That Look When Cheeky Chap James Gives His Date a Present!! | The Undateables


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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  5 months ago +31

    Should more blokes learn a thing or two from James' dating moves?! 💘
    Watch the FULL episode here:

  • Lydia K
    Lydia K 4 hours ago

    “Queen Elizabeth II’s theme song came on” haha awww that has to be the cutest way to refer to the national anthem

  • adam arlei
    adam arlei 23 hours ago

    yo the first music was from Minecraft but it's edited a bit

  • Love Superbeasto

    Aww love them!

  • Linda Jackson
    Linda Jackson 2 days ago

    Omg, I want to see more of them and see what transpired😊😂

  • Jackal I
    Jackal I 3 days ago

    wow finding all the down syndrome people for our own amusement

  • Michaela Sullivan
    Michaela Sullivan 3 days ago

    Blind me that's cool hhahaha how cute 🤣❤️ he's a handsome fellow they will make a sweet couple

  • Laughing mug
    Laughing mug 3 days ago

    British People’s teeth:🤢🤮🤮

    • backtodafuture1987
      backtodafuture1987 Day ago

      Bit of a generalisation.
      I’ve seen lots of people from multiple nations with terrible teeth. I’ve also seen many British people with impeccable teeth.
      Is this a over compensation thing?

  • ITz That Guy
    ITz That Guy 4 days ago

    Kazoo kid would love these friends

  • AXioS TraLLö
    AXioS TraLLö 4 days ago +3

    *eye contact hasn't entered the server*

  • AXioS TraLLö
    AXioS TraLLö 4 days ago

    Did she get all those metals from the special Olympics or what?

  • Kylisha Willow
    Kylisha Willow 5 days ago +1

    Her eyes are really pretty

  • Erin Arnold
    Erin Arnold 6 days ago

    I really dislike how "Undateables" is only featuring people with disabilities lately. People with disabilities are not undateable!

  • Ellioy Oneill
    Ellioy Oneill 6 days ago

    Did I hear right an award winning swinger !!

  • tracy 511
    tracy 511 8 days ago

    Hope they marry

  • Ant Adopteuntrip
    Ant Adopteuntrip 9 days ago

    Most human tvshow ever ! this is so pure and cute

  • MindBox
    MindBox 12 days ago +1

    I love that, when she came round the corner and first saw him she said "Oh Wow!" I thought that was fab!

  • Lacey Allison
    Lacey Allison 13 days ago

    Wish them so much love ❤️💙

  • Oopsie Doodle
    Oopsie Doodle 13 days ago

    At first I didn't realize James had Down Syndrome. Honest question, are there different degrees of Down Syndrome?

  • x NAITCH x
    x NAITCH x 14 days ago +1

    So many lols

  • Bastian Kunu
    Bastian Kunu 14 days ago +1

    He wasn't lying when he said he was romantic ❤

    THE HOUND 15 days ago

    Just needs David Attenborough to do the voice over.

  • Jude Henry
    Jude Henry 15 days ago

    This man is going to bomb on that pussy

    • Jude Henry
      Jude Henry 15 days ago


  • Keith Weller
    Keith Weller 15 days ago

    141 medals....
    141 dayummmm

  • TheRobotjellybean
    TheRobotjellybean 16 days ago +1

    damn dudes barber be killing the game

  • brocklanders1984
    brocklanders1984 16 days ago +1

    That was so nice and easy to watch, makes such a change from all the other cringe dating programs.

  • 2455
    2455 16 days ago

    james has eyes like piss holes in the snow

  • E Wood
    E Wood 16 days ago +1

    I felt so awkward and giddy watching this!! He’s absolutely gorgeous and she is miss personality. What a GREAT match. Love these two. I need more of them in my life. ❤️

  • Livie Gee
    Livie Gee 17 days ago +1

    omg they're cute and the dude is super handsome

  • Darryn Walker
    Darryn Walker 17 days ago

    This is from all the inbreeding of the English, dirty cunts

  • Clearly Platonic
    Clearly Platonic 17 days ago

    Omg they're so freaking cute!!

  • Heyall
    Heyall 17 days ago

    I cannot help but think about how there are so many people here in the US that do NOT have Down syndrome yet seem WAY less intelligent than this lovely couple.
    So much for an American education.

  • Adam Weston
    Adam Weston 17 days ago

    I find quite a few of these comments offensive, downs people are just as good as regular people and I hope that the ones who have left insulting comments shrivel up and die.. We don't need assholes in this world so if you are one of the these people who left shitty comments have the decency to apologise for your stupidity and ignorance.

  • Delovely 1
    Delovely 1 17 days ago

    When she saw him she said oh wow lol so cute! Hope they make it💕💓💕

  • jjmunna
    jjmunna 17 days ago

    Oh I hope they make it. They are lovely couple.

  • peace and love
    peace and love 17 days ago +1

    She is cute and he is tall and well built. Soooo sweet both. They will hit it off.

  • Dooey Tee
    Dooey Tee 18 days ago

    How can anyone downvote this?

  • Nawn Xzistnt
    Nawn Xzistnt 18 days ago

    What a charming story!

  • SoulFire
    SoulFire 18 days ago

    Doesn't this whole gig feel like a bit of a freak show? Let's be honest...

    • SoulFire
      SoulFire 17 days ago

      +Delovely 1 I agree with you people are people, but look at the comments. It's like people are watching little furry kittens or something, quite condescending.
      Putting people with disabilities on TV and watching them has some pretty undignified undertones.

    • Delovely 1
      Delovely 1 17 days ago

      +SoulFire just being honest from my perspective. Worlds a shitty place, having someone to have your back is the bestest.
      Little background: I was a peer counselor for our differently abled students my last 2 years of school... people are people bro

    • SoulFire
      SoulFire 17 days ago

      +Delovely 1 come on, don't be coy...

    • Delovely 1
      Delovely 1 17 days ago

      Not at all. Just seems like people looking for companionship...

  • Barry Mason
    Barry Mason 18 days ago +3

    If only we could bottle that look!?! So pure and just brilliant

  • JRtheG123 PLayZ
    JRtheG123 PLayZ 18 days ago +3

    4:02 when u know u have pulled

  • Sam Hill
    Sam Hill 19 days ago +5

    James is a cheeky legend

  • CaROLiNEiSstillOnLiNE
    CaROLiNEiSstillOnLiNE 19 days ago +1

    To fall in Love. What everyone wants out of life!

    • CaROLiNEiSstillOnLiNE
      CaROLiNEiSstillOnLiNE 16 days ago

      +Demiurge Shadow Then WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU REPLYING to my simple comment that apply to me and a fucking LOT of other people? So then your just looking for a fight. No matter what I say you already set your sight on a strangers comment to feel like your better. What an actual sad fool.

    • Demiurge Shadow
      Demiurge Shadow 16 days ago

      +CaROLiNEiSstillOnLiNE I never said I was deep. And I don't care what other people think about what i say. I don't care if my comment makes you feel lonely. You are assuming my intentions. It's a public forum and I responded with my own thoughts. Don't like it? Leave the internet. After all "the world revolves around everyone" right? That would include me and my opinions.
      None of this proves your original claim that "everyone wants to find love".

    • Demiurge Shadow
      Demiurge Shadow 16 days ago

      +CaROLiNEiSstillOnLiNE you are the fool. Thinking everyone has the same ambitions. To think people inherently have a necessity to be complimented by someone else. By thinking love is some magical force. And for believing your self righteous "the world revolves around everyone" altruism is anything more than virtue signaling. Move along sheep, Society has a nice cookie cutter outlook on the world to sell you somewhere over there.

    • CaROLiNEiSstillOnLiNE
      CaROLiNEiSstillOnLiNE 16 days ago

      +Demiurge Shadow "I pitty the fool".

    • Demiurge Shadow
      Demiurge Shadow 16 days ago

      +CaROLiNEiSstillOnLiNE The world revolves around yourself primarily and to think anyone else will act otherwise is incorrect. Even trying to be altruistic is based in a selfish emotion to virtue signal. Regardless your idea that "everyone wants to find love" is wrong.

  • Seagull Livingstone
    Seagull Livingstone 19 days ago

    sweetest people

    SAVANNA JOSEPH 19 days ago +5

    when he smiled at the end my heart dropped

  • I’m sorry, But
    I’m sorry, But 19 days ago

    You can tell he’s a cheeky chappy bless him

  • shawn simon
    shawn simon 20 days ago +5

    I have been binge watching all these episodes of this show and every single one is so pure and touching. It really gives you a different perspective on love and how much everyone has to give. Such a great show!

  • CommanderEffie
    CommanderEffie 20 days ago

    God they are so cute! Eeeeep >.

  • tasha80mgr
    tasha80mgr 20 days ago


  • British Patriot
    British Patriot 20 days ago

    Retard alert

  • melissa v
    melissa v 21 day ago

    They are both so beautifully amazing! Bless them both with a lifetime of pure love and happiness 💕💕💕

  • Island Life
    Island Life 21 day ago


  • Lucie Pacakova
    Lucie Pacakova 21 day ago +1

    Oh dear! So sweet. When they warmed up a bit it was there.... ❤️

  • Lauren Hines
    Lauren Hines 21 day ago +8

    This girl is awesome! Absolutely love her ❤!!

  • Jay Caves
    Jay Caves 21 day ago

    He's face at the end ..was like Im definitely Getting some

  • Lyrick ASMR
    Lyrick ASMR 22 days ago +1

    How do I get on this show lol

  • Irene Bento
    Irene Bento 22 days ago +85

    ‘So you got any pets?’
    ‘No my pet died years ago...’
    We’re off to a good start

  • Linxy Wun
    Linxy Wun 22 days ago

    Those two are gorgeous! 😍

  • Bronte S
    Bronte S 22 days ago

    So lovely

  • Adam D. Bowden
    Adam D. Bowden 24 days ago

    Hope they got together, such a perfect couple.

  • Pippaaa Tayyy
    Pippaaa Tayyy 26 days ago

    What a sweetheart

  • Turnofevent809
    Turnofevent809 27 days ago

    Cute couple hope to see more of them.

  • Jason Dunn
    Jason Dunn Month ago

    He is trying to act cool like a jack the lad but these women are so easy

  • TheWeardale1
    TheWeardale1 Month ago

    she's really sweet!

  • Neil Mcintosh
    Neil Mcintosh Month ago +1

    That look he gave to the camera at the end is so David Brent! 🤣🤣

  • Roland Riddle
    Roland Riddle Month ago

    So cute.... together..

  • silenthillstrangler
    silenthillstrangler Month ago +2

    My gawd I love this show! But we only got the first 4 series here in aus and now I have to hunt it down on TheXvid, it really sux.
    That was so sweet and wow I reckon he is a real spunk, lucky girl! :)
    I need to find these full episodes now!

    • silenthillstrangler
      silenthillstrangler 9 days ago

      +Carly Kendell lot! You're just as cheeky as him! :-))

    • Carly Kendell
      Carly Kendell Month ago +1

      He is lovely, but sadly for them it didn’t work out and he’s with me now :)

  • Paul Breakspear
    Paul Breakspear 2 months ago

    Awwww James is sooooooo cute 💙

  • Oot Oot
    Oot Oot 2 months ago

    He's so handsome!

  • Rick Ronson
    Rick Ronson 2 months ago

    He's in there like swimwear

  • Grace Benjamin
    Grace Benjamin 2 months ago +1

    I know him

  • Jack Firth
    Jack Firth 2 months ago

    She has got more medals then me

  • liam cuthbert
    liam cuthbert 3 months ago +30

    when he looked at the camera and was like "imma smash dat pussay tonight boys!"

    • Carling
      Carling 12 days ago


  • Alex Robinson
    Alex Robinson 3 months ago

    I'm sorry I would not feel comfortable with him going out with my daughter.

    • Carly Kendell
      Carly Kendell Month ago

      Why ? He is so sweet and lovely, she would be lucky to date him.

  • TheErinnF
    TheErinnF 3 months ago +3

    Wish we could watch this in the States. ❤❤❤

    • Lila
      Lila 2 months ago

      TheErinnF download VPN and it should let you!

  • Jamiethor101
    Jamiethor101 3 months ago

    1:01 "go out and taste your dream"??

  • Callum James
    Callum James 3 months ago +3

    He’s really handsome no homo
    For a downy

    • Callum James
      Callum James 18 days ago

      shawn naidoo what a Marla’s

    • shawn naidoo
      shawn naidoo 18 days ago

      Haha no chromo... I couldn't help it.. but your right he is

  • LaCresha Halley
    LaCresha Halley 3 months ago +72

    Can I have half the confidence, kindness, and passion she possess?! My goodness! She’s a heck of a lady who knows what she wants and strives to do the best she can! I love how he’s a bit shy and yet is brave enough to put himself out there! Anyone know how well they hit it off?? Because from outward appearances, they are an adorable couple!

    • jjmunna
      jjmunna 17 days ago +1

      Oh id love to know how they got on. Wonderful first date.

  • squidbillie11
    squidbillie11 4 months ago


  • Piratesfan123
    Piratesfan123 5 months ago +12

    I see what you did there Caroline numby ginger 😂😏😍 get in there girl!

  • Tinisha Searle
    Tinisha Searle 5 months ago +26

    Aww when they touched each others fingers , it was so sweet 😊💖💗💖💗💖

  • Darth Bacon
    Darth Bacon 5 months ago

    she kinda seem's like a bitch.. seem's like she looks down on people.

  • Truthbetold
    Truthbetold 5 months ago

    I LOVE them!

  • DrCuriensapprentice
    DrCuriensapprentice 5 months ago +6

    He’s really hot

  • Charli J
    Charli J 5 months ago +9

    This guy needs to give dating advice to most men

  • Synergy_HJD180604
    Synergy_HJD180604 5 months ago +2

    Lmao i live here

  • yen nguyen
    yen nguyen 5 months ago +1

    They're so adorable!

  • Fergal Oneill
    Fergal Oneill 5 months ago

    They would make a lovely couple

  • James Milner
    James Milner 5 months ago

    He’s got a wicked personality

  • Paul Muzik
    Paul Muzik 5 months ago +18

    He was like... Yup i got this in the bag lmao

  • Zip Jones
    Zip Jones 5 months ago

    So adorable

  • Alex J White
    Alex J White 5 months ago +15

    At 3:05 he genuinely sounds sooo down to earth he’s such a good guy, also he has great hair we gotta admit ❤️

  • Jayden Donnellan
    Jayden Donnellan 5 months ago +6

    Love is in the air .

  • Jayden Donnellan
    Jayden Donnellan 5 months ago

    Undatables or what

  • alfie mclennan
    alfie mclennan 5 months ago +241

    He is the best looking downy ive ever seen

  • Sammy Hawkins
    Sammy Hawkins 5 months ago

    My mate jammo he's such a cool dude, he's so funny. And a rocker. See you soon jd.

  • tiger lily
    tiger lily 5 months ago

    What a lovely couple

  • Paul Mcdonough
    Paul Mcdonough 5 months ago +4

    Fantastic I always enjoy seeing these people being happy

    • Serial Killa
      Serial Killa 4 months ago +1

      "These" people. They're just people.

  • Jg
    Jg 5 months ago +99

    Jack Whitehall really let himself go.

    • E Wood
      E Wood 16 days ago

      Oh, I think it’s an improvement by far 😘

    • Ben Clark
      Ben Clark 16 days ago


    • J awm
      J awm Month ago +1

      Haha good fun

    • Dyslexic Plays
      Dyslexic Plays Month ago +1


    • Jg
      Jg 3 months ago +1

      Not Happy Not Lucky And I Don't Go Damn right.

  • Lele Shreve
    Lele Shreve 5 months ago +10

    Not a nice title because clearly they are dateable

    • Sam Morris
      Sam Morris 4 months ago +4

      That's the name of the tv show

    • Serial Killa
      Serial Killa 4 months ago

      +Lele Shreve - Meaning that the title isn't derogatory.

    • Lele Shreve
      Lele Shreve 4 months ago

      +Serial Killa that's the point.

    • Serial Killa
      Serial Killa 4 months ago +3

      It's not to be taken literally, and you know it.