no offence to Will but it's one movie they should have left alone

  • cell pat
    cell pat 3 days ago

    Incredible picture with two comedy greats.
    RIP Mork
    And Richard Pryor. ✝

    HOWYOUDOIN884 4 days ago

    love you David

  • Michael Walker
    Michael Walker 4 days ago

    Rewatching in 2019, I can’t believe it’s been this long without him, I think it still doesn’t feel real, even this many years later.

  • DM Grider
    DM Grider 5 days ago +1

    I remember now...
    whenever Robin was on Dave's show...
    Dave could really, genuinely, make Robin laugh.

  • mangore623
    mangore623 5 days ago

    His harpy of an ex wife was killing him with her incessant demands for more money.

  • Acoustic Shadow
    Acoustic Shadow 5 days ago


  • HENJAM48
    HENJAM48 5 days ago

    315 assholes.. Good to know. I'll keep a watch out for them.

  • Ghost Dragon
    Ghost Dragon 6 days ago

    So if your a Christian, he's now in hell for eternity because he killed himself. Everything he did was for nothing. This makes me want to fucking end my pointless life. BOOM.

  • gaskan666
    gaskan666 6 days ago

    Dont get me wrong, I really liked him. That said> I feel like something was stolen from us all when he ended his own like. That makes me mad at him.

  • Ty Nash
    Ty Nash 7 days ago

    ....yes I laughed... but now, I’m crying....

  • Tom Koyzis
    Tom Koyzis 7 days ago

    Crying. 😭😭😭😭

  • Kathy McG
    Kathy McG 7 days ago

    Robin is a National Treasure. His legacy will live on and the world is a much better place thanks to his contributions. But it is also a sadder place without him. And Dave is such a wonderful, stand up guy who has also contributed so much to our lives.

  • Joe Maria
    Joe Maria 7 days ago

    Depression is bitch.

  • Graeme Whitelaw
    Graeme Whitelaw 7 days ago

    I felt myself filling up there, but that's just us Scots, just like Robin.........Gee x

  • tm502010
    tm502010 8 days ago +1

    Still hurts... almost five years later.

  • KidDerby
    KidDerby 8 days ago

    I miss this fool...we all lost a ton.

  • Tammy D
    Tammy D 8 days ago

    Who the hell dislikes this??? Whatever.

  • James wyatt
    James wyatt 8 days ago

    Just goes to show we never really see the struggles of your fellow man. I’ve never really enjoyed the comedy and the films of anyone quite the way or as much of Robyn. Though I never met the man or had the honor of speaking with him his performances always gave me the feeling like seeing an old friend. I only wish that someone, ANYONE could have tapped into his pain and been instrumental in getting him the help he so very much needed. I literally get tears thinking about him suffering with the pain all alone we now know he endured that ultimately ended up taking his life. I just wish he had spoke to someone. There is no pain than that which a person suffers silently and all alone. I care and I hope I live my life in a way that all whoever has known me or ever will know me finds me caring enough or trusts me enough and finds me approachable enough that they will come to me and say something ANYTHING I would never betray any humans trust when they are hurting or in need of a shoulder to lean on. I would carry my fellow man or woman if that is what they need until they can stand on their own two feet again.

  • bernie b
    bernie b 9 days ago

    I miss David he was the best.

  • KoolCat !
    KoolCat ! 9 days ago +2

    I actually was lucky enuff to see Robin Williams, in person, on Dave's show back in November 2006. I requested a ticket months in advance & didn't hear a peep from the Late Show folks so pretty much gave up hope. A day before I left for NYC, they called me up & told me they had a seat for me. I was not only pleasantly surprised to get a ticket but excited about the guest list as well. First guest - Robin Williams (He totally brought the house down as always), 2nd - Rich Little & 3rd - George Jones. So glad i got to see 3 living legends when I did. Especially now that 2 of them are gone. May they R.I.P.

  • rusty macneil
    rusty macneil 9 days ago

    My world was a little better just to have seen these two!

  • Lorrie
    Lorrie 9 days ago

    Ouch😢 5 years and still so much to mourn. Why??

  • Lidija B
    Lidija B 9 days ago

    How I can miss someone I never met, so much...is pretty remarkable.

  • venomTang
    venomTang 9 days ago

    how could such a funny brilliant man take his OWN life?? i dont get it :(, i still dont

  • bcask61
    bcask61 9 days ago

    Dave was at his best at times like that. For all the times he acted like a jerk, there were times like this that he displayed a remarkable humanity. Thanks Dave.

  • Jim Sawyer
    Jim Sawyer 9 days ago

    Robin was just so real, so alive. People pretend to be something they are not all of the time, but that. No way. Nobody could pretend to be what we saw from him. We all felt as if we knew him, and what we felt from him was beautiful. He was so, so funny, yes. But more than that, he was a deeply touching dramatic actor as well. He just felt so much, he made us feel too. I can't think of another like him. Just one precious gift to humanity. Unfortunately, when one feels that deeply, pain and sadness can hit especially hard. I do not judge him for escaping it. If you were not capable of feeling the love of life to the extent he was, how could you feel the lows he felt either? It might be impossible for you to know how deeply he hurt. Robin, I hope you found a place as bright as you. Thank you for sharing your light with us. If we could have, we would have helped you carry the darkness as well.

  • Jorge Rodriguez
    Jorge Rodriguez 9 days ago +1

    I have just one wish Genie. Come back. (Yeah, I know you're bringing people back from the dead rule, but just this once.☺️)

  • Roman DiValenti
    Roman DiValenti 10 days ago

    My dinner with Robin was a once sided conversation; he was simply a delight to speak with and each time his answer to a modest question was an equally modest smile and a moment of simple gratitude for thinking so well of him. I miss this guy like the night misses the moon should it suddenly disappear from a star-filled sky. He was one of a kind, and generous with his time, his humor, and his ambition to please. David's tribute is truly from the heart.

  • 3-Piece
    3-Piece 10 days ago

    He looks like an Oompa Loompa!

  • London MD
    London MD 10 days ago

    The sadness i feel about George Michaels death is what fans of Robin Williams must feel. 😢

  • RatatRatR
    RatatRatR 10 days ago

    As always: Why the fuck was there a live mic on Paul Schaefer?

  • JheregHG
    JheregHG 10 days ago

    So... my soul hurts but I'm happy at the same time

  • Alan Foxman
    Alan Foxman 10 days ago

    Still cant believe he's gone. Saw him in person in 1983 at the University of Florida homecoming show (the night before the homecoming game) called Gator Growl. In front of probably 60,000 people in the football stadium. It's one thi g to hear 60,000 people cheering for a sports team It's really something else to hear 60,000 people laughing together.

  • Paul Cadogan
    Paul Cadogan 10 days ago

    Robin was a beautiful soul.

  • McFlymcflangie
    McFlymcflangie 10 days ago

    I am very angry at Robin Williams and Anthony Bourdain. But, at the same time, I love and respect them both so much.

    • Jim Sawyer
      Jim Sawyer 9 days ago

      How can you be angry at what you can't understand. Were you inside of him? Did you feel his pain? How can you say he's not allowed to escape it? What you can imagine as pain, may not be as low as he felt. Nobody would judge a person who was being physically tortured, maybe burned and shivs up the fingernails and eyes gouged out, etc., from taking the opportunity to end that pain, but when it is a greater pain, one of the soul, because it is not a physical thing you can identify with well, you say how dare he. Don't let your ignorance apply judgment. You don't know what you're talking about....McFly. You sound too young to experience the worst of what life has to offer yet. Give it time and you might understand more clearly. Maybe you'll escape spouting the group think mantras of today's society.

  • Justin Cruz
    Justin Cruz 10 days ago +1

    Tears... still... grew up with robin (watching on tv that is).. never could have a dull day knowing he was on TV.. thats for sure.. missed.. :( Nice to find this.. very nice..

  • Togo Burrows
    Togo Burrows 10 days ago +1

    the only way I can get any sleep is to put a Mork & Mindy dvd in the player and set it for ‘play all episodes’
    I just can’t get any sleep anymore...the world is too frightening without Robin

  • Leon Andrew
    Leon Andrew 11 days ago

    Love you Robin. Thank YOU

  • Symon Says TV
    Symon Says TV 11 days ago

    Impossible not to cry. 😢

  • Lynn Luck
    Lynn Luck 11 days ago


  • Cleroyster 2
    Cleroyster 2 11 days ago

    Are the Pedo rumors true?

  • Gina Fournier
    Gina Fournier 11 days ago

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  • slevin kelevra
    slevin kelevra 11 days ago +3

    The day the laughter died 😔🙏😩

  • slevin kelevra
    slevin kelevra 11 days ago +8

    I miss how incredibly humble dave letterman is and we got to see so many times.. So very classy 👌😎👍😊❤️😁

    • Conrad Knoblock
      Conrad Knoblock 10 days ago +1

      slevin kelevra David Letterman is way better than the guy that does it now.

  • X - Force
    X - Force 11 days ago +28

    "...we were like morning dew, and he came in like a hurricane."
    So beautifully said, David.

  • sluggo Notnancy
    sluggo Notnancy 12 days ago

    While I think Robin Williams was a very, very, good dramatic actor, I never cared for his comedy, and, in fact, I thought his "stand up" routines were painful to watch. He was like a modern day Don Rickles. The "demons" of self doubt that they shared were obvious, and their rapid fire, non stop, sweat drenched monologues showed that, inside, to themselves, they didn't think they were funny, but kept spewing out one joke after another just in case the audience didn't laugh at "this one", they wouldn't have time to realize it wasn't funny, before the next joke was thrown out.
    I know that many people thought he was a "genius", but, sadly, in the end, those "demons" of self doubt inside of him overcame him and he couldn't face it.

  • RonnyDonny13
    RonnyDonny13 12 days ago

    How sad that a man who made a career out of making people laugh felt the need to kill himself!

  • Julie Hoffman
    Julie Hoffman 12 days ago

    Robin Williams, such a sad loss.

  • Randy Cowart
    Randy Cowart 12 days ago +1

    Loved this humility Dave as Robin was truly heaven sent

  • winehousedrunk
    winehousedrunk 12 days ago

    A beautiful tribute, and I do still miss him, in fact, I still have trouble accepting that he's not there anymore, because that's how strong he shone, not for himself, but in other people's hearts, and that's where he still lives, as a part of us all, a seed of light that will forever shine bright.

  • amy ness
    amy ness 12 days ago

    Rip dear robin williams!

  • amy ness
    amy ness 12 days ago

    2000 looking for my own power,own power own power, weather station.

  • amy ness
    amy ness 12 days ago

    What the bloomin g was that little red riding hood skit, Norma? Nutsssss!

  • amy ness
    amy ness 12 days ago

    Gornick! Pizza! Delivery! 1986!

  • Regular Guy
    Regular Guy 12 days ago

    I see a tortured soul....

  • thedealer777
    thedealer777 12 days ago

    When Carlin and Pryor passed, I thought the world couldn't get much sadder. Then Robin Williams died, and it seemed miserable. I remembered an article about John Belushi's death in TIME magazine. Someone had left a hand painted sign on Belushi's grave saying, "He could of stuck around and gave us a few more laughs, ...but NOOOooo!" I'm sorry to hear about Mr. Williams chronic depression and his other health problems, I'm sorry to hear about his tragic death, I'm sorry about the loss of his rapid-fire intellect, I'm sorry he won't be around to make us laugh at current woes. However, the memory of his genius has given enough joy and laughs to us, that will last generations. To quote another comic, "Talk about the gift that keeps on giving!" Thank you, Mr. Williams!

  • Rob M
    Rob M 12 days ago


  • Abigail Deeks
    Abigail Deeks 12 days ago

    Robin looks stoned in that picture

  • Frank Matias Jr
    Frank Matias Jr 12 days ago

    I met Robin while walking in Central Park. He was filming August Rush. He was just as funny and spontaneous then as he always was. Even let me photograph him. He is missed.

  • Macey Murrell
    Macey Murrell 12 days ago +2

    "there's a VAN down by the River David-Pie", I got to pee. Robin is Chirping N Herpez'is happening haha. Cp,e=+come join us dave on NBC haha.... ... "the nightly news haha" UK CONGRESS Sd "monkey" haha.

  • Artem Lokhovitskiy
    Artem Lokhovitskiy 12 days ago

    If Jim Carrey and Bill Murray will die the same way Bill Murray did, it will be the most fucked up the saddest and the most disturbing statistics ever existed.

  • jeff shannon
    jeff shannon 13 days ago

    MADONNA came back 7 times!!!

  • jeff shannon
    jeff shannon 13 days ago +1

    ROBIN was among a handful of true GENIUSES of stand ups ever

  • ncooty
    ncooty 13 days ago

    A life of high highs and, unfortunately, some privately low lows.

  • bookmarkthis
    bookmarkthis 13 days ago +1

    Sad that he passed, but he was annoying af and not funny.

  • Matt Lourer
    Matt Lourer 13 days ago +1

    Because of Robin and Richard I got through some tough times. I shed happy and sad tears in their memory. I think each is Gods own because of the lives they touched.

  • Conrad Hunter
    Conrad Hunter 13 days ago

    Nice Stash...

  • Richard Mondor
    Richard Mondor 13 days ago

    Beautiful tribute.

  • sasquatch1 ****
    sasquatch1 **** 13 days ago

    Sad miss him!!!!

  • Gamina Wulfsdottir
    Gamina Wulfsdottir 13 days ago

    Loud music at the beginning is unnecessary, obnoxious, and inappropriate.

  • Dale B
    Dale B 14 days ago +3

    Yes, it still breaks my heart too everytime I realize Robin Williams has sadly passed. His unique personality is missed.

  • Donna Fisher
    Donna Fisher 14 days ago

    the world was a better place with robin and richard...

  • TruthFoot
    TruthFoot 14 days ago

    Letterman is a douchebag of epic scale.

  • lachazaroony
    lachazaroony 14 days ago

    Godspeed Robin.... RIP

  • Mr. McNoname
    Mr. McNoname 14 days ago

    Nope. Still can't watch him. I miss him. As weird as it is, it feels like my favorite uncle died..... I don't think I will ever be ok with what happened. I haven't been able to watch him since.....

  • Carl Hicks Jr
    Carl Hicks Jr 14 days ago +1

    So I was a stand up comic for a living for a very few years when I was younger. Found out that I just didn't have the charisma to hold a room bigger than say 30 people. That basically left me doing shit-shows at comedy clubs for less money than it cost me to travel to the club. That's alright though. 99% of people are not cut out for show business and I'd've never forgiven myself if I hadn't tried to really do it.
    But because of similar issues, Robin was almost a living breathing spirit animal to me. I'd never met him, but we shared certain problems in life. We were both addicts, we both had lifelong mental health issues, we both had to somehow balance taking meds that killed our creativity and not being so off the hook that we alienated everyone we loved. Most importantly, we were both utterly addicted to killing a room. God as my witness, there is *nothing* in the world like showing up in front of a live mic and dropping a hammer on an unsuspecting crowd. Not love, not sex, not getting high, not the adrenaline high of a fight, absolutely nothing was like the rush you felt when you killed a room.
    But the down side to that is that no more than 1 hour later you need another fix, and a bigger one. It *always* has to be bigger and better and more outrageous and nothing is ever 'good enough'.
    A lot of people don't know this, but studies have been done on comedians. In most of, well I suppose I can say 'us' in this context, get the same biochemical response in the same centers of the brain doing jokes as we do from getting high on cocaine. Only cocaine gets us less high.
    It's also a statistical fact that one of the worst professions for your overall well-being is the performing arts and THE absolute worst profession in the performing arts is comedy. Comics commit suicide at double the rate of musicians, for example.
    So when Robin Williams, who'd beaten everything... addiction, career slumps, fame, fortune, marital problems, etc... decided to commit suicide, I felt really gut-punched. I'd long since quit stand up by then, but he was still someone I very much admired. I understood why he did it. Dying of Parkinson's is not easy. But there is a space of real grief in my heart now that will never be filled.
    I wonder if this is how people felt when John Wayne died.

    • Carl Hicks Jr
      Carl Hicks Jr 12 days ago

      +David Gonzales Thanks. Nice of you to say.

    • David Gonzales
      David Gonzales 14 days ago

      A well-stated post, man. Take care of yourself. 👍

  • Nate Atchison
    Nate Atchison 14 days ago

    Robin was in drug rehab just south of the Portland, Oregon area. I was working at a record store. Robin came in with this huge man. Huge. He bought a Damien Jr Gong and a Sigur Ros cd. Crazy crazy experience.His knowledge of Independent music was crazy good. I told him id close the store. After people started coming in he swith to an english accent. Was weird. I made comments about bouncing of the wall and those good California drugs. Only to find out the next day in the local newspaper he was in drug rehab. Surreal experience. Crazy.

  • John Whitney
    John Whitney 14 days ago

    Great tribute. Letterman always had the right words.

  • Trev Mac
    Trev Mac 14 days ago

    i never found one thing ever funny about Williams but i thought he was one of the best actors i ever saw especially in more serious roles (the guy could act) like seriously he's one of the greatest actors of our generation

  • Jackie Brison
    Jackie Brison 15 days ago

    He was a college roommate with Chris Reeve and they were friends reeves said when he was in the hospital after being paralizied robin Williams made him laugh that's a testament to Williams humanity and humour

  • Barry Swords
    Barry Swords 15 days ago

    There was just something so special about Robin Williams. I always felt an honesty shone through him. His face and eyes are so genuine and I always felt there was an underlying sadness in him. I think that's why so many people feel this connection to him. He was always just a gracious man no matter how talented he was or how famous he became.

  • Marcos Torrani
    Marcos Torrani 15 days ago

    We miss you Robin! Nobody will ever come close! Why man why???