David Letterman Remembers Robin Williams


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  • Mark LaFaire
    Mark LaFaire 4 days ago

    Mr. Letterman, that was classy of you.

  • TheBigHase
    TheBigHase 5 days ago

    07:35 min "Oh Mum look, it's Dale Earnhardt!"

  • richter75
    richter75 12 days ago

    Every generation get the comedians they deserve!

  • richter75
    richter75 12 days ago

    Robin liked LEtterman very much, that was obvious to see .

  • Derek Anderson
    Derek Anderson 20 days ago

    Depression ain't it a thump. God bless you Robin

  • Leeroy
    Leeroy 21 day ago

    His brand of humour would have exposed the Socialist and Communist attack upon western civilisation.
    And now you know why...

  • luis santos
    luis santos 24 days ago

    people stop giving in to the bullshit. robin was depressed knowing the illuminati was going to kill him. Robin exposed the gay mafia = illuminati , corrupt politicians , gender , he was exposing the satanic pedophiles and vaccines being population control , he spoke too much truth. hanging someone with a belt is the illuminati calling card , I love Robin Williams , his a part of my humour and style of jokes. RIP to the true legend

    • Leeroy
      Leeroy 21 day ago

      Sadly, I think you're right. His brand of humour would have exposed the Socialist and Communist attack upon western civilisation.
      I do hold hope that Robin had personal faith in God.

      As for all involved in Robin's murder...they will never imagine the terror that awaits their eternal destruction in hell.

  • Dannie Henriksen
    Dannie Henriksen 25 days ago

    Sad that he did what he did and were sick but he were never funny. Jokes not funny and always seemed like he were high on speed or something. The jokes he told you would had thought a 6 year old wrote. Dave however are funny as hell and the best ever i miss him and does not watch the show without him. Dave Letterman Diamond Dave and Jon Stewart are the best funny but they are smart. Few would match those 3 in anything.. Anyway.. R I P Willams and i wish the best for your family

  • Safaa shalabie
    Safaa shalabie 25 days ago

    I opened Twitter that day and saw a picture of roses around his star with the word RIP and I didn’t even believe it!! I had to watch more than one and a half hours of videos just to believe it was happening 💔 I mean he the kinda celebrity that never even lets you think this might ever happen to him...

  • Esteban Grijalva
    Esteban Grijalva 28 days ago


  • Erik Blohm
    Erik Blohm 28 days ago

    What a crap tribute. Look Don Ricles james

  • *Heretic
    *Heretic 29 days ago

    "I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. It's not. The worst thing in life is ending up with people who make you feel all alone." - Robin Williams.
    Someone or many people must have crushed his spirit, this is the curse of gentle soul.

  • John Avi
    John Avi 29 days ago

    I miss Robin. Can't believe it has been 4 years.

  • ZiG Zag Fly
    ZiG Zag Fly 29 days ago

    Love you Robin ❤️

  • Mr. Lince
    Mr. Lince Month ago

    If i die the world cares a shit.....

  • Gabriel Barboza
    Gabriel Barboza Month ago

    This what separates david and carson...knowing how lucky they were..for having their own shows..they mentionhow graetful they are...todays hosts feel they should have their show..jay they had kick out of show business..

  • Double Star
    Double Star Month ago

    Beautiful tribute

  • Retired
    Retired Month ago

    you had to make me cry...damn it

  • aandgdesigngroup
    aandgdesigngroup Month ago

    Robin Williams was a genius...the word "genius" is only to be used appropriately...

  • James Smithe
    James Smithe Month ago

    People who call Letterman an asshole miss the essence of the man.

  • jmgfx4161
    jmgfx4161 Month ago

    His death really affected all of us. To this day we still mourn him. His loss was definitely hard and still is.

  • Ken Sturm
    Ken Sturm Month ago

    One down?? Are u sick or what?

  • Paul Gallacher
    Paul Gallacher Month ago

    Too many people don't realise that humour can hide a lot of emotions.

    • Leeroy
      Leeroy 21 day ago

      Indeed, And humour can also be used to expose a lot of things.
      Just imagine the platform Robin would have today exposing the socialist and communist attack upon western civilisation.

  • Shank
    Shank Month ago

    Television at its finest. The worst brings out the best in us. Miss u Mork.

  • Jorge Rodriguez
    Jorge Rodriguez Month ago

    I miss Robin Williams. I miss David Letterman. One can come back. I wish that one would.

  • Musicmann1022
    Musicmann1022 Month ago

    His death hit me hard, but I understood he was fighting several illnesses. I believe he is resting in peace. And we will see him again sooner or later. God bless David for his heartfelt tribute.

  • Disney65Fan
    Disney65Fan Month ago +1

    To this day I still miss Robin Williams. He was such a likeable actor

  • imrickjamesbeeoch
    imrickjamesbeeoch Month ago

    I love it when the intro music is stupid loud and then the actual content is really low volume. Way to go, asshat

  • This Sucks
    This Sucks Month ago

    Like Robin Williams, David Letterman always rose to the role of serious perfectly.

  • Mephisto Cat
    Mephisto Cat Month ago

    onions....so many damn onions.....God i miss you Robin

  • Donald Johnson
    Donald Johnson Month ago

    Probably the one celebrity death to affect me the most. So incredibly talented, miss his work so much.

  • Parents Basement
    Parents Basement Month ago

    I heard from a friend of mine that worked a quite a few productions that robin was in or involved with a one of the things that robin would do was to pay local homeless people to do odd jobs around the set or just kindly give them money to surive he said the man truly had the biggest heart of any actor he has been around.

  • Eric Hodges
    Eric Hodges Month ago

    Dave too

  • Eric Hodges
    Eric Hodges Month ago

    Sad missed u Robin

  • VALENTINEproductions

    Ugh, the sad music. We were already sad. You watch Robin, you want to laugh.

  • milwaukiedave
    milwaukiedave Month ago +1

    I grew up loving this man's work. I remember as far back as when I was 10 or 11 watching Mork & Mindy. He is by far and always will be my favorite comedian. He had a special gift, the gift to make people laugh. When I heard about his death I was crushed. It is hard to fully understand the pain he was going through. I can't believe it has been over four years already since his death. I have always admired him and know his work will live on for hundreds of years after his passing

  • MRI3421
    MRI3421 Month ago

    Well Done Dave !!!!

  • ucctgg
    ucctgg Month ago

    Letterman talks more about himself than Robin.

  • pondguard22
    pondguard22 Month ago

    That hurt. A lot.

  • David Lape
    David Lape Month ago

    Jesus Robin we miss you. Our hearts miss you. You gave us unconditional laughter. Rest well Robin. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Peter Nolan
    Peter Nolan Month ago

    When Dave’s humilities shines through he’s even more a pleasure to listen to his monologues. It is clear how much the loss of his friend meant to him. It’s been over four years and I’m still saddened by Robins death.

  • JD derm
    JD derm Month ago

    Was anyone here at this show? I’m wondering what Dave was doing during the clip. I love both these guys, they are both missed. Dave still on earth tho

  • Ron Wylie
    Ron Wylie Month ago +1

    I am a depression sufferer and I could see it on him, I bet many others did too, incredibly brave of him to do what he did, the world is a darker place without him

  • Tim K
    Tim K Month ago +1

    They’re all gone in that picture except David.

  • Feldkurat Katz
    Feldkurat Katz Month ago

    38 year of friendship and mr Letterman didn'n know his friend was in pain and depression? fuck such friendship. I'm not in a mood to laugh

  • M.G. Brown
    M.G. Brown Month ago

    I'd give anything to have met him and work with him. Genius.

  • marty mandrell
    marty mandrell Month ago

    : ( ::::::

  • Victoria Delegate
    Victoria Delegate Month ago

    Tear jerker; for David too obviously. Hung from his own doorknob I find that suspicious - his wife didn't seem moved much at all. horrible to say but more horrible if its truehow do you commit suicide on a doorknob

  • NotBensChannel
    NotBensChannel Month ago

    The music at the end is the same that plays as Tom Hanks accepts that he's lost Wilson the volleyball forever..

  • jams4041
    jams4041 Month ago

    Robin Williams one of the greatest who ever did it. He brought laughter to the world.

  • Michael Kilsdonk
    Michael Kilsdonk Month ago

    Was that Comic Sans in your intro lmfao

  • john crawford piano
    john crawford piano Month ago +3

    A Beautiful tribute from Letterman, it brings to mind these words said at the funeral of Stan Laurel
    "God, bless all clowns.
    Give them a long good life.
    Make bright their way…
    Their race apart
    Alchemists most.
    Turn their hearts’ pain
    Into a dazzling jest to lift the hearts
    God bless all clowns."

  • Ken Sturm
    Ken Sturm Month ago

    50 times and how many on Johnny Carson also? Carson gave all the guy's their place to be started. Anyway why does a guy kill himself that has it all? A beautiful wife, kids, money, big house, all? My wife killed herself after almost 25 year's married but our marriage was terrible last 1/2 of it, 2 of 4 kids struggling with heroin addiction which one died at 24, She had a car accident that robbed her of her nursing carrier, we lost our house to foreclose, had COPD, and Bipolar, so you could understand this more, i guess, but Robin was a class act, everyone loved him! I don't get it, lonely inside? This i don't get

    • Robyn Lydick
      Robyn Lydick Month ago

      Ken Sturm - Williams also had a diagnosis of Lewy Body dementia, which is a particularly cruel form. I’d hazard a guess that with depression, stresses and the beginning of dementia, he saw this as his last option to act.

  • Melissa Santana
    Melissa Santana Month ago

    Robin Williams was the best kind of person someone can be, he gave the world so much while asking for so very little in return. It broke my heart how he always had that sad clown aspect to his personality. He gave off a vibe that said he was using humor to mask his own pain, making others smile so that they could forget their own troubles and heartache, even if just for a little while, while he himself was hurting inside.
    God bless you Robin, I hope that you have now found the peace that you couldn't find here on Earth.

  • baler johnson
    baler johnson Month ago

    Time marches on ..Been 4 years or so since he passed ..It was about 30 years I enjoyed his presence . Love you boss.

  • LMichaelL65
    LMichaelL65 2 months ago

    It is hard to believe it has been 4 years since he passed. To be sure, there will be other great comedians. There will never be another Robin Williams. RIP

  • pat yankouski
    pat yankouski 2 months ago

    Do a search...I defy you to find a better demonstration of friendship

  • Irish Reule
    Irish Reule 2 months ago

    Thank You Robin for making my life fill with laughter and smiles when I watched you. I will miss you till hopefully I can get a seat in heaven and see you again.

  • Ava Kate
    Ava Kate 2 months ago

    Heart wrenching

  • willie willaims
    willie willaims 2 months ago

    just when you think you get to know some one , im white and dam proud of of it but white have let me down they are hiding and i don't do that and what was this guy hiding from my race as let me down

  • Graciano Mendoza
    Graciano Mendoza 2 months ago

    Sir David you aren't bad yourself. So humble how you made this beautiful tribute. Oh how I miss Rabo too. He was a contemporary. I grew up with Robin Williams and Michael Jackson. Beautiful entertainers, beautiful acts. Timeless! True treasures! No one can ever replace them.

  • cainster
    cainster 2 months ago

    Why do I have the feeling that Robin personally arranged it that night to be introduced as "Scottish"?

  • Daniel Murray
    Daniel Murray 2 months ago

    Endearingly heart-filled tribute.
    // Testament to his humble greatness.
    // Forever remembered and admired.

  • roadhockey
    roadhockey 2 months ago

    2:10 ""It's gonna be haggis and that kinda crap""

  • wattlesong
    wattlesong 2 months ago

    Suicide was the right choice when Williams was diagnosed with Lewy-Body dementia.
    A cruel disease, and another reason why adults should be able to access euthanasia instead of jumping in front of a train or hanging themselves.

  • justin kells
    justin kells 2 months ago

    he really brought beauty and laughter into the world

  • RL LM
    RL LM 2 months ago +2

    Got to work on a film with Robin. He was the nicest, friendliest actor I ever met.

  • Tammie A
    Tammie A 2 months ago

    How can there be so many dislikes?

  • Walter K Bauer
    Walter K Bauer 2 months ago

    45+ years ago. Visiting my Uncle in NYC. We were walking thru central park.
    My Uncle loved and supported the arts.
    We were walking past him, and a eldery woman walked past him saying, another mime. Just what the world needs, an other fuckin Mimi!
    My Uncle stopped, walked back and dropped $20 bucks in his suit case.
    He stopped being a mime, and ran after us.
    Hey you didn't even see the show. Why the $20?
    Have you seen me before.
    No, my Uncle said. I just know that you'll make someone's day a little better, some day.
    Me. I have the biggest show on TV right now. I'm just flexing my comic mussels here.
    My Uncle asked me. Who on the biggest TV show right now?
    Robin Williams and Pam Dawber.
    Robin says, yeah, and you don't see her cans on this chest! Ripping open his shirt.
    My Uncle (very calmly) do you think he is him?
    Yep! That's him alright.
    Keep the $20 kid. TV is a fickeled thing.
    Go talk to Steve Allen. He lives in my building.
    He was a star for a minute or two. Now he lives on residuals.
    Here's your $20 back Mr.
    Save it in case you see me out here again in a few years.
    Robin ended up working a conference my Uncle put on for his company.
    He told me he started off as a very boring (normal) speaker, with a slideshow and everything. Then he turned it into almost a religious revival!
    He even got our first woman VP to get up on the conference room desk, and dance!
    He said it was the best 100K he ever spent.
    When it was over the VP asked if he knew she was a VP?
    No. I was going to ask the old man next to you, but a heart attach is never a funny thing. You just looked like you had a dance trapped in you. I just hope now you can see that in the people who work for you.
    He said she set aside every bonus and her raise she had gotten when she got the VP slot. Every year she split the money between her group, or paid for someone taking care of a sick spouse. She retired last December and invited me to her party.
    She said Tony can't be here, so here's his nephew.
    He made me a better person, a better boss, a better VP.
    She was the only person who knew my Uncle. Afterwards an employee of hers, asked me if the Tony was the Anton on the plaque out in the Seattle Sky Needle?
    Yep. It was his ideal to make it spin.
    Oh no kidding?
    You know that's every employee's talisman?
    They touch it before work for good luck and better tips?
    Yep. I know that. How do you know it???
    She's my boss. I took my wife to Seattle for a weekend, and she said make sure you check out the plaque.
    We did, and I got a raise when I came back to work.
    Well she knew you went.
    No never said anything to her or anyone else.
    So I asked her.
    She said he had Tony's confidence. I think your Uncle winks on everyone here at some point.
    It was the seinor partners who gave him the raise.
    We were under a giant deadline and he said, fuck it. It my wife's Birthday and she wants Seattle.
    That takes balls to leave an office on a Thursday afternoon!
    He said we had done everything we could.
    I'm were dotted, and T were crossed. The chairman was in Australia for 2 weeks, with orders not to be distributed.
    I hate sitting at my desk for no reason.
    She laughed and said,he got business done alright!
    How old is your daughter, now?
    15. Oh and we named her Tonya. After your Uncle.
    I hope you never told her that?
    She's going to a private collage now, because of his education fund!

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 2 months ago

    Hands down; without a doubt, the absolute funniest human to ever walk this planet !!

  • Budi Rahardjo
    Budi Rahardjo 2 months ago

    Two of my heroes! You guys are my teachers!n I am a good (correct that ... excellent) public speaker and I can honestly say that I learn my act from these two guys. And this is in my presentation materials! I am not joking.

  • Dale Cooper
    Dale Cooper 2 months ago

    Christ I miss this guy.

  • Eezee Listen
    Eezee Listen 2 months ago

    One of the rare breed of entertainers whose ethics were " these people pay their hard earned money to see me, therefore I must give 100% of me to them." No arrogance, no reluctance, just honesty and appreciation.

  • DuraDigi
    DuraDigi 2 months ago

    I miss the letterman & Leno days these new guys suck!!

  • Alex S
    Alex S 2 months ago

    My god has it been 4 years already....

  • Kenny Stanley
    Kenny Stanley 2 months ago

    RiP Robin Williams

  • Andrew MacIntosh
    Andrew MacIntosh 2 months ago

    Super Ni**** eyes in that photo though....

  • briggsquantum
    briggsquantum 2 months ago +5

    I never saw or heard a funnier comic than Robin. I watched him from the beginning and still have ( on LP ) his first comedy album. His suicide shocked me for days.
    I then learned that he had diffuse Lewy Body Dementia. I know what that is. I watched it dissolve my mother's brain for 12 years before she died. In the first year I got to see her battle, knowingly, comprehendingly, with a disease whose progress would dissolve her brain and all she knew. Robin also understood that his brain, his very mind, was going. His efforts to stop it were fruitless. He understood too what the future held for him. So I understand his suicide. If I ever experience the symptoms my mother had at the onset of that disease, and if I'm brave enough, I'll take the same exit as Robin.
    There is no god. I simply will not accept, or believe, or consider, that any supernatural all powerful being could allow one such as Robin to face such a future, or to make my mother suffer as she did. It is simply the vagaries of biology, the twists and turns of the fate of being a mammal.
    Dave spoke brilliantly of his, and our, loss.

  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith 2 months ago

    RIP robin

  • Jeff Blankenship
    Jeff Blankenship 2 months ago

    Love his work.

  • david rios
    david rios 3 months ago

    "What a guy, Robin Williams"

  • Mr. Zeke and The Crew
    Mr. Zeke and The Crew 3 months ago

    Heart breaking...still

  • Wedge Antilles
    Wedge Antilles 3 months ago

    Conan O'Brian handled this in much more mature way, he didn't brag about his celebrity status and how long he had known the person and he didn't start talking about himself. This is the one reason I don't like Letterman at times.

  • Siamak Sanati
    Siamak Sanati 3 months ago

    What a gracious introduction. Thanks

  • Kent Brown
    Kent Brown 3 months ago

    why did he have to go home ... so sad.

    HOWYOUDOIN884 3 months ago

    hey Dave... UR much more attractive as an older women

  • Greg Pap
    Greg Pap 3 months ago

    4 years since his passing, wow...

  • In Out
    In Out 3 months ago

    Still sadend by the loss of this very talented icon. it seems like yesterday all over again watching stories of his last days before the tragic loss of my favorite actor
    Robin wiliams. When id watch him growing up he would put a smile on my face but now i cant ever watch him without crying.
    Rest.In.Peace Robin Wiliams.

  • Jaded Old Joe
    Jaded Old Joe 3 months ago

    Robin Williams is my idol. So, you can imagine how relieved I was to learn he didn't intentionally kill himself. If you don't know what I'm talking about, Robin Williams had Lewy Body Dimentia, but it was misdiagnosed as Parkinson's. Basically, LBD causes the brain to give bad information that can lead to a person harming themselves; this effect is exacerbated when misdiagnosed as Parkinson's because Parkinson's' drugs and LBD don't mix well.

  • Kathy Griffin
    Kathy Griffin 3 months ago

    Robin’s wife later interviewed on a talk show (maybe Dr. Phil ??). She explained he had a disease that he just could not have lived with. Must see if it’s available on TheXvid or google it.

  • helterskelter1178
    helterskelter1178 3 months ago

    Well done Dave, well done. Robin would love it...and riff on it in the only way he knew how, thru laughter.

  • Pat Tanackered
    Pat Tanackered 3 months ago +1

    I wasn't a huge fan of his stand up but as a person and an actor he was one of the best.

  • darrennz2008
    darrennz2008 3 months ago

    "Orson called you back to Ork to soon … We will miss you. Nanu Nanu our friend"

  • Veektor Nelson
    Veektor Nelson 3 months ago

    Four years ?!?!?

  • ocan1033
    ocan1033 3 months ago +2

    Letterman was good with these tributes .. always kept it together and didn't get over-sentimental. His 9-11 intro was equally strong. Too bad his self-deprecating, "I'm just a dork" act wore thin in later years and his insecurities (eg in interviews speaking about Jay Leno being "deeply insecure") and knee-jerk, unsolicited political takes surfaced. He always had a hard time acknowledging that, despite his anti showbiz persona, he was showbiz personified.

  • Cody
    Cody 3 months ago

    Fuck your intro

  • Steven Joseph Beaulieu
    Steven Joseph Beaulieu 3 months ago +1

    This is the saddest thing I've watched in a long long time

  • The BlackCrow
    The BlackCrow 3 months ago +19

    There will never be another amazing artist like Robin Williams. Godspeed, sir. RIP. ❤

  • Brainfreeze NJW
    Brainfreeze NJW 3 months ago +3

    Always tell people how you care for them, before the time comes that you cannot.

  • jenirocksotb
    jenirocksotb 3 months ago +1

    my heart still breaks... love u robin